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Carpet distributors in India

India has gained popularity worldwide in the global carpet industry, where you can find a rich heritage of handlooms and handicrafts. The country is prevalent for its hand-made looms, crafts, and many more artistic products that are a perfect instance of creativity and precious art of traditional artisans and weavers. No doubt, the carpet industry is a rapidly growing industry in the country that attracts local buyers and foreigners from every corner of the world. Many carpet distributors in India offer impeccable and the latest designs of carpets and rugs that can easily match all decors.

With more than 2 million skilled and traditional weavers and artisans are giving their valuable contribution to expanding the carpet industry each passing day. The Carpet manufacturer India and Carpet exporters in India has high demand in the global market compared to The Indian domestic market. Let’s take a look at why Indian rugs & carpets have a pretty high demand in other countries.

Carpet distributors in India offer a lot of creativity, including rich heritage and culture, and hand-made carpet weaving is prevalent worldwide as it involves delicate styling, elaborative designs, vibrant shades, and fine craftsmanship that can’t find anywhere else. However, the Indian carpet style is driven by Persian carpets, and these were introduced in the Mughal period, especially in the reign of Akbar. The perfect combination of fine knotting and Indo-Persian influence is found on Indian carpets. Indian weavers do hard work day and night to create a versatile range of patterns, designs, styles without using machines to create stunning and luxury rugs or carpets that can add incredible value to one’s space.

The splendid and eye-catching designs by the creative mind of our highly-skilled Indian weavers offer an unparalleled quality that is a thin piece of art for international buyers. Carpet manufacturers in India play a vital role in offering a comprehensive collection of vibrant carpets made from premium silk and wool that are well-known for being highly durable, elegant, and warm. Individuals invest their hard-earned money to buy these decorative elements that add rich textures to your space. Apart from multiple transitional patterns, you can go with traditional patterns, including geometric, abstract, animal prints, and floral motifs that can quickly pay attention to everyone. Many prominent carpet manufacturers in India pay a lot of attention to details and designs to offer high-end quality to end-users.

Overall, the Indian carpet industry is active mainly in rural areas that contribute to the Indian economy and exports. Carpet exporters in India have captured a vital part of the world export market with hand-made carpets and rugs. Whether you are a local or international buyer, you have a great chance of grabbing the incredibly stunning designs and a blend of fine craftsmanship and fine artwork of carpets that are very premium, royal, and sustainable and make a true sense. Don’t hesitate to buy the rich collection after a few clicks effortlessly on the website of reliable carpet distributors in India to make an elegant choice.

Transform your Living Room into a Welcoming space with Hand-Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer Exporter in India

hand-knotted rugs and carpets manufacturer & exporter in India

When it comes to making warmth and welcoming space to your living room, hand-knotted rugs & carpets are undeniable elements for home decor. In the current context, many people desire to go back to more nativeness and naturalness. That’s why they give priority to sustainable products. The floor covering designs tell the story of the artisans who weave their unique inherited craftsmanship in the shape of rugs and carpets. One of the main advantages of bringing these traditional patterns of ancient knotting techniques is a gorgeous eye-catcher and easily matched with trendy furniture styles.

There are various possibilities to decorate your home using elegant home accessories from furniture to paintings, statues, carpets, and many more. But buying floor covering from hand-knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter in India seems like a significant decision. Handmade carpets are a perfect instance of countless working hours and veritable craftsmanship.

Knotting is a process of linking thread, weft, and knot integrated into the weavers’ basic weave. The handcrafting of carpets demands a very labour-intensive and high degree of accuracy. Let’s understand it through one example. Measuring 300 x 400 centimetres of hand-knotting carpets may take about 90-120 days, and a knot count comes around 50,0000 knots per square meter for a higher knot hand-knotted carpets. Scissor, a wooden and a metal comb, and a cutter are the required tools for carpet weavers. Before being able to knot, the wool of sheep was spun, dyed, and dried. 

The value of Hand-knotted rugs

Using a simple thumb rule, you can quickly determine the value of your rug. More knots instantiates more working hours and higher quality and lifespan of the product. It is just like pixels, the greater the knots greater the finish and quality . However, used material, the origin of the carpet, and its age are also perfect ways to determine its value. Many folks cannot distinguish between hand-knotted and machine-made carpets. One of the easiest ways to confirm carpets are made from hand-knotted ones on their backside. To gain a deeper understanding of the hand-knotted rug’s quality, visit hand-knotted rugs and carpets manufacturer & exporter in India.

If you want to bring it to your home, these rugs are available at a very reasonable price. But these are a one-time investment, and you enjoy the spectacular craftsmanship for your entire life. These masterpieces are made by experienced and skilled carpet weavers using silk, wool, bamboo silk, and cotton. A carpet with more density-packed knots per square inch represents its best quality. Before getting a final shape, it goes through 18 or more finishing steps.

How to make an elegant choice between a hand-knotted vs. a hand-tufted?

Individuals choose hand-knotted carpets & rugs for their durability and make them last for generations. The price of hand-knotted rugs is comparatively more than hand-tufted rugs, but there are perfect for those places where you find a lot of movement and traffic.

How to care for your hand-knotted rugs It would be appreciated when carpets professionals dust and clean. With time, your rugs may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. So, it is highly suggested to rotate every six months to minimize their occurrence.

Add Astonished Decor Elements in your home with Wall-to-wall carpet & Area rug manufacturers and exporters in India

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When decorating your home, no one can deny the importance of area rugs that add warmth where the hardwood floors are cold. With this beautiful arrangement, you can add a pop of colour that will brighten the room. These are much more affordable and a tricky method to enhance the appearance of any home decor. However, it is crucial to determine the correct size of rug for your space. Area rug manufacturer and exporter India can assist you in picking the right one that efficiently meets your expectations.

How wide should an area rug be?

The thickness of area rugs is called the “pile” that you can choose based on your personal preference.  Going with a high pile rug will guarantee more comfort and this range also is available at very affordable price. If your budget is o the lower side, a soft pipe rug seems like a convenient option that is better to wear and tear and last longer. When kids spill their food on low pile rugs, you can easily clean it without any hassle.

Where to buy the best area rugs

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is among the best carpets and rugs manufacturers and suppliers who manufacture and exports these beautiful high-quality rugs and carpets across the world having a wide and comprehensive range at a very reasonable price. Buying from an area rug manufacturer and exporter in India is better than buying a local shop in your market due to countless options and affordable prices. They strive to give value for every single penny that you pay for these aesthetic items.

Area rugs most preferred for hardwood floors

Did you know that big open rooms with hardwood floors can feel very cold, and nobody would like to stay in a space like that? One of the main advantages of investing your hard-earned money in these fabulous products is that they provide warmth and create a cosy feel.

Wall to wall carpet manufacturer India

Along with area rugs, you can invest in the wall to wall carpets known for low maintenance, durability, and inexpensive options. If you intend to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home decor, it can be a convenient choice for individuals. It not only easily matches your home furniture but is also perfect for high traffic spaces. With a Wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer, India, you can find the best one with a wide range of machine-made nylon printed carpets that bring a unique feel with their appearance to the exterior and interior.

Benefits of investing in Wall-to-wall carpeting

  • Adds luxury to your home space

Do you want to transform your home space into a luxury five-star hotel? Wall-to-wall carpets make you feel like your feet are floating among the clouds. It is highly suggested that you opt for the right wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in India to fulfil your dream.

  • Noise absorption

Due to the fantastic noise absorption feature, it helps you prevent your neighbours from overhearing what you are doing or saying, so your privacy is assured.

  • Works as a Heat Insulator

It can be a perfect companion during the winter season to retain heat well and lessen your energy and heating bills in the long run. Varied and flexible: These are one of them that can reflect your personality or the ambience.

A Brief Introduction about Carpet & Rugs from Machine made carpet manufacturer in India

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Whether it is a home or an office, carpets play a vital role in accentuating the look of your space. They not only add warmth to hallways, corridors but also make them look bright and beautiful. These beautiful arrangements are a significant investment to enhance your home decor. If you are looking for an affordable option to decorate your home interior, it is highly recommended to opt for the machine-made rug. These are cheaper than hand-knotted counterparts, and their design can quickly grab the attention of anyone. Instead of buying from a local shop, you can buy this beautiful arrangement from a machine-made carpet manufacturer in India. It not only helps you browse the countless selections but also allows you to pick your favourite machine-made carpets at the cheapest rates.

The manufacturing process and quality of these machine-made carpets are different, though the quality, look and feel is different as compared to hand-knotted / hand-tufted rugs and carpets. However, both hand-made and machine-made rugs and carpets can last for long years with proper care. If you are not a carpet connoisseur, you must know everything before buying machine-made carpets. Traditional hand-knotted carpets can take a longer time to make. It is a time-consuming job when the weaver inserts fibres into the rug’s foundation and ties them by hand. With machine methods, area rug manufacturers and exporters in India produce rugs in a matter of hours. Power looms are specially programmed that can efficiently perform all the tedious labour and save time and money. Machine-made area rugs or carpets can imitate the imperfections of hand-made rugs.

The material used in Machine-made carpets

Compare to hand-made carpets, and there are certain materials prevalent in machine-made rugs.  Polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and art silk are common materials used by the Machine made carpet manufacturer India. In contrast, natural materials like wool and silk are used in hand-made carpets.

The manufacturing process of rugs by area rug manufacturer and exporter India

Machine-made rugs are manufactured using power looms specially designed to create a large number of rugs with the same length, pattern, and design quickly as qualities as close to human hands. One of the main advantages of using these power looms by machine-made carpet manufacturers in India is that these are much faster and are done with electronics. These power looms are operated by computers and work efficiently to wrap individual fibres around foundation threads and pressing them together.

However, many consumers prefer machine-made carpets to hand-made carpets due to their low cost and ease to care. The average lifespan of machine-made rugs is considerable good  , depending on the fibers. The premium quality machine-made carpets can last for decades with proper maintenance.

How to differentiate between hand-made and machine-made rugs

Edge of the Rugs

The fringes of the rugs can help you determine that the rug is hand-made or not. If you want to know whether the rug is hand-made or not, then you can understand through the edge of the rugs. The fringe is added later, so it is a machine-made rug, while the boundary is the detail of the rugs that suggests it is a hand-made rug. You can check the edge-finishing of a rug; that is a great trick to find the difference between hand-made and machine-made rugs. Rugs exporters India, like Genie Carpet manufacturers, can guide you to make an elegant choice under your budget.

However, buying carpets and rugs from machine-made carpet manufacturers India can save a significant amount and a great opportunity to access various designs, colors, and patterns.

Some Enthralled Types of Rugs & Carpets from Top Carpet Distributor in India

Area rugs are one of the significant investments for your hard surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, or tile. It is a spectacular addition that not protects your floor surface from scratching and fading issues but also enhances the aesthetic appeal to your space. Due to numerous reasons, area rugs have been popular among buyers that have a unique way of bringing together all of the elements of a room. When opting for top area Rug manufacturer and exporter India, there are many reputed names in the pipeline like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

These are popular to use for shops, offices, and hotel rooms, where they help you create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Here at Area Rug manufacturer and exporter India, you can find all types of rugs under one roof, including wool rugs, silk rugs, tencel rugs , cotton rugs, jute / sisal rugs  and bamboo rugs .

These carpets distributors in India are not limited to rugs only; you can opt for a wide range of wall to wall rugs , machine made and nylon printed rugs ,  Axminster carpets, and many more. Let’s understand about some popular types of carpets and rugs such as: 

Hand-knotted rugs: Hand-knotting is one of the ancient arts of creating intricate designs. These are manufactured in the special loom with natural materials such as wool, silk, and cotton. Do you know an average weaver can tie about 10,000 knots per day? Hand-knotted rugs need very fine degree of craftsmanship and hence it takes comparatively more time to produce as compared to hand-tufted rugs. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is the best hand-knotted rugs manufacturer in India with experienced and creative-minded artisans. 

Shaggy carpets: If you intend to add a wow factor to your home that brings class and elegance to your decor, shaggy carpets are a recommended option. In the current context, it is used widely across the globe that adds the appeal of freshness and luxury to your house look and offers the utmost leisure and comfort. You can buy shaggy carpets from shaggy carpet manufacturer India based on size, material and quality, and decor.

Some important facts you must keep in mind before buying shaggy carpets.

1. Do you know that a shag carpet can occupy a considerable amount of area in your home space? It is suggested to keep the correct measurement in your mind while purchasing. These come in a standard size that can easily match your home, but Genie Carpet Manufacturers can provide you them in different sizes. 

2. Whether you need to buy a home furnishing product or a home decor product, you should check the material quality first. You can ask the thread count and textured carpets  to give you a rough idea about the durability. 

3. Everyone desires to improve his decor at home; no one can beat the shaggy carpets that make a living room or a bedroom very beautiful.

Different types of shaggy carpets

1. Pure Wool Flutty Carpet: These carpets are manufactured using the perfect blend of 99% wool and 1% polyester, making them a rich rug. One of the main advantages that buyers have is a wide range of color dyes and shades of choice made with utmost care and precision. 

2. Wool Shag Carpet: These are among the most popular types of shaggy rugs in the market for years. Due to handwoven, it feels charming and soft in your hands, and you can order in different textures.3. Acrylic Shaggy Carpet: It is an elegant choice of shaggy carpets available readily and locally.

Avail the Best Axminster Carpet Manufacturers in India to Make a Convenient Choice

Axminster Carpet Manufacturers in India

Carpets have always been a central attraction of commercial spaces & home that give a royal look and improve the overall appearance of your interior decoration and ensure the long-life of floors. Hence, they have not only demand in residential buildings but also the commercial spaces. Axminster is one of the popular types of carpets nowadays. The world of rugs never fails to entertain the homeowners with their endless variations to give a better look and feel to the floors. Among today’s wide choice of carpets, Axminster carpet has emerged as a trendy option for buyers. Axminster carpets got their name due to a unique manufacturing style that was made originally in a factory founded at Axminster, Devon, England, in 1755 by the cloth weaver Thomas Whitty.

Axminister carpets are specially designed with the perfect blend of 80% virgin wool and 20% anti-static nylon for long-lasting beauty and additional strength in heavy traffic zones. In addition, it has a two-ply yarn skein dyed for bright colors that help keep the carpet design alive. As the excellent option of prestige and specifications for complex contract and hospitality establishments, wool-rich Axminster carpets deliver substantial aesthetic value, durability, appearance retention, and overall improvement. Due to its characteristic of natural resilience, wool-rich Axminster carpets offer various advantages such as long-term appearance retention, excellent recovery from compression, and absorbing harmful pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide improved air quality.

When it comes to manufacturing the Axminster carpets, no one can beat Genie Carpet Manufacturers. With state-of-the-art high-speed Axminster looms, Genie Carpet Manufacturers produce highly complex and innovative designs with the use of multiple colours and in a choice of widths. They are one of the top Axminster carpet manufacturers in India. Every custom Axminster carpet produced is unique and provides a unique expression of the designer’s creativity.

Why should you invest in Axminster carpets?

Axminster is the gold standard in carpets for several reasons. It is characterized by intricate and crisp designs and patterns, yarn twists for appearance retention, high-density weave, and long-term durability, as well as the high grades used in most Axminster products. In addition, the fire-retardant properties of wool and wool blends, etc., are used.

Let us know its benefits:

• Offers unlimited color and design possibilities options

 • This pattern is based on clarity and high definition

• Known for superior durability and appearance retention

• Ease of maintenance makes it the most accessible option

• Sound absorption and flame resistance is one of its fundamental properties

• Stable and mildew resistant and helps to improve air quality

• Little or no cross join. Short installation time

• Low seam cost and minimum wastage

• Provides greater longevity

Axminster carpets are a great way to bring freshness to any new or old flooring that makes everyone crazy about it. To change the look of your space, visit trusted Axminster carpet manufacturers in India today like Consult Genie Carpet Manufacturers now and let your space dazzle with a stunning range of Axminster rugs and carpets.

How to opt for the suitable Machine and handmade carpets & rugs manufacturer in India

Machine Carpet

Carpets & rugs are the beautiful addition to any home interior that can enhance the aesthetic appearance and grab the attention of everyone. These can be a central attraction of your home, and their mesmerizing appeal is a vital aspect. Your carpets & rugs are the first things your guest will notice when you host them in the living room. In the current scenario, people invest more money on home interior and decorating items.

However, it can create or spoil the image of your home, so it is highly recommended to opt for the prestigious carpet manufacturer. For example, suppose you are searching for a machine-made carpet manufacturer in India. In that case, there are many reputed and well-recognized names in manufacturing or exporting supplies of carpets across resorts, homes, designer boutiques, fancy outlets, etc.

Due to huge demand locally and internationally, these have been among the most selling products. When it comes to decorating your property space, floorcloths are one of the undeniable items in every home and office. It not only improves your area but also protects the floor from unwanted wear and tear. In the present context, India is a hub for manufacturing these high-quality products. However, before investing in these products, you must be aware of your actual requirement. Then, when you opt for the proper manufacturer, it can be a perfect way to get high-quality products at an affordable price.

How to find the proper carpet manufacturer

When you need to buy the floor covering for your office, purchasing them from the retail shop can be expensive. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you lookout for a reliable manufacturer and then talk to them about bulk purchases to save your time and money. For example, many people prioritize jute rugs manufacturer India over other material manufacturer due to sustainability, appearance, price, ease of care, and maintenance. In addition, jute-made carpets are well known for their natural beauty and appearance, similar to that of other natural fiber carpets.

It is the right time to get in touch with the Jute Rugs Manufacturer India, who knows your needs well, as this can prove to be helpful for you. They will recommend the right product that is easy to clean, maintain, and match for any home decor.

Overall, you must opt for the well-known and belong to your region itself. It can be a significant decision because transportation will be easy, and you can also visit when you need to check out products in different shapes, styles, designs, and colors of carpets. One size does not fit all requirements, so manufacturing the same mats will not match the recent and modern trends. Instead, manufacturers offer vibrant and classy rugs that quickly suit all sorts of the user’s needs. They can cater to your requirement beyond expectations. In India, manufacturers are renowned for different carpets, such as handmade carpets, hand-knotted carpets, and handloom carpets.

Understanding the best & Ideal rugs that buyers love to spend money on!

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Being in the carpet industry for years, we at Genie Carpet Manufacturers often encounter the questions like what kind of rugs are called the best. Well, this is actually a question for several buyers and admirers of carpets and if you too have this question in mind, then here it is answered rightly. As the best rug exporters in India, we can better answer what could be the right rug for you, and what not be!

What to expect during your search for ideal rugs –

When you walk into the market for perfect rugs for you, there will myriads of choices appear before you. From such a whopping number of rugs and carpets, it would not be an easy chore to pick one that would perfectly serve your purpose of carpeting. Check out the list of things you would notice during your search for ideal rugs –

  • Handmade or machine made rugs – The first thing that would boost your curiosity to explore rugs and carpet options in the market is the handmade and machine made rugs. In these two types of rugs, you would notice a huge difference in price and that is indeed a key difference maker. Generally, handmade rugs come with a tag of expensive rugs; whereas the machine made rugs are inexpensive ones. Handmade rugs are known as the premium rugs and machine made rugs are easily available in few bucks. So, when it comes to rugs that marks your high status, you would not ever go for machine made ones. Though if long-lasting nature is your concern, machine made is perfect choice.
  • Expensive & cheap rugs – Price factor is another highly noticeable aspect that you would certainly notice when searching for perfect rugs for your home. As said in the earlier pointer, the rugs are categorised in handmade and machine made rugs, so this is where expensive and cheap rugs are placed around. Handmade rugs demand for a lot of time and labour; hence they are expensive carpet option. On the other hand, machine made rugs take less time and less effort in manufacturing, they are cheaper options.
  • Natural & Artificial materials – Difference in materials used to create rugs play a big role in determining the quality and price of the rugs. All the premium quality rugs are made of natural fibres and materials as they give comfort and excellent feel to users. However, the less expensive rugs are made of artificial materials and don’t give that great feel.
  • Rugs types & varieties – When you reach out to one of the reputed rug exporters India, you will be presented with a broad array of choices which include hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, wall to wall rugs, area rugs and so on. These categorized rug types are further segregated in types like rustic rugs, woven rugs and antique rugs. The selection in rug type depends on personal taste and preference, yet you can make a difference if you take assistance of an expert like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Buying Guide For Perfect Designer Rugs To Have In Your Home!

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When classiness comes first whenever you think of carpets and rugs for your home, then no other carpet can fit your expectations than that of designer rugs carpets. Indeed, the feel and elegance you would find in designer rugs and carpets is something impossible to have from other kinds of carpets. Though to reach out to the most exciting collection of designer rugs, you should only consult the best designer rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we have the most iconic collection of designer rugs and carpets online.

Our designer rugs are admired pieces for their perfect dimensions, great materials, and exquisite designs. In addition, we enable homemakers to get the rugs designed as per their requirements. So, here you can find carpets that won’t be available anywhere else and that is why we are confident about the exclusiveness and uniqueness of our designer carpets.

Designer Rugs Add Exciting Feel To Flooring –

A bare flooring may appear blank somehow in your fully furnished home. Therefore, decorating floors with perfect designer rugs actually make sense. Genie Carpet Manufacturers feature a wide variety of carpets and rugs which include designer rugs that are known to be premium and luxurious. Our designer rugs are manufactured on the demand of buyers and made in specific sizes, colors, patterns, and designs as per the need of buyers. We customize all kinds of rugs and carpets.

Size considerations in choosing designer rugs for various rooms in your home –

Considering rug size is one of the most essential steps to picking the best designer carpets for different rooms in your home. You cannot choose any size of rug for any room randomly. But, different rooms require different considerations in picking up the best size of rug. Here, we have defined some notable observations in deciding ideal rug sizes for homes.

Choosing rug for dining & kitchen area –

Carpets placed under the dining table or kitchen should be chosen very carefully. For the best size, take the table perimeter into account and keep around 150 cm extra width and length. It will assure the proportionate size of the rug to your dining table and would add additional space for chairs.

Rugs for bedroom – In the bedroom, you should select a carpet by adding a minimum of 60 cm to both sides to ensure it perfectly sits past the frame of the bed. It will give underfoot comfort which is the best thing about carpeting.

Carpets for the living area – There is a thumb rule about using carpets in the living area that is in the mid of the room where furniture is aligned. For ideal placement of the carpet, subtract approximately 50 cm from the width and length of the living space as it will make the perfect size of the rug. In case, you choose to go with a large-size rug, you can try out various angles to make a perfect setting for your designer rug in the room.

In addition to these rooms, there is a hallway, entryway, and many other sides of the home where you can add grace with carpets. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can find the most exquisite designer rugs and carpets at a truly affordable price range.

Learning About Various Materials & Techniques of Carpeting Manufacturing!


Machine-made carpets are in trend nowadays. Whether it is for your home or office or any other commercial space, machine-made carpets are loved for certain reasons. They are cheap. They are long-lasting. They are easy to maintain. They are capable enough to handle rigid use and the list of benefits goes on and on. If you are also looking for quality machine-made carpets, then Genie Carpet Manufacturers can be a great platform to shop the best carpets ever online.

Being one of the most trusted machine made carpet manufacturer India, we understand the technicalities and small to big aspects of carpeting. Therefore, the offering products available at our online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers are admired by our buyers always. For the superior quality of machine-made carpets, they are loved not just country-wide, but worldwide. In this article, you get to learn various materials and techniques used to make quality machine-made and other carpets.

Knowing these details would play a great role in helping you decide the right carpet for you and thus make the best shopping in carpeting from an online or offline store.

Carpets & Its Different Materials –

In manufacturing carpets, a variety of materials can be used. Some of them are very expensive and some of not. When it comes to machine made carpets, you would most likely come across materials like polypropylene, nylon, jute etc. In addition, axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon in 80:20 ratio as well. So, let’s read on the features of different carpet materials and how one is better and different from another.

Axminster carpets – Wool is one of the most loved material for carpets. The Axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon and are long lasting, easy to handle and are best fitted for all kinds of hospitality projects. It is ideal for heavy traffic. Modern and all the trendiest designs can be done.

Polypropylene carpets – In modern machine-made carpets, polypropylene is the trendiest material used by machine made carpet manufacturers in India. These carpets feature several qualities like easy to maintain, ideal for high traffic areas, perfect for all types of environments, etc.

Nylon Printed Carpets: The nylon printed are best fitted for almost all types for commercial, hotel, hospitality projects. Any design can be printed and it is ideal for heavy traffic areas, moreover it has very good resistance to wear and tear and thus has got the ability to last long. All the modern and trendiest designs can be printed. It’s comes with different pile weight and pile height. It production time is also very less as compared to other types of carpets.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, there is an endless variety available in machine-made carpets at our online store. Just explore our collection now and get excited about the unusual machine-made carpet range which is also very pocket-friendly.