Our Commitment :

We are very much committed in a creating such products which creates a healthier environment by practising Eco Friendly processes and hence contributing in making world more beautiful . The idea is to produce such products which contributes to the greener and healthier environment for everyone through efficient selection of more natural raw materials , energy conservation through optimum use of solar energy and effective management and recycling of the waste materials.

Use of Natural components :

We are very selective in choosing our Environmentally preferred components . The raw materials used are generally components includes natural fibres like wool, cotton, jute . These are most preferred and sustainable environmentally friendly components on the planet as they have biodegradable properties and hence contributing to the greener environment. We also prefer use of natural colors than artificial ones.

Energy Alternatives :

In order to conserve natural resources of our planet , we prefer alternative energy sources in order to conserve and reduce energy consumption. We employ optimum use of solar energy in processes like drying of yarns etc.

Efficient Waste Management :

We employ processes to manage and eliminate waste materials and products judiciously. We practise to rewind and recycle the short end of the yarns like cotton waste, recycled denim products into the other production processes, hence eliminating the wastage of the materials.

Contributing to a Greener Future :

We are very much committed to employ new technologies and processes for more efficient ways to manufacture our products, conserving our natural resources, and creating and managing waste. By our efforts though smallest, we are committed in creating greener environment for today as well as future generations.

Contribution to the society :

Through our collective efforts we are very much committed to socioeconomic growth and development of the poors and the deprived communities. We emphasize to inspire and encourage the unprivileged ones especially women living in the remote rural areas by helping them through imparting education and proper training to sharpen their skills to enhance economic returns for them and by providing them with a sustainable livelihood option. We also help them to educate and connect with different ongoing initiatives undertaken by government , civil societies , different business to improve their socioeconomic being. From time to time we also we also organize preventive health check up camps to diagnose and treat several health related issues. We also provide insurance to our artisans and weavers. We involve no child labor in any of our manufacturing process.