Why should you opt for Area Rugs for your Residential Project?

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If you want to add character to your home, go for a hand-knotted area rug. With a range of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, several hand-knotted and Persian carpet designs will fit any interior style. If a traditional look is what you prefer, then opt for area rugs, as this pattern always transitions well into modern home interiors. These patterns are perfect for making an impact in any space. Genie Carpet Manufacturers and exporter of quality hand knotted area rugs imported woolen rug. Our aim is to create beauty in your home with our premium quality handmade rugs, adding a look that will last for years. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a renowned area rug manufacturer and exporter in India. We offer the best quality of handmade rugs at affordable prices. Our skilled artisans weave the best rugs using natural fibers like wool and silk or artificial materials such as viscose and microfiber. We supply custom area rugs, antique carpets, and traditional carpets to most reputed companies.

Area rugs benefits

Noise reduction

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, area rugs are equipped with their noise reduction property that can reduce the noise in your space. Not only is area rugs add warmth beneath your barefoot than a hard surface floor, but it also ability to absorb sound from the air.


Area rugs are widely used on flooring, and walking on area rugs makes the environment more cozy, comfortable, and beautiful. Area rugs serve as a central point to beautify the place and absorb sound heat and provide comfort to the feet.


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, rugs are the most convenient item to achieve a new look. Area Rug will add warmth, definition, and structure to a space. Area rugs are your opportunity to add color, texture, and style to a room. Most decorating professionals believe that a room isn’t finished until the floor is covered. Rugs make the floor warm, soft, and appealing while reducing traffic noise and making rooms more comfortable.

Area rugs are quite possibly the most versatile decorating essential. They can be used in several places in a decorative sense — from accenting an entryway to all-out floor covering in a kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Find small and large area rugs for any space, from intricately-patterned traditional rugs to abstract designs. Whether you are looking for all-natural hand-knotted or machine-made wool, silk, and polypropylene rugs or want something to accentuate your room and be the center of attraction, we offer a huge selection of hand-knotted floor covering that would set a positive mood for any space.

When looking for reliable area rug manufacturers, Genie Carpet Manufacturing is the company you need. Our products are made from superior raw materials and finished with hand-carved design by our expert artisans. Each area rug is detailed worked to make the product fantastic for home decor. If you are a designer or homeowner, you will appreciate our range of beautiful traditional and contemporary area rugs in stunning designs, colors, and sizes. Our rugs are made of the highest quality materials and can be used as floor or wall décor. You will love the transformation that our rugs make. Area Rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers provides a diverse array of handmade rugs based upon your needs. With decades of rug-making expertise, we continue to create rugs with quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and innovative styles for every capacity. Our design team constantly brings new designs in trendy colors to satisfy our customers’ requirements worldwide.

Add a Warmth and Style to your Residential and Commercial Premise with Area Rugs

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Area rugs give the room a comfortable, cozy feel. You’ll find them in common areas like living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. They’re also popular in bedrooms, dens, and kids’ rooms. There are few uses of area rugs in teenagers’ rooms. Area rugs add warmth to a hardwood floor, helping make a cold spot at the foot of your bed more inviting. Area rugs are created to make a room more comfortable. They can be used in various places, including the bedroom, bathroom, nursery, and playroom. Because area rugs are made from natural fibers, they feel more like grass at your feet than other types of floor coverings. Area rugs also feel warmer than tile or linoleum on your feet. In addition, area rugs will help reduce the noise level in the room by adding sound padding to the floor.

Why should you invest on Area Rugs?            

A good-quality area rug is an elegant yet simple way to decorate a room. Area rugs are often used in high-traffic or high-wear areas such as entryways and foyers to add soft furnishing and a layer of protection to the flooring beneath. This rug is made of hand-spun fibers that are dyed using natural pigments. As this is a handmade item, slight variations in size and dye may occur. Our area rugs for sale are available in various styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for indoor rug or an outdoor mat that’s perfect for high traffic areas, Genie Carpet Manufacturers has great selection will surely have something to suit your taste.

Area Rugs Characteristics

Area rugs can decorate your living room, add warmth to a cold tile or wood floor, or soften an otherwise unforgiving concrete slab. Place it in your entryway for a warm welcome or outside on your patio as a shelter from the elements. You can complement your space and add a personal touch of color to your home through all of our area rugs for something.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a leading area rug manufacturer and exporter India of all types of area rugs made in wool, cotton, and jute. Our extensive range includes Indo-western, tribal, modern plain, and entire village hand-knotted rugs. Our exclusive area rugs are ideal for any type of decor, including traditional, vintage, transitional and contemporary. India has a wide variety of designs and colors in production. These designs stem from ancient traditions and customs and contemporary inspirations. Indian tradition is rich in folklore and mystique, and the abstract designs with which this culture has inspired generations of artisans and craftsmen are extremely popular today. We have an array of styles and colors that will lend a beautiful look to your home or office.

Convert your home into a welcoming space

Are you tired of the dull and boring living space? Change it up with area rugs from area rug manufacturer and exporter India. You can rely on area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, which offer a dedicated collection of area rugs made using high-quality material and the finest artistry standards. Our elegant area rugs are suitable for luxurious living rooms and formal dining rooms that add beauty to your décor with traditional designs and vivid colors. Whether you want a round, rectangular, or oval rug, we’ve got you covered.

Countless Choices

You can choose a style that matches your room’s existing decor or go for an entirely different look. While an area rug can still be appropriate for the dining room, the traditional placement of area rugs is in areas where furniture has no fixture to hold it in place: entryways, foyers, hallways, basements, outside porches, and patios, inside living rooms and family rooms. Area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers provides functional beauty for your home, enhancing the look and feel of any room. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials – ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between – your next area rug is just a click away.