Reasons to Invest in Custom-made Luxury Carpets and Rugs


There are various ways to adorn your abode, but no one can beat custom carpets and rugs under a lower budget. When you ponder covering your home space with hardwood floors, it may require more money and annual maintenance. That’s why individuals invest in affordable carpets, available in a variety of colours and finishes and easily match your decor and furniture. Reputed custom carpet/ rugs manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers can cater to your requirements beyond expectations!

When it comes to tailor-made floor coverings, Genie offers endless possibilities for customisation to spice up your life with your style and designs. Let’s discuss the various advantages of these beautiful floor coverings from a prestigious area rug manufacturer and exporter in India.


Area rug manufacturer and exporter of India-made beautiful floor coverings allow you to create a unique and personal touch to your residence that perfectly matches your interior decor and style. Working with Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you have full control over the colours, patterns, materials, and size. So you can ensure that the final finished product reflects your space beautifully.

Manufacture with Quality Materials

From lower to high-range materials, Genie custom carpet/ rugs manufacturer and exporter India offers their products to customers based on their budget and specific needs. These materials can be distinguished based on comfortability, durability, and appropriate for your intended use.

Exact Fit

Too much small or large carpet can spoil the look of your home’s decor. It is another reason to choose these beautiful floor coverings that can be customised to exact specifications. Genie area rug manufacturer and exporter of India-made carpets are valuable for irregularly shaped rooms or areas with specific dimensions.

Get Design Flexibility

Custom-made rugs and carpets come in endless design possibilities which can easily match your requirements. The professionals of custom carpet/ rugs manufacturer and exporter India work with you to create a piece that reflects your style and vision. These experts provide unique patterns, colours, and textures that can’t be found in mass-produced options.

Enhance Aesthetics

No doubt, a piece of decor made by an area rug manufacturer and exporter India can be a central piece of attraction in your room, enhancing its overall aesthetics. In addition, it easily matches with other home elements in terms of decor, adding warmth, character, and style to your space.

Available for Large Space

One of the main benefits of investing in custom-made carpets is that you can choose it for a large space which exceeds the dimensions of the space designed for a standard carpet or an irregular space.

Enhance Acoustics

Custom carpets offer versatile properties, whether they need to reduce noise or make your room quieter and more comfortable. You can use it in open-concept living spaces or homes with hard flooring surfaces.

Less Maintenance

The pieces of floor coverings by area rug manufacturer and exporter India are manufactured using quality materials that require minimum maintenance. However, you can go with those materials that are easy to clean or have stain-resistant properties.

Choose Eco-friendly Options

One of the prominent custom rug makers often offers environmentally friendly options, allowing you to select sustainable materials and production processes, contributing to a greener home.

Bottom Line

Overall, choosing custom carpets and rugs is a worthwhile investment in the long run, and homeowners can adorn their abode in different shades, colours, and patterns. These custom area rugs or carpets are not limited to commercial spaces; you can use them for residential settings.

Understanding the Different Types of Area Rugs Produced in India

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Regarding exquisite craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage, Indian area rugs stand out as timeless treasures that have captivated the world for centuries. With its vast diversity and skilled artisans, India has become a hub for producing a wide range of area rugs that showcase intricate designs, vibrant colours, and impeccable quality. This blog will delve into the various types of area rugs produced in India, highlighting their unique characteristics and craftsmanship.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

The hand-knotted rug is one of India’s most renowned area rug types. Crafted with utmost precision and patience, these rugs are made by skilled artisans who weave every knot by hand. Genie Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India are renowned for their expertise in creating hand-knotted rugs which are highly durable and luxurious. These rugs often feature intricate patterns, such as floral motifs, geometric designs, or traditional symbols, and are made from high-quality materials like wool, silk, or a blend of both.


Durries, also known as flatweave rugs, are another popular type of area rug produced in India. These rugs are woven on a loom using a flatweave technique, resulting in a thin and lightweight rug. Durries are known for their versatility and practicality, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Genie Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India excel in creating durries in various colours and patterns, from traditional motifs to contemporary designs, making them a popular choice for modern interiors.

Kilims Rugs

Kilims are flatweave rugs that are traditionally produced in several regions of India. These rugs are characterized by their tight weaving and bold geometric patterns. Kilims are often made from natural fibres like wool, and their vibrant colours and symmetrical designs make them visually striking. Genie Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India offers kilims, which are not only decorative but also functional, as they can be used as wall hangings, floor coverings, or even as decorative accents for furniture.

Gabbeh Rugs

Originating from the tribal regions of India, Gabbeh rugs are renowned for their simplicity and rustic charm. These rugs are hand-knotted with a thick, plush pile, creating a soft and cosy texture. Gabbeh rugs are characterized by their bold, abstract designs and earthy tones. They are often woven using handspun wool, which adds to their unique appeal. Genie Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India are adept at creating Gabbeh rugs that are rich in cultural heritage and add warmth to any space.

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur, a city in Rajasthan, is known for its vibrant and colourful rugs. Jaipur rugs are made using various techniques like hand-tufting, hand-loom weaving, and block printing. These rugs are adorned with intricate patterns, reflecting the region’s rich cultural heritage. Genie Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India specialize in creating Jaipur rugs known for their impeccable craftsmanship and captivating designs.

Bottom Line

From hand-knotted rugs to hand tufted , handloom and flatweave rugs that showcase exquisite craftsmanship to vibrant dhurries and kilims that add a touch of contemporary elegance, India offers a diverse range of area rugs to suit every taste and style. Area Rug Manufacturer and Exporter India like Genie plays a significant role in preserving and promoting these traditional art forms while incorporating modern influences. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious statement piece or a practical and versatile rug, the different area rugs produced in India will surely impress with their exceptional quality and timeless beauty.

Some Important Aspects Before Choosing the Right Area Rug


Area rugs are one of the popular types of floor coverings worldwide that are ideal for homes, offices, and hotels to cover bare floors. These come in all sizes and shapes, but they are typically rectangular or square, with some variations like round or rectangular area rugs. The patrons can choose them from various materials, including wool, cotton, jute, and silk. Due to being a powerful design tool, these act as artwork for the floor or provide a complementary background for the other decor. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is leading this industry when it comes to the best area rug manufacturer and exporter in India.

Why should you invest in Area rugs?

Area rugs are massive in demand that can tie a room’s look together and bring softness and warmth to solid floors. Whether you get a colorful runner rug or a large rug to anchor a bedroom, the buyers have countless choices for every room. Choosing the right floor coverings is vital to increase curb appeal and set a welcoming tone with visitors. As a reputed area rug manufacturer and exporter in India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers provides a great collection such as animal print rugs, border rugs, coastal rugs, Floral rugs, geometric rugs, cottage rugs, medallion rugs, novelty rugs, oriental rugs, and shag rugs.

How to select suitable rug sizes?

When you choose large rugs, they can dominate a room. It becomes crucial to opt for the right one that should be proportional to the size of the room. The first time buyers make an easy mistake is choosing too small a size for their space. Remember that rugs are not filler-they create a central attraction for the visitors. It becomes crucial to take the proper measurements of the length and width of the room to avoid purchasing a rug that is too big or too small.

Rug Styles

The markets are flooded with countless area rug styles, from traditional Persian rugs or classic European styles, bold florals, strong geometrics, and simple Jutes and sisals. So, you should know what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your room. It is optional that the rug does not need to suit everything in your room, but it should complement and work perfectly with the textures and tones of the existing furnishings.


High Pile vs. Low Pile

Choosing the right floor coverings from an area rug manufacturer and exporter in India is the first consideration about what kind of pile you want: low, medium, or high. Rugs with longer piles are known for their softer and more luxurious underfoot, making your rooms looks cozier and more inviting.


  • The material is essential in making a convenient choice, whether a natural fiber rug or a synthetic rug. The material that a carpet is made of comes into play,
    whether natural fiber or synthetic.
  • Various natural fibers are used to manufacture these beautiful floor coverings, such as wool, silk, cotton, jute, or bamboo. Wool rugs are considered higher quality and more expensive, but great options for high-traffic areas. If you have a low budget, you can choose rugs made of cotton, which is less costly and a good option for casual stains.
  • Synthetic rugs are low in budget and come in polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and microfiber. These rugs are well-known for various benefits, such as being fade-resistant, easy to clean, and very budget-friendly.

Rug Patterns

Everyone has their own tastes, but we can all agree that a patterned rug can really bring your room to life. If you have solid colors throughout your home, a patterned carpet can take things differently and give it a warm, cozy feel. Likewise, a solid rug can have a grounding, calming effect if you have patterned furniture.

Where to shop online

Purchasing online is a convenient way to make a better choice than local shops. One size does not fit all frames. So, these decor pieces depend on what type of rug and materials will be a perfect fit for you and your family. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a notable area rug manufacturer and exporter in India. They will help you select suitable area rugs to make a focal point in your room for a few years.

Give a Luxury Hotel feel to your Home through Area Rugs


Do you have hardwood floors and tiles in your home? Adding area rugs to your interior spaces can brighten the look and feel without burning a hole in your pocket. Before diving into area rugs, it becomes crucial to know what exactly it is. An area rug refers to one of the uncomplicated carpets much smaller than the room’s dimensions and comes in various sizes, for instance, 5’x8′ and 8’x11′ being some of the most popular. These are available in geometric and irregular, organic shapes and consider a powerful design tool to adorn your residential and commercial spaces. Add these pieces of stuff to your existing home setting as mini magic carpets that have the power to transform any room’s look and feel. When you hire area rug manufacturer and exporter India, like Genie Carpet Manufacturers for your project, they can assist you in opting for an area rug that suits your life, style, and budget. So, if you are pondering investing in these beautiful area rugs, it can be a perfect way to sparkle in your space. Let’s discuss some great reasons this blog guides to investing in these beautiful floor coverings. 

Functionality & Practicality

No matter what space it is, installing these beautiful decor pieces of stuff allows you to add comfort and warmth throughout your home instantly and efficiently. These are ideal choices to transform your living room or entrance into a welcoming space that provides a smooth barefoot experience and makes the user feel like they are floating on the clouds. When you have these elegant and marvelous decor items in your home during winter, they work as excellent insulators, solve the problem of cold floors, and absorb the noise. 

Contribute to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home

Whether you want to transform the look of your existing home or want to stage your home for sale, professionals understand the importance of these elegant floor coverings that add a little happiness and sound to your home’s aesthetics. Leverage the area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, to get professional guidance to opt for the right area rugs to meet your project’s expectations. Our experts prioritize your choice and recommend the most appropriate floor covering option that reflects your personality and taste. 

Adding style

Area rugs are the delicate elements that are the central piece of attraction of any home and easily match with the existing home’s settings like your wall decor, accent pillow, furniture, and much more. These impeccable and mesmerizing floor pieces of stuff are valuable to home decor investments that can facilitate you instantly changing the ordinary room into an incredibly welcoming space. Purchasing these decorative elements is a one-time investment, and you will enjoy the warmth and beauty of your existing home for long years. 

Movable properties

One of the main advantages of investing in area rugs is that you can take them with you when you move properties, and it seems like a more convenient option than wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Value for money

When you purchase these beautiful floor coverings like Oriental and Persian rugs from area rug manufacturer and exporter India, these will always get valued over time. These are low-maintenance decor items that will ultimately become valuable over time if you take care of them properly. 

  • Characteristics of installing area rugs for your living room or entrance area 
  • Extra comfort
  • Added Warmth
  • Noise absorption
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Better grip
  • Designated play area for kids
  • Provides a unique way to reflect your personality in a room that combines your style. 
  • Increase safety
  • Cover imperfections
  • Cleaning is less hassle
  • Protect wood flooring
  • Grounding aspect
  • Artwork for your floor 
  • Reduce trip & fall accidents

Why should you opt for Area Rugs for your Residential Project?

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If you want to add character to your home, go for a hand-knotted area rug. With a range of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, several hand-knotted and Persian carpet designs will fit any interior style. If a traditional look is what you prefer, then opt for area rugs, as this pattern always transitions well into modern home interiors. These patterns are perfect for making an impact in any space. Genie Carpet Manufacturers and exporter of quality hand knotted area rugs imported woolen rug. Our aim is to create beauty in your home with our premium quality handmade rugs, adding a look that will last for years. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a renowned area rug manufacturer and exporter in India. We offer the best quality of handmade rugs at affordable prices. Our skilled artisans weave the best rugs using natural fibers like wool and silk or artificial materials such as viscose and microfiber. We supply custom area rugs, antique carpets, and traditional carpets to most reputed companies.

Area rugs benefits

Noise reduction

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, area rugs are equipped with their noise reduction property that can reduce the noise in your space. Not only is area rugs add warmth beneath your barefoot than a hard surface floor, but it also ability to absorb sound from the air.


Area rugs are widely used on flooring, and walking on area rugs makes the environment more cozy, comfortable, and beautiful. Area rugs serve as a central point to beautify the place and absorb sound heat and provide comfort to the feet.


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, rugs are the most convenient item to achieve a new look. Area Rug will add warmth, definition, and structure to a space. Area rugs are your opportunity to add color, texture, and style to a room. Most decorating professionals believe that a room isn’t finished until the floor is covered. Rugs make the floor warm, soft, and appealing while reducing traffic noise and making rooms more comfortable.

Area rugs are quite possibly the most versatile decorating essential. They can be used in several places in a decorative sense — from accenting an entryway to all-out floor covering in a kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Find small and large area rugs for any space, from intricately-patterned traditional rugs to abstract designs. Whether you are looking for all-natural hand-knotted or machine-made wool, silk, and polypropylene rugs or want something to accentuate your room and be the center of attraction, we offer a huge selection of hand-knotted floor covering that would set a positive mood for any space.

When looking for reliable area rug manufacturers, Genie Carpet Manufacturing is the company you need. Our products are made from superior raw materials and finished with hand-carved design by our expert artisans. Each area rug is detailed worked to make the product fantastic for home decor. If you are a designer or homeowner, you will appreciate our range of beautiful traditional and contemporary area rugs in stunning designs, colors, and sizes. Our rugs are made of the highest quality materials and can be used as floor or wall décor. You will love the transformation that our rugs make. Area Rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers provides a diverse array of handmade rugs based upon your needs. With decades of rug-making expertise, we continue to create rugs with quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and innovative styles for every capacity. Our design team constantly brings new designs in trendy colors to satisfy our customers’ requirements worldwide.

Add a Warmth and Style to your Residential and Commercial Premise with Area Rugs

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Area rugs give the room a comfortable, cozy feel. You’ll find them in common areas like living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. They’re also popular in bedrooms, dens, and kids’ rooms. There are few uses of area rugs in teenagers’ rooms. Area rugs add warmth to a hardwood floor, helping make a cold spot at the foot of your bed more inviting. Area rugs are created to make a room more comfortable. They can be used in various places, including the bedroom, bathroom, nursery, and playroom. Because area rugs are made from natural fibers, they feel more like grass at your feet than other types of floor coverings. Area rugs also feel warmer than tile or linoleum on your feet. In addition, area rugs will help reduce the noise level in the room by adding sound padding to the floor.

Why should you invest on Area Rugs?            

A good-quality area rug is an elegant yet simple way to decorate a room. Area rugs are often used in high-traffic or high-wear areas such as entryways and foyers to add soft furnishing and a layer of protection to the flooring beneath. This rug is made of hand-spun fibers that are dyed using natural pigments. As this is a handmade item, slight variations in size and dye may occur. Our area rugs for sale are available in various styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for indoor rug or an outdoor mat that’s perfect for high traffic areas, Genie Carpet Manufacturers has great selection will surely have something to suit your taste.

Area Rugs Characteristics

Area rugs can decorate your living room, add warmth to a cold tile or wood floor, or soften an otherwise unforgiving concrete slab. Place it in your entryway for a warm welcome or outside on your patio as a shelter from the elements. You can complement your space and add a personal touch of color to your home through all of our area rugs for something.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a leading area rug manufacturer and exporter India of all types of area rugs made in wool, cotton, and jute. Our extensive range includes Indo-western, tribal, modern plain, and entire village hand-knotted rugs. Our exclusive area rugs are ideal for any type of decor, including traditional, vintage, transitional and contemporary. India has a wide variety of designs and colors in production. These designs stem from ancient traditions and customs and contemporary inspirations. Indian tradition is rich in folklore and mystique, and the abstract designs with which this culture has inspired generations of artisans and craftsmen are extremely popular today. We have an array of styles and colors that will lend a beautiful look to your home or office.

Convert your home into a welcoming space

Are you tired of the dull and boring living space? Change it up with area rugs from area rug manufacturer and exporter India. You can rely on area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, which offer a dedicated collection of area rugs made using high-quality material and the finest artistry standards. Our elegant area rugs are suitable for luxurious living rooms and formal dining rooms that add beauty to your décor with traditional designs and vivid colors. Whether you want a round, rectangular, or oval rug, we’ve got you covered.

Countless Choices

You can choose a style that matches your room’s existing decor or go for an entirely different look. While an area rug can still be appropriate for the dining room, the traditional placement of area rugs is in areas where furniture has no fixture to hold it in place: entryways, foyers, hallways, basements, outside porches, and patios, inside living rooms and family rooms. Area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers provides functional beauty for your home, enhancing the look and feel of any room. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials – ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between – your next area rug is just a click away.

Add Astonished Decor Elements in your home with Wall-to-wall carpet & Area rug manufacturers and exporters in India

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When decorating your home, no one can deny the importance of area rugs that add warmth where the hardwood floors are cold. With this beautiful arrangement, you can add a pop of colour that will brighten the room. These are much more affordable and a tricky method to enhance the appearance of any home decor. However, it is crucial to determine the correct size of rug for your space. Area rug manufacturer and exporter India can assist you in picking the right one that efficiently meets your expectations.

How wide should an area rug be?

The thickness of area rugs is called the “pile” that you can choose based on your personal preference.  Going with a high pile rug will guarantee more comfort and this range also is available at very affordable price. If your budget is o the lower side, a soft pipe rug seems like a convenient option that is better to wear and tear and last longer. When kids spill their food on low pile rugs, you can easily clean it without any hassle.

Where to buy the best area rugs

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is among the best carpets and rugs manufacturers and suppliers who manufacture and exports these beautiful high-quality rugs and carpets across the world having a wide and comprehensive range at a very reasonable price. Buying from an area rug manufacturer and exporter in India is better than buying a local shop in your market due to countless options and affordable prices. They strive to give value for every single penny that you pay for these aesthetic items.

Area rugs most preferred for hardwood floors

Did you know that big open rooms with hardwood floors can feel very cold, and nobody would like to stay in a space like that? One of the main advantages of investing your hard-earned money in these fabulous products is that they provide warmth and create a cosy feel.

Wall to wall carpet manufacturer India

Along with area rugs, you can invest in the wall to wall carpets known for low maintenance, durability, and inexpensive options. If you intend to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home decor, it can be a convenient choice for individuals. It not only easily matches your home furniture but is also perfect for high traffic spaces. With a Wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer, India, you can find the best one with a wide range of machine-made nylon printed carpets that bring a unique feel with their appearance to the exterior and interior.

Benefits of investing in Wall-to-wall carpeting

  • Adds luxury to your home space

Do you want to transform your home space into a luxury five-star hotel? Wall-to-wall carpets make you feel like your feet are floating among the clouds. It is highly suggested that you opt for the right wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in India to fulfil your dream.

  • Noise absorption

Due to the fantastic noise absorption feature, it helps you prevent your neighbours from overhearing what you are doing or saying, so your privacy is assured.

  • Works as a Heat Insulator

It can be a perfect companion during the winter season to retain heat well and lessen your energy and heating bills in the long run. Varied and flexible: These are one of them that can reflect your personality or the ambience.