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Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers

When it comes to hospitality interiors, carpets are the valuable additions that create the first impression on guests seeking a more personalized touch in their surroundings. Whether it is a restaurant, pub, or guestroom, Genie- one of the renowned hospitality carpet manufacturers in India, helps you design these beautiful carpets for your custom project to balance beauty, functionality, durability and atmosphere.


Genie Carpet Manufacturers is known for its top-of-the-line rugs and carpets in the competitive market that are unique and well-designed using premium-grade materials and craftsmanship. With years of rich experience and a leading legacy of India's culture, we can perfectly handle our clients' custom hospitality carpeting work. We have completed many projects with 100% customer satisfaction in recent years.


With many hospitality owners opting for a striking customer hospitality flooring solution, let our artisans and weavers help you accomplish your dream vision in creating a masterpiece for your hospitality premises that you deserve. We aim to develop and design high-quality carpets and rugs that reflect your hotel brand reputation and give their usability for decades. Let's help you choose the right floor coverings for your hospitality project from our extensive range of designs and standard stocked products.

Who We Are?

Genie is one of the market leaders regarding the best hospitality carpet manufacturers in India. We feel proud to have a team of textile experts, artisans, and weavers who specialize in creating exquisite, high-performance flooring solutions for hotels and the hospitality Industry. Our professionals are committed to providing exceptional design and developing the most demanding carpets and rugs using state-of-the-art artistry. We ensure that every hospitality carpet is guaranteed the perfect blend of style, durability, and luxury.

What can you expect from us?

Elevate your hotel interior with our exquisite and premium-grade carpets and rugs and create an unforgettable experience for your guests with one of the prominent hospitality carpet manufacturers. Adding these tailored floor coverings to your hospitality project helps you transform your commercial spaces into luxurious palaces.


Why Choose Genie Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers?

Enhance the foot traffic at your hotel premises and uniquely welcome guests or customers with our luxurious carpet solution. Our skilled designers and artisans use the perfect blend of traditional and modern technology to create, design, and give a finishing touch while guaranteeing long-lasting quality and performance.


Our expert carpet designers showcase a vast selection of hotel carpet flooring options to you.

Customized designs allow us to accommodate our service and products based on the customer's unique identity.

Our professionals guide you throughout the process and give satisfactory answers to your queries with a clear vision.

How we deliver as Exceptional Hotel Carpet Manufacturers ­

Get unmatched and incredible craftsmanship with our well-talented artisans who work tirelessly to achieve your dream vision in the shape of outstanding masterpieces of carpets. Our purpose is client satisfaction and achieving results that exceed your expectations. Transform your hotel interiors with our mesmerizing, personalized, exceptional carpets, curated exclusively by the Genie hotel carpet manufacturers.


What Sets the Genie Apart as the Best Hotel Carpet Manufacturer in India?

As one of the best hotel carpet manufacturers, we believe one size does not fit all approaches. That's why we always experiment and push the boundaries of creativity in our exquisite carpets to assist our clients in transforming their hotel interiors into the luxury oasis they deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Partner with us and pick suitable carpets and rugs for your hospitality project, whether you need them for lobbies, restaurants, hotel rooms, or suites. Our one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and years of experience and expertise help you select the floor coverings to elevate the aesthetics of your hotel with unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

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