Transform your Living Room into a Welcoming space with Hand-Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer Exporter in India

When it comes to making warmth and welcoming space to your living room, hand-knotted rugs & carpets are undeniable elements for home decor. In the current context, many people desire to go back to more nativeness and naturalness. That’s why they give priority to sustainable products. The floor covering designs tell the story of the artisans who weave their unique inherited craftsmanship in the shape of rugs and carpets. One of the main advantages of bringing these traditional patterns of ancient knotting techniques is a gorgeous eye-catcher and easily matched with trendy furniture styles.

There are various possibilities to decorate your home using elegant home accessories from furniture to paintings, statues, carpets, and many more. But buying floor covering from hand-knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter in India seems like a significant decision. Handmade carpets are a perfect instance of countless working hours and veritable craftsmanship.

Knotting is a process of linking thread, weft, and knot integrated into the weavers’ basic weave. The handcrafting of carpets demands a very labour-intensive and high degree of accuracy. Let’s understand it through one example. Measuring 300 x 400 centimetres of hand-knotting carpets may take about 90-120 days, and a knot count comes around 50,0000 knots per square meter for a higher knot hand-knotted carpets. Scissor, a wooden and a metal comb, and a cutter are the required tools for carpet weavers. Before being able to knot, the wool of sheep was spun, dyed, and dried. 

The value of Hand-knotted rugs

Using a simple thumb rule, you can quickly determine the value of your rug. More knots instantiates more working hours and higher quality and lifespan of the product. It is just like pixels, the greater the knots greater the finish and quality . However, used material, the origin of the carpet, and its age are also perfect ways to determine its value. Many folks cannot distinguish between hand-knotted and machine-made carpets. One of the easiest ways to confirm carpets are made from hand-knotted ones on their backside. To gain a deeper understanding of the hand-knotted rug’s quality, visit hand-knotted rugs and carpets manufacturer & exporter in India.

If you want to bring it to your home, these rugs are available at a very reasonable price. But these are a one-time investment, and you enjoy the spectacular craftsmanship for your entire life. These masterpieces are made by experienced and skilled carpet weavers using silk, wool, bamboo silk, and cotton. A carpet with more density-packed knots per square inch represents its best quality. Before getting a final shape, it goes through 18 or more finishing steps.

How to make an elegant choice between a hand-knotted vs. a hand-tufted?

Individuals choose hand-knotted carpets & rugs for their durability and make them last for generations. The price of hand-knotted rugs is comparatively more than hand-tufted rugs, but there are perfect for those places where you find a lot of movement and traffic.

How to care for your hand-knotted rugs It would be appreciated when carpets professionals dust and clean. With time, your rugs may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. So, it is highly suggested to rotate every six months to minimize their occurrence.