A Brief Introduction about Carpet & Rugs from Machine made carpet manufacturer in India

Whether it is a home or an office, carpets play a vital role in accentuating the look of your space. They not only add warmth to hallways, corridors but also make them look bright and beautiful. These beautiful arrangements are a significant investment to enhance your home decor. If you are looking for an affordable option to decorate your home interior, it is highly recommended to opt for the machine-made rug. These are cheaper than hand-knotted counterparts, and their design can quickly grab the attention of anyone. Instead of buying from a local shop, you can buy this beautiful arrangement from a machine-made carpet manufacturer in India. It not only helps you browse the countless selections but also allows you to pick your favourite machine-made carpets at the cheapest rates.

The manufacturing process and quality of these machine-made carpets are different, though the quality, look and feel is different as compared to hand-knotted / hand-tufted rugs and carpets. However, both hand-made and machine-made rugs and carpets can last for long years with proper care. If you are not a carpet connoisseur, you must know everything before buying machine-made carpets. Traditional hand-knotted carpets can take a longer time to make. It is a time-consuming job when the weaver inserts fibres into the rug’s foundation and ties them by hand. With machine methods, area rug manufacturers and exporters in India produce rugs in a matter of hours. Power looms are specially programmed that can efficiently perform all the tedious labour and save time and money. Machine-made area rugs or carpets can imitate the imperfections of hand-made rugs.

The material used in Machine-made carpets

Compare to hand-made carpets, and there are certain materials prevalent in machine-made rugs.  Polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and art silk are common materials used by the Machine made carpet manufacturer India. In contrast, natural materials like wool and silk are used in hand-made carpets.

The manufacturing process of rugs by area rug manufacturer and exporter India

Machine-made rugs are manufactured using power looms specially designed to create a large number of rugs with the same length, pattern, and design quickly as qualities as close to human hands. One of the main advantages of using these power looms by machine-made carpet manufacturers in India is that these are much faster and are done with electronics. These power looms are operated by computers and work efficiently to wrap individual fibres around foundation threads and pressing them together.

However, many consumers prefer machine-made carpets to hand-made carpets due to their low cost and ease to care. The average lifespan of machine-made rugs is considerable good  , depending on the fibers. The premium quality machine-made carpets can last for decades with proper maintenance.

How to differentiate between hand-made and machine-made rugs

Edge of the Rugs

The fringes of the rugs can help you determine that the rug is hand-made or not. If you want to know whether the rug is hand-made or not, then you can understand through the edge of the rugs. The fringe is added later, so it is a machine-made rug, while the boundary is the detail of the rugs that suggests it is a hand-made rug. You can check the edge-finishing of a rug; that is a great trick to find the difference between hand-made and machine-made rugs. Rugs exporters India, like Genie Carpet manufacturers, can guide you to make an elegant choice under your budget.

However, buying carpets and rugs from machine-made carpet manufacturers India can save a significant amount and a great opportunity to access various designs, colors, and patterns.