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Machine Made Carpet Manufacturer in India

When adorning your commercial or residential premises, decor elements, like carpets, can help you instantly lighten up a room, add visual appeal, and transform the ordinary house into a luxury palace. If you can't afford a masterpiece of hand-made floor coverings, selecting a machine-made carpet is perfect for your budget and requirements.


Machine-made carpet manufacturer in India

Are you looking for machine-made carpets and rugs for residential or commercial renovation projects? Rely on Genie, a reputed machine-made carpet manufacturer in India that offers a wide range of carpets in various designs, colors, shades, and finishing touches. Our well-trained experts are keen to share their knowledge and experience to help you make an impeccable and perfect carpeting solution for your business or home.

The Production Process of Machine-made Carpets and Rugs

Genie machine-made carpet manufacturers in India are equipped with powerful looms. Our professional weavers and artisans work tirelessly to produce these decor pieces in various patterns and designs. If you want to transform your hotel look or elevate the appearance of your selling home, these machine-made floor decors are excellent choices. These are durable, stain-removable, budget-friendly, and perfect for heavy-traffic areas.


At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, our professionals use power looms that can be programmed to perform weaving procedures efficiently. These machine-made carpets can imitate the imperfections of hand-made rugs and may occasionally last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced.


Our professionals use a wide range of lightweight synthetic materials to design and create beautiful floor coverings, such as Polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and art silk.


Purchase Exquisite Floor Decors from Machine Made carpet Manufacturers in India.

Genie has been in carpeting for many decades with a solid reputation. We are committed to delivering high-quality carpeting products to our customers without burning holes in their pockets. Our plethora of carpets undergo strict quality assurance and are available in a wide range of styles, textures, colors, styles, sizes, and materials. These can be best suited to the consumer's personality and preferences.


Whether you recently set up a new office, renovated your real estate project, or opened a pub or bar, contact us to accomplish your carpeting goals and objectives. Our professional designers will accommodate their services to fit your tailored requirements easily. They have expertise in handling custom carpeting projects for various specifications.


Genie Machine-made carpet Manufacturer India is known for its unique designs and superior craftsmanship. From classic motifs to contemporary styles, our professionals will showcase something unique that will easily match every taste and aesthetic preference.

1. As a reputed manufacturer, we use top-of-the-line; durable synthetic fibers to create carpets and rugs that significantly impact the carpets' appearance, texture, and longevity.


2. Our endless possibilities of appealing designs and patterns in machine-made and hand-made carpets stand out from others in the competitive market.


3. Our talented designers love experimenting with new designs, textures, pile heights, and color combinations that help our customers get something new to adorn their residential and commercial spaces.


4. We ensure our built end-carpeting products stay longer for decades.


5. Our professionals use sustainable practices in manufacturing processes that do not negatively impact the environment.


6. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for our manufacturing process and are guaranteed to deliver customer satisfaction.


7. Before delivering these beautiful floor coverings, our experts strictly test every carpet to meet customer expectations.


8. Our professionals can design and develop the customer carpeting products that are your dream ideas.

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