Jute Rugs Manufacturer India 

Pick the Incredible Jute Rugs from a Top Manufacturer in India

Regarding top-of-class floor coverings, jute rugs can be an essential part of your interior design and can't be overlooked. Due to neutral colours and earthy feel, these are perfect additions to any residential or commercial space. If you have decided to add warmth and chic to your abode, look no further than Genie- a reputed jute rugs manufacturer in India.


Jute materials made pieces of decor are a one-time investment, and many generations enjoy the functionality and style for many decades without maintenance harming the environment. Whether you want to uplift the interior of your home or grab the guest's attention through beautiful coverings on the floors, jute-made rugs exceed your expectations.

Genie Jute rugs manufacturer in India

Jute material-based floor coverings are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, durable, gentle on the skin, and environment-friendly options for the buyers. As a renowned jute rugs manufacturer exporter in India, we craft and export this comprehensive range of handmade jute rugs and carpets in India and across the country. It includes Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, and other major Gulf countries.


We feel proud to have a team of skilled artisans and weavers who use premium quality raw materials to give the physical shapes to customers' ambitious ideas and visions. As one of the top market players in the carpeting industry, we are committed to delivering original jute-made carpets and rugs to our clients for their residential or commercial projects without compromising the quality.


As a top Jute rug manufacturer in India, we provide these natural and durable jute carpets and rugs in different sizes, colour combinations, patterns, and designs. These custom-made rugs can easily match the unique decor of the home or commercial settings.


Our mesmerising and impeccable jute carpets are perfect for those who have allergy issues to dust and termites. These can also be ideal for hotels, offices, and even homes. As a responsible jute rugs manufacturer and exporter in India, we ensure every piece of decor is made using exceptional craftsmanship with sturdy finishing. Our professionals have expertise in handling any size of custom project with perfection. They will understand your unique jute carpeting requirement and recommend the most preferred options for your budget and preferences.


A Remarkable Durability

Our top-of-the-class carpets and rugs will be perfectly fitted for high-traffic areas and everyday wear and tear. Another aspect of our jute rugs is that they are eco-friendly, crafted using sustainable practices, and highly recommended for any space. Compared to machine-made carpets, these will last longer and require less maintenance.


Budget-friendly Choice

Genie Jute Rugs manufacturer in India manufactures floor coverings that are versatile in nature and can be used in any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen, as per your preference. If you have a tight budget and do not want to compromise the quality, our rugs are surprisingly cost-effective, which makes them an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers.


Stylish with Endless Possibilities

Our jute rugs provide plenty of choices in styles, designs, variety of colours, and patterns, so you can opt for the perfect one that suits your preferences. Our unmatched floor coverings have covered you from classic braided jute rugs to contemporary geometric designs.


Custom-made Jute Carpets

When you visit the local market, the shopkeepers impose their limited stock to offer you a pick one. It's unfair when you have a unique vision and different taste in decor. Consult with a prominent jute rugs manufacturer exporter in India who will guide you fulfill your tailored jute rugs needs from start to finish.