Learning About Various Materials & Techniques of Carpeting Manufacturing!

Machine-made carpets are in trend nowadays. Whether it is for your home or office or any other commercial space, machine-made carpets are loved for certain reasons. They are cheap. They are long-lasting. They are easy to maintain. They are capable enough to handle rigid use and the list of benefits goes on and on. If you are also looking for quality machine-made carpets, then Genie Carpet Manufacturers can be a great platform to shop the best carpets ever online.

Being one of the most trusted machine made carpet manufacturer India, we understand the technicalities and small to big aspects of carpeting. Therefore, the offering products available at our online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers are admired by our buyers always. For the superior quality of machine-made carpets, they are loved not just country-wide, but worldwide. In this article, you get to learn various materials and techniques used to make quality machine-made and other carpets.

Knowing these details would play a great role in helping you decide the right carpet for you and thus make the best shopping in carpeting from an online or offline store.

Carpets & Its Different Materials –

In manufacturing carpets, a variety of materials can be used. Some of them are very expensive and some of not. When it comes to machine made carpets, you would most likely come across materials like polypropylene, nylon, jute etc. In addition, axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon in 80:20 ratio as well. So, let’s read on the features of different carpet materials and how one is better and different from another.

Axminster carpets – Wool is one of the most loved material for carpets. The Axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon and are long lasting, easy to handle and are best fitted for all kinds of hospitality projects. It is ideal for heavy traffic. Modern and all the trendiest designs can be done.

Polypropylene carpets – In modern machine-made carpets, polypropylene is the trendiest material used by machine made carpet manufacturers in India. These carpets feature several qualities like easy to maintain, ideal for high traffic areas, perfect for all types of environments, etc.

Nylon Printed Carpets: The nylon printed are best fitted for almost all types for commercial, hotel, hospitality projects. Any design can be printed and it is ideal for heavy traffic areas, moreover it has very good resistance to wear and tear and thus has got the ability to last long. All the modern and trendiest designs can be printed. It’s comes with different pile weight and pile height. It production time is also very less as compared to other types of carpets.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, there is an endless variety available in machine-made carpets at our online store. Just explore our collection now and get excited about the unusual machine-made carpet range which is also very pocket-friendly.