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Genie Carpet Manufacturer

With several years of experience in manufacturing and exporting premium quality carpet and rugs, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of India's best carpet manufacturing companies for all kinds of carpet and rugs for hotels, palaces, villas, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants etc. We are one of the most reputed platforms for premium quality handmade and machine-made carpets, giving us a leading role in the global carpeting industry.

Our exclusive and premium range of the carpets that has brought us indispensable recognition for best carpeting platform of today includes hand knotted rugs and carpets , hand tufted rugs and carpets , designer handmade carpets , hospitality/hotel Carpets, bespoke rugs, custom-made carpets, wall to wall carpets, designer carpets, and broadloom & machine-made carpets

For creating a single piece of handmade rug or carpet, an artisan invests his extraordinary skills and experience of years and several hours and days of consistent and hard working and the use of finest materials which are not just the ordinary but the specialised and premium fibres. Being a leading company manufacturing hand-made rugs and carpets, we offer our valuable artisans to show utmost value to craftsmanship which takes the responsibility to hand over this art from generation to generation..

Therefore, our range of products always manifests inimitable crafts and expertise and a touch of uniqueness that our craftsmen have mastered from their predecessors.


Genie Carpet Manufacturer

That's why our hand-made carpets and rugs are popular worldwide because of the unique art and expertise in this field. The artistry found in our handmade rugs and carpets is simply unthinkable to find from carpets created by others. So if you want to get a unique and creative patron that fulfils your expectations via exclusive hand-made or machine-made carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is the best choice for getting varied designs and unique carpets or rugs.

Why should you choose Genie Carpet Manufacturers for Carpets and Rugs?

Genie carpet manufacturers is an exclusive marketplace that manages low to the high demand of carpets and rugs for buyers by offering a premium collection of all sorts of carpets and rugs. By serving the best quality products, we have become the largest exporter of carpets and rugs across the world and the premium seller in India. We have both hands made and machine-made carpets which offer the buyers a large range of products to choose from. Our hand-made rugs and carpets attract buyers worldwide from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Gulf and many other countries. Most buyers love buying designer, bespoke custom rugs, hospitality, wall to wall carpets and all types of carpets. Moreover, our products are high quality and go under the thorough check of strength, fiber quality, durability, and many more quality check processes. Whether you need a domestic or commercial carpet, our products are always in demand due to our years of expertise, high-quality materials, and unique designs.


Mesmerising Antique Carpet Collection

We are specialized in providing antique designer carpet and rugs solutions which surely enhance your floorings design. We provide a large collection of premium contemporary, oriental and modern designer antique carpets and rugs for the floorings. Our hand knotted and other hand-made carpets and rugs have stunning designs, patterns, and varied color choices. Due to our unmatched and spectacular collections of hand knotted carpets, we are one the finest manufacturers and suppliers in India today.

Elegance In Hospitality Carpet Collection

We offer exceptional hospitality carpet ranges and collections. Just like hand knotted carpets, we are also known for the best hand tufted carpet manufacturer exporter India.
Our beautiful collections of custom hand tufted carpets are best fitted for all kinds of hospitality solutions. You can browse through our hand-tufted carpet collections online and know about our beautiful designs and creative style. We offer all kinds of carpets for hospitality solutions and the best match for your floorings online. You will get a broad collection of hand-made and machine-made carpets and rugs on our platform. We are one of the best hospitality carpet manufacturer India.

Spectacular Collection of Wall to Wall Carpets

You will find all our wall to wall carpet collections outstanding and remarkable. We have a fabulous collection of wall to wall carpets available which brings life to any space or settings. Their appealing adds exclusiveness to any surroundings. We do all kinds of bespoke custom wall to wall carpets as per our client’s requirements. You can check our exceptional, unmatched and brilliant wall to wall carpet collections which makes us recognised wall to wall carpet manufacturer exporter India.

Get Exclusive With Our Designer Carpet Collection

Genie carpet manufacturers have a wide variety of all kinds of designer rugs and carpets. We are listed as the top designer rugs and carpets manufacturer and exporter in India. With a large number of exclusive designer carpet collections, we are one of the largest exporters and suppliers of designer rugs and carpets from India. Almost all kinds of designer rugs and carpets are available for hotels, villas, offices, restaurants, homes, or other places. Due to our popularity and reliability of products, our products are demanded all over the world. Our unique and exclusive designer rugs collections make us the best designer rugs and carpets manufacturer and exporter India.

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