Understanding the best & Ideal rugs that buyers love to spend money on!

Being in the carpet industry for years, we at Genie Carpet Manufacturers often encounter the questions like what kind of rugs are called the best. Well, this is actually a question for several buyers and admirers of carpets and if you too have this question in mind, then here it is answered rightly. As the best rug exporters in India, we can better answer what could be the right rug for you, and what not be!

What to expect during your search for ideal rugs –

When you walk into the market for perfect rugs for you, there will myriads of choices appear before you. From such a whopping number of rugs and carpets, it would not be an easy chore to pick one that would perfectly serve your purpose of carpeting. Check out the list of things you would notice during your search for ideal rugs –

  • Handmade or machine made rugs – The first thing that would boost your curiosity to explore rugs and carpet options in the market is the handmade and machine made rugs. In these two types of rugs, you would notice a huge difference in price and that is indeed a key difference maker. Generally, handmade rugs come with a tag of expensive rugs; whereas the machine made rugs are inexpensive ones. Handmade rugs are known as the premium rugs and machine made rugs are easily available in few bucks. So, when it comes to rugs that marks your high status, you would not ever go for machine made ones. Though if long-lasting nature is your concern, machine made is perfect choice.
  • Expensive & cheap rugs – Price factor is another highly noticeable aspect that you would certainly notice when searching for perfect rugs for your home. As said in the earlier pointer, the rugs are categorised in handmade and machine made rugs, so this is where expensive and cheap rugs are placed around. Handmade rugs demand for a lot of time and labour; hence they are expensive carpet option. On the other hand, machine made rugs take less time and less effort in manufacturing, they are cheaper options.
  • Natural & Artificial materials – Difference in materials used to create rugs play a big role in determining the quality and price of the rugs. All the premium quality rugs are made of natural fibres and materials as they give comfort and excellent feel to users. However, the less expensive rugs are made of artificial materials and don’t give that great feel.
  • Rugs types & varieties – When you reach out to one of the reputed rug exporters India, you will be presented with a broad array of choices which include hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, wall to wall rugs, area rugs and so on. These categorized rug types are further segregated in types like rustic rugs, woven rugs and antique rugs. The selection in rug type depends on personal taste and preference, yet you can make a difference if you take assistance of an expert like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.