Why Handmade Rugs & Carpets Are The Best Buy For Customers!


Buyers who come across handmade rugs and carpets while shopping often find seeking answer why they are so expensive. Well, it is somewhat obvious when you already have so many cheap options of carpets, but handmade carpets are no way cheap from handmade rugs manufacturer India. Do you also wonder over this concern? If so, this article is perfect as it serves information about why handmade rugs and carpets are the best buy even with their price tag.

Handmade Rugs & Carpets Are Way Better Than Machine Made Ones –

All the products which are handmade often are very expensive. Be it a sweater, jewellery or carpets, sellers do not agree to sell handmade items at cheap price like machine made counterparts. The reason for the same is its higher labour, time, and skill invested to create them. But, when you look for a handmade carpet for your home, you need not to spend a whopping amount from a good handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer since they very best and wide price range depending on the quality of the rugs .

Going Into the Manufacturing Details of Handmade Carpets & Rugs –

Further talking about how handmade carpets are made, it will surely make you understand the labour and amount of time invested by the artisans to create one piece. As handmade carpets are made of chosen materials, the process of picking up the right material would take time and money. Most of the high quality handmade carpets are made of natural materials like superior wool and combined by natural dyes that bring dazzling colours to carpets. Therefore, the process of collection material for high quality handmade carpets is not so quick and easy, but definitely effort seeking.

Once the materials are collected, the weavers do not start creating them immediately, but some more time is being spent over preparing them for carpet manufacturing like maps and trace are developed first. After this stage, the manufacturers wash, card and hand-spin them. After spinning the wool with hands, the dyeing process is being initiated. And at last, the weaving process begins.

Handmade Carpets & Rugs – Weaving Process –

The handmade carpet weaving is done over the loom using cotton strings set on loom that follows with hand-tying wool on strings. In the completion of one row, it takes several hours based on the carpet size. During this process, the weavers pay the utmost concentration to detailing to ensure tight weaving. Usually, a rug sizing 6 – 9 feet takes 4 – 6 months of time to complete in case of knotted carpets having higher knots and that too when it is being woven every day for hours. So, you can better imagine how intensive labour it would take to complete perfect weaving of handmade rugs and carpets. Comparatively weaving process of hand tufted carpets / rugs, handloom carpets or flat weave durries are easy and is less time consuming.

Considering this labour, time and intense hard work, it is absolutely fair for handmade rugs manufacturer India to sell them at quite reasonable price as compared to other companies and good buyers really appreciate this effort and the craftsmanship

. This is the reason, they love to buy them. If you want to see some unique pieces of handmade rugs and carpets, visit Genie Carpet Manufacturers now.

Finding How Hand Tufted Rugs Enhance A Home Décor!


Hand tufted rugs and carpets are known as the latex or full cut rugs as they resemble as hand knotted carpets, but actually have numerous elements creating difference between the two. The key difference of hand tufted rugs with hand knotted rugs lies in its production method. When you visit a good hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, he/she will certainly make you aware of these differences. Genie Carpet Manufacturer is one of the most trusted carpet manufacturers and exporters in India who enjoys a strong client base with its unusual quality and great options in hand tufted rugs.

To make you familiar with the way to spot the best hand tufted rugs, we are here with this article that contains necessary information about this type of carpets. So, rather depending on a trust-worthy hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, read this information and grow your knowledge about carpeting as it is the best way to avoid wrong purchase and determine the best hand tufted carpets for your home.

Learning What Hand Tufted Carpets Are –

Hand tufted carpets are one of the most famous and loved carpet types among modern buyers. These carpets are one of the handmade carpet types and are created using a tufting gun. This gun is manually used by carpet makers and hence comes in the handmade carpet category. To create hand tufted carpets, one does not need high-end carpeting expertise, unlike its counterpart hand knotted carpets.

Hand Tufted Carpets Manufacturing Process –

Hand Tufted carpets and rugs are created by pushing of wool yarn or acrylic yarn using main backing to create the tuft. Then the latex glue is utilised for adding a hold to these created tufts at right place and after that, next foundation is being applied that follows with final covering.

Evaluating Quality of Hand Tufted Carpets & Rugs –

To ensure high quality hand tufted carpets and rugs for your home, you must check the offered carpets on different quality parameters which include glue, wool, dyes used to create them. A good quality carpet is always made of high quality glue, wool and dyes and hence create a great feel to users. So, the idea of finding quality hand tufted carpets is to associate with a reputed hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer as their carpets boast of great designs, colours and amazing styles.

To maintain the charm of your hand tufted carpets and rugs, it is necessary that you provide them regular maintenance at certain intervals. Vacuuming is the best technique to keep carpets neat and clean for a long time. However, it is also necessary to avoid over-vacuuming as it can harm the thread or quality of carpets. To enhance the appearance and life of carpets, the best idea is to give medium level vacuuming to them and avoid rubbing the carpets. By doing so, you can protect your hand tufted carpets from getting deteriorated at early age.

What Makes Custom Carpet Rugs The Best Of All For Every Home Maker!


When you desire for exclusiveness in your rugs and carpets, you must look for an experienced custom carpet rugs manufacturer and exporter from India as they can only deliver you the carpets that match your interest and desire. These custom carpet rugs are all about an innovative method to buy these products as here customers give their personal inputs to get their exclusive rugs and carpets designed for them. A good custom carpet rugs manufacturer and exporter from India would listen to your carpet requirement carefully and then, suggest a variety of carpet and rug ideas and then, based on your personal taste, they prepare custom carpets and rugs.

In this article, you are going to learn all aspects of custom carpet and rugs and will know what makes them the best of all time for home makers.

Custom Carpet Rugs – A Trendy Carpeting Solution –

Though carpet manufacturers in India already have remarkable choices for their customers. But when it comes to custom carpet and rugs, there is truly no match around for their exclusiveness and rareness. As of now, they are the trendiest carpeting solution for modern home makers as most of the people today prefer to see their personal touch in their carpeting as well.

So, when you visit a custom carpet rugs manufacturer and exporter from India, you get a chance to buy carpets that are exclusively designed for you. There would not be any chance to see any similar piece of carpet in the market or from anywhere. For people who do not like to see similarity in their carpeting, custom carpet rugs are the best carpeting solution to go with.

For high quality custom carpeting solutions, Genie Carpet Manufacturers appears as the best online platform where you get your carpets designed as per your certain needs. Just order your custom carpets from here and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Custom Carpet Rugs Come In Wide Options –

When you visit a good custom carpet and rugs exporter and manufacturer in India, you find a wide range of carpeting solutions to meet your needs. In custom carpets, you will be provided with exceptional colour choices, size choices and finish. In addition, to help you ease up your custom carpet idea explanation, you are being shown with a variety of pictures of carpets that help one to get inspiration of exclusive carpets. So based on your selected pictures, you can get your carpets custom designed from there.

In addition, there is also an option to choose designs for carpets that are already available on website or brochure of the manufacturer and then, choose to make desired changes to make it different. The changes can be added in colours, texture, size and shape of the carpet. Thus you get the end product that has no match around.

So, all and all, the custom carpet rugs are meant to be unique and a good manufacturer makes it easier for buyers to get that uniqueness easily in your carpets.

A Smart Buyers Guide To Choose Right Rugs & Carpets India!

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In recent time, the rugs and carpet industry has greatly evolved as more and more buyers are connecting online to good rugs exporters to buy quality rugs for varied reasons. Though buying a right type of rug or carpet is not a cup of tea for every buyer. There are certain things that everyone needs to take care of while buying the best carpet or rug from reliable rugs exporters in India.

In this country, you can find numerous rugs & carpets exporters in India who claim to be the best manufacturer and exporters in the market. Yet, the right rugs exporters India is known from the quality of his or her product, not merely from the words. So, this is the right place to learn all aspects that one should consider before choosing the right rugs or carpets from reliable carpet exporter India.

Considerable Factors to Buy Quality Rugs & Carpets from India –

Rug Size – In this aspect, you should measure up the area you want to cover with the rug. For this purpose, firstly size up your room and then, an area that needs to be covered with it. The common rug area sizes 4/6 and 6/9 feet as it is a standard area size of rugs. Especially, when you need to put a rug under your coffee table, this size will be perfect. To cover the whole area of the room, you should go with an 8/10 feet size area rug. If you need larger, then it is also available from the carpet exporters India. For all the small spaces like bedside, kitchen area etc., you should choose to scatter rugs having vibrant colors with warmth.

Choosing Area Rugs for Your Home –

In a home, rugs or carpets can be used in many areas or rooms like living room, dining room, stairs etc. But, the selection of rugs for each room or area would ideally be varied that has to be done cautiously. In the living area, the carpets are often placed under a coffee table or in front of a sofa. For this purpose, we suggest choosing a rug that exposes around 8 inches of floor around the perimeter of the rug. So, it is good to measure up all open space around the sofa as well as chairs to ensure that people seated would have feet on the rug. Here, you can use more than 1 rug too.

For the dining room, choose a rug that gives some space to pull chairs from the table and also the back chair legs should not be on the rug. So, measure up space accordingly before ordering the rug for this room.

Now, rugs for entrances, hallways & stairs, that all are crowded places in a home. Hence, they should be in dark, dense and busy patterns. But, when you choose a rug for your bedroom, it has to be in the light and soothing colors and patterns.

So, these are few amazingly successful buyers’ tips to buy the best rugs for your home.

Extensive Choice In Hotel Carpets & Rugs To Meet Every Purpose!


When it comes to the interior decoration, carpets and rugs have a distinct place as they instantly bring appeal and lavishness to a place where they are used. This is a reason, people do not mind spending a lot of money buying great rugs and carpets for their home and offices. As far as the places where these carpets and rugs are extensively used are concerned, hotels share a great part in using them.

Being in the highest exposure of visitors and customers, hotels have to look appealing and well-decorated. It is a reason; hoteliers look at various factors while buying the best hotel carpet/rugs for their hotels. As there is a growing demand for these rugs, hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India introduces an extensive range of these rugs to fulfill the demand and expectations of the buyers. In this article, we will give you a brief introduction of various types of hotel carpet and rugs that are easily available from renowned carpet distributors India. Choosing a well-known hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India, you would not just find the best rugs but also a guarantee for the best quality. Such rugs and carpets last for many years.

Now, it is the time to give you a quick view on the extensive choice that you can find in hotel carpets and rugs-

  • Frieze – an immensely famous hotel carpet and rug type – If you look for a rug for a crowded or a place with the high amount of traffic which is quite resistant to spills, vacuum marks or stains, then choose frieze carpet type. These carpets are ideal to hide all such filthy things appearing of the surface of the carpet. These carpets have curly and short fibers that give frieze a tightly twisted look.
  • Shag – Shag is another famous and highly appealing carpet type that people love for many reasons. In the 60s, Shag was quite famous and again its trend is widespread among people who love the retro look. Shag rugs have casual settings and are usually small sized. They are also made of soft and long yarn.
  • Saxony Carpets – In the carpet and rug choices, Saxony carpets are a very popular choice. These carpets feel so soft and usually used for formal or semi-formal occasions. To recognize Saxony carpets, you need to check its design which often features twisted pile with headset straight.
  • Textured carpets – if you look for something common type of carpet for your place, then firstly you will be shown off textured carpets. For high traffic or crowded areas like reception, these are highly recommended. These carpets easily hide traffic marks and all kinds of strains. Hence, for hotels, these carpets are a definitely ideal choice.
  • Berber Rugs – Berber rugs are made of synthetic as well as natural fabrics. These carpets are highly long-lasting and resistant. The natural variant of these carpets is often made of wool. Therefore, it is recommended to buyers if they buy Berber rugs made of natural material, make sure to ask for washing or cleaning precautions. By following cleaning precautions, they can use these carpets for many years.

Tips To Conduct Proper Quality Check Before Buying Handmade Rugs!


Do you want to spend some money shopping for some alluring pieces of handmade rugs? Do you think the machine made non woven rugs are not satisfying you as they look quite ordinary and hence, you move to handmade rugs? Well, regardless of any reason, buying handmade rugs is truly an awesome decision, but choosing one that satisfy you with its quality is only possible if you succeed in finding the best handmade rugs exporter India or handmade rugs manufacturer India.

Before we start giving you some helpful tips to conduct a quality check on buying handmade rugs, let us tell you the secret behind the growing popularity of handmade rugs manufacturer India. So, Genie Carpet Manufacturers who are the established exporters and manufacturers of handmade rugs are highly experienced in this trade and know all ins and outs of carpets and rugs. Being a reputed handmade rugs exporter India, there is very low chances that you find rugs with compromised quality as such exporters and manufacturers have a large clientele and customer base and building everlasting relations and providing highest quality products to their clients is their only motto . Giving compromised quality to even a single buyer may end up affecting their image. Hence, there is a great certainty of finding the best possible quality of handmade rugs from Genie Carpet Manufacturers .

Now, discussing those handy tips by which you can ensure the best quality in the handmade rugs you choose:

  • Ask the seller about the nation of origin for the rugs – Handmade rugs are traditionally made in India along with some other countries like Tibet, Iran etc .Rugs originated from any of these countries speak for excellence and superior quality because the expertise goes by one generation to another. So, the workers or creators of handmade rugs know the basic to advanced knowledge about them and create the best rugs to meet the expectation level of buyers. This way, knowing the nation of origin for these rugs is a good parameter to find quality handmade rugs.
  • Check rugs from their fringe – In a rug, fringe is an important part and a close checking of it would tell you if it is handmade or machine made. The fringe is added during the creation of handmade rug, not after manufacturing. On the contrary, in machine made rugs, fringes can be added even after manufacturing them.
  • Closely Check Side Edges Of Rugs – A real handmade rug would generally has edges made by hand. These edges are usually cast over, whereas in machine made rugs, you would find quite tight stitches which are only possible by machine. This way, the difference can easily be seen in machine made and handmade rugs by checking their side edges.
  • Back patterns Will also indicate – While checking the front as well as back patterns of handmade rugs, you would find it designed thoughtfully having clear solid definitions. So, these patterns are an obvious factor to ensure the authenticity of the handmade rugs.

So, these are some helpful tips that can ease your journey to find the best handmade rugs from a reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India.