Flat Weave Durries – A Choicest Flooring Solution For Traditional & Modern Home Settings

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the most respectable and experienced durrie manufacturers India for furnishing the best quality durries in the market. The flat weave durries created by us enhance the feel and ambiance of a home setting and hence encourage buyers to have them for their new or old home. Being one of the most notable durrie exporters India, we are a renowned brand in carpet market in India and abroad. Our high-end quality of durries make them the most desired and appreciated items for households.

To make our durries comfortable and friendly to users, we utilise natural cotton and create durries that provides comfort and relaxation to people moving onto them. The touch of our durries is serious like a feather and once you use them, you would feel relaxing throughout the day. Apart from cotton, our durries are made of woollen also and that are perfect for winter season. So, based on seasons, you can use cotton or woollen durries at your home and give your family a desired feel under their feet.

In our durrie collection, you can see variety in designs and shapes and this variety helps buyers to make an appropriate selection of durries for themselves. Our durries are not loved by buyers in India, but we have a large clientele from the foreign countries also. To meet the demand of trendy indoor settings, we keep upgrading our durrie collection time to time and hence, buyers find an unusual variety and choice when they shop for carpets, rugs and durries from us. For having a thorough view to our durrie collection, check them now and pick the best suiting your taste.