Understanding the best & Ideal rugs that buyers love to spend money on!

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Being in the carpet industry for years, we at Genie Carpet Manufacturers often encounter the questions like what kind of rugs are called the best. Well, this is actually a question for several buyers and admirers of carpets and if you too have this question in mind, then here it is answered rightly. As the best rug exporters in India, we can better answer what could be the right rug for you, and what not be!

What to expect during your search for ideal rugs –

When you walk into the market for perfect rugs for you, there will myriads of choices appear before you. From such a whopping numbers of rugs and carpets, it would not be an easy chore to pick one that would perfectly serve your purpose of carpeting. Check out the list of things you would notice during your search for ideal rugs –

  • Handmade or machine made rugs – The first thing that would boost your curiosity to explore rugs and carpet options in the market is the handmade and machine made rugs. In these two types of rugs, you would notice a huge difference in price and that is indeed a key difference maker. Generally, handmade rugs come with a tag of expensive rugs; whereas the machine made rugs are inexpensive ones. Handmade rugs are known as the premium rugs and machine made rugs are easily available in few bucks. So, when it comes to rugs that marks your high status, you would not ever go for machine made ones. Though if long-lasting nature is your concern, machine made is perfect choice.
  • Expensive & cheap rugs – Price factor is another highly noticeable aspect that you would certainly notice when searching for perfect rugs for your home. As said in the earlier pointer, the rugs are categorised in handmade and machine made rugs, so this is where expensive and cheap rugs are placed around. Handmade rugs demand for a lot of time and labour; hence they are expensive carpet option. On the other hand, machine made rugs take less time and less effort in manufacturing, they are cheaper options.
  • Natural & Artificial materials – Difference in materials used to create rugs play a big role in determining the quality and price of the rugs. All the premium quality rugs are made of natural fibres and materials as they give comfort and excellent feel to users. However, the less expensive rugs are made of artificial materials and don’t give that great feel.
  • Rugs types & varieties – When you reach out to one of the reputed rug exporters India, you will be presented with a broad array of choices which include hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, wall to wall rugs, area rugs and so on. These categorized rug types are further segregated in types like rustic rugs, woven rugs and antique rugs. The selection in rug type depends on personal taste and preference, yet you can make a difference if you take assistance of an expert like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Buying Guide For Perfect Designer Rugs To Have In Your Home!

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When classiness comes first whenever you think of carpets and rugs for your home, then no other carpet can fit your expectations than that of designer rugs carpets. Indeed, the feel and elegance you would find in designer rugs and carpets is something impossible to have from other kind of carpets. Though to reach out the most exciting collection of designer rugs, you should only consult that best designer rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we have the most iconic collection in designer rugs and carpets online.

Our designer rugs are admired pieces for perfect dimensions, great materials, and exquisite designs. In addition, we enable homemakers to get the rugs designed as per their requirements. So, here you can find carpets that won’t be available anywhere else and that is why we are confident about the exclusiveness and uniqueness in our designer carpets.

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Designer Rugs Add Exciting Feel To Flooring –

A bare flooring may appear blank somehow in your fully furnished home. Therefore, decorating floors with perfect designer rugs actually make sense. Genie Carpet Manufacturers feature a wide variety in carpets and rugs which include designer rugs that are known to be premium and luxurious. Our designer rugs are manufactured on the demand of buyers and made in specific sizes, colours, patterns, and designer as per the need of buyers. We customise all kinds of rugs and carpets .

Size considerations in choosing designer rugs for various rooms in your home –

Considering rug size is one of the most essential steps to pick the best designer carpets for different rooms in your home. You cannot choose any size of rug for any room randomly. But, different rooms require different considerations in picking up the best size of rug. Here, we have defined some notable observations in deciding ideal rug sizes for home.

Choosing rug for dining & kitchen area –

Carpets placed under the dining table or kitchen should be chosen very carefully. For the best size, take the table perimeter into account and keep around 150 cm extra width and length. It will assure the proportionate size of the rug to your dining table and would add additional space for chairs.

Rugs for bedroom – In bedroom, you should select a carpet by adding minimum 60 cms to both sides to ensure it perfectly sits past the frame of bed. It will give underfoot comfort which is the best thing about carpeting.

Carpets for living area – There is a thumb rule about using carpets in living area that is in the mid of the room where furniture are aligned. For ideal placement of carpet, subtract approximately 50 cms from width and length of the living space as it will make perfect size of rug. In case, you choose to go with a large size rug, you can try out various angles to make a perfect setting of your designer rug in the room.

In addition to these rooms, there is hallway, entryway, and many other sides of home where you can add a grace with carpets. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can find the most exquisite designer rugs and carpets at truly affordable price range.

Learning About Various Materials & Techniques of Carpeting Manufacturing!


Machine-made carpets are in trend nowadays. Whether it is for your home or office or any other commercial space, machine-made carpets are loved for certain reasons. They are cheap. They are long-lasting. They are easy to maintain. They are capable enough to handle rigid use and the list of benefits goes on and on. If you are also looking for quality machine-made carpets, then Genie Carpet Manufacturers can be a great platform to shop the best carpets ever online.

Being one of the most trusted machine made carpet manufacturer India, we understand the technicalities and small to big aspects of carpeting. Therefore, the offering products available at our online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers are admired by our buyers always. For the superior quality of machine-made carpets, they are loved not just country-wide, but worldwide. In this article, you get to learn various materials and techniques used to make quality machine-made and other carpets.

Knowing these details would play a great role in helping you decide the right carpet for you and thus make the best shopping in carpeting from an online or offline store.

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Carpets & Its Different Materials –

In manufacturing carpets, a variety of materials can be used. Some of them are very expensive and some of not. When it comes to machine made carpets, you would most likely come across materials like polypropylene, nylon, jute etc. In addition, axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon in 80:20 ratio as well. So, let’s read on the features of different carpet materials and how one is better and different from another.

Axminster carpets – Wool is one of the most loved material for carpets. The Axminster carpets are made of wool and nylon and are long lasting, easy to handle and are best fitted for all kinds of hospitality projects. It is ideal for heavy traffic. Modern and all the trendiest designs can be done.

Polypropylene carpets – In modern machine-made carpets, polypropylene is the trendiest material used by machine made carpet manufacturers in India. These carpets feature several qualities like easy to maintain, ideal for high traffic areas, perfect for all types of environments, etc.

Nylon Printed Carpets: The nylon printed are best fitted for almost all types for commercial, hotel, hospitality projects. Any design can be printed and it is ideal for heavy traffic areas, moreover it has very good resistance to wear and tear and thus has got the ability to last long. All the modern and trendiest designs can be printed. It’s comes with different pile weight and pile height. It production time is also very less as compared to other types of carpets.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, there is an endless variety available in machine-made carpets at our online store. Just explore our collection now and get excited about the unusual machine-made carpet range which is also very pocket-friendly.

Assessing The Worth Of Handmade Rugs To Find The Best For Your Home!

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Handmade rugs reign the carpeting world since ages. There are abundant of reasons that make handmade rugs superior over its counterparts. Great feel, superior fibre, the matchless craftsmanship, remarkable inspiration are factors that are commonly found in handmade rugs. But, the commercialization of carpeting sector has given a rise to several handmade rugs manufacturers in the market.

This high numbers of carpet sellers has made it confusing for buyers to choose the authentic rugs for them. So, if you think to buy quality handmade rugs without conducting much research on the way to assess the quality and value of handmade rugs, you may end up having sheer disappointment from your purchase.

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To help you buying the best handmade rugs and carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers present the valuable insights on assessing the right handmade rugs and its value to buyers. In addition, if you want to place an order for the best handmade rugs instantly, you can browse our collection of handmade rugs right away. For featuring matchless quality of handmade rugs, we have become the best handmade rugs manufacturer India at present.

So, let’s check out how you can assess the value of handmade rugs during your shopping.

Determining factors when assessing handmade rugs value –

When you are up for buying high quality handmade rugs, you first need to understand how to differentiate these rugs from machine made rugs and carpets. There are several sellers in the market who would sell machine made carpets by claiming them as handmade rugs. Therefore, you must know the factors to differentiate machine made rugs from handmade rugs. ;

After that, you should pay attention to discover if the offered rug is actual oriental rug or not. Last but not the least, check if it is worth repairing, cleaning or reselling or not. These questions are must to be asked to the selected handmade rugs manufacturer India. From a reputed handmade rugs exporter India, you will find all answers of these concerns and thus increases your chances to find the best products for your needs.

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Determining Real Value of rugs –

To determine the real value of handmade rugs, you should closely evaluate the material used to create that. For example, a handmade rug made of wool will be highly valuable and expensive, whereas rugs made of cotton or other material will not be as valuable as the former one.

The value of handmade rugs also depends on the craftsmanship, expertize of artisans, and rug type. As handmade rugs are made exclusively by hands of expert artisans, the perfection in weaving can easily be seen. The authentic feel of rugs would tell how valuable they are and hence, you must consider this factor while assessing the chosen handmade rugs’ worth.

Handmade rugs are known as a luxury home décor and furnishing product and hence, they always come with hefty price tag. Though the valuable aspects of these rugs are enough to convince buyers to invest money in them and have a luxury feel at their home.

Different Important Considerations To Choose A Quality Carpet!

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Are you reconsidering your home décor by adding some warm and enticing texture to room walls and flooring? If yes, then carpet shopping would be in your to-do list for sure. Carpets can enhance the overall appeal of flooring and make a place look elegant and cosy. From absorbing noise to comforting people living inside a home, carpet do it all perfectly. Though to ensure the best buy for carpets, you have to reach out to the best machine-made /nylon and handmade carpet manufacturer in India.

Being one of the most reliable carpet supplier and manufacturer in India, Genie carpet manufacturer strives to cater the premium carpet requirements of buyers. In addition, we also help our customers knowing everything about carpeting in an attempt to improve their carpet purchase experiences.

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In this article, we tell you different important considerations to choose the best carpets and rugs for your home –

Why Homemakers love spending in carpets –

Carpets bring a premium feel to a place. From ancient time to today, carpets are regarded as the luxurious flooring solution. Be it a five star hotel or a contemporary bungalow, you would see the magic of carpets spread everywhere. Therefore, when you look for something that make your place luxuriant, look no further but carpets are going to empower your search with aspects like –

  • They beautify room flooring
  • Prevents floor from getting spills & stains
  • Helps to hide damage or poor condition of the floor
  • They give underfoot comfort
  • They add safety for kids
  • They manage or dump noise
  • They make a surrounding warm and cozy

Though to enjoy all the benefits of carpets and rugs, it is mandatory to buy them from the best machine made/nylon and handmade carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

What are important considerations to choose the best carpets –

Carpet buying can be a pricey trade if you don’t know what exactly you need to consider during your shopping for carpets. In the market, machine made and handmade, two types of carpets basically dominate. So, the very first aspect is to decide which type of carpet you would like to go with. If you choose to have handmade carpets, be ready to spend a whopping price for it because they are made of premium material with hands only. On the contrary, machine made carpets are the best option if you look for less expensive, but durable carpeting option.

In addition to segmenting between machine made and handmade carpets, consider following mentioned aspects when picking the best carpets for your need –

  • Budget is an important consideration – Before you switch to any carpet selling store online or offline, you have to be clear with the budget you are ready to spend on them. Your budget clarity will help you sorting with the type and expectations from the best carpet. For example, a handmade carpet are always expensive; whereas machine made comes at low price as well.
  • Consider carpet texture – Whether you want cut-pile, or you prefer loop pile, or even the combination of two, you have to consider the desired texture of carpet when start shopping for them.
  • Carpet material – It is another important considerable factor when deciding which carpet to go with.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is earning a great reputation in the Indian carpet industry by serving the matchless quality of carpets to buyers.

Why To Buy Commercial Carpets For Your Hospitality Business!

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Carpets are used not just for home but also for hotels, café, restaurant, banquet halls, and several commercial spaces. Though the selection of commercial carpets differs from that of domestic carpets. To determine the quality of carpets that you trade in, you should always depend on the best hospitality and wall to wall carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Hospitality Carpets Give Hoteliers Confidence In Their Hotel Décor –

As the hospitality business is all about satisfying the walk-in customers, you cannot overlook the value of aesthetic appeal of your commercial space. In making your commercial space customer ready, you have to spend a good amount of its interior décor. A perfect interior can never be completed without adding some premium pieces of hospitality carpets.

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By enhancing the look and ambiance of a place, hospitality carpets give hoteliers a confidence in their hotel décor. Though it is not that easy to have the best hospitality carpets for your business. By setting up hotel flooring with wall to wall carpets, a hotel can reap benefits like –

  • Appeals to walk-in customers
  • Creates good ambiance and a good ambiance encourages customers to choose that hotel next time.
  • Enhances hotel décor
  • Adds value to hotel property
  • Improves the flooring of hotel
  • Makes the hotel look more professional and appealing
  • Wall to wall carpets fit to all kinds of commercial settings like offices, restaurants, banquet halls, hotel etc.

When you explore the market, myriads of carpet options will emerge, but when you are curious to buy the best hospitality and wall to wall carpets for your business, you should rely exclusively on Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

By serving the superior quality of wall to wall and hotel carpets in the market, Genie Carpet Manufacturers has become the most trust worthy carpet provider in India today.

Choosing best hospitality and wall to wall carpet –

To choose a right hospitality carpet, the first thing to keep in mind is the place for which you are buying carpets for. In this consideration, pay attention to interior, color scheme, size, and room type. For example, if you look for carpets for your office, you should buy a thick and superior quality of commercial carpet.  The reason for choosing this type of carpet is because it will remain there for years and would not demand for frequent replacement.

Another great aspect of commercial carpets is that, they are good at masking sounds and footstep noise. For office staff, a calm and peaceful surrounding matters a lot. By wrapping up the entire floor with thick carpets, you can certain dump the unnecessary sound and can make a place calmer and more peaceful.

Moreover, to buy the best hospitality carpets, thickness is not the only aspect to determine, but color, pattern and design matter a lot. A good hospitality carpet has to be in neutral patterns and subdued color schemes.

To find the top-notch variety in the wall to wall and hospitality carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is an ideal platform for buyers.

3 major reasons to buy handmade rugs for your home!

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Are you planning to buy high quality rugs and carpets for your home that last for decades, and feature premium feel and remarkable aesthetic appeal? If yes, then take your requirement to a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Handmade rugs speak for uniqueness in terms of design, colors, size, and patterns. Therefore, to give a place a touch of authenticity, one must associate with a renowned handmade rugs exporter India who has a good record in exceptional rugs and carpets in the market.

Rugs exporters India – famous for superior handmade carpets –

Homemakers who choose to buy handmade rugs and carpets for their home décor usually understand the reason to give these carpets more preference than that of machine made ones. But those who are yet not much aware of the value of handmade carpets, here are 3 major reasons to buy handmade rugs mentioned for your learning.


Durability comes within handmade rugs –

Buying handmade rugs from a famous carpet exporters India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers will give you a guarantee of durability for the purchased rugs. As the quality handmade rugs are made exclusively by hand over traditional loom, you can expect them to last for decades without any issue.

Before the artisan gets the rug over look, a lot of handwork including yarn spinning and wool’s dyeing is being done to make the materials ready. All these things are done by hand only, and that is where the actual labour and time is being invested. Wool as you may probably know is the most famous and great material choice for quality carpets and rugs, ensures the durability of these products. So, when you buy wool based handmade rugs from us, you can expect it to use for years without any damage.

Handmade rugs & their eco-friendliness –

Usually, the handmade rugs are crafted with environment friendly and green materials. Hence, choosing handmade rugs can prove your support to Green Environment. These rugs are dyed using natural vegetable colours. Silk, cotton and wool fibers are mostly used as the main material for rugs and carpets and these materials feature qualities like biodegradability and longevity.

Exploring our online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers, will let you find the fabulous choices in handmade rugs to give your home a warmer and greener feel.

Handmade rugs boast of phenomenal creativity –

Handmade rugs are designed and crafted by skilled artisans by years, and every single piece of handmade rug boasts of brilliant creativity which machine made carpets often fail to do. Many oriental handmade rugs narrate the story and design inspiration from culture and heritage of the areas the artisans belong to. Therefore, you can certainly imagine for a newness when you choose handmade rugs for your next purchase.

Besides these 3 reasons, there are many other things that make buyers crazy to buy handmade rugs over machine-made ones. But, when you expect guaranteed quality and matchless choices, Genie Carpet Manufacturer is the place where your expectations will be met rightly.

Handmade Rugs – A Great Comeback In Carpeting!

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The time carpets became popular, handmade rugs became the showstopper as they had been the choicest pieces loved by royals and rich demographics across the globe. No doubt, in the beginning, carpets and rugs had been exclusive to high class society as middle class or lower class people could not afford them. However, the commercialization of carpeting industry has given a birth to machine made carpets and rugs which ultimately made carpets a thing of everyone’s reach. But in the recent years, handmade rugs have made a remarkable comeback as numerous homemakers and hoteliers are taking interest in buying handmade rugs and carpets.

If you are also interested to buy the best quality of handmade carpets and rugs, then Genie Carpet Manufacturer is an ideal platform to take your requirement to. Our phenomenal collection of handmade carpets and rugs is loved by buyers from all corners of the world and hence we are the best handmade rugs manufacturer India today.

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Being a notable handmade rugs exporter India, we know what handmade rugs are actually mean and how it is different from its other counterparts. Considering the exclusive needs of buyers, we present custom made handmade rugs choices to buyers and thus serve products that perfectly blend to their tastes and needs.

Now, let’s check out what makes handmade rugs so popular among masses.

Handmade Rugs – Why People Love Them –

Handmade rugs and carpets always succeed in delighting and satisfying people who give value to their individuality over anything. That means, people who prefer bespoke carpets and rugs created in specific pattern, colour and sizes only go with handmade rugs. These are very expensive as compared to machine made rugs, yet they win the hearts of buyers because of they are unique and present the best material and matchless feel.

Finding similar piece of rug in any other house will be almost impossible when you are stick to handmade rugs. So, if you too look for carpets and rugs that feature matchless design, colour and sizes, you should only trust a reputed handmade rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Our fantastic handmade rug choices remarkably convert a simple room in a fully distinctive place with truly cozy and traditional vibe.

Trendy Choices In Handmade Rugs Among Modern Buyers –

Talking about the most coveted designs for handmade rugs that are in trend nowadays, people love monochrome and modest ones. As these designs aptly fit the modern home décor and setting, buyers find them contemporary and worth their investment.

In colour choices, buyers prefer handmade rugs in natural colours mainly. Rugs having green, grey and earthy tones find more attention from buyers than any other carpet type. In addition, subtle coloured handmade rugs have a different appeal that adds a uniqueness in a place.

The best thing about this trend is that; it is not going to fade soon but will gain traction in the coming years. Buyers are quite keen to buy them. Therefore, buying handmade rugs in these trendy options will prove a smart choice for you too.

Carpet Exporters India – Exploring How Carpeting Connected With Indian Culture!

Carpet Exporters India

In the ancient time, carpets were majorly manufactured and traded in Southern Asia and had been related to Muslim tradition. With the passage of time, the carpet industry all across the globe revolutionized and they became popular among masses. Several new manufacturers and brands emerged in carpet industry and as a result, several advancements took place in rugs and carpets. Today, carpet exporters India are searched on the web by interested buyers looking for quality carpets for their home. If you also look for the high quality handmade or machine made carpets at reasonable price range, Genie Carpet Manufacturers can assist you with the best carpeting solution.

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Carpet Industry In India Blossomed From Handmade Carpets –

Handmade carpets exhibit the best craftsmanship of Indian artisans. The carpet exporters India can present you with the unusual range of handmade carpets that all represent the Indian culture and tradition. So, we can say that handmade carpets are the foremost carpets of India. To manufacture these carpets, one has to devote a quality time, energy and use high quality fabrics. Using years of expertize, the Indian carpet manufacturers deliver carpets that are hard to find from other manufacturers in the world.

Handmade carpets are highly appealed and valued products created by carpet exporters India and Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a place that excels in these items. Being a treasured home furnishing, people from all corners of the world love to spend hundreds of dollars on quality pieces of carpets. On the other side, to match the needs and desires of buyers, a good carpet manufacturer India presents chic, stylish and elegant items at different price range.

Machine Made Carpets Come In Exquisite Variety –

Though handmade carpets are known for uniqueness, mesmerising look and matchless feel, yet machine made carpets have certain advantages that make them preferred carpeting alternative. In terms of quality, machine made carpets are somehow not as good as handmade carpets, but when you have tight budget or any kind price limitation, then machine made is the best option to go with.

In machine made carpets, the choices in designs and shapes are remarkable and that is the reason, it encourages buyers to give them more preference over its handmade counterparts.

Handmade or Machine Made – Choosing The Right Kind of Carpets–

Carpets are distinctly categorized in two types – handmade carpets and machine made carpets. So, now comes the question of choosing the right type of carpet for certain needs.

Carpets are not just meant for covering a room flooring, but it has several benefits that must be considered when buying carpets. So, to make a right selection out of handmade and machine made carpets, you first need to see the usage of carpets at your place. For instance, if you need the carpets to be placed at a heavy traffic area, you should not go with handmade carpets. A machine made carpet is perfectly capable of handling rough and heavy use. Though for areas with less traffic, a quality handmade carpet can fit aptly.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a famous online platform offering handmade and machine made rugs and carpets to buyers at reasonable price range.

Hand Tufted Carpets – Indian Carpet Industry Ruling The Hearts of Buyers!

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When you make your mind to spend a good amount on buying high quality carpets for your dream home, you must buy hand tufted carpets. Known for the best quality, these carpets boast of aesthetic beauty with remarkable functionality which encourage buyers to spend money on buying them.

Usually, come with a hefty price-tag, hand tufted carpets perfectly justify with its expensiveness. The feel, the softness and the appeal, these carpets flaunt is actually impossible to have from any other kind of carpet. The reason for their expensiveness is its handmade construction which often takes several weeks to complete for a weaver. After investing a lot of time, labour and utilize artisan, a mesmerising carpet gets ready for sale and hence, buyers do not mind investing a good price on these precious handmade carpets.


If you look for remarkable designs and patterns in hand tufted carpets, then Genie Carpet Manufacturers is here to help you with dynamic and the most updated collection available online. On our website, buyers can see an unseen variety of hand tufted carpets along with many other types of carpets at different price range. From discovering new designs to refining your preferred style, an online carpet buyer finds a remarkable ease in shopping for carpet from this store.

In case, you are an absolute new to carpet buying, here are few things to take into account while shopping for hand tufted carpets from any hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

Where to pay attention when shopping from a hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India –

The hand tufted carpets are usually more expensive than a machine-made carpet. These carpets are meticulously made by the skilled hands of an artisan and speak for the quality of its fabric and soft feel. Though in terms of value, these carpets are less expensive than hand knotted carpets, but are one of the handmade carpet types.

Hand tufted carpets are not manufactured on the loom, but are made by using the tufting gun. Using this tufting gun, the weaver can easily carve beautiful patterns to create a fresh piece of carpet. At present, buyers can find alluring design, colourful choices in hand tufted carpets by choosing a renowned hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie carpet manufacturers.


Creation of Designs in Hand Tufted Carpets –

To manufacture attractive hand tufted carpets, the artisan places the yarn or wool strands on the weaving frame and then, start punching those strands with the help of tufting gun. It is a time taking process, but not that difficult as that of hand-knotted carpet creation.

This process of designing starts after the creation backing and includes the injection of cotton or yarn in the backing with the help of tufting gun. After injecting all material, the scrim is place over carpet using latex glue which keeps the fiber intact. After that, the artisan shears the loops of carpet and makes the rug flat to make it good enough to handle foot traffic.