Hand Knotted Carpet Rugs Manufacturer Exporter In India

Top-of-the Class Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer and Exporter in India

There is nothing superior to a hand-knotted carpet for top-of-the-class art masterpieces. Suppose you have decided to bring a sense of timeless elegance and style to your home interior. In that case, you can invest in handcrafted knotted carpets and rugs specially manufactured by skilled artisans. These professionals use traditional hundred-year-old techniques to give the physical shape to beautiful floor coverings. Genie is a reputed hand-knotted carpet manufacturer in India that offers the most exquisite collection of Indian handmade knotted decor pieces.


A Prominent Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer Exporter in India

Weaving a masterpiece knotted rug requires great skills and hands-on experience. Handcrafting such beautiful floor coverings may take some extra time, but these bring something special that your home interior deserves. As a top hand-knotted rug manufacturer in India, our hand-knotted carpets can change any residential setting into a delightful, pleasant haven.

Find an exquisite and unmatched collection of handmade carpets under one roof.

Beautiful handcrafted rugs are perfect for homeowners who expect softness and warmth under the barefoot when sitting in front of the fireplace or on the floor. Buyers can pick these beautiful floor coverings in various designs, colours, and patterns without sacrificing style. From Kilim rugs to hand-knotted abstract rugs, Genie hand-knotted rugs manufacturer in India has endless possibilities for its customers in the competitive market.

As a renowned hand-knotted rug carpets manufacturer and exporter in India, we ensure that our handcrafted masterpiece of floor coverings provides promising longevity and durability and is manufactured to world-class standards. Our decor pieces are not limited to any space; they can be perfect additions to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and many more.


Why should you choose Hand Knotted Carpets for your Home Interior?

Usually, handmade carpets can't be overlooked in modern times, which shows the beautiful artistry of professionals and takes shape after effort utilised in making them. These knotted carpets are in massive demand in the carpeting industry worldwide and have been preferred by consumers who love the artwork. Hand-knotted carpet manufacturers in India, like Genie, have a team of artisans who use their experience to create complex designs and use the best materials to meet customers' expectations.


These handcrafted rugs require less maintenance and cleaning than synthetic ones. Our weavers manufacture these beautiful floor coverings using millions of knots tied individually onto a foundation. The front side of these carpets gives a soft touch, whereas the back holds the knotted surface.


Features of Our Genuine Pieces of Handmade Decor are:

  • A perfect instance of creativity
  • Spectacular designs and patterns
  • Use of natural dyes and colours
  • Get unmatched quality and durability for decades.
  • Each design is unique and holds the story of the Weaver.
  • Perfect to use for any room space

Why should you rely on Genie for Handmade carpets?

  • We are the number#1 hand-knotted rug carpet manufacturer exporter in India, known for the incredible showcasing of artisans' work in decor pieces.
  • We work with artisans whose generations have been weaving such carpets for many years.
  • Our weavers use at least one lakh knots with a pile height of about 1-2cm, ensuring the knots are tight and making the carpet highly durable.
  • The dyes we use in these floor coverings are natural.
  • Our handmade carpets suit senior citizens with breathing issues and children.