Buying Guide For Perfect Designer Rugs To Have In Your Home!

When classiness comes first whenever you think of carpets and rugs for your home, then no other carpet can fit your expectations than that of designer rugs carpets. Indeed, the feel and elegance you would find in designer rugs and carpets is something impossible to have from other kinds of carpets. Though to reach out to the most exciting collection of designer rugs, you should only consult the best designer rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we have the most iconic collection of designer rugs and carpets online.

Our designer rugs are admired pieces for their perfect dimensions, great materials, and exquisite designs. In addition, we enable homemakers to get the rugs designed as per their requirements. So, here you can find carpets that won’t be available anywhere else and that is why we are confident about the exclusiveness and uniqueness of our designer carpets.

Designer Rugs Add Exciting Feel To Flooring –

A bare flooring may appear blank somehow in your fully furnished home. Therefore, decorating floors with perfect designer rugs actually make sense. Genie Carpet Manufacturers feature a wide variety of carpets and rugs which include designer rugs that are known to be premium and luxurious. Our designer rugs are manufactured on the demand of buyers and made in specific sizes, colors, patterns, and designs as per the need of buyers. We customize all kinds of rugs and carpets.

Size considerations in choosing designer rugs for various rooms in your home –

Considering rug size is one of the most essential steps to picking the best designer carpets for different rooms in your home. You cannot choose any size of rug for any room randomly. But, different rooms require different considerations in picking up the best size of rug. Here, we have defined some notable observations in deciding ideal rug sizes for homes.

Choosing rug for dining & kitchen area –

Carpets placed under the dining table or kitchen should be chosen very carefully. For the best size, take the table perimeter into account and keep around 150 cm extra width and length. It will assure the proportionate size of the rug to your dining table and would add additional space for chairs.

Rugs for bedroom – In the bedroom, you should select a carpet by adding a minimum of 60 cm to both sides to ensure it perfectly sits past the frame of the bed. It will give underfoot comfort which is the best thing about carpeting.

Carpets for the living area – There is a thumb rule about using carpets in the living area that is in the mid of the room where furniture is aligned. For ideal placement of the carpet, subtract approximately 50 cm from the width and length of the living space as it will make the perfect size of the rug. In case, you choose to go with a large-size rug, you can try out various angles to make a perfect setting for your designer rug in the room.

In addition to these rooms, there is a hallway, entryway, and many other sides of the home where you can add grace with carpets. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can find the most exquisite designer rugs and carpets at a truly affordable price range.