How to Choose the Right Rug Manufacturers for Your Hotel Project


In the fast-paced era, hotel interior design seems like a daunting task because there are lots of things that need to be managed. Rugs are one of the crucial elements which help you create a welcoming and aesthetic environment. These beautiful floor coverings have the power to transform any space without any effort and add warmth, comfort, and style. Choosing the right rug manufacturers is vital to give the physical shape of your dream hotel design. You can rely on some reputed names like Genie Carpet manufacturers while considering the ideal candidate for your job.

However, you can consider some pinpoints to ease your rug’s journey.

Determine your project’s requirements.

Before commencing your floor covering project, it is vital to understand your project’s specific requirements. It can be related to various parameters, such as what size of rugs you need, the design and colour scheme you want to give a personal touch, and the budget you have allocated for this aspect of your hotel’s interior. When you have an appropriate idea, you can easily find rug manufacturers in India to meet your expectations!

Seek prestigious rug manufacturers India

When it comes to searching for the best rug manufacturers, you can consider candidates who have proven track records in the hospitality industry, like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. On the other hand, you can check online reviews, ask for recommendations from your friends, or consult with top-notch interior designers who have expertise in various hotel projects.

Various Customization choices

One size only fits some frames because every hotel has a specific design and requirement. It becomes vital to opt for rugs manufacturers India who provide various customization options to their clients in the competitive world. Custom rugs and carpet manufacturers have specialization to achieve your hotel’s branding and design theme. You can go with rugs manufacturers who create custom designs, colours, and sizes to accommodate your vision.

Perfect selection of quality and materials

As we know, hotel spaces are considered high-traffic areas. So, choosing high-quality commercial floor coverings is paramount for a hotel project. The owner can ask potential rugs manufacturers about the materials, processes, and other quality control measurements in their manufacturing units. High-quality materials and craftsmanship can ensure that these beautiful floor coverings will stand up to the rigours of a hotel environment.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options

The market is flooded with various chemical-filled products, including carpets. Many hotel owners avoid these fatal options because their guest health is their top priority. Rugs manufacturers in India, like Genie, are environment conscious, and they always prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Set your Budget

When quality and customization are crucial for your hotel project, you must choose rug manufacturers who work with your budget. You can ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers and lock your choice based on quality, customization options, and pricing. However, investing in high-quality floor coverings is an investment that allows you to serve your guests for many decades.

Ask for Samples and Prototypes

Before making an informed decision to choose rug manufacturers, you can ask for samples and prototypes of their work. It is a great trick to assess the quality of their craftsmanship, the accuracy of custom designs, and the feel of the rugs. Visiting the site to check out physical samples will help you ease your journey and meet your expectations!

The End Note

However, selecting rug manufacturers India seems like an easy job, but you need to consider various parameters to accomplish your floor coverings for your project. It includes the project’s specific needs, the manufacturer’s reputation, quality, customization options, sustainability practices, budget alignment, samples, and warranty, communication, and delivery capabilities. Working with the right candidate, you can enhance the overall ambience of your hotel and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Discover the World of Exquisite Rugs with the Fastest-growing Rug Manufacturers


Rugs have transcended their utilitarian origins to become an essential interior design element. With ever-evolving trends and the expertise of these incredible floor coverings, we as a rug manufacturers in India, have achieved the status of both functional pieces and artistic statements & Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of them. We understand this industry basic and strive to achieve what they expect from us. When it comes to the best rug manufacturers in India, we are a pioneer in this competitive carpet industry.

Latest Trends of Rugs: Weaving Innovation into Every Thread

Genie, one of the renowned rug manufacturers, brings trends that ebb and flow like a vibrant tapestry in the fastest-growing market. Nowadays, these certain trends have taken the spotlight in the realm of interior design. One of the prominent trends is the revival of vintage and traditional techniques. Intricate Persian motifs, classic Oriental patterns, and tribal designs are returning, adding an air of timeless elegance to modern spaces.

Contemporary minimalism is also leaving its mark on rug trends. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and muted colour palettes are in vogue, allowing rugs to blend seamlessly into various interior styles. Moreover, sustainability is a crucial concern, leading to the rise of Eco-friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. As one of the prominent rug manufacturers in India, our floor coverings are crafted from organic fibres like wool , silk , cotton , jute, sisal, and bamboo which are gaining popularity for their natural charm and reduced environmental impact.

More than Just a Floor Covering

Rugs have transcended their traditional role as floor coverings and have found their way into various spaces across homes, offices, and commercial establishments. In living rooms, they anchor furniture arrangements and add warmth to the overall ambience. Dining areas benefit from the comfort and style rugs provided underfoot, making every meal a delightful experience.

Bedrooms are transformed into cosy retreats with the addition of soft rugs that greet your feet every morning. Offices and workspaces are no exception, as carpets contribute to sound insulation and visual appeal. Even outdoor areas have not been untouched – outdoor rugs have become a staple for creating comfortable and stylish outdoor lounging areas.

Crafting Quality carpets approach by Genie Rug Manufacturers India

At the heart of the captivating rugs that grace homes and spaces lies the meticulous craftsmanship of producers like Genie Rugs manufacturers. The journey from raw materials to exquisite rug involves several steps culminating in a work of art that complements the spaces it adorns.

Material Selection: As one of the popular rug manufacturers, we prioritize quality from the outset by selecting the finest materials. Whether it’s luxurious wool, durable synthetics, or eco-friendly fibres, the choice is guided by aesthetics and functionality.

Design and Weaving: The design process blends tradition and innovation. Skilled artisans often merge age-old techniques with modern technology to bring intricate patterns and designs to life. Traditional hand-weaving and modern machine techniques both play a role, catering to different styles and budgets.

Dyeing and Coloring: The colours of a rug can evoke emotions and set the tone of a space. Genie Rugs invests in advanced dyeing processes that ensure vibrant and lasting hues, resisting fading even in the face of sunlight and wear.

Finishing Touches: Before a rug makes its way to its destined space, it undergoes meticulous finishing touches. These include trimming, binding, and quality checks to ensure that every carpet meets the high standards set by Genie Rug Manufacturers.

Sustainability: Recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, Genie Rugs integrates eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods. This commitment to the environment ensures that their rugs are visually appealing and aligned with conscious consumer values.

In a world where design and functionality hold hands, Genie Rugs Manufacturers India is custodians of the art of rug-making. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability enables them to weave comfort, beauty, and elegance threads into every rug they create.

Indian Rugs Manufacturers and the Art of Creating Exquisite Designs

Indian Rugs Manufacturer Art

India, a land known for its rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship, has long been a hub for producing exquisite rugs. Indian rug manufacturers have gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to create unique designs that captivate the senses. In this blog, we will delve into the world of rugs manufacturers India like Genie and explore the artistry behind their exquisite creations.

A Legacy of Excellence

Genie, one of the best rug manufacturers has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the craft. With a history dating back centuries, these artisans have honed their skills and techniques to perfection. Passed down through generations, the art of rug making is a treasured legacy, where each knot is woven with pride, and every design tells a story.

Diverse Range of Designs

One of the reasons why Indian rugs from rugs manufacturers in India are highly sought after is the incredible diversity in design. Indian rug manufacturers possess an unparalleled ability to blend traditional motifs with contemporary elements, resulting in truly mesmerizing creations. Whether it’s the intricate floral patterns of Kashmir, the geometric designs of Jaipur, or the tribal motifs of Gujarat, each region contributes its unique aesthetic to the world of Indian rugs.

Attention to Detail

Creating a rug is a labour-intensive process that requires patience, skill, and unwavering attention to detail. Indian rug manufacturers pay meticulous attention to every aspect of making, from selecting the finest materials to hand-knotting each strand. This dedication ensures that every rug from Genie rug exporter in India is a masterpiece, exuding exceptional quality and durability.

Quality Materials

Genie, one of the prestigious rug manufacturers, sources its materials from the finest producers, using premium wool, silk, or a blend of both. The natural fibres are carefully hand-spun, producing soft and lustrous threads dyed using vibrant and long-lasting colours. This attention to materials guarantees rugs that look beautiful and stand the test of time.

Artisans at Work

Behind every Indian art piece from Genie rug exporter India, skilled artisan pours their heart and soul into the creation process. These craftsmen possess an intimate knowledge of traditional techniques, allowing them to weave intricate patterns and motifs precisely. The patience and expertise they bring to their craft ensure that each rug is a unique work of art imbued with the soul of its creator.

Global Recognition

The talent and artistry of rug manufacturers India have garnered global recognition, with their creations adorning homes, hotels, and galleries worldwide. Indian rugs have become a symbol of luxury, elegance, and sophistication, sought after by discerning customers who appreciate the value of a handmade masterpiece. Rug exporters in India like Genie have played a vital role in showcasing these exceptional creations to a global audience, facilitating their reach and appreciation.

Preserving Tradition

While Indian rug manufacturers embrace innovation and modern design sensibilities, they also take great pride in preserving traditional techniques and designs. By blending the old with the new, they ensure that the legacy of Indian rug-making continues to thrive, evolving with the times while staying true to its roots.

Wrapping up

Rugs manufacturers in India are:

  • True masters of their craft.
  • Weaving together centuries of tradition.
  • Artistic prowess.
  • A deep-rooted passion for creating exquisite designs.

Their ability to infuse beauty, culture, and heritage into each rug sets them apart in the global market. As the world continues to appreciate the art of rug making, Indian manufacturers will continue to inspire awe with their exceptional creations. So, the next time you encounter an Indian rug, take a moment to admire the artistry and craftsmanship that went into its creation – a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of India and the skill of its artisans.

Thrive The Aesthetic Of Any Room With Rug Manufacturers in India

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When you walk into a room, what do your eyes see first? Is it the furniture? Are they walls? Or perhaps something on the floor? If you’re like most people, your gaze naturally falls to the rug. That’s because rugs can transform an ordinary space into a place to relax and unwind, creating an inviting atmosphere that showcases a house’s style. Rug manufacturers in India, like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, use various techniques to produce rugs. These can be woven on hand looms or automatic looms with built-in computer controls. In either case, great care must be taken to ensure that all the materials used in a rug are of the highest quality and will last for many years. After weaving, rugs are often finished with fringes added along the edge of the rug and decorative knots at either or both ends.

Rugs are one of the most versatile and dynamic home decor accessories. They enhance the appearance of your interior, create a pleasant atmosphere, make the floor warmer in cold weather, and enhance the mood. Rugs are available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and themes and provide an excellent way to make your home unique. As one of the trusted rug manufacturers, we offer an extensive selection of handmade rugs by skilled artisans worldwide with exceptional quality and rich hues. From classic wool to silk and even cotton rugs, we have something for all tastes. The textiles of our rugs are hand-knotted by master artisans using natural materials. Each rug includes a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of that featured in our catalog.

People love rugs for their high quality, beauty, and comfort. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your space or need to spruce up a room, you have plenty of options. Rugs are made from many different materials like wool, cotton, sisal, and jute that not only add a layer of comfort but make your floor more durable. They are not just the finishing touch to a room; they add texture, color, and warmth. A rug can make a difference in your life by updating the look of your home and adding a new dimension to it. Regarding design and style, the Rugs manufacturers in India have a broad range of collections to choose from. With their creativity, expert skills, and eye for aesthetics, you can be sure that your interiors will look beautiful with one of their rugs.

Rugs add a splash of color, texture, and style to your home or commercial space. Whether adding luxury to a living room or looking for something more casual to warm up a dining room, rug exporters in India can help you find the perfect rug from an extensive collection of hand-knotted rugs, transitional rugs, and area rugs. Home rugs, with their soft textures, delicate patterns, and warm hues, are a beautiful addition to any home. Rugs add warmth, create cozy spaces and define spaces to complement side tables and chairs. Colorful rugs bring personality to your living room and speak of your taste and style. So don’t be surprised if you start getting compliments after buying a rug for your house or office!

However, the main purpose of using rugs is to add style to any room. They are widely used in homes and offices, adding comfort and ambiance. Area rugs add extra warmth to your floor while making it look more beautiful. An area rug can be added to match the rest of your decor or stand out on its own as a design element that makes a statement. With years of experience in the carpet industry, rugs exporters in India can fulfill your tailor-made requirement that easily fits your residential or commercial project.

Shaggy Carpet Manufacturer – A Trendy Carpet Solution For Modern Buyers!

Shaggy Carpet Manufacturer India

Shaggy carpets manufacturer india are not new to the carpet industry as during 60s they had been quite popular among masses. The best thing about these carpets is that; they are grabbing attention of modern users now a days. The comeback of shaggy carpets has turned back the fashion of multi coloured carpets and shag is becoming the thing of present.

Knowing Shaggy Carpets Properly –

Talking about shaggy carpet, they are basically a type of carpeting supporting less dense carpet pile as compared to traditional carpet. They feature longer independent strands which are hard to find with other carpet types. During 60s and 70s, shaggy carpets were very popular and at present, they are making a fantastic comeback to modern buyers. To buy the best quality of shaggy carpet, choose an experienced shaggy carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

shaggy carpet rugs manufacturer

Things Making Shaggy Carpets Different From Others –

Shaggy carpet manufacturer India understands the accurate manufacturing technique to create marvellous and high quality shaggy carpets and that is the reason, you should buy these carpets from renowned sellers only. In shaggy carpet manufacturing, yarn is being used with quite looser twists and then single strands get placed quite apart from normal and traditional weaves. For this kind of manufacturing and weaving, these carpets get an appearance which is completely unique and appealing.

Talking about the popularity of shaggy carpets in modern era, they are not as popular as they had been in the past. But, gradually, more and more people are showing interest in buying shaggy carpets. Hence, their trend is slowly spreading among modern demographics. From shaggy carpet manufacturers, you can see an unusual choices of shaggy carpets design. Though, these carpets have three varieties namely long shag, short shag and then mini shag.

Shaggy Carpet Manufacturer India

Classifying three varieties of Shaggy Carpets –

  • Long Shag Carpets – Traditionally shaggy carpets feature long shag. Almost all the shaggy carpets of 60s are made of long shag.
  • Short Shag Carpets – Short shag based carpets are a thing of modern time. These carpets are trimmed down variant of shaggy carpets and modern buyers love them too.
  • Mini Shag Carpets – Mini shag are third and rare kind of shaggy carpets. The piles made of mini shag are quite alike normal carpet piles.

At present, shaggy carpets can be found in amazing choices of colours and fabulous patterns that go perfect with modern home or office décor. These carpets and rugs blend perfectly to numerous areas of modern home and different home décor as well. So, it is quite fair to say that shaggy carpets are a trendy carpet solution for modern buyers and if you also look for these carpeting solutions, browse online collection of Genie carpet Manufacturers as they are among top rated shaggy carpet manufacturer India.

Major Considerations To Buy The Best Commercial Carpets In India!


People who hold a charge on any kind of commercial setup often have to deal with various things for adequate operations of the business. In all these dealings, taking a decision for the right flooring solution can sometime be critical and essential. As a floor of a commercial setup is being used frequently by visitors and employees on regular basis, it is mandatory to utilise some strong flooring solution like commercial carpets to keep it dirt-free and aesthetically appealing. So, if you are in search of best commercial carpet manufacturer in India, let us help you with key considerations before choosing these carpets.

Besides the considerations in this regard, we also want you to introduce with Genie Carpet Manufacturers as the best commercial carpet provider in India. Consult these experts and find out the best variety in commercial carpets for your office or commercial setup.

Check out the life probability of the selected commercial carpets –

As carpets buying is a pricey trade, you must be expecting your carpets to be used for years. Therefore, it is necessary to consult the probable lifespan of the carpets that you plan to buy for your commercial space. For this purpose, you must have an idea of your own that how many years you want your carpets should last at your place. Do you want to use them for a decade or more, or a less life is fine with you? Once you have that idea, you can discuss that concern with the commercial carpet manufacturer in India and take his advice to present the most suiting solution. Besides the manufacturer, the commercial flooring company would also prove helpful in advising you for the right commercial carpet as per your expected life expectancy.

Check Carpets Under Varied Lighting Environments –

Every commercial space has certain colour schemes and style trends and so do your company and hence, you would be interested to choose carpets that match your company image and space. In case, you plan to choose carpet tiles, you get the flexibility to change two or more titles when required. At different lighting environments, carpets may look different; hence, it is a good practice to check samples at varied light setups besides the store lighting.

Consider The Place To Use Commercial Carpet –

The attrition of the carpets fully depends on the way they will be treated in your commercial space. For example, carpets placed in crowded spaces get higher wear and tear and hence, they have to be more durable and stronger. For areas like lobby and entryways, carpets have to be rigid and water and dirt resistant because people would walk in snowy, wet and dirty shoes. On the other hand, in small commercial spaces with less traffic, the less durable carpet would be used for years. So, based on the area where commercial carpets are going to be kept, you should place the order from the best commercial carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Discovering The History & Emergence Of Hand Tufted Carpets!


Hand tufted carpets are becoming a hot home décor product nowadays. And the reason behind the growing popularity of these creatively designed carpets is only the intriguing design and amazing feel that they feature. To know hand tufted carpets in a better way, it is a good idea to explore the history of these products. In this article, we are presenting all about how hand tufted carpets came into its existence and its interesting history.

Before we proceed with the history of hand tufted carpets, we would like to firmly recommend Genie Carpet Manufacturers to our readers as it is one of the most renowned hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India who enjoys a great reputation in Indian carpet industry.

History of Hand Tufted Carpets –

Talking about the history of hand tufted carpets and rugs, you will find it highly intriguing as it started with the famous Georgia Woman during 1890s. First of all, Catherine Evans Whitener started hand tufted items and brought them in the market. The crafts created by Whitener had got so much popularity that it turned to be a trend in a short span of time and spread throughout Carolina’s, Georgia and Tennessee.

In 1930s, there had been a Singer – the producer of tiny sewing machines who adapted these machines to the textile industry of tufted products. With this invention, carpet companies started the creation of large amount of throw rugs, robes, bedsheets and toilet covers at a fast pace. Within a decade of that time, the industry of hand tufted carpets and other products had grown into a profitable industry.

Popularity of Hand Tufted Carpet & Rugs –

In a very short span of time, the hand tufted carpet industry experienced a quick growth and this growth had encouraged hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India to quickly adapt to the machines of these products. Ultimately, the Indian carpet industry switched to the mass production of hand tufted carpets and rugs. Wall to wall carpets and room sized hand tufted carpets came as the result of the revolutionised growth of carpet industry in India.

In 1950s, many carpet companies started to use their own hand tufting machines along with large backing material to produce less expensive carpets. Rather than being relied on expensive material, the global carpet manufacturers started using cotton or other blended material to make hand tufted carpets.

The adoption of inexpensive material to make carpets brought some unfavourable outcomes to the industry and hence, ultimately, hand tufted carpet became a controversial product in the market. So, this way, we can see the hand tufted carpet and rug industry in the world experienced a great amount of ups and downs, but nothing could affect their existence as they are still ruling the carpet industry in India and other major countries in the world.

Buying Quality Hand Tufted Carpets From India –

Being one of the reliable hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India, Genie carpet manufacturer knows the value of expensive material to create quality carpets. Hence, when you buy hand tufted carpets from this manufacturer, you get a guarantee of high quality and functionality.

Tips To Buy Perfect Handmade Rugs & Carpets For Your Home!


Handmade rugs and carpets buying is an expensive trade that requires one to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a right and genuine product. So, if you end up buying a wrong product, it will devastate all your investment on rug and carpet buying. To help you avoid falling in this situation, we present few proven tips to buy perfect handmade rugs and carpets from a reputed handmade carpet manufacturer India. Follow these tips and make a right way to buy a right product for your home décor.

Check Knot Count –

Before you choose a handmade carpet like hand knotted carpet for your home from any handmade carpet manufacturer India, make sure to check knot count of it. All the handmade carpets and rugs are usually hand-woven on the loom and all quality carpets are woven with minimum 40 to maximum of 250 knots on each square inch. So, check knot count right in front of the carpet manufacturer or seller by flipping over it and checking knots underside. A quality handmade rug would have a soothing soft back and big knots and if you find the same backing, consider it a good product.

Check with Material –

To ensure the quality of your selected handmade carpets and rugs from India, check it from the material used to make it. Usually, these carpets are made of blended material of wool and silk or pure wool or pure silk. For those who seek the highest quality of carpets should go with carpets made of 100 percent silk as such carpets flaunt of shiny and flawless finish. Whereas, carpets made of wool are also good, but its quality depends on the sheep breed, pasturage, shearing time and climate.

Carpet Colour –

Colour is another important parameter to select the best handmade rugs and carpets for you. All traditional handmade rugs and carpets are crafted with solid color natural dyes. Hence, it is advisable go with natural colours like blue, red, yellow etc. For checking colour quality or use of natural or synthetic dyes, just bend carpets and isolate some threads of it. If you find any certain unevenness, the carpets are made of natural colours.

Define the Usage –

Before you buy carpets for your home, make sure to consider the place where they are going to be placed. As handmade carpets and rugs are highly luxury items, they cannot handle much stress and rigid usage. On the other hand, the carpets made of wool are even more durable and functional than silk carpets. So, use these handmade carpets accordingly and carefully for long time usage.

Consider Multiple Patterns –

Handmade carpets and rugs come in a variety of patterns. So, when you are out to shop for these items, consider right patterns for carpets. Geometric, traditional, tribal, floral and paisley are few of the most popular patterns of carpets and select them as per the area where they are going to use and its wall colour and room size.

So, based on these tips, you can choose a quality handmade carpet for your home or office from a good handmade carpet manufacturer India.

How To Choose A Right Oriental Carpet & Rug That Fits Your Need Perfectly!


There are so many online and offline sellers and exporters available for oriental rugs and carpets in India. Still, it is a matter of sheer confusion for new buyers to decide which oriental rug and carpet is the best for their certain needs. Well, it is actually a good question to be considered prior to start your shopping for oriental rugs and carpets for your home. But, before that, it is equally important to place your order to a reputed carpet exporters India as only from there you can find the most attractive and best quality of oriental carpet and rug.

Due to the supreme quality of oriental rugs and carpets, buyers from different countries of the world prefer shopping for carpets and rugs from carpet exporters India. So, we suggest always take your carpet and rug query to an experienced carpet exporters India who would serve you with distinct variety in these items. All the products from these carpet exporters India are known for high quality and exclusiveness. Now, we will guide you how to choose a right oriental carpet and rug for your home.

First Get The Fabric Feel Of Rugs & Carpets –

When you shop for rugs and carpets in India for the first time, then firstly focus on getting its feel. Before finalising carpet purchase, stop for some time and prepare yourself mentally first. For this purpose, our tips are good to go with or you can also take help of carpet related book. Browse through the information and check out the one that you find attractive and worth reading. This tip is functional to those who are not in much hurry. Though for a quick purchase, take idea or make choice from looking at different carpet pictures and paying attention on patterns designed onto them. Keenly observing these patterns will help you finding the difference between varied kinds of carpets and rugs. This way, you can make a distinct choice in oriental rugs and carpets during your purchase.

Buy Rugs After Measuring Up Your Room Space –

The experienced and reputed carpet exporters India provide a huge variety in oriental rugs and carpets. This variety can be seen in rug sizes and shapes as well.  The variety in carpet shapes and sizes allow home makers to add a unique touch in their place. Yet, at the same time, it is important to measure the room size accurately. If you have the accurate measurements of your room size, you can pick the most suitable piece of oriental carpet and rug. This purchase won’t let you disappoint after placing it in the room for which it has been brought.

Just like size, shape of the carpet also matters a lot. However, before choosing a carpet of certain shape, you should consider your room décor and its furniture design. By matching room décor and furniture shape, you can select ideal shape of rugs and carpets for a certain area in your home.

Discover The Aesthetic Touch & Elegance Of Indian Carpets & Rugs!


In the rugs and carpet industry, Indian rugs market is very famous and well-recognized on the global level. This market is an immensely established segment in which more than 2 million weavers are employed. So, when it comes to quality rugs and carpets, most of the buyers start looking for the good rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India. There are so many reasons that make Indian carpets and rugs favorite for homemakers, offices, and commercial segments. This article is focused around the aesthetic features and qualities of Indian carpets and rugs that everyone must be aware of.

Rugs Carpet Manufacturers Exporter In India Serve Carpeting Needs For Centuries –

Due to the seamless quality and matchless designs of Indian carpets and rugs, the reputed rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India enjoy the trust of buyers from all corners of the world for centuries. The handmade rugs and carpets offered by rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India fit the expectations and needs of buyers who care for quality over quantity. Buying a good Indian carpet means having a product with great design, fabulous quality, and appealing color combinations. For such exclusive features, these carpets are demanded by the international buyers and homemakers.

Rugs Carpets In India & Its History –

Talking about the history and origin of rugs and carpets manufactured in India, it dates back to the time of Mughals. It is heard that the most appealing and splendid rugs and carpets had been woven in the Mughal period. The main patrons of these items were wealthy, nobility and royalty. After some time, these carpets became a home décor item of ordinary homes as ordinary and business people also started using and buying them. With years of experience and consistent practice to weave handmade rugs, India weavers converted into unique artists; hence, the rugs created by them are known for the best quality and outstanding looks.

Rising Demand of Rugs And Carpets From India In Present Time –

Now talking about the rugs and carpets from Indian manufacturers and exporters, these products are in trend these days. There are some famous carpet making centers in north India and rugs made by these weavers flaunt for exclusive craftsmanship and matchless design and color combination. Agra, Srinagar, Bhadohi, Danapur, and Jaipur are some famous carpet manufacturing markets in India. Apart from these centers, the network of carpet manufactures in India is spread all across the nation.

Most Famous Rugs & Carpet Types From India –

When it comes to the famous Indian carpets and rugs, there are some prevalent options falls in handmade rugs and carpet types. The most captivating carpet types include hand tufted woolen carpets, pure silk carpets, chain stitch carpets, gabbe woolen carpets, Durrie carpets and many more. Buying these carpets for your home will definitely bring a magical effect in your place and will enhance the aesthetic beauty of it.

So, choose a good rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India and get your demand for quality carpets to fulfill with quality guarantee.