Understanding Manufacturing Process & Usages of Hand Tufted Carpets & Rugs!


The trend of carpeting in home and offices is coming since ages and why not! They are sophisticated, artistic and attractive to any home décor. To grab the most from your carpets, it is mandatory to fetch some core information about their manufacturing and usages. In this article, we will talk about some great usages and learn the manufacturing procedure of hand tufted carpets that most of the hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India follows. Before that, let us introduce you with Genie Carpet Manufacturers that is one of the leading hand tufted carpet manufacturer exporter India fulfilling all kinds of rugs and carpeting needs of individuals.

How Hand Tufted Rugs Carpet Are Manufactured –

A reputed hand tufted carpet manufacturer India gives the most value to the quality of carpets and its raw material. In addition, following the right weaving method makes a huge difference in the end results of carpet manufacturing. When it comes to hand tufted carpet weaving, it involves the fastest manufacturing process that is done wholly by hand of a weaver. Using a certain manufacturing technique of hand tufted carpet, a manufacturer succeeds in creating a variety of such types of carpets including traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

In high quality handmade tufted carpet manufacturing, most of the hand tufted carpet manufacturers India rely on natural materials in which wool is said to be the best carpet material. Apart from wool, manufacturers also use materials like jute, viscose, acrylic and polyester for these carpets.

To create hand tufted carpets, the weavers use the loop of a certain kind of yarn. This loop is pulled out from the backside of the carpet. In this process, knot making is not considered. For the complete carpet tufting procedure, they usually use a certain tufting gun as the weaving tool. For this reason, these carpets are considered as less expensive and less labour driven products.

The hand tufted carpet manufacturing also involves the backing with canvas that eases up the whole process for a weaver. This canvas serves a guidance to weave carpet and imprint a certain design onto it. The canvas design gets imprinted on the back and following that a weaver easily creates the carpet. This canvas is called the cartoon in carpeting. Taking its help, the manufacturer then creates great designs by pushing through the loops.

After completing the loop process, the weaver switches to add an additional protection layer to the carpets; so that, they can sustain for years. Here, first layer can be made of rubber grid or plastic and then, followed by the latex glue. The final layer of protection is meant to add strong grip to the carpet on ground.

What Benefits You Can Enjoy With Hand Tufted Carpets –

  • These carpets come in a variety of attractive colours to match any home décor.
  • Hand tufted carpets come in numerous designs including modern, traditional and contemporary ones.
  • It features remarkable intricacies

The end products are always free from any kind of seams.

Interesting Things About Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets That Make Décor Interesting!


When you have a very high aspirations with your home carpeting, hand knotted rugs and carpets can be a choice of all time for you. Indeed, this kind of carpets create an exclusive and lavish vibe in a surrounding that the home automatically gets a classy feel. Not only good for comforting people living in a home, but hand knotted rugs and carpets have an amazing aesthetic beauty. Although, they take time to get perfectly manufactured, yet the end results of them make these carpets a premium choice for all. To buy the best quality of hand knotted rugs carpets for you, choose one of the reputed hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Exporters.

Your selection of a right carpet exporter will decide several things or qualities about your selected hand knotted rugs and carpets. Apart from choosing a reliable hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, there are several interesting things that you must be aware of about hand knotted carpets which are described right here in this article.

What To Know About Hand Knotted Carpets & Rugs –

Hand knotted carpets are time consuming and complex and are usually referred as the art work. You can assume the complexity of manufacturing hand knotted carpet with the fact that a skilled carpet weaver may take around a full day to create 10 thousand knotted and a quality hand knotted rug must have over 80 knots in a sq. inch. So, this is a work of complexity and a lot of time that a weaver has to dedicate to create a dynamic carpet to offer in the market. So, being a good or smart buyer, you must ensure the quality of your hand knotted carpets by checking out the knotted per inch as it decides the precision and time spent on its manufacturing.

Hand Knotted Carpets Boast Of Amazing Appearance –

Talking about the appearance of hand knotted rugs and carpets, you will often find them breathtaking. The intricacy and artistry of these carpets make them one of the most appealing choices for users. As the weaver often uses the finest materials like Tibetan wool and luminescent silk, they are confined to offer a soothing feel to eyes as well as to your feet. Though the process of creating these carpets is still the same as the olden time and that is quite time taking.

After spending a lot of time, the weaver brings out with a result in the form of hand knotted rugs and carpets that actually look mesmerising. As the hand knotted rugs are fully man made and manufactured with natural fibres, you will find some appealing imperfections or differences in manufacturing of these carpets and that element make each of them treasured and exclusive carpet.

So, there are some amazing factors that make hand knotted rugs and carpets a premium carpeting solution for modern home and that is the reason, people of new age love to spend money on buying them from a reliable hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

Discovering The History & Emergence Of Hand Tufted Carpets!


Hand tufted carpets are becoming a hot home décor product nowadays. And the reason behind the growing popularity of these creatively designed carpets is only the intriguing design and amazing feel that they feature. To know hand tufted carpets in a better way, it is a good idea to explore the history of these products. In this article, we are presenting all about how hand tufted carpets came into its existence and its interesting history.

Before we proceed with the history of hand tufted carpets, we would like to firmly recommend Genie Carpet Manufacturers to our readers as it is one of the most renowned hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India who enjoys a great reputation in Indian carpet industry.

History of Hand Tufted Carpets –

Talking about the history of hand tufted carpets and rugs, you will find it highly intriguing as it started with the famous Georgia Woman during 1890s. First of all, Catherine Evans Whitener started hand tufted items and brought them in the market. The crafts created by Whitener had got so much popularity that it turned to be a trend in a short span of time and spread throughout Carolina’s, Georgia and Tennessee.

In 1930s, there had been a Singer – the producer of tiny sewing machines who adapted these machines to the textile industry of tufted products. With this invention, carpet companies started the creation of large amount of throw rugs, robes, bedsheets and toilet covers at a fast pace. Within a decade of that time, the industry of hand tufted carpets and other products had grown into a profitable industry.

Popularity of Hand Tufted Carpet & Rugs –

In a very short span of time, the hand tufted carpet industry experienced a quick growth and this growth had encouraged hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India to quickly adapt to the machines of these products. Ultimately, the Indian carpet industry switched to the mass production of hand tufted carpets and rugs. Wall to wall carpets and room sized hand tufted carpets came as the result of the revolutionised growth of carpet industry in India.

In 1950s, many carpet companies started to use their own hand tufting machines along with large backing material to produce less expensive carpets. Rather than being relied on expensive material, the global carpet manufacturers started using cotton or other blended material to make hand tufted carpets.

The adoption of inexpensive material to make carpets brought some unfavourable outcomes to the industry and hence, ultimately, hand tufted carpet became a controversial product in the market. So, this way, we can see the hand tufted carpet and rug industry in the world experienced a great amount of ups and downs, but nothing could affect their existence as they are still ruling the carpet industry in India and other major countries in the world.

Buying Quality Hand Tufted Carpets From India –

Being one of the reliable hand tufted carpet manufacturers and exporters India, Genie carpet manufacturer knows the value of expensive material to create quality carpets. Hence, when you buy hand tufted carpets from this manufacturer, you get a guarantee of high quality and functionality.

Best Ways To Spot Authentic Hand Knotted Carpets!


Hand knotted carpets have already made a significant place in the rugs and carpet buyers. In the global carpet marketing, hand knotted carpets are known for being highly attractive and dynamic due to its design, feel and preciousness. Still, there are several people around who do not have much knowledge about the authentic hand knotted carpets and rugs. Hence, such people often end up buying wrong product and then, regret later on.

Being one of the most renowned and successful hand knotted rugs and carpets manufacturers India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers present some helpful pointers to choose the authentic and good quality hand knotted carpets from any seller. Being an experienced hand knotted carpet manufacturer, we know what makes buyers satisfied while deciding the best hand knotted carpets and rugs. Considering the demand of hand knotted rugs, we believe this information is quite critical and important for carpet buyers as it helps them avoiding the purchase of poor quality hand knotted carpets that are quite common in the market.

Pointers To Consider Before Buying Hand Knotted Carpets –

  • Evaluate A Carpet From Its Backside – All the traditional hand knotted carpets are checked from their backside as they don’t have any backing. On the contrary, the machine-made carpets have a thick backing as it has a latex coating that holds the carpet tufts tightly in place and also canvas fabric or material that adds the covering its top. So, all carpets having thick backing material at its backside, are not actually a real hand knotted carpets and rugs.
  • Check Design Symmetry – To ensure the authenticity of hand knotted carpets, checking for design symmetry is a great way. For this method, just turn the carpet upside down and then, carefully check the pile at its back. All the authentic hand knotted carpets are known for having an exclusive back/front where the front side seems plush and back have the similar design and pattern like front. The back design of the carpet has to be symmetrical from the front. Just remember that more detailed back design of the carpet ensures the better quality of it.
  • Check Carpet Knots – These carpets have a little uneven knots and the reason for uneven knots is because they are hand made items. So, if you are out to buy hand knotted carpets, and the seller offers you something very even and well-designed, then you are offered a wrong product. It must be a machine made carpet. The traditional hand knotted rugs have greatly tight closely tied knots whereas the machine-made carpets have only makeshift knots. In machine made carpets, fibers are only shown to be displayed like that. In actual practice, the fabric is only attached to the base of the carpet with heat and high pressure.
  • Evaluate With Carpet Fringes – The fringes of the hand knotted carpets are another great indicator of the right technique followed to create them. The carpets made with machine usually have edges sewn at its back and have a great finish; however, the real hand-knotted carpets have fringes as the extended foundation.

How Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets In India Made – A Knowledge Guide To Buyers!


Are you willing to buy hand tufted rugs and carpets after being inspired by their grace and beauty in the contemporary setup? Do you have plans to buy hand tufted rugs and carpets to add in your existing home décor? If your answer is yes, then this guide is quite beneficial to you as it is all around hand tufted rugs and carpet manufacturing method. Knowing the exact way of making hand tufted rugs, buyers can easily differentiate between a poor quality and high quality carpet item available from reputed hand tufted rugs manufacturers India.

Introducing How Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets Are Made In India And Other Leading Markets –

Hand tufted carpets are one of the trendiest forms of carpeting that most of the modern home makers love to bring in their home. These carpets are no different than hand-woven carpets. But, their construction method is something that makes them different. Rather being started with the warp and creating weft with horizontal loom, they begin with base cloth. The base cloth is nothing different from a pre-woven cloth or fabric that has small squares.

After that, the carpet base is being hung and then stretched strong and this way, the design or pattern is being created through the tufting gun. This gun is used to shot yarns from the foundation back to its front. Then, the yarn gets shaved or cut and ultimately, the piles get appeared. To add strength to the tufts’ hold of the carpets, the latex coating is being applied over its back. This coating gets another fabric layer over it and that is often a canvas material.

When we mention the use of the base cloth, it is not meant to be adhered to an ordinary carpet manufacturing design or structure of line by line. However, the pattern or design can be achieved at uncertain intervals or occasionally. This method enables the carpet weaver to create more attractive and precise patterns. Rather than making the mosaic from bottom up, one can make different pieces one by one.

Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets Techniques That Expert Manufacturers India Follow –

The technique used for the creation of hand tufting rugs and carpets is quite flexible. All the expert and renowned hand tufted rugs manufacturers India are well-versed with the flexibility of these carpets and hence, make the best use of this feature. This technique enables the designing of each pattern like painting and that makes the best and the most appealing carpets of all time.

As hand tufted carpets feature a great versatility, hand tufted carpet manufacturer india are a premium carpeting solution for commercial as well as residential settings. The appeal and beautiful designing and patterns of hand tufted rugs and carpets make them a popular and ideal choice for modern home and office owners. For outstanding appearance and design, they easily fit to every surrounding like hotel, office, home or any other place.

To buy the best quality of hand tufted carpets, check out Genie Carpet Manufacturers India and add a unique charm in your place.

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Buyers’ Handy Guide To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs That Last Long!


Are you planning to give your existing home décor a new makeover? If yes, then hand tufted rugs would certainly be in your latest shopping list as these days, almost every modern home maker love to use hand tufted rugs for their excellence and sophistication that it brings to a place where they are placed. Before we make you familiar with our handy guide to buy hand tufted rugs that actually last very long, we would like to introduce you with the best place to order for these products and that is; hand tufted rugs manufacturer india / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india.

Being one of the most trusted platform for all kinds of rugs and carpets, hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india comes as the top when it comes to find the best quality products. In addition, India has marked its excellence in creating and offering the best quality hand tufted rugs, hence, when you buy these carpets from India, the quality guarantee comes naturally with them.

How To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs For Great Use –

When it comes to buy hand tufted rugs, Indian carpet and rugs market comes on the top among buyers as it is a famous marketplace for these products. Though being a big marketplace, you may encounter with a hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india whose products are not as good as they are labelled. To avoid indulging in a wrong purchase of rugs, it is good to gain some useful knowledge about hand tufted rugs and then, go out to shop for them. So, to start with, just learn what hand tufted rugs are exactly:

Knowing Hand Tufted Rugs In A Right Way –

To manufacture hand tufted rugs, the hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india uses a fabric that is being stretched over a frame. To pass across horizontally, the manufacturer uses a tufting gun with which they shoot yarn through its fabric. This process leaves a loop of a yarn at the front and the back of each shot. With the completion of this process, the back loops get fixed in their place via latex; whereas the front loops remain opened, hence creating a pile. The finishing method is quite same as that of hand-knotted rugs and carpets. Though it is worth noting that completing the hand tufted carpet or rugs may needs less than ¼ time for a carpet having same size with hand knotted rugs. Hence, they are more economical and better than hand knotted ones.

Process of Making Hand Tufted Rugs –

Talking about the process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs, they are hand-made items traditionally and are being taken as garments. In these rugs, the woollen side remains inside; however, the weft and warp base remains the outside. It is quite common manufacturing with mittens. The process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs and carpets involves moving the thread in the on-going long loop. It is the easiest form of carpet and rugs weaving. Once the weaving is done, the tufted loops gets clipped that leads to a beautiful balanced finish.

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