Advantages Of Buying & Using Custom Contract Carpet & Rugs In Any Place!


Are you interested to buy custom contract carpet and rugs for your office or any kind of professional setting? If your answer is yes, then here we are to recommend you the most reliable custom contract carpet / rugs manufacturer & exporter in India namely Genie carpet Manufacturers. There are tremendous benefits and usages of customer contract carpets and rugs that make professionals love them a lot. This article will tell you why you must invest in contract carpets and how they are worth your investment.

So, basically these carpets are the best carpeting solution for a commercial space. But, you can also use them at your home or domestic setting because of its alluring style and pattern. They are good at handling heavy footfalls and that makes them ideal for places having high traffic. There are so many aspects of contract carpet and rugs that you must be aware of and following mentioned few notable ones for your knowledge.

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Custom Contract Carpet & Rug Is Hard & Tough Wearing –

Talking about the qualities of custom contract carpet, they are actually very hard wearing and that is the reason, they are perfect flooring solution for commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels, banquet halls etc. They are not just a piece of flooring enhancement, but also safeguard the floor and keep them clean and stain free.

As work spaces like offices are of high usage with clients, customers and staff entering and exiting throughout a day, these custom contract carpets are subjected to handle a lot of tear and wear. A normal carpet cannot manage such volume of usage so effective as contract carpets do.

Contract Carpets Are Spill And Stain Resistant –

Second quality of contract custom carpets is their stain and spill resistance. For carpeting solutions used at a work place, this quality is mandatory to look out for. For example, a carpet used in a healthcare centre must possess spill and stain resistance quality. Just as healthcare centre, for offices where workers use a variety of stuff that can put spills and stain, you must use contract carpets with these qualities to keep your professional space neat and clean.

A carpet that is not easy to maintain or is not spill and stain proof would make your office look untidy and shabby. You cannot put a good impression on your professionally connected people with such work environment. Therefore, it may affect your overall work image and business as well. For this purpose, we suggest our buyers to always consult a reputed custom contract carpet / rugs manufacturer and supplier to provide you the best solution as per your professional needs.

Irrespective to normal carpets, contract carpets can handle the application of bleach without causing the issue of discolouration.

Depending on your certain thoughts, you can order the exclusively designed custom contract carpet and rugs for your office from Genie Carpet Manufacturers online and get them delivered at your doorsteps without any kind of stress of buying a wrong product.

Interesting Elements Of Bespoke Carpets That Buyers Must Know!

Rugs and carpets are the most used flooring solution for home and commercial places. It features amazing advantages and that make individuals to pay attention to various aspects of carpets and rugs. Although, carpet manufacturers present so many options in carpeting, but the feel and desire of Bespoke carpet is something that makes the choice of shoppers exclusive. If you also look for a unique and certain design and patterns for carpets, choose one of the most reputed bespoke or personalized carpet manufacturers and suppliers India. In this article, we highlight some great qualities of personalized carpets that make buyers love these flooring solutions from all.

What Are Bespoke Carpets –

Designed for certain requirements provided by buyers, bespoke carpets are entirely meant for exclusiveness. They are specific to certain measurements, designs, look and décor. With such unique qualities, personalised carpets easily bring a different feel to a place. They are custom made products and give a room floor fine and new look with no odour and stain. It does not only give the floor a certain style and look, but also safeguards it from dust, sound and dirt. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a place that excels in creating these kinds of carpets and that is why they are known as the best bespoke carpet manufacturers and suppliers India.

 Right Way To buy Bespoke Carpets & Rugs –

Carpets and rugs are long lasting items in home décor. If you keep your home carpets in a sound condition, they can survive for decades. But, for that purpose, you need to think rightly and then decide about your purchase. In bespoke carpet purchase, first you should consider the traffic and activities to be done in the premises where you will place them. In case, you place your bespoke carpets in a room that gets high volume of footfall, you must look for carpets having stain and soil resistance qualities.

After that, you should pay attention to choosing the right kind of bespoke carpet as the carpet market in India is quite big with hundreds of bespoke and personalized carpet manufacturers and exporters India. Every carpet seller would have myriads of options in carpets that you can buy for your home. But, when you focussed on bespoke carpets, you will look up for a specialised company having an impressive record of satisfied customers.

So, your second thought in carpet buying should be on selecting the right design, weight, texture and colour of carpet that blend well with your existing home décor. When you have such considerations in mind, there will be less chances to indulge in a wrong buy of bespoke carpets and rugs.

Where To Find The Best Bespoke Carpets –

Bespoke carpets offer a matchless quality and effect to a floor that you cannot imagine from any ordinary carpet type. It gives a personal touch to your flooring. It brings your own style to your carpets and that makes them the best from all. When you expect the best quality of Bespoke carpets, you need to consult a specialised reputed bespoke and personalised carpet manufacturer and supplier like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Expert Tips To Buy Quality Commercial Hospitality Carpets!

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The selection of a right commercial carpet basically means to consider certain things in mind. In these things, choosing a quality commercial / hotel/ banquet carpet manufacturer and exporter is the most important. As commercial carpets are placed in a public place, it has to be selected very smartly. Your wrong selection of these carpets can affect the feel and functionality of these rugs and carpets and this article will address some great tips to buy the best quality commercial hospitality carpets for your business.

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Choose Carpet After Evaluating Its Durability –

Once you choose a quality commercial hospitality carpet manufacturer and exporter in your area, he/she will furnish myriads of options to you. Now, comes which carpet is the best to go with. At that time, your prime concern should be to ensure the durability of the carpets. As commercial carpets are going to be in constant contact with visitors, they are more likely to get dirty and damage. To avoid the chances of repurchasing these carpets, it is good to ensure the durability of these carpets.

So, it is our first advice to buyers that always ask the seller to present durable and stain resistant commercial hospitality carpets when you start your shopping with them. A durable carpet may come with an expensive price-tag, but it will surely worth because you would use it for years.

Choosing Right Quality & Type Of Commercial Hospitality Carpets –

Based on the commercial setting, the carpet quality and type would definitely vary. Some hospitality carpets are meant to be attractive and aesthetically good. They should be warm and comfortable to use. For instance, carpets that are used in banquet halls and reception areas must be aesthetically sound and feel good. But, when you need carpets for stairs or corridors, you must keep durability and smoothness in mind. This way, based on your business type, you should proceed with your carpet selection.

Clarity With Your Budget –

Like a majority of items, the carpet beauty, durability and quality would depend on the cost and your budget. Therefore, it is imperative that you are clear with your budget that you are ready to spend on buying your commercial hospitality carpets. Though some commercial carpet sellers may suggest you high price for low quality carpets. In such scenario, you must try to negotiate for buying the best deal.

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Yarn Type –

The carpet quality extensively depends on the yarn type used to manufacture it. The yarn of a carpet adds durability to them. For places with high traffic like reception, outdoors or restaurant areas, the tufted carpets are quite well. They get a woven backing with extra plastic based backing. Therefore, when you look to get the most from your carpets, you must pick the one having powerful yarn based creation. Nylon, synthetic, polypropylene etc. are some common man-made yarn types for carpets. However, silk and wool are natural yarns that are used to create premium quality carpets.

So, based on these factors, you can purchase the best quality commercial hospitality carpet for your hotel or restaurant.

What Makes Home Makers Love Handmade Rugs From India!

It would be difficult to find out the exact age since people adopted using rugs in their home; however, rugs and carpets have always been the integral part of home décor. You cannot complete a perfect home décor without placing a well-designed rug in different rooms. In this search, a number of modern home makers head to handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet manufacturer who knows the thick and thin about carpeting and rugs. This article is all about handmade rugs and what makes them so popular and desired items for home makers around the world.

Buying these products from a reputed handmade rugs exporter India will ensure you to get the best quality and functionality of these items. Let’s check out various aspects of handmade rugs right below:

Handmade Rugs Serve Varied Purposes –

Just as any other kind of rug, handmade rugs serve a variety of purposes. These are the best home décor items that bring a sophisticated feel to a place. In the beginning, almost all rugs had been handmade and they come at a high price and hence, were bought by usually rich people. So, there is nothing wrong to say that handmade rugs are valuable and luxury items. You can showcase your high status to others by placing these kind of rugs.

In the market, you will find an abundance in machine-made rugs these days. But, the feel and beauty of handmade rugs is truly remarkable that new-age rugs cannot match. The difference in machine made and handmade rugs is easily recognisable and hence, modern buyers feel an attraction towards handmade rugs. For this purpose, there is a huge demand of finding reliable handmade rugs exporter India.

Whether handmade rugs are expensive, yet buyers don’t mind buying them at its high value. From a good handmade rugs manufacturer India, you will see an exceptional variety in these rugs and carpets.

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Handmade Rugs Boast Of High Quality –

If you crave for high quality and great functionality, you must stop by a handmade rugs manufacturer India for buying handmade carpets and rugs. There is no match of these rugs with machine made ones. To make these rugs, the weavers pay a great attention and spend several hours to create one piece for their customers. Considering their hard labour and time invested, they are worth to be sold with high price tag. This is the reason, buyers don’t mind spending several dollars on handmade rugs.

When you buy handmade rugs from a specialised store like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you find the guarantee of these rugs to be long lasting, functional, high quality and the best of all. Finding any flaw in these rugs is something very difficult and for this reason, handmade rugs are called matchless rug type of all time.

In the manufacturing of handmade rugs, the expert weavers spend months and a reputed manufacturer always gives his 100% to fulfil the expectations of buyers from a high quality carpet and rug.

Learning Of Various Types Of Fibers Used By Carpet Manufacturers!

Carpets and rug manufacturers depend on the quality of fibers to create high quality carpets and rugs for their customers. Whether you need a carpet and rug for your business or home, you must look for only reputed rugs manufacturers India. The reputed carpet manufacturers and rug exporters India have the required expertise and knowledge of creating the quality carpets with right fibres. In this article, we talk about various kinds of fibers used for creating different types of rugs and carpets for buyers.

Learning Of Carpet Fibers For Buying The Best Rugs & Carpets –

In the sophisticated society of educated and classy people, the use of carpets and rugs is quite prevalent. You cannot expect an organised surrounding without the use of carpets and rugs inside. Though the selection of carpets and rugs is not that simple as many think. Carpet exporters in India firmly believe in suggesting the right rugs and carpets based on the fibers used in their creation. The following information reveals various types of carpet fibers that one should use for manufacturing them.

Nylon – Find Colour Options In Rugs And Carpets Made Of This Fiber –

It is a famous carpet fiber that a majority of carpet manufacturers and rug exporters in India rely on. The best feature of this fiber is their colour options. So, when you look for different colours in your carpeting, the carpet exporters or manufacturer would present rugs made nylon usually. This fiber is famous for its soil, wear and also wildew resistance quality. It can easily handle the high weight of heavy furniture and are best for the crowded areas in a home or commercial space.

Olefin – Best Carpet Fiber For Outdoor Usage –

The carpets made of Olefin fiber are the best for using in outdoors. The reason is because they are the best to handle mildew and moisture. However, the rugs manufacturers in India are using the advanced technology by which they present Olefin-based carpets in exceptional textures and appearances. So, you can easily find carpets made of Olefin in attractive looks that would be perfect for a modern and elegant home or office décor.

Polyester – For Luxury Carpets & Rugs Manufacturing –

This fiber is known for its soft yet strong texture. They feature sturdy colours and amazing luster retention. Having carpets made of polyester at your place, you can get a luxury feel to a surrounding. The new-age polyester carpets are made of recycled polyester fiber which is segregated from waste soda bottles or containers. The only drawback of these carpets is that; they are less durable as compared to carpets made of Olefin and nylon.

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Triexta – Fiber Lookalike Polyester –

The best feature of Triexta fiber is that they have a great durability, amazing stain resistance and feels good underfoot. They are also much eco-friendly as compared to synthetic options and goes well with home and office use.

Acrylic – These fibers are a mixture of other fibers like wool and appear a bit like natural fibers.

Wool – They are the best fiber for handmade and luxury carpets and rugs. Their durability and softness makes them the best fiber for rugs and carpets making.

Understanding Manufacturing Process & Usages of Hand Tufted Carpets & Rugs!

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The trend of carpeting in home and offices is coming since ages and why not! They are sophisticated, artistic and attractive to any home décor. To grab the most from your carpets, it is mandatory to fetch some core information about their manufacturing and usages. In this article, we will talk about some great usages and learn the manufacturing procedure of hand tufted carpets that most of the hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India follows. Before that, let us introduce you with Genie Carpet Manufacturers that is one of the leading hand tufted carpet manufacturer exporter India fulfilling all kinds of rugs and carpeting needs of individuals.

How Hand Tufted Rugs Carpet Are Manufactured –

A reputed hand tufted carpet manufacturer India gives the most value to the quality of carpets and its raw material. In addition, following the right weaving method makes a huge difference in the end results of carpet manufacturing. When it comes to hand tufted carpet weaving, it involves the fastest manufacturing process that is done wholly by hand of a weaver. Using a certain manufacturing technique of hand tufted carpet, a manufacturer succeeds in creating a variety of such types of carpets including traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

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In high quality handmade tufted carpet manufacturing, most of the hand tufted carpet manufacturers India rely on natural materials in which wool is said to be the best carpet material. Apart from wool, manufacturers also use materials like jute, viscose, acrylic and polyester for these carpets.

To create hand tufted carpets, the weavers use the loop of a certain kind of yarn. This loop is pulled out from the backside of the carpet. In this process, knot making is not considered. For the complete carpet tufting procedure, they usually use a certain tufting gun as the weaving tool. For this reason, these carpets are considered as less expensive and less labour driven products.

The hand tufted carpet manufacturing also involves the backing with canvas that eases up the whole process for a weaver. This canvas serves a guidance to weave carpet and imprint a certain design onto it. The canvas design gets imprinted on the back and following that a weaver easily creates the carpet. This canvas is called the cartoon in carpeting. Taking its help, the manufacturer then creates great designs by pushing through the loops.

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After completing the loop process, the weaver switches to add an additional protection layer to the carpets; so that, they can sustain for years. Here, first layer can be made of rubber grid or plastic and then, followed by the latex glue. The final layer of protection is meant to add strong grip to the carpet on ground.

What Benefits You Can Enjoy With Hand Tufted Carpets –

  • These carpets come in a variety of attractive colours to match any home décor.
  • Hand tufted carpets come in numerous designs including modern, traditional and contemporary ones.
  • It features remarkable intricacies

The end products are always free from any kind of seams.

Tips To Choose A High Quality Hand Knotted Carpet For Your Home!

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Are you interested to buy a high quality hand knotted carpet for your home? If yes, then go to a reliable hand knotted carpet manufacturer India who has an impressive record of several satisfied clients. By choosing a reliable hand knotted carpet manufacturer exporter India, you avoid the chances to being trapped in false commitments and would receive the best quality rugs and carpets for your home. These carpets will last long and will be the right value for money.

This article will tell you what actually means when evaluating a high quality hand knotted carpet and rug and how a specialised hand knotted rugs manufacturer India can justify with your expectations. Let’s check out the qualities that hand knotted rugs and carpet possess.

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A Brief Overview of Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets –

They are woven by hand on handlooms and are one of the three main types of handmade rugs and carpets. These are highly famous among buyers due to their usability and great look. Checking out the market of rugs and carpets will help you see a remarkable variety in hand knotted carpets and rugs that you can choose to give your home décor a fresh and appealing look. In addition, a good hand knotted carpet manufacturer India would help you to find these carpets by matching your existing décor and get the most out of them.

Although, a reputed hand knotted rugs manufacturer India would always recommend a high quality product, yet your own knowledge of differentiating between poor quality and good quality carpets can do a magic in this purchase. So, following mentioned some aspects that you need to consider to pick the best hand knotted carpet for your home.

Evaluate Carpet Material –

When you are shopping for hand knotted carpets and rugs from a good hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, the variety will definitely surprise you. Now, comes the question on which is the best material for these carpets. Here, your knowledge of hand knotted carpet materials will be helpful.

So, basically, these carpets are made of natural materials such as silk, jute, wool, viscose etc. They can be found in modern or traditional styles. If you are being shown some silk carpets, it would have traditional style onto it. To check the purity of silk for these carpets, you should conduct a burn test. A pure silk smells like a burnt hair when put on fire. If it does not have this kind of smells, it won’t be real silk material.

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Check Carpet Quality By Its Weaving Technique –

Hand knotted rugs and carpets are woven by hand particularly. In this technique, the weaver develops a base of silk or cotton material and then use same material to create top edge or designs of the carpet. This process is referred as weft or interweaving process as it is based on piles and knots.

Considering these tips, you can get a step further to find the best quality hand knotted carpets from a good hand knotted carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Important Parameters To Choose High Quality Area Rug For Your Home!

Area rugs and carpets are regarded as the great carpeting choice for home as well commercial places. Though there are different kinds of debate on area rugs and wall to wall carpets and rugs that influence the buyers to choose them for their home or commercial spaces. But, personally speaking, area rugs and wall to wall rugs or every kind of rug and carpet has some certain specialities that make them unique and better over others.

But, when your search is for the most attractive pieces of area rugs, you must not listen to anyone, except a reputed area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Holding years of experience of manufacturing and exporter throughout nation and many other countries, these carpeting solution providers from India have made a reputed place of themselves in the market today. So, there are less chances of being cheated when looking for highly attractive and functional area rugs for your home.

The functionality is one of the most considerable aspects of a good area rug and here, we will address some pointers that help buyers choose the best area rugs from leading area rug manufacturer and exporter India.

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Look For Stain Resistant Area Rugs –

Whether you have pets in your home or have some small kids, the problems of stains on carpets is common in all conditions. You cannot keep your carpets completely unaffected from stains when you have kids, pet or frequent visits to your place. In that condition, you must not neglect the stain resistance feature in the carpets or area rugs you suppose to buy.

It is not a difficult job to spot stain resistant area rugs as Indian carpeting market allows buyers to pick area rugs with desired qualities. So, when you start purchasing for these rugs, make sure to ask for stain resistant area rugs from the seller.

If you scare of being compromised over colours and styles when limiting yourself with only stain resistant options, then don’t worry, there would be enticing choices for you.

The most of the stain resistant area rugs are made of polyester, nylon, wool or olefin. In addition, these manufacturers use a certain stain protection post production treatments that enhance its power to resist stain.

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Ensuring Right Carpet Textures –

When determining the right texture of your area rugs and carpets, you must check carpet fibre and backing of rugs. These textures are further divided into three parts namely cut pile, loop and cut loop. The cut pile rug comprises of yarns cut at edges. The softness of these carpets make them the best for home seeking comfort and ease.

After that, consider loop rugs that have yarns uncut and looped at the surface. The height of pile can be varied depending and these loops have qualities to hide soil and stains.

At last, you have cut loop option that has lower loops and high cut tufts in varied patterns. These rugs feature a great functionality and usability.

Critical Questions To Decide The Best Hospitality / Hotel Carpets and Rugs Manufacturer!

India belongs to a big and reputed market of carpeting. The carpets manufactured in India are searched and purchased from customers throughout the world. Whether it is your home or hotel or any other hospitality business, the need of carpets and rugs is common among buyers. Though the process of buying carpets for hospitality business is different from that of home. This article contains information about various questions to ask when choosing the best hospitality / hotel carpets and rugs manufacturer from India.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the premium carpeting solution provider for hotels and hospitality industry for a long time. Buying carpets for your restaurant or hotel from a reputed platform like Genie Carpet Manufacturers eliminates the risks associated to purchase wrong hotel carpets for your business.

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Now, let’s read on what to ask when you start enquiring for the best hospitality / hotel carpets and rugs manufacturer from India.

Buying Carpets For Hotels & Hospitality Businesses –

So, now you are on your hunt for the best commercial or hotel carpets. These carpets are not just meant to be good by aesthetics, but many other aspects are there to consider. A carpet that hoteliers use serve varied purposes. The thoughtfully purchased and well placed carpets in hotel put a good impression on customers and make them develop a strong bond with the hotel. This way, your carpeting style can help you build up a strong customer relationship and encourages good business with lots of profit.

Questions To Ask When Choosing The Best Hospitality / Hotel Carpets & Rugs Manufacturer from India –

  • Is the hotel carpet right for the area –

It is imperative to precisely evaluate if a certain type and design of carpet fit to the place where you lie them in your hotel or not. This question will help narrowing down your choices in design, pattern and colour of carpets.

  • Ask For The Durability Of Carpets –

A good quality carpet can survive for many years and thus they are considered as a good asset of hotel or any other business in hospitality industry. So, to ensure the durability of carpets, you must take the traffic of that place which it gets daily in your consideration. Depending on the usability, the good carpet manufacturer from India will suggest a durable carpet for that place.

  • Carpet Maintenance Must Be Questioned –

A hotel carpet can maintain its aura and magic only if you can maintain it in a right way. But, different types of carpets require different level of maintenance. If you are not that active in providing quality maintenance to your carpets, then it must be discussed in advance with the seller. This discussion helps the manufacturer to offer the right carpet that requires less maintenance for your hotel.

Apart from these questions, there must be some thoughts in your mind that can be discussed before making the final purchase of carpets for your hotel from the manufacturer in India.

An Easy To Follow Guide For Perfect Spotting Of Durrie Manufacturers India!

Are you interested to purchase durrie rugs or carpets for your home or commercial space? If yes, then go to a reputed Durrie manufacturers India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers that master in all kinds of carpet and rugs manufacturing in the country. The high quality durries and carpets of this manufacturer from India encourage buyers from varied corners of the world to place their order online from their online store. If you too look for durries that do not compromise at quality, then browse the online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers and mesmerising your senses with the exceptional range of durrie rugs and carpets.


Though finding a reliable Durrie manufacturers India is good to spot quality durries for your need. Yet, the process won’t complete unless you obtain knowledge of various options and styles that can be expected in durrie rugs and carpets from a good seller. This guide will help you what to expect from durrie manufacturers India when expecting attractive yet functional durries.

Endless Options And Choices In Durrie Rugs & Carpets –

Many people believe that there are not much choices in durrie rugs and carpets in colours and style from Indian manufactures. If you too think the same way, then here you need to correct yourself as the choices are endless and durrie styles and patterns. You can give your home flooring a new texture and feel by smartly purchasing these carpeting solutions for your home. Let’s find out what to expect from durrie rugs and carpets shopping.

  • As modern buyers are more concerned and conscious about colours and patterns, the manufactures of durrie have introduced a wide and attractive range in different styles and colours of durries in the market. You can easily find various choices in durries that perfectly blend with the existing décor of your home.
  • Gone are those days when buyers have less choices in durries and these less choices sometime discourage potential buyers with less budget to buy them for their home. Nowadays, the manufactures of durrie in India keep budget oriented sellers in mind while creating carpet solutions. Therefore, you can easily buy durrie at reasonably low price range and get them to your home. For being affordable, they are perfect flooring solution for low budget shoppers. Besides all factors, they are easy to install; hence, you save your money from professional installation help as well.
  • At places, where climate conditions are chilling cold, the use of durrie on floors can be a great and warming solution for home. In India, a majority of home makers prefer walking barefoot. If you too belong to such family, then bring durrie at your place and keep your feet warmer and cosier always.
  • If your present flooring has slipping concern, then you would probably be interested in carpeting solution. Other carpeting solutions may be expensive for you, but durrie rugs would be an ideal choice for such scenario. It makes the surface non-slippery and keeps people living in the home safer and more comfortable.