Why Hospitality Industry Love To Use Carpets For Their Flooring Needs!

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Hospitality carpets are not usual carpets that we all use in our home or office settings. As they handle the high amount of traffic and rigid usage, they have to be long lasting and well set up. Moreover the environment of hospitality businesses like hotels or hospitals is not usually welcoming for flooring. The crowded surrounding of hotels and hospitals invite rigid spills and shabby spots that look bad and ruin the impact of that place. To keep flooring less effected from these spots, hospitality carpet manufacturers offer a variety of hotel carpets at different prices and designs.

Hotel carpet manufacturer India knows how to keep your flooring neat and clean and how to improve its look with quality carpets. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the best hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India who provides the best quality of hospitality carpets at reasonable prices.

This article will tell you why leading hospitality businesses rely on hospitality carpet manufacturers when their carpeting needs get critical.

Major challenges of hospitality environment in terms of Carpeting –

As said earlier, hospitality carpets are different from usual and the reason for the same is the hotel or hospital environment that bring in some challenges to carpeting. The hospitality environments are usually very prone to heavy traffic in short intervals or with time. These places are quite prone to get wet and stubborn spills of drink, food or other items to bring stain on flooring. The most of the areas of hotels remain crowded and busy that makes it difficult to clean and maintain them.

Though these environments are full of flooring challenges, yet they have to be looked pleasing and welcoming most often. To make these settings look appealing, the hoteliers look for quality hospitality carpets and rugs from hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India.

While placing hospitality carpets at your place, you must strategies their placement in a great way. In this attempt, you should be familiar with safety concerns to eliminate public issues from flooring. In addition, the manufacture should furnish various flexible options of carpet designs as it will create your desired feel in a setting.

Now, discussing why hospitality industry rely on hotel carpets –

  • Hotels, restaurants, bars etc. business of hospitality industry are immersed in a lot of noise and to reduce this noise, carpets can do a wonderful job.
  • Hospitality businesses depend on customers or guests and hence, these surroundings handle vigorous walking. To make your guests feel comfortable while walking on the floor, hospitality carpets must be placed in the setting as it enhance comfort underfoot for staff, guests and patrons.
  • Hospitality carpets can add a personalised touch or feel to your space with great colours and patterns.
  • These carpets are great at enhancing the quality of the air and thus improves the environment at a great extent.
  • For an old flooring, carpets can prove to be an affordable maintenance or replacement choices.

Considering these reasons, hotels and restaurants must buy carpets for the enhancement of look and feel of a setup.

Practical Tips To Keep Your Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets Safe & Maintained!

Hand tufted rugs and carpets are in vogue these days as hundreds of home makers love to buy them from reputed hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India. The carpets purchased from a trust worthy hand tufted carpet manufacturer India commit for longevity, functionality and appeal for a long time. Though its sustainability depends on their maintenance and care for which home makers must follow expert tips. This article introduces various tips to keep hand tufted carpets safe and functional with quality maintenance ideas. So, let’s check out what you should learn about hand tufted rugs’ maintenance to use them for decades.

Caring Hand tufted rugs & carpets –

Hand tufted rugs and carpets are more like home décor items and for that, they must look maintained and neat and clean always. A shabby and filthy carpet never looks good in a place and hence, to attract your guests or anyone who enters in your house, you must keep your hand tufted carpets maintained. Your quality maintenance will determine the quality and functionality of these home décor items and here are those practical tips to adequately maintain these handmade rugs and carpets.

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Tips To keep your carpets safe from sunlight –

Safety from sunlight is one of the most important maintenance aspects for hand tufted rugs and carpets. The damage done by the sunlight is hard to recover as the effect is always long term. So, it is always advised to users to provide rugs safety from the direct sunlight.

  • Never keep the hand tufted carpets in the direct contact with sunlight for a long time. In case, you are not at home, make sure to use curtains in the windows; so that, the sunlight cannot enter directly in the room.
  • Keep rotating your hand tufted carpets time to time as this tip helps the colour of the rugs to be balanced from all sides. Due to any weather element, the rugs’ colour can get faded and rotation of carpets will not let the fading occur to one side only.

Tips to manage infestation issues –

Infestation is a severe damaging issue for hand tufted carpets and hence, you should take measures to manage the infestation development. The production of infestation is a result of various factors and you need to know those factors to avoid their growth.

  • Always aerate the place where hand tufted rugs are kept and also the rugs itself. Still, if you find infestation occurs, you should apply various market solutions to handle them.

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Daily Care is imperative –

Just as all other rugs and carpets, hand tufted carpets always require daily care and maintenance. Give them timely cleaning with vacuuming. Though always avoid over-vacuuming of these carpets as they require medium vacuum power. The over vacuuming can cause deterioration of fibers. In addition, they require time to time washing.

Considering these maintenance tips, you can increase the life and quality of your hand tufted carpets and use them for long years.

Understanding Different Types of Oriental Hand Knotted Carpets!

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In the most popular variety of handmade rugs, hand knotted carpets and rugs always top the preference list of buyers. Hand knotted carpets from reputed hand knotted carpet manufacturers India are known for its quality, longevity and patterns. An exclusive hand knotted carpet is made of multiple components like fringe, weft, knot, overcasting, namely warp, kilim etc. These carpets are a part of handmade rugs and are further categorised in two types on its knot that is Turkish Knot and Persian Knot. These carpets are further having more types which we will discuss here.

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What is knot in hand knotted carpets –

When you visit a hand knotted rugs manufacturer India, you get to hear the word ‘knot’ many times. At that time, you probably want to know what actually knot stands for. Well, it is a woollen strand that is wrapped across 2 joint warp threads which supposed to tie together. The knot in this kind of carpeting is cut for developing a carpet pile by which the carpet becomes piled or flat woven. As compared to piled carpets, the flat woven carpets take less effort and time to manufacture and hence are less pricey. In flat woven hand knotted rugs, kilims are highly famous type. Apart from Kilim, Borcade and Soumak are also very famous kind of flat woven hand knotted carpets.

Learning About Turkish & Persian Knots –

In hand knotted carpets that are available at Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets Manufacturer Exporter India, Turkish and Persian knots are very famous. So, the question for a new buyer here is that; how to differentiate in these two types of carpets. Well, both of these hand knotted carpet types are segmented in the warp strings at 1 or 2 levels. In the Persian knot, the warp string at 1 level features twice knot display and in 2 level, the knot shows just once at each time. In Turkish knot, this thing is similar, but in Persian knot the use of warp strings at 2 level is again segmented in closed back and open back rugs.

In open back in Persian knot of the rug, the part of full loop in knot is placed upside the warp thread; however, when the warp thread in lower end combines full loop of knot, it creates the closed back. In China, closed back Persian knotted rugs are famous; however, in India, Iran, Pakistan countries, Open back Persian knotted rugs are popular. These rugs are basically made of tying so many knots each day by the expert manufacturer and thus it takes months to create one that is ready for buyers.

Considering this hard-labour and skilled artisan behind the creation of hand-knotted carpets, buyers find it OK to pay a good amount on purchasing them for their home. The feel, effect and appeal it brings to a place is beyond imagination and hence, we recommend these expensive rugs to home makers. For buying the best quality of hand knotted carpets, always choose a trust worthy hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

Best Ways To Rightly Store Your Handmade Rugs & Carpets!

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When we talk about making a home look beautiful, the most effortless idea seems to carpeting or the usage of rugs in various rooms of the house. Mainly designed to enhance flooring of a place, carpets and rugs are one of the must have items for a contemporary or traditional home setting. In the market, machine made and handmade rugs and carpets are ruling from which handmade rugs are gaining more love and popularity for many reasons. They are custom-made, exclusive, and expensive and made of skilled artisan with fully natural materials; whereas the machine made counterparts are made by machines and feature less artisan skill and less labour. Those who understand the value of handmade rugs often try to discover various ideas to make them long lasting with perfect maintenance and storage solutions.

Handmade rugs are expensive and you probably would like to use them for years. For this purpose, it is imperative to give them care and adequate upkeep. This article is all about who to store your handmade rugs and carpets rightly to use them for decades. In addition, when you buy these items from a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India, you are provided with various helpful instructions about its maintenance and storage. A good handmade rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers makes it assured that customers can make the best and longest possible use of these expensive carpets in their home or commercial settings.

Best ideas to effectively store your precious and expensive handmade rugs and carpets –


  1. If your handmade rugs that you have bought from a reliable handmade rugs exporter India, are made of wool fibre, you need to clean them professionally every time you suppose to store them. The reason for the same is because; moths are usually attracted to dirt and dust and when you store a dirty handmade rug, it becomes more prone to get damaged due to the attack of moths.
  2. For enhancing the life of your handmade rugs and carpets, you must wrap them in a clean cotton sheet while storing it. The cotton allows the rugs to have sufficient breathe and sustain its feel for a long time. On the contrary, the rugs covered in a plastic or any other sealing sheet often gets damaged due to humidity.
  3. Always keep the handmade rugs in a ventilated area and those who think closets are the best place to store them are actually on mistake. Such areas provide stagnant environment to rugs and such environments are actually moth friendly.
  4. Don’t keep your handmade rugs that are made of natural fibres with any other wool item when you are storing them.
  5. The biggest advice here is that; avoid storing your handmade rug in a moth infested area.


Apart from these storing tips, you must keep your handmade rugs out once your place is ready to live in as long storage is not a good thing for these carpets and rugs.

What To Look For When Buying Modern & Stylish Carpets!

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After you buy your home, next step is to decorate it with the best furnishing items or set up its interior. In home décor items, rugs and carpets hold an undisputable role as they are used and placed in various corners of a house to make it look attractive, cosy and comfortable for people. For this reason, new home makers spend a quality time in selecting the best rugs manufacturers India or rugs exporters India who carry an impressive record of serving customers with the best and functional carpets and rugs. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the most popular and loved carpet exporters India from where you can find the best quality of carpets.

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Though the use of carpets and rugs is not new for Indian consumers, but is coming since olden time. After bearing so many ups and downs, the carpet industry in India has succeeded in gaining a leading position in the global carpet market and hence, the carpets made by carpet exporters in India earn a great recognition and demand from consumers.


In the beginning, carpet manufacturers in India had been dealing with only handmade carpets, but the arrival of technology has encouraged them to create machine made carpets and rugs. As a result, we can see a wide variety in rugs and carpet designs and types. Today, rugs exporters India fulfil the need of carpet buyers by offering a variety of rugs and carpets which include vintage to contemporary and custom made to machine made carpets to match every décor and space in a right way.


The growing demand of rugs and carpets from India has inspired manufacturers to display their products on the internet and hence, buyers have an option to buy carpets and rugs from the online store as well. But, online carpet buying is not a cup of tea for everyone because how would you figure out the quality of the carpets. For that purpose, follow the below-mentioned pointers to avoid mistake.

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Tips To Buy Rugs & Carpets To Stylise Your Home Décor –

  • Don’t give much value to brand as it always rises up the price – it is seen that usually big brands like Urban Fitters offer products that are also available to other sellers, but due to their popularity, they sell it for high price. If you follow a brand like them, you would have to end up losing all your savings on purchase a quality carpet and rug for your home. Whereas, buying it from a normal store will save your hard-earned money. So, our piece of advice is here to search from various online stores and then choose the one that offers rugs at the best price.

Learn the details of carpets & rugs for which you are paying – While exploring rugs and carpets on the store, you get to see a lot of difference in prices over various rugs. So, you probably have a question about why this price variation. Rather ignoring your questions, always enquire about the difference and learn the detailing of carpets and rugs you choose.

What To Pay Attention Over When Buying Handmade Designer Rugs!

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Since ages, the aura of handmade designer rugs has made them the best from all flooring and carpeting solutions in the world. Be it India or any other country in the world, the feel of handmade rugs manufactured in India is mind blowing due to intricate designs, matchless patterns, amazing artisan and spectacular craftsmanship. If you also feel an attachment to Handmade rugs manufacturer, this article is perfect for you. Addressing various aspects to pay attention when buying handmade rugs, we aim to help buyers pick the best carpets and rugs to match certain expectations and gain the most from them.

Knowledge About Features and Characteristics of Handmade Rugs Is Essential –

When you start your shopping for the best handmade rugs, you may get to see replica of designer rugs. Now, how to spot the genuine benchmark products from all? Knowing certain characteristics and features of handmade rugs will help you to differentiate between the right and wrong products. So, follow information mentioned below to learn varied types of handmade rugs available in India from designer carpet manufacturers like Genie Carpet Manufacturer.

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Handmade Designer Rugs Types –

Generally, people believe that handmade rugs can only be spotted by their handmade design and manufacturing. But, it is not true as these rugs come in varied styles and types to match certain needs of individuals.

Handmade rugs are categorised in terms of the place where they are being manufactured, design elements present in carpets, historical relation and numerous aspects. So, notable categories of handmade rugs are floral rugs, Portuguese rugs, antique rugs, prayer rugs, figural rugs etc. Prior to running behind a certain style, you should see which one fits the existing colour scheme and décor. For this purpose, keep a picture of the existing colour scheme used for your home/office and then start shopping for handmade designer rugs.

Different Rugs For Different Areas –

Every type of rug and carpet features certain usages and are meant for certain corners in a home. So, you cannot pick handmade rugs randomly and place them all over your home. But, make the selection precisely as for living room, rugs should be aesthetically good with vibrant features; whereas for bedrooms and pathways, they will be different. For areas with high traffic volume, your prime consideration should be to buy handmade rugs that commit to be durable and easy to maintain.

More Things To Consider In Handmade Rugs Selection –

For ensuring the best and genuine handmade rugs, the fiber check is the best way. For this purpose, turn the rug over and check its reverse side. Pay attention to the uniformity of knots as machine handmade rugs have more uniform knots, but handmade rugs are indelicately knotted. In addition, the authenticity of rugs’ fiber can be checked with burn test. The burn process of wool and silk materials is slower as compared to the artificial substitutes.

Considering these aspects, you can avoid all mistakes to choose a poor quality handmade rugs and make the best selection to feel proud on.

Major Considerations To Buy The Best Commercial Carpets In India!

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People who hold a charge on any kind of commercial setup often have to deal with various things for adequate operations of the business. In all these dealings, taking a decision for the right flooring solution can sometime be critical and essential. As a floor of a commercial setup is being used frequently by visitors and employees on regular basis, it is mandatory to utilise some strong flooring solution like commercial carpets to keep it dirt-free and aesthetically appealing. So, if you are in search of best commercial carpet manufacturer in India, let us help you with key considerations before choosing these carpets.

Besides the considerations in this regard, we also want you to introduce with Genie Carpet Manufacturers as the best commercial carpet provider in India. Consult these experts and find out the best variety in commercial carpets for your office or commercial setup.

Best Commercial Carpets

Check out the life probability of the selected commercial carpets –

As carpets buying is a pricey trade, you must be expecting your carpets to be used for years. Therefore, it is necessary to consult the probable lifespan of the carpets that you plan to buy for your commercial space. For this purpose, you must have an idea of your own that how many years you want your carpets should last at your place. Do you want to use them for a decade or more, or a less life is fine with you? Once you have that idea, you can discuss that concern with the commercial carpet manufacturer in India and take his advice to present the most suiting solution. Besides the manufacturer, the commercial flooring company would also prove helpful in advising you for the right commercial carpet as per your expected life expectancy.

Best Commercial Carpets

Check Carpets Under Varied Lighting Environments –

Every commercial space has certain colour schemes and style trends and so do your company and hence, you would be interested to choose carpets that match your company image and space. In case, you plan to choose carpet tiles, you get the flexibility to change two or more titles when required. At different lighting environments, carpets may look different; hence, it is a good practice to check samples at varied light setups besides the store lighting.

Consider The Place To Use Commercial Carpet –

The attrition of the carpets fully depends on the way they will be treated in your commercial space. For example, carpets placed in crowded spaces get higher wear and tear and hence, they have to be more durable and stronger. For areas like lobby and entryways, carpets have to be rigid and water and dirt resistant because people would walk in snowy, wet and dirty shoes. On the other hand, in small commercial spaces with less traffic, the less durable carpet would be used for years. So, based on the area where commercial carpets are going to be kept, you should place the order from the best commercial carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Some Interesting Things To Know About Machine Made / Broadloom Carpets!

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Confused if you should buy broadloom carpets or not? Don’t you know what to look for when searching for the best machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers? If so is your concern, this article addresses the exact query here.

The time you enter the carpet market, machine made and handmade – two types of carpets appear as your solution from the sellers. Now, comes the question why people go for broadloom or machine made carpets when handmade carpets are known as the most luxurious and best flooring solutions. Well, the answer is simple – cost effective, less maintenance, wide variety and long lasting. So, without wasting more time discussing irrelevant stuff, let’s dive into the information relating broadloom carpets and what you should ask when visiting machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers.

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 Exploring Broadloom/Machine Made Carpets –

Before we claim that broadloom carpets are a great solution for flooring, we need to explain what exactly these carpets are.

Broadloom carpets have got this name because they are main woven over the wide loom. At present, these carpets are made and exported in a large sized rolls having a standard size. These are basically wall to wall rugs and carpets. These carpets come in a range of patterns, frieze, texture and loop. Following described all the styles of broadloom carpets that you will be presented from the machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers in India and knowledge of these styles will help you picking the best for your need.

Explaining Loop In Broadloom carpets –

It means carpets having fibers with short loops designed over its backside with uncut fibers. For areas with high traffic volume like hotels, restaurants and hospitals, loop based broadloom carpets are the best selection as they are durable, easy to maintain and very powerful in hiding dirt and footprints.

Pattern In Broadloom carpets – They often have loop and cut style that implies the blend of few uncut fibers and few tufted fibers. With this combination, pattern broadloom creates unique patterns to make exclusive designs. At the time of installation, it is mandatory to match the patterns of these carpets from seaming.

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Broadloom Carpet Texture – The selection of machine made or broadloom carpets can also be made by their texture. Usually, every broadloom pile comes with a certain texture. For example, Berber carpets usually have short and less smooth texture and immensely soft touch. On the contrary, Saxony carpets have great softness and smoothness in texture.

Usually, the carpet having cut style features great softness and smooth texture with loop style. But, texture also belongs to carpet cleaning because a plush and smooth carpet is harder to clean as compared to loop style broadloom carpet. The reason for the same is the shorter size of fibers’ less capability on holding dirt.

Frieze Carpets & their twisted fibers – the durability of broadloom carpets also depends on twists per inch. Frieze is having the twisted style and hence are highly soft and durable as well.

Advantages Of Buying & Using Custom Contract Carpet & Rugs In Any Place!


Are you interested to buy custom contract carpet and rugs for your office or any kind of professional setting? If your answer is yes, then here we are to recommend you the most reliable custom contract carpet / rugs manufacturer & exporter in India namely Genie carpet Manufacturers. There are tremendous benefits and usages of customer contract carpets and rugs that make professionals love them a lot. This article will tell you why you must invest in contract carpets and how they are worth your investment.

So, basically these carpets are the best carpeting solution for a commercial space. But, you can also use them at your home or domestic setting because of its alluring style and pattern. They are good at handling heavy footfalls and that makes them ideal for places having high traffic. There are so many aspects of contract carpet and rugs that you must be aware of and following mentioned few notable ones for your knowledge.

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Custom Contract Carpet & Rug Is Hard & Tough Wearing –

Talking about the qualities of custom contract carpet, they are actually very hard wearing and that is the reason, they are perfect flooring solution for commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels, banquet halls etc. They are not just a piece of flooring enhancement, but also safeguard the floor and keep them clean and stain free.

As work spaces like offices are of high usage with clients, customers and staff entering and exiting throughout a day, these custom contract carpets are subjected to handle a lot of tear and wear. A normal carpet cannot manage such volume of usage so effective as contract carpets do.

Contract Carpets Are Spill And Stain Resistant –

Second quality of contract custom carpets is their stain and spill resistance. For carpeting solutions used at a work place, this quality is mandatory to look out for. For example, a carpet used in a healthcare centre must possess spill and stain resistance quality. Just as healthcare centre, for offices where workers use a variety of stuff that can put spills and stain, you must use contract carpets with these qualities to keep your professional space neat and clean.

A carpet that is not easy to maintain or is not spill and stain proof would make your office look untidy and shabby. You cannot put a good impression on your professionally connected people with such work environment. Therefore, it may affect your overall work image and business as well. For this purpose, we suggest our buyers to always consult a reputed custom contract carpet / rugs manufacturer and supplier to provide you the best solution as per your professional needs.

Irrespective to normal carpets, contract carpets can handle the application of bleach without causing the issue of discolouration.

Depending on your certain thoughts, you can order the exclusively designed custom contract carpet and rugs for your office from Genie Carpet Manufacturers online and get them delivered at your doorsteps without any kind of stress of buying a wrong product.

Interesting Elements Of Bespoke Carpets That Buyers Must Know!

Rugs and carpets are the most used flooring solution for home and commercial places. It features amazing advantages and that make individuals to pay attention to various aspects of carpets and rugs. Although, carpet manufacturers present so many options in carpeting, but the feel and desire of Bespoke carpet is something that makes the choice of shoppers exclusive. If you also look for a unique and certain design and patterns for carpets, choose one of the most reputed bespoke or personalized carpet manufacturers and suppliers India. In this article, we highlight some great qualities of personalized carpets that make buyers love these flooring solutions from all.

What Are Bespoke Carpets –

Designed for certain requirements provided by buyers, bespoke carpets are entirely meant for exclusiveness. They are specific to certain measurements, designs, look and décor. With such unique qualities, personalised carpets easily bring a different feel to a place. They are custom made products and give a room floor fine and new look with no odour and stain. It does not only give the floor a certain style and look, but also safeguards it from dust, sound and dirt. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a place that excels in creating these kinds of carpets and that is why they are known as the best bespoke carpet manufacturers and suppliers India.

 Right Way To buy Bespoke Carpets & Rugs –

Carpets and rugs are long lasting items in home décor. If you keep your home carpets in a sound condition, they can survive for decades. But, for that purpose, you need to think rightly and then decide about your purchase. In bespoke carpet purchase, first you should consider the traffic and activities to be done in the premises where you will place them. In case, you place your bespoke carpets in a room that gets high volume of footfall, you must look for carpets having stain and soil resistance qualities.

After that, you should pay attention to choosing the right kind of bespoke carpet as the carpet market in India is quite big with hundreds of bespoke and personalized carpet manufacturers and exporters India. Every carpet seller would have myriads of options in carpets that you can buy for your home. But, when you focussed on bespoke carpets, you will look up for a specialised company having an impressive record of satisfied customers.

So, your second thought in carpet buying should be on selecting the right design, weight, texture and colour of carpet that blend well with your existing home décor. When you have such considerations in mind, there will be less chances to indulge in a wrong buy of bespoke carpets and rugs.

Where To Find The Best Bespoke Carpets –

Bespoke carpets offer a matchless quality and effect to a floor that you cannot imagine from any ordinary carpet type. It gives a personal touch to your flooring. It brings your own style to your carpets and that makes them the best from all. When you expect the best quality of Bespoke carpets, you need to consult a specialised reputed bespoke and personalised carpet manufacturer and supplier like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.