The Role of Handmade Rugs in Modern Interior Design

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Handmade rugs manufacturer in India craft traditional rugs that are intricately floor coverings without the use of machinery. Skilled artisans dedicate their time and expertise to weaving each rug, paying careful attention to detail and precision. These rugs are made using various techniques like hand-knotting, hand-tufting, or hand-weaving, using natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton. Handmade rugs are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and timeless beauty, making them cherished art pieces for any interior space.

Handmade rugs transcend the notion of being mere floor coverings, as they embody the essence of exquisite works of art. Beyond their functional purpose, these rugs infuse living spaces with warmth, texture, and a unique personality. In the realm of modern interior design, handmade rugs play a vital role in transforming a house into a welcoming home. As a leading handmade rugs manufacturer in India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers understands the significance of these exquisite creations and how they contribute to contemporary design aesthetics.

Adding Depth and Texture

One of the key roles of handmade rugs in modern interior design is their ability to add depth and texture to a space. The intricate weaves, patterns, and varying pile heights create visual interest and make the room come alive. Whether a plush hand-knotted rug or a flat-woven durry, Genie handmade rugs exporter India brings a tactile quality that complements sleek and minimalist modern interiors.

Reasons to Invest in handmade rugs

Unifying Design Elements

Handmade rugs act as a unifying element in interior design by tying together different elements of a room. They can harmonize contrasting colors, blend diverse patterns, and bridge the gap between furniture pieces. For instance, a handcrafted rug with vibrant hues can bring together a neutral-colored room, infusing life and personality into the space.

Creating Focal Points

In modern interior design, creating focal points is essential to draw attention and establish a visual hierarchy. Handmade rugs excel at this task by serving as stunning centerpieces. A beautifully crafted rug with intricate motifs can become the focal point of a room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making a bold statement.

Infusing Cultural Heritage

Floor-covering from handmade rugs manufacturer India, especially those our skilled artisans produce, carry a rich cultural heritage. Incorporating these rugs into modern interior design adds a touch of tradition and connects the space with the history and artistry of the region. From traditional Persian designs to intricate Indian patterns, handmade rugs celebrate cultural diversity and elevate the overall ambiance of a room.

Enhancing Acoustic Comfort

Modern interior design often features hard surfaces like wood or tile flooring, which can create acoustic challenges by amplifying noise. Handmade rugs offer a solution by absorbing sound and reducing echo. They contribute to a quieter and more comfortable living environment, making them an excellent choice for homes, offices, or public spaces.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Design

With growing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable design practices have become increasingly important. Handmade rugs from Genie handmade rugs exporter India play a significant role in promoting eco-friendly interiors. Crafted using natural fibers like wool, silk, or cotton, these rugs are biodegradable, renewable, and free from harmful synthetic materials. Opting for handmade rugs supports sustainable manufacturing practices and contributes to a greener planet.

Bottom Line

Handmade rugs exporter India like Genie made carpets and rugs, undeniably impact modern interior design. Their ability to add depth, texture, and character while unifying design elements and infusing cultural heritage makes them indispensable in creating beautiful and functional spaces. As India’s leading handmade rugs manufacturer and exporter, we take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Whether you seek a rug for a contemporary urban loft or a traditional countryside home, handmade rugs will leave a lasting impression, making your space exceptional.

Best Ways To Rightly Store Your Handmade Rugs & Carpets!

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When we talk about making a home look beautiful, the most effortless idea seems to carpeting or the usage of rugs in various rooms of the house. Mainly designed to enhance flooring of a place, carpets and rugs are one of the must have items for a contemporary or traditional home setting. In the market, machine made and handmade rugs and carpets are ruling from which handmade rugs are gaining more love and popularity for many reasons. They are custom-made, exclusive, and expensive and made of skilled artisan with fully natural materials; whereas the machine made counterparts are made by machines and feature less artisan skill and less labour. Those who understand the value of handmade rugs often try to discover various ideas to make them long lasting with perfect maintenance and storage solutions.

Handmade rugs are expensive and you probably would like to use them for years. For this purpose, it is imperative to give them care and adequate upkeep. This article is all about who to store your handmade rugs and carpets rightly to use them for decades. In addition, when you buy these items from a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India, you are provided with various helpful instructions about its maintenance and storage. A good handmade rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers makes it assured that customers can make the best and longest possible use of these expensive carpets in their home or commercial settings.

Best ideas to effectively store your precious and expensive handmade rugs and carpets –

  1. If your handmade rugs that you have bought from a reliable handmade rugs exporter India, are made of wool fibre, you need to clean them professionally every time you suppose to store them. The reason for the same is because; moths are usually attracted to dirt and dust and when you store a dirty handmade rug, it becomes more prone to get damaged due to the attack of moths.
  2. For enhancing the life of your handmade rugs and carpets, you must wrap them in a clean cotton sheet while storing it. The cotton allows the rugs to have sufficient breathe and sustain its feel for a long time. On the contrary, the rugs covered in a plastic or any other sealing sheet often gets damaged due to humidity.
  3. Always keep the handmade rugs in a ventilated area and those who think closets are the best place to store them are actually on mistake. Such areas provide stagnant environment to rugs and such environments are actually moth friendly.
  4. Don’t keep your handmade rugs that are made of natural fibres with any other wool item when you are storing them.
  5. The biggest advice here is that; avoid storing your handmade rug in a moth infested area.

Apart from these storing tips, you must keep your handmade rugs out once your place is ready to live in as long storage is not a good thing for these carpets and rugs.

What To Pay Attention Over When Buying Handmade Designer Rugs!


Since ages, the aura of handmade designer rugs has made them the best from all flooring and carpeting solutions in the world. Be it India or any other country in the world, the feel of handmade rugs manufactured in India is mind blowing due to intricate designs, matchless patterns, amazing artisan and spectacular craftsmanship. If you also feel an attachment to Handmade rugs manufacturer, this article is perfect for you. Addressing various aspects to pay attention when buying handmade rugs, we aim to help buyers pick the best carpets and rugs to match certain expectations and gain the most from them.

Knowledge About Features and Characteristics of Handmade Rugs Is Essential –

When you start your shopping for the best handmade rugs, you may get to see replica of designer rugs. Now, how to spot the genuine benchmark products from all? Knowing certain characteristics and features of handmade rugs will help you to differentiate between the right and wrong products. So, follow information mentioned below to learn varied types of handmade rugs available in India from designer carpet manufacturers like Genie Carpet Manufacturer.

Handmade Designer Rugs Types –

Generally, people believe that handmade rugs can only be spotted by their handmade design and manufacturing. But, it is not true as these rugs come in varied styles and types to match certain needs of individuals.

Handmade rugs are categorised in terms of the place where they are being manufactured, design elements present in carpets, historical relation and numerous aspects. So, notable categories of handmade rugs are floral rugs, Portuguese rugs, antique rugs, prayer rugs, figural rugs etc. Prior to running behind a certain style, you should see which one fits the existing colour scheme and décor. For this purpose, keep a picture of the existing colour scheme used for your home/office and then start shopping for handmade designer rugs.

Different Rugs For Different Areas –

Every type of rug and carpet features certain usages and are meant for certain corners in a home. So, you cannot pick handmade rugs randomly and place them all over your home. But, make the selection precisely as for living room, rugs should be aesthetically good with vibrant features; whereas for bedrooms and pathways, they will be different. For areas with high traffic volume, your prime consideration should be to buy handmade rugs that commit to be durable and easy to maintain.

More Things To Consider In Handmade Rugs Selection –

For ensuring the best and genuine handmade rugs, the fiber check is the best way. For this purpose, turn the rug over and check its reverse side. Pay attention to the uniformity of knots as machine handmade rugs have more uniform knots, but handmade rugs are indelicately knotted. In addition, the authenticity of rugs’ fiber can be checked with burn test. The burn process of wool and silk materials is slower as compared to the artificial substitutes.

Considering these aspects, you can avoid all mistakes to choose a poor quality handmade rugs and make the best selection to feel proud on.

What To Look For When Shopping From Handmade rugs manufacturer India!


Buying handmade rugs and carpets for your home may require you to spend hours in shopping as these rugs come in different sizes and shapes to match every home décor rightly. So, buyers need to pay a close attention when buying handmade rugs and carpets for themselves. This article revolves around various considerable things to choose the best rugs when shopping from handmade rugs manufacturer India. Apart from taking various considerable points into your consideration, you should also ensure to go to a reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer who enjoys a great reputation in the Indian rugs and carpet market and loved by buyers for providing the best quality carpets to them.

Now, let’s talk about various things to choose the best handmade rugs for your home.

When you are shopping for handmade rugs for your home, you first need to consider the size and shape of the carpet and rug that you are being offered from a handmade rugs manufacturer India. For this purpose, the best way to visualise your rug placed in a room is to utilise a masking tape for defining the rug area. You can also do it by laying various sheets on the floor. Make sure to note down these measurements rightly before start your carpet and rug shopping.

Give Attention To Feel of The Rug First –

A quality rug is known by its good feel. So, when you are on your hunt for perfect rug, you must care for the feel of it. Before shopping for these rugs, one must mentally and educationally prepare as handmade rugs are expensive on which you are going to spend hundreds of dollars. So, make sure you have enough knowledge about various things to choose perfect handmade rugs for your home.

To make a right choice in handmade rugs, following a book or magazine is a good idea. Check out these books and take inspirations and knowledge about the features and things that differentiate handmade rugs from normal rugs. When you have knowledge in hand, you minimise the chances to choose wrong pieces of carpets and rugs. This is a great way to avoid chances to being robbed with wrong product that most of the time buyers encounter when buying carpets randomly.

Tips Related To Choose Perfect Shape of Rugs For Your Home –

  • Runner – This type of rug has rectangular, narrow and long shape and they are usually used in stairways, entrances and hallways.
  • Rectangular – These rugs have rectangular shape, but comes in varied sizes. You can buy these rugs for large size room or small room as well. They are perfect addition for dining areas and living rooms.
  • Oval shape rugs – they are a bit rare rug shape and have no size standard.
  • Round Shape Rugs – They come in equal width and lengths. They are perfect addition for living rooms for coffee tables.

Square shape rugs – Just as round shape, they have equal length and width and are perfect for rooms having square shape.

Tips To Buy Perfect Handmade Rugs & Carpets For Your Home!


Handmade rugs and carpets buying is an expensive trade that requires one to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a right and genuine product. So, if you end up buying a wrong product, it will devastate all your investment on rug and carpet buying. To help you avoid falling in this situation, we present few proven tips to buy perfect handmade rugs and carpets from a reputed handmade carpet manufacturer India. Follow these tips and make a right way to buy a right product for your home décor.

Check Knot Count –

Before you choose a handmade carpet like hand knotted carpet for your home from any handmade carpet manufacturer India, make sure to check knot count of it. All the handmade carpets and rugs are usually hand-woven on the loom and all quality carpets are woven with minimum 40 to maximum of 250 knots on each square inch. So, check knot count right in front of the carpet manufacturer or seller by flipping over it and checking knots underside. A quality handmade rug would have a soothing soft back and big knots and if you find the same backing, consider it a good product.

Check with Material –

To ensure the quality of your selected handmade carpets and rugs from India, check it from the material used to make it. Usually, these carpets are made of blended material of wool and silk or pure wool or pure silk. For those who seek the highest quality of carpets should go with carpets made of 100 percent silk as such carpets flaunt of shiny and flawless finish. Whereas, carpets made of wool are also good, but its quality depends on the sheep breed, pasturage, shearing time and climate.

Carpet Colour –

Colour is another important parameter to select the best handmade rugs and carpets for you. All traditional handmade rugs and carpets are crafted with solid color natural dyes. Hence, it is advisable go with natural colours like blue, red, yellow etc. For checking colour quality or use of natural or synthetic dyes, just bend carpets and isolate some threads of it. If you find any certain unevenness, the carpets are made of natural colours.

Define the Usage –

Before you buy carpets for your home, make sure to consider the place where they are going to be placed. As handmade carpets and rugs are highly luxury items, they cannot handle much stress and rigid usage. On the other hand, the carpets made of wool are even more durable and functional than silk carpets. So, use these handmade carpets accordingly and carefully for long time usage.

Consider Multiple Patterns –

Handmade carpets and rugs come in a variety of patterns. So, when you are out to shop for these items, consider right patterns for carpets. Geometric, traditional, tribal, floral and paisley are few of the most popular patterns of carpets and select them as per the area where they are going to use and its wall colour and room size.

So, based on these tips, you can choose a quality handmade carpet for your home or office from a good handmade carpet manufacturer India.