Buyers’ Handy Guide To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs That Last Long!


Are you planning to give your existing home décor a new makeover? If yes, then hand tufted rugs would certainly be in your latest shopping list as these days, almost every modern home maker love to use hand tufted rugs for their excellence and sophistication that it brings to a place where they are placed. Before we make you familiar with our handy guide to buy hand tufted rugs that actually last very long, we would like to introduce you with the best place to order for these products and that is; hand tufted rugs manufacturer india / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india.

Being one of the most trusted platform for all kinds of rugs and carpets, hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india comes as the top when it comes to find the best quality products. In addition, India has marked its excellence in creating and offering the best quality hand tufted rugs, hence, when you buy these carpets from India, the quality guarantee comes naturally with them.

How To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs For Great Use –

When it comes to buy hand tufted rugs, Indian carpet and rugs market comes on the top among buyers as it is a famous marketplace for these products. Though being a big marketplace, you may encounter with a hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india whose products are not as good as they are labelled. To avoid indulging in a wrong purchase of rugs, it is good to gain some useful knowledge about hand tufted rugs and then, go out to shop for them. So, to start with, just learn what hand tufted rugs are exactly:

Knowing Hand Tufted Rugs In A Right Way –

To manufacture hand tufted rugs, the hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india uses a fabric that is being stretched over a frame. To pass across horizontally, the manufacturer uses a tufting gun with which they shoot yarn through its fabric. This process leaves a loop of a yarn at the front and the back of each shot. With the completion of this process, the back loops get fixed in their place via latex; whereas the front loops remain opened, hence creating a pile. The finishing method is quite same as that of hand-knotted rugs and carpets. Though it is worth noting that completing the hand tufted carpet or rugs may needs less than ¼ time for a carpet having same size with hand knotted rugs. Hence, they are more economical and better than hand knotted ones.

Process of Making Hand Tufted Rugs –

Talking about the process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs, they are hand-made items traditionally and are being taken as garments. In these rugs, the woollen side remains inside; however, the weft and warp base remains the outside. It is quite common manufacturing with mittens. The process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs and carpets involves moving the thread in the on-going long loop. It is the easiest form of carpet and rugs weaving. Once the weaving is done, the tufted loops gets clipped that leads to a beautiful balanced finish.

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