Understanding Manufacturing Process & Usages of Hand Tufted Carpets & Rugs!

The trend of carpeting in home and offices is coming since ages and why not! They are sophisticated, artistic and attractive to any home décor. To grab the most from your carpets, it is mandatory to fetch some core information about their manufacturing and usages. In this article, we will talk about some great usages and learn the manufacturing procedure of hand tufted carpets that most of the hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India follows. Before that, let us introduce you with Genie Carpet Manufacturers that is one of the leading hand tufted carpet manufacturer exporter India fulfilling all kinds of rugs and carpeting needs of individuals.

How Hand Tufted Rugs Carpet Are Manufactured –

A reputed hand tufted carpet manufacturer India gives the most value to the quality of carpets and its raw material. In addition, following the right weaving method makes a huge difference in the end results of carpet manufacturing. When it comes to hand tufted carpet weaving, it involves the fastest manufacturing process that is done wholly by hand of a weaver. Using a certain manufacturing technique of hand tufted carpet, a manufacturer succeeds in creating a variety of such types of carpets including traditional, contemporary and modern designs.

In high quality handmade tufted carpet manufacturing, most of the hand tufted carpet manufacturers India rely on natural materials in which wool is said to be the best carpet material. Apart from wool, manufacturers also use materials like jute, viscose, acrylic and polyester for these carpets.

To create hand tufted carpets, the weavers use the loop of a certain kind of yarn. This loop is pulled out from the backside of the carpet. In this process, knot making is not considered. For the complete carpet tufting procedure, they usually use a certain tufting gun as the weaving tool. For this reason, these carpets are considered as less expensive and less labour driven products.

The hand tufted carpet manufacturing also involves the backing with canvas that eases up the whole process for a weaver. This canvas serves a guidance to weave carpet and imprint a certain design onto it. The canvas design gets imprinted on the back and following that a weaver easily creates the carpet. This canvas is called the cartoon in carpeting. Taking its help, the manufacturer then creates great designs by pushing through the loops.

After completing the loop process, the weaver switches to add an additional protection layer to the carpets; so that, they can sustain for years. Here, first layer can be made of rubber grid or plastic and then, followed by the latex glue. The final layer of protection is meant to add strong grip to the carpet on ground.

What Benefits You Can Enjoy With Hand Tufted Carpets –

  • These carpets come in a variety of attractive colours to match any home décor.
  • Hand tufted carpets come in numerous designs including modern, traditional and contemporary ones.
  • It features remarkable intricacies

The end products are always free from any kind of seams.