Why Machine Made Nylon Printed Carpets Are Great Choice!

For residential carpeting, around 90 percent buyers prefer machine made and nylon printed carpets in modern houses. This is one of the many reasons, carpet manufacturers India invest a lot of effort to create unique designs and collection of nylon printed carpets and rugs. For traffic areas or crowded settings, these machine made carpets fit in the perfect way for being durable and also static free. These carpets maintain the height of carpet and also perfect resist soiling. So, there are so many causes that encourage buyers to choose machine made and nylon printed carpets and this article is all about these carpets. Read on the complete information right here and consider it while buying carpets for your next project.


Machine Made And Nylon Printed Carpets & Its Characteristics –

In overall carpet buying trend, 65 percent carpets are nylon machine made carpets which include residential and commercial buying. For commercial spaces that bear the high amount of traffic and rigid usage, nylon carpets are regarded as the best choice. They are good at stain resistance as well as mildew resistance. A good carpet manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers adopt the most effective technique which adds more durability and functionality to these machine made carpets. As a good manufacturer uses to dye carpet fibers of nylon post production, they perfectly maintain coloring. So, such carpets sustain their color even in heavy sunlight.


Moreover, being made of continuous spun fibers, they have short fiber length and hence, continuous filaments make them hard to unravel.


Facts Relating Nylon Carpets –

Nylon is a strong and durable fiber that carpet manufacturers use to create attractive and functional machine made carpets. This fiber combines some unusual properties that make them better over other carpet fibers. Nylon fibers create yarn-forming stuff of a long chain with synthetic polyamide of continuous amide collections as an important part of polymer chain. It works as staple for commercial application and sold as solution-dyed fibers. For these features, nylon accounts for more than 60 percent of whole carpet fibers in the industry.


Key Benefits of Machine Made Nylon Carpets –

Machine Made and Nylon Printed Carpets come with remarkable benefits due to their unique properties. Following mentioned key advantages of these fibers that make them the best choice for carpet creation.

  • Ideal for cover as well as bulk carpet creation
  • Long wearing fiber
  • Having great crush resistance power
  • Having amazing luster range
  • Flaunts clear colours
  • Great dye depths range
  • Good at soil resistance
  • Greatly works at low weights
  • Ideally works to cleaning

So, these are few of the many benefits of nylon fibers and considering these advantages, manufacturers and suppliers of carpet and rugs in India find a great trust in them. If you are also interested to buy some unique pieces of machine made nylon carpets, bring your enquiry to Genie Carpet Manufacturers right away. The carpet collection of machine made nylon carpets online would definitely satisfy your carpeting needs at great extent.