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There are many places where you would have found me – in the home, near your bed, in your office. Wondering who I am? I am the soft sheet of warmth and comfort that spread beauty with my colors. Created by the best jute rugs manufacturer India, I am no less than being an essential part of your home’s decoration. But not an issue if you have put less interest in me because today this article is all about me, my evolution, my qualities, my beauty, etc.

It was not long ago, maybe centuries when the shepherds first started knitting the wool into a heavy woven cloth which resulted in my birth. I have gone numerous evolutions over a span of time and turned from art to fine art. But before the machines came into existence, I was just made by hands and was quite artistic. I usually go with a simple process of getting wool turned into yarn, then washing, dyeing, hand knotting, and finally shaving as well as leveling.

But with the introduction of machines, Jute Rugs Manufacturing Company started manufacturing me in bulk, and the entire process becomes faster and cheaper. But there is one thing that has always remained constant, and that is the popularity of handmade rugs. This will never fade away but will continue to have it own unique place in the society.

Where can I be found?

So, if you find me which you can easily, you must first decide the form in which you want to find me. From woolen to natural fiber, cotton and synthetic, I am found in many forms and as produced by the jute rugs manufacturer India. Although I have different forms where I come in all of my forms have one common thing which is the expression that I bring in the aesthetics context along with cultural sensibility and preserving the ancient techniques at the same time.

With my roots in various cultures, there is still a lot to know about me.

Egyptian culture

The rugs and carpets made by the Jute Rugs Manufacturing Company in Egypt are fabricated with higher quantity as well as quality. The Egypt carpets and rugs are woven with wool and tied with asymmetrical knots, making it more awe-inspiring, and a delicate hand knitted carpet which is famous all over the world.

Chinese culture

The carpets made in this culture stand out and you should have seen me in their way of manufacturing – it’s just beautiful and exotic.


The Turkish carpets come inspired by the local culture of Turkey which displays layouts with geometrical or straightforward figures or symbols repeatedly.

The great Indian culture

This is just overwhelming. The jute rugs manufacturer India are unique and offer different patterns, styles and designs to their audience to choose from. The world stays fascinated by the Indian carpet and rug industry due to its enthralling woven carpets and rugs that have been proudly beautifying Indian homes.