How Handmade Rugs & Carpets Manufacture by Top Manufacturers in India is Different from Others

handmade rugs manufacturers in India

Handmade rugs are one of the spectacular ways to change and revitalize any space-be it residential or official. Individuals add these exquisite handmade rugs and carpets to give a charm of their own owing to their imperfections’ exclusivity and elegance. Whether you need to revamp your den or transform the entire look of your home and office, these decorative items can prominent the tone of your house at first glance. These exquisite and impeccable designs carpets and rugs can buy from top-notch handmade rugs manufacturers in India.

Undoubtedly, Indian rugs have a huge demand worldwide among the local and International patrons due to detailing, rich hues, and motifs adorning the surface. These are ornaments to the floors that can transform the look into a royal and luxury space. Let’s understand how Indian rugs & carpets are different from others.

Indian rugs are known for Dense Knotting

One of the interesting facts you will observe in Indian rugs is the knots’ density that represents the number of knots per square inch. A well-prepared rug is a perfect instance of millions of knots in each piece overall. You can easily find the knots anywhere between 25 to 194 knots or even more when it comes to Indian carpets.

Widely renowned for their unique designs

Handmade rugs manufacturers in India manufacture these beautiful decor items by hand and reflect the surroundings or carvings on the walls of ancient monuments and buildings in their designs. These are the perfect way to express the Indian tradition and legacy with a hand transforming them into art. So, handmade rugs are perfect yet unique in all aspects.

Investing time into handmade carpets & rugs

However, these rugs are made by Indian weavers takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. Sometimes, a masterpiece of a rug may take as long as a few years to complete an end-product.

Rich colours that express the glory of Indian Culture

The colours used by the handmade rug manufacturer in India enhance the visual appeal of any residential or commercial space and make sense. Muted tones or lighter tones make space look bigger, while darker shades can be used to cast a bold statement.

Handmade rugs manufacturers and exporters in India dye the yarn into different shades and then use it for making rugs of different colours. Did you know that a dying process forms the backbone of how vibrant the final rug would look? It is highly required much more attention to ensure the yarn catches colour and should not bleed on coming in contact with the moisture. If you have pets or kids in the home, these natural dyes are safe for them, and they can roll over the rug all day.

Handmade Rugs Manufacturers in India use the finest raw materials

Various materials are used for manufacturing these elegant carpets and rugs, such as silk, viscose, cotton, wool, jute, or hemp. Each of the materials has its importance that makes the rugs unique for different spaces, including low traffic to high traffic areas.

How to make perfect Area Rug Choice with Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Area rug manufacturers and exporter india

The market is flooded with various home decor items, but opting for the right one is a significant decision. Either adds area rugs or hardwood floors; it can be a perfect way to give warmth and brightness to your home space. Area rugs are considered floor’s versions of smaller, portable, and easy to roll up and store away. Individuals invest in area rugs for various reasons, such as durable, functional, and stylish additions to the home. These are available in different materials, sizes, and patterns. You can rely on area rug manufacturers and exporters in India to help you opt for the best rug for your living space.

How can you make a convenient choice?

Preventing allergies and other respiratory concerns, it becomes crucial to opt for the suitable material. Being a customer, you should emphasize safe, durability and style. Pile and weave are the two vital elements when accessing a rug’s functionality and safety, especially if you are installed in a high traffic area. You may also purchase a rug mat or gripper pads along with area rugs to prevent slipping and tripping.

What do you mean by pile and weave?

Pile is considered a density of rug fibres, and a thick, dense pile can add comfort and padding underfoot. You can go with thinner piles that are perfect under furniture and high-traffic areas. These are available in three basic categories: low, medium, and high. Cut pile is widely used in area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. No doubt, a looped pile is easier to clean than a cut pile, but area rug manufacturers and exporters in India recommend a cut pile if you have pets.

Natural vs. Synthetic fibres; which one is better

Natural fibre-made rugs like Wool, Silk, Cotton, Sisal or Jute are better for the environment than synthetic fibres; primarily manufactured using certified organic sustainable and fair trade methods. The cost of natural fibre rugs may be expensive when you compare them with synthetic rugs of the same size and style.

However, area rug manufacturers and exporters in India craft synthetic fibre rugs using nylon,  polyester, or polypropylene. One good news for the buyers is that some synthetic rugs are made of recycled plastics and other artificial materials known for their eco-friendliness attributes. Those individuals who have a limited budget can go with synthetic fibre rugs that are durable, long-lasting, affordable, and easy to clean. The expert suggested that before buying any rug to assess any health risks. Whether natural or synthetic fibre, you can opt for the right one based on your personal needs and awareness of more sustainable options.


These are available in the following sizes and can be chosen from 3 x5, 4×6, 5×8, 8×10, 9×12 feet generally considered industry-standard sizes. You can use a good thumb rule to opt for the correct size area rug for your room is to subtract two fees on each side. We at Genie Carpet Manufacturers can fully customise area rugs and customers have the freedom to choose from the different material types, colours, patterns, designs, packaging etc.

Foot Traffic

These are perfectly fitted for heavy traffic areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, entryways, and hallways from low to medium pile rugs. One of the main advantages of installing area rugs is that you can save your hardwood floors from damage and use them to cushion your feet and keep you warm in winter.

Colour and Pattern Choosing a rug is one of the fun aspects and make sure it works very well with your colour scheme and decor. Area rug manufacturers and exporters in India offer highly patterned rugs such as traditional Persian, Oriental,  Afghan, Modern and Contemporary designs, Custom designs in hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand woven weave type that easily add warmth and character to a room. If you have decided to go with the boldly coloured rug, make sure it matches your paint and upholstery.

Buy Affordable carpets & Rugs from Top Carpet Manufacturers in India for discerning buyers

Carpet Manufacturers in India for discerning buyers

Whether it is a home or office, carpets are luxurious and a significant investment for every space. From a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for the living room or hotel room, it can be a beautiful addition that can be last-longer for years and easily grab the attention of everyone. Did you know that India is a global player in the carpet industry that is responsible for around 40 per cent of worldwide export of handmade carpets and export of all kinds of handmade rugs were recorded all-time high in the recent years? The carpet export promotion Council (CEPC) is a regulatory body of carpet exporters in India.

India has taken a vital space among the global buyers where patrons can find the rich heritage of hand-looms and handicrafts and many more artistic products. These are the perfect instance of creativity and precious art of traditional artisans and weavers. The carpet industry is achieving new success heights year by year that has been attracting many local and foreign buyers. Apart from the impeccable designs and craftsmanship, carpet manufacturers in India are involved in a lot of creativity with a rich heritage and culture. Due to delicate styling, elaborative designs, vibrant shades, and fine craftsmanship, they feel the pride to represent India worldwide.

Although the first Indian handmade carpets were introduced by the Mughal emperor’s reign in India, thus, one can easily find premium-quality Mughal prints and designs in the classic Persian style. With fine knotting and Indo-Persian influence clearly seen on Impeccable and incredible Indian designs, it can be a wow factor for your home decoration. Handmade carpets have a huge demand worldwide and Genie Carpet Manufacturers, the largest manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets in India, creates a versatile range of patterns, designs and styles exclusively by hand in order to manufacture luxury rugs or carpets that enhance the appearance of your space.

The unique art of weaving carpets by experienced and creative minds delivers unparalleled quality that is a sheer piece of art for international buyers. Carpet exporters in India allow the buyers a premium range of vibrant carpets that are made from durable quality silk and wool to guarantee highly durable, elegant, warm and add rich textures to your space. We, the best Carpet exporters in India, always pay a lot of attention to details and designs to deliver high-end quality to end-users.

However, the Indian carpet industry plays a vital role in the Indian economy and exports. In recent years, the carpet manufacturers in India have broken many records in the world export market with stunning handmade carpets and rugs. Whether it comes to decorate your home, these spectacular designs and a perfect combination of fine craftsmanship and artwork make Indian carpets look very premium, royal, and sustainable.

Overall, the Indian carpet industry has become a hub for the local and global buyers that give a sense. Having these beautiful additions to the home can help you prevent potential accidents and give extra comfort and grip to your feet while walking in and around the home. Whenever you need to shop online for carpets and rugs in bulk, we carpet exporters in India can cater to your requirement beyond expectations.

How India’s #1 Rugs & Carpet Manufacturer can help you make a Better Choice.

Shaggy Carpet Manufacturer India.

Did you know India is accountable for approximately 40% of the worldwide export of hand-made carpets & rugs, and the total carpet export was US$ 1.33 billion between April 2020 and February 2021 and for handicrafts? India has gained popularity for its spectacular carpets & rugs in the international market in the current scenario. Mughal emperor Akbar introduced carpet weaving to India in the 16th century, bringing the Persian weavers from Persia to his palace to manufacture these beautiful additions. Genie carpet manufacturers, India’s #1 carpet & rugs manufacturer have earned the right name for their reputation and recognition in manufacturing and exporting vast supplies of carpets across homes, villas, hotels, designer boutiques, fancy outlets, etc.

The contribution of the carpet industry is still growing well in the Indian economy, and carpets are exported globally to around 200 countries across the globe from India. These splendid decor investments become the undeniable items in every Home, Villas, Hotel, Office because they act as the best decorative items and protect the floor from unwanted wear and tear. We are the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of the finest quality of hand Knotted Carpets, hand-tufted carpets,  designer rugs, Hospitality and Wall to wall carpets,  Bespoke custom rugs including a complete range of other floor coverings from India.

When it comes to decorating your home or office, no one can beat the carpets & rugs that turn your residential or commercial property into a welcoming space. Explore our vibrant and classy rugs and carpets, which suits all sorts of the user’s needs.

What can you expect from India’s #1 carpet & rugs manufacturer?

We take care of your budget: If you are one of those who may be in a hurry to buy a perfect carpet for your decor, Genie Carpet Manufacturers, the most trusted source can assist you in finding out which range fits your budget. Our trained professionals provide expert advice to make an elegant and convenient choice.

Try to mix and match the carpets with walls, curtains, and couches: Our trained experts help you collecting the samples of your preferred choice. The lighting vision is quite intriguing, and our experts will assist you in how the changing colours of the carpet go with the furniture and other decor pieces in your room that will best match the carpet interior and decor for your space.

Choose the perfect carpet style: It is highly recommended to opt for the right carpet provider before buying the rugs/carpets. Buying these aesthetic items from us, having the largest selection of rugs and carpets under one roof,  you shall be spoilt for a quote while opting for it amongst all rugs and carpets. We have well-trained expert professionals who can help you clear your doubts while picking rugs/carpets for your living interiors.

Be aware of the difference between carpets and area rugs: Have you noticed that there are several cases where area rugs look better than carpeting? No doubt, carpeting is also a good and affordable option than area rugs which provides comfort, insulation, and sound absorption. Carpet manufacturers like Genie carpet manufacturers will assist you on every phase of selection that can be a turning point for your home decor.

How to choose the perfect rug for your business & home!

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Rug manufacturers across the globe present the widest range in carpeting solutions that homemakers, as well as business owners, adore. However, picking up the right rug for your home and office is not that simple as many think. There are various aspects that need to be determined to select a rug that would serve your purpose adequately.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers know exactly what suits commercial and domestic settings. Therefore, we present the unseen variety in rugs and carpets online at our online store. Being one of the most experienced rug manufacturers in India, we can tell you how exactly to find a perfect rug for your business and home. Check out the pointers available below and consider them while shopping for rugs and carpets online.

Spotting differences between different rugs –

Behind a perfect rug purchase, there can be so many considerations and concerns of buyers. However, many of these considerations are important which include the right rug size, accurate shape, the right selection of colors, choice of the right material, and many more. Your room décor would also be a deciding factor in selecting the right rug type for your home or office.

These considerations would help you decide which type of rug would fit more for your home and which for your office. For example, the selection of a rug for commercial premises would include soft colors, durable material, less maintenance requiring fabric, etc. On the contrary, a rug selection for a home would depend upon the existing room décor, furniture placed in the room, wall paint, contemporary or modern setting, etc.

When you would walk up to a good rug manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you would find assistance in selecting the aptest rugs for your home as well as office.

Listing down things to consider when buying rugs for your home –

It is not just about rugs and carpets, but everything that you want to bring in your home finds the utmost care and consideration. As we share a special bond with our home, we love to pay special attention to things we plan to purchase for our abode. So, when it comes to buying rugs for the home, we should check for aspects like –

Comfort & warm touch – A good quality rug would give comfort underfoot and would make walking and living in home more pleasant. So, ensure to buy rug that is made of natural fabric and has a smooth design.

Don’t pay much attention to durability – Indeed, home rugs do not require to be highly durable because they don’t bear heavy traffic as commercial rugs. Therefore, maintaining them is not an issue for anyone.

Low pile rugs – Low pile rug would perfectly fit a home setting. Especially, for contemporary homes, always go for a low pile rug.

Picking up the right rug for your office or business –

The considerations for choosing right business rug are totally different from that of rugs made for home. Here are few notable ones –

Consider rugs that are durable – As business rugs are prone to heavy footprints and traffic, it is mandatory that they are made of durable material. Therefore, you should definite consider this aspect while determining the right business rug.

Easy to maintain – Buy rugs that do not demand for high amount of maintenance and upkeep.

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Rugs Available In Market!

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Carpets are not just a piece of floor covering, but a lot more. The benefits and usages of carpets make them a must have item for our home. From adding a classy touch to your home to bringing an extra layer of safety to your family, carpets do it all. Indeed, the functions of carpets are not merely limited to enhance flooring, but to dump noise, make a place more mesmerising, and include comfort to a place.

Though every type of carpet comes up with certain pluses and minutes and in this article, you get to learn about various types of carpets and their ins and outs. Being one of the best handmade rugs manufacturer India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers try their best to educate buyers about carpeting. Following this effort, we introduce a variety of materials used for carpet manufacturing to our customers. Along with material information, we will also make you familiar with which one you should go with and which should not.

In addition, to shop for the most authentic variety in carpets and rugs, go right on our online store at Genie Carpet Manufactures and place your order for handmade carpets now.

Material variety in rugs & carpets available online –

Wool carpet & rugs – benefits & flaws – The good thing about wool carpet is its being natural material that is the beauty of this material. These carpets are known for resilience and sophistication. Carpets made of wool are purely insulating and have natural springiness in them. Due to these characteristics, they don’t ask for much maintenance to remain fresh and appealing. The texture of wool enables the carpet to recover fast if they get indenting or crushed due to furniture or footsteps. Moreover, they flaunt the quality of stain resistance that means they succeed in remaining attractive for long.

Drawbacks of wool carpet – The most annoying thing of wool carpets is their quite slow colour fading issue when are placed in direct sunlight. In addition, they are very adsorbent and hence are get affected from mildew if kept in a wet or damp space.

Silk carpets & rugs – Benefits – The visual appeal of silk carpets is the best from all types of materials. These carpets are regarded as the best standard of carpets due to their amazing shine as well as lustre. So, people who are looking for luxurious and lavishness in carpets would love buying silk carpets. There is no doubt about their expensiveness because of their premium status, yet buyers of handmade rugs don’t mind paying extra dollars for these classy carpets.

Drawbacks of silk carpets – They are delicate in nature and that is the main drawback of silk carpets. They don’t withstand a highly traffic areas. That means, you have to be very choosy about using silk carpets.

All and all, carpet materials decide the feel, appearance and appeal of handmade carpets and rugs. But, your selection of certain type of carpet would depend on factors like durability, lifespan, maintenance and a lot more. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will be given endless variety at truly reasonable price range to grab on!

Why Nylon Printed Machine Made Rugs Are Ideal Choice For Modern Homes!

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Bored of your existing home décor and want to add up something new to your place but without going out of budget? Start revamping your home décor with shopping for carpets and rugs. Rugs are the best way to bring newness to home décor. Especially in the living room, you can do a fantastic job by putting some trendy nylon printed carpets and rugs.

To buy the high quality and long-lasting nylon printed rugs, you can rely on Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we are a leading machine-made carpet manufacturer in India of the time. And we are being trusted by all veteran carpet buyers from not just India but overseas.

Now if we talk about nylon printed machine made carpets, many buyers find it unrealistic to give preference to machine made rugs over handmade rugs. If you are also one of such buyers, then read on following information covering why nylon printed machine made rugs can be the best choice for your next carpeting solution.

Enhance your room décor without burdening your pocket –

Home décor can be very expensive if you don’t pay attention to aspects like buying inexpensive décor solutions. Therefore, for buyers who are having tight budget for carpet buying, machine made carpets are the best choice. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, buyers are presented with fabulous variety of machine made nylon printed carpets that have contemporary design and authentic feel. So, buy the ones that captivates your eyes and we guarantee for the superior feel and quality of each of our machine made rug.

Manufacturing Process Differs Machine Made Rugs From Handmade Counterparts –

Being one of the most experienced nylon printed carpet manufacturer India, we know every aspect of machine made carpets in detail. So key difference in machine made and handmade rugs lies in their manufacturing process. Machine made rugs are manufactured on power looms which takes very less time to create carpets; however, handmade carpets take weeks and even months for single product creation. Therefore, the time consumption in manufacturing process determines the high or low price of these products.

But, when it comes to variety and choices, machine made rugs would certainly surprise you with unusual designs and materials. At Genie Carpet Manufacturer, online shoppers love to shop for machine made rugs as they find them long-lasting and very attractive for their modern home setting.

Quick facts about machine made nylon printed carpets –

  • Machine made carpets can be produced within few hours. So, if you go to a custom machine made carpet manufacturer and supplier like Genie Carpet Manufacturer, you can get a unique carpet designed and supplied in very less time.
  • Machine made carpets are less expensive, but speak for long-lasting nature.
  • Machine made carpets come in a variety of materials including synthetic, faux, cotton etc. So, whichever material you like, you can find machine made carpets online from Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

There are so many reasons that support machine-made carpets value for modern buyers and hence, we highly recommend these carpets for budget-oriented buyers coming to our online store.

Buyer’s Guide For Buying The Best Shaggy Carpet & Rugs!


The fast-growing Indian carpet industry has welcomed several budding carpet exporters India in the recent decade. These new carpet exporters in India have introduced buyers with endless choices in rugs and carpets to choose from. However, the availability of several options in carpet sellers and carpet choices have made it complex for buyers to make the right selection for the product as well as a product provider. At this stage, the only way to find quality carpets and rugs is to associate with a reputed carpet exporter in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

One of the most reliable and efficient shaggy carpet manufacturers in India, we commit to enhance consumer experiences by providing endless choices in carpets. Though our online collection comprises of a wide range of rugs and carpets, yet our shaggy carpets are known as the trendiest carpet form for modern home makers. In this article, we’ll tell you what exactly shaggy carpets are and how they are going to make your home look fantastic and comfortable.

Shaggy Carpets – A trendy carpeting solution of the time –

Shaggy carpets and rugs are known for boasting of uniqueness in terms of designs and feel. They are good to be used in offices, home, cabin, lodge and any place where you look for warmth. They are so quick to add definition in a place with its appearance. The trendy designs, textural patterns of shaggy carpets make them fit for any area in a home.

At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can stun yourself with the extensive range of shaggy carpets online. Our current stock of shaggy carpets include enchanting colours, fabulous patterns, and spectacular sizes and shapes to choose from. So, just browse through our Shaggy Carpet online collection and grab the products that fit your requirements aptly.

What is Shaggy Carpet & Rug –

As name implies, shaggy carpets and rugs appears quite messy and textural in appearance. They look to be frizzly; however, they feel very exquisite. These rugs are very diverse with uneven piles with bumpy and cluttered look. They are made of various materials and hence, they get that unique look. They have thicker piles and for that, they get uniqueness in their texture. The USP of shaggy rugs is their being excessively satiny and soft.

Though many people believe that shaggy rugs are the modern form of rugs whereas the reality is quite different. These rugs date back to the 60th century as at that time, they were quite a in trend. Introduced by Greece, these rugs paved in almost all the countries of the world and were loved by homemakers and individuals from all industries.

Pluses of Shaggy Rugs –

There are several plus points about shaggy rugs which include –

  • They quickly give a home a textural and trendy feel.
  • They come in an unusual variety, colors, and shapes to fit various requirements of buyers.
  • Due to their design, they give a room look bigger and more elegant.
  • Their cozy feel adds warmth to the flooring.

So, there are remarkable aspects about shaggy rugs that make them a lovable choice for buyers. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can order the best shaggy rugs online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Essential Pointers To Consider When Buying Machine Made Carpets For Your Home!

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Home furnishing is always an exciting thing that we all love to do with care and thoughtfulness. Buying various stuff like home decor, furnishings, furniture etc. and then placing everything in a way that it exhibits your creativity and personality, is truly a job that one does from heart. So, when you decide to bring some appeal in your existing home furnishing, think of buying machine made carpets because they are long lasting, pocket-friendly, and comes in enchanting colours and designs.

What to expect from Machine Made Carpets –

When you buy these carpets from a reputed machine made carpet manufacturer India, you automatically find confidence in your purchase. The machine made carpets from a reliable manufacturer will ensure you with several attractive features which include –

  • Long Lasting Carpets – Carpets are often expensive and are considered to be used for years. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider long lasting nature of carpets that you buy. When you purchase carpets from a well-known machine made carpet manufacturer India, you receive a guarantee with these carpets to be long lasting.

Whether you use machine made carpets roughly in high-traffic areas in your home, or you use mildly, a good quality machine made carpet would not go anywhere at least for a decade. To buy such a long lasting carpets and rugs, you can explore Genie Carpet Manufacturers’ online store and make the best picks for your home.

  • Myriads of Choices – Several choices are certain to be found in machine made carpets. As machine made carpets are the result of revolutionized carpeting industry, it has given manufacturers to try various techniques and methods to introduce endless choices to consumers.

If you see the carpet market from olden time to today, there is a huge change in carpet making techniques and so in the variety. Consequently, when you visit the store of an experienced machine made carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you should get ready to get spellbound because you are going to have myriads of choices in designs, shapes, colours and patterns.

Having such a huge variety present before a buyer means he/she can make the best selection in carpets to match their existing home décor or the new planned décor. Therefore, it is a way to actually enhance your home décor in a spectacular way.

  • Colours That Dazzle Your Space – Colours bring an instant freshness to any place if are chosen wisely. So, when you look for colour appeal in your carpets, machine made carpets have tremendous choice to bring in. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will be surprised on seeing a huge variety in colorful machine made carpets available online.

In contemporary apartment or house, these colorful machine made carpets will perfectly look enchanting.

To order the best machine made carpets online, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a one-stop platform to make shopping easy and reliable. From machine made to handmade, we have everything you need to enhance your flooring in the best way.

Buy Designer Carpets For Bringing Uniqueness In Place!


There are several buyers who crave for unique carpets and for that, they spend hours in the market sorting the best suiting product. In this attempt, most of the buyers struck at designer carpets because they are made on certain requirements and to fit certain décor precisely. Finding any copy of that carpet in the market or any of your known ones will be near to impossible. If you are also a lover of designer carpets, then always go to one of the top carpet company in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

With a huge online marketplace, Genie Carpet Manufacturers give buyers a fantastic variety of carpets that they happily set up to their home or offices. From commercial to domestic settings, everywhere designer carpets bring an exclusiveness that is hard to get from normal carpets. There are tremendous usages and benefits of designer carpets that a top carpet company in India would describe you. But, this article is also the easiest way to learn how designer carpets bring uniqueness to a place.

Let’s check out the advantages of designer carpets in this article –

Designer Carpets Are Designed & Inspired By Top Carpet Designers – It is one of many advantages of using designer carpets that they are different from usual. As every customer of designer carpet comes up with a new idea or concept of carpeting, the designers use their expertise and creativity to bring up a design that appeals their customers. Therefore, every single piece would speak to be meant for you only and that is the reason, top carpet company in India recommend them for premium projects.

Designer Carpets Boast Of Fabulous Patterns & Quality –

As far as quality is concerned, designer carpets from Genie Carpet Manufacturers come with superior quality. From colouring to the selection of fabric, everything is done thoughtfully considering the comfort and desire of the customers in mind. In addition, to create unique designs, the top designers of carpets go deep into the detailing of customers and also check out various resources and thus the end product comes up as the matchless product. For such fantastic advantages, most of the exclusive customers prefer to buy designer carpets for them.

Guarantee For No Copy Available On Earth –

Often time, it is seen that designer carpets attract to people who actually bothers for exclusiveness. The ones who desires for carpets that no other people would have in the world always ready to pay anything for designer carpets. And when you come to a top carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, there will be a certainty that your carpet would be unique and no copy of similar carpet would be available anywhere in the world.

So, this is the reason, designer carpets are loved by buyers who care for unique designs and actually hates similar products at their known ones’ places. To find the best quality of designer carpets, always go to a trust-worthy resource.