Important Parameters To Choose High Quality Area Rug For Your Home!

Area rugs and carpets are regarded as the great carpeting choice for home as well commercial places. Though there are different kinds of debate on area rugs and wall to wall carpets and rugs that influence the buyers to choose them for their home or commercial spaces. But, personally speaking, area rugs and wall to wall rugs or every kind of rug and carpet has some certain specialities that make them unique and better over others.

But, when your search is for the most attractive pieces of area rugs, you must not listen to anyone, except a reputed area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Holding years of experience of manufacturing and exporter throughout nation and many other countries, these carpeting solution providers from India have made a reputed place of themselves in the market today. So, there are less chances of being cheated when looking for highly attractive and functional area rugs for your home.

The functionality is one of the most considerable aspects of a good area rug and here, we will address some pointers that help buyers choose the best area rugs from leading area rug manufacturer and exporter India.

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Look For Stain Resistant Area Rugs –

Whether you have pets in your home or have some small kids, the problems of stains on carpets is common in all conditions. You cannot keep your carpets completely unaffected from stains when you have kids, pet or frequent visits to your place. In that condition, you must not neglect the stain resistance feature in the carpets or area rugs you suppose to buy.

It is not a difficult job to spot stain resistant area rugs as Indian carpeting market allows buyers to pick area rugs with desired qualities. So, when you start purchasing for these rugs, make sure to ask for stain resistant area rugs from the seller.

If you scare of being compromised over colours and styles when limiting yourself with only stain resistant options, then don’t worry, there would be enticing choices for you.

The most of the stain resistant area rugs are made of polyester, nylon, wool or olefin. In addition, these manufacturers use a certain stain protection post production treatments that enhance its power to resist stain.

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Ensuring Right Carpet Textures –

When determining the right texture of your area rugs and carpets, you must check carpet fibre and backing of rugs. These textures are further divided into three parts namely cut pile, loop and cut loop. The cut pile rug comprises of yarns cut at edges. The softness of these carpets make them the best for home seeking comfort and ease.

After that, consider loop rugs that have yarns uncut and looped at the surface. The height of pile can be varied depending and these loops have qualities to hide soil and stains.

At last, you have cut loop option that has lower loops and high cut tufts in varied patterns. These rugs feature a great functionality and usability.

Critical Questions To Decide The Best Hospitality / Hotel Carpets and Rugs Manufacturer!

India belongs to a big and reputed market of carpeting. The carpets manufactured in India are searched and purchased from customers throughout the world. Whether it is your home or hotel or any other hospitality business, the need of carpets and rugs is common among buyers. Though the process of buying carpets for hospitality business is different from that of home. This article contains information about various questions to ask when choosing the best hospitality / hotel carpets and rugs manufacturer from India.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the premium carpeting solution provider for hotels and hospitality industry for a long time. Buying carpets for your restaurant or hotel from a reputed platform like Genie Carpet Manufacturers eliminates the risks associated to purchase wrong hotel carpets for your business.

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Now, let’s read on what to ask when you start enquiring for the best hospitality / hotel carpets and rugs manufacturer from India.

Buying Carpets For Hotels & Hospitality Businesses –

So, now you are on your hunt for the best commercial or hotel carpets. These carpets are not just meant to be good by aesthetics, but many other aspects are there to consider. A carpet that hoteliers use serve varied purposes. The thoughtfully purchased and well placed carpets in hotel put a good impression on customers and make them develop a strong bond with the hotel. This way, your carpeting style can help you build up a strong customer relationship and encourages good business with lots of profit.

Questions To Ask When Choosing The Best Hospitality / Hotel Carpets & Rugs Manufacturer from India –

  • Is the hotel carpet right for the area –

It is imperative to precisely evaluate if a certain type and design of carpet fit to the place where you lie them in your hotel or not. This question will help narrowing down your choices in design, pattern and colour of carpets.

  • Ask For The Durability Of Carpets –

A good quality carpet can survive for many years and thus they are considered as a good asset of hotel or any other business in hospitality industry. So, to ensure the durability of carpets, you must take the traffic of that place which it gets daily in your consideration. Depending on the usability, the good carpet manufacturer from India will suggest a durable carpet for that place.

  • Carpet Maintenance Must Be Questioned –

A hotel carpet can maintain its aura and magic only if you can maintain it in a right way. But, different types of carpets require different level of maintenance. If you are not that active in providing quality maintenance to your carpets, then it must be discussed in advance with the seller. This discussion helps the manufacturer to offer the right carpet that requires less maintenance for your hotel.

Apart from these questions, there must be some thoughts in your mind that can be discussed before making the final purchase of carpets for your hotel from the manufacturer in India.

An Easy To Follow Guide For Perfect Spotting Of Durrie Manufacturers India!

Are you interested to purchase durrie rugs or carpets for your home or commercial space? If yes, then go to a reputed Durrie manufacturers India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers that master in all kinds of carpet and rugs manufacturing in the country. The high quality durries and carpets of this manufacturer from India encourage buyers from varied corners of the world to place their order online from their online store. If you too look for durries that do not compromise at quality, then browse the online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers and mesmerising your senses with the exceptional range of durrie rugs and carpets.


Though finding a reliable Durrie manufacturers India is good to spot quality durries for your need. Yet, the process won’t complete unless you obtain knowledge of various options and styles that can be expected in durrie rugs and carpets from a good seller. This guide will help you what to expect from durrie manufacturers India when expecting attractive yet functional durries.

Endless Options And Choices In Durrie Rugs & Carpets –

Many people believe that there are not much choices in durrie rugs and carpets in colours and style from Indian manufactures. If you too think the same way, then here you need to correct yourself as the choices are endless and durrie styles and patterns. You can give your home flooring a new texture and feel by smartly purchasing these carpeting solutions for your home. Let’s find out what to expect from durrie rugs and carpets shopping.

  • As modern buyers are more concerned and conscious about colours and patterns, the manufactures of durrie have introduced a wide and attractive range in different styles and colours of durries in the market. You can easily find various choices in durries that perfectly blend with the existing décor of your home.
  • Gone are those days when buyers have less choices in durries and these less choices sometime discourage potential buyers with less budget to buy them for their home. Nowadays, the manufactures of durrie in India keep budget oriented sellers in mind while creating carpet solutions. Therefore, you can easily buy durrie at reasonably low price range and get them to your home. For being affordable, they are perfect flooring solution for low budget shoppers. Besides all factors, they are easy to install; hence, you save your money from professional installation help as well.
  • At places, where climate conditions are chilling cold, the use of durrie on floors can be a great and warming solution for home. In India, a majority of home makers prefer walking barefoot. If you too belong to such family, then bring durrie at your place and keep your feet warmer and cosier always.
  • If your present flooring has slipping concern, then you would probably be interested in carpeting solution. Other carpeting solutions may be expensive for you, but durrie rugs would be an ideal choice for such scenario. It makes the surface non-slippery and keeps people living in the home safer and more comfortable.

Warm Up Your Guests Of Your Home/Resort With Handmade Custom Carpets!

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The hospitality industry faces a stiff competition as every hotelier strives hard to impress guests with better décor, services and accommodation. Whether you have a hotel, resort, villas, palace or any residential project in hand, Genie Carpet Manufacturers provide customers with an ultimate experience that they adore throughout the life and love to choose them time and again for their carpeting needs.

The role of rugs and carpets in the hospitality sector is unavoidable as it has now turned to be a trend. But, to have an exclusive feel and appearance, one needs to choose carpets that have modern design with assured comfort. For that purpose, one must go for exclusive handmade custom rugs & carpets for premium hospitality and residential projects.

These carpets are not just meant to cover the grounds, but more of that actually. Your flooring finds beauty and great look. The visitors of your resorts or villas find comfort and less risk when they keep their feet on a comfortable premium handmade custom rug and carpet. So, there are so many great aspects of custom carpets that you can experience by choosing Genie Carpet Manufacturers from India.

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Exclusive Handmade Custom Rugs & Carpets Offer Designer Appeal –

Buying handmade custom carpets and rugs for any of your project or need from a specialized store would give you a quality guarantee and performance as expected. A specialized custom handmade carpet manufacturer knows how to create unique pieces of rugs and carpets that fit perfectly to the requirements of customers. Playing with attractive shades and designs, the custom carpet manufacturers design unique patterns that have no match anywhere around. Thus one can finds a carpeting solution that no other hotelier would have in his or her resort, palace or villa.

What Makes Exclusive Handmade Custom Carpets So Special –

Custom handmade carpets and rugs are all about being special due to their uniqueness. In addition, there are many other qualities that make these carpets so different and special from others. They have a power to bring sophistication and dignity in a place. They are good enough to transform the ambiance of a space. They are so good at bringing a change in a surrounding.

Handmade Custom Carpets1

As they are all about uniqueness and handwork, their creation requires extra labour and hard work that is easy to be found in its complex textures and intricate designs. Therefore, these exclusive carpets come at a bit high pricetag as compared to machine made counterparts. But once you find a quality handmade product, you would definitely not mind paying extra for an exclusive carpet.

As Genie Carpet Manufacturers specialises in custom handmade carpets and rugs for hospitality industry, the carpets from this store would be durable, sophisticated and eco-friendly. They are capable of handling the high traffic in hotels, villas, resorts and palaces. These carpets ensure a clean and flawless look of a space where they are placed. So, these carpets have so many great quality for which you must buy them for your hotels and resorts.

How To Buy The Best Durrie From Durrie Manufacturers India!

Looking for attractive designs of Durrie for your home? If yes, then check out these items from some reputed Durrie manufacturers India who holds years of experience in manufacturing these products. Durrie is one of the most popular and functional carpeting solutions that people in India and many other countries prefer to use. These are durable, easy to maintain, comfortable and great in many ways. Though it is never easy to buy the best durrie if you are buying them for the first time.

Our article is a helping hand for first time buyers of Durrie as the information contained here would guide you how to buy the best durrie from the experienced Durrie Manufacturers India. Let’s talk about what to consider when buying durrie for your home.

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Considerable Elements To Look For When buying Durrie –

When you do not want to get indulged in buying poor quality durrie for your home, you must act wisely by taking inspiration from different kinds of reading as well as consultation. A number of new buyers often feel disappointed at the end of their purchase as they don’t have a quality knowledge of buying rugs that fit their purpose. So, if you don’t want to be among such individuals, make sure to buy durrie after considering various factors. Following are three essential factors that you must pay attention to before buying durrie or rug for your home.

Knot Count –

The quality of durrie or rugs can be best measured by checking through the knot counts. So, when evaluating knot counts, you should check durrie from underneath. Just turn durrie over and check out at its reverse. The knots for a durrie made by machine would definitely be uniform. So, you must remember that knot counts of a durrie are the best determinant of its quality. And always follow a thumb rule of measuring durrie or rug quality that it must has upwards of more than hundred knots in an inch.

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Fibre –

Fibre check is another great way to buy the best durrie for your home. Generally, the amateur buyers get fascinated by the wrong claims of sellers and then, leads to sheer disappointment after discovering wrong fibre in form of quality fibre. Therefore, it is the best idea to conduct the burn experiment right at the shop of seller when buying durrie from him. This test would not just show you the fibre quality, but also make the seller think that you are an expert in carpeting. The fibres of wool and silk would smoulder; however, its substitute products would catch alight.

Colour Test –

A good quality of durrie is always made of natural dyes. Hence, it is mandatory to conduct the colour test when buying a quality durrie for your home. There is no comparison between natural dyes with synthetic ones. The idea to discover natural colours is the presence of balanced colours in the carpet where no colour fights for get attention. So, if the seller is presenting a durrie with hot colours and claims that it is made of natural colour, then you are about to be deceived.

Knowing Key Features Of Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets That Make Them The Best!

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The process of manufacturing hand knotted carpets and rugs takes a lot of time and requires a quality expertise from a skilled artisan. Therefore, it is always advised to visit an expert hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India when expect the best quality of these carpets. In this articles, you will get to know some key features that make hand knotted rugs carpets the best of all time.

Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets –

To make a perfect piece of hand knotted rug, the manufacture needs to spend a quality time, labour, expertise and expert artisan. After putting up the expert skills, a dynamic looking rug gets created. These rugs are found in beautiful homes as they are known for an enhancement feature of home décor. Being a masterpiece, these rugs are a choice of beauty lovers and art lovers. Though this artwork allows one to walk on them and still happily serves homes and commercial places.

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Features of Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets.

When you decide to buy rugs from a renowned hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, it is sure to get attractive with the beauty of these carpets. Though hand knotted rugs are known for some distinct features that no other carpet or rug possess. These are time consuming and complex items and usually taken as art work. A skilled and expert weaver in this kind of carpeting takes a complete 1 day to create 10 thousand knots and a quality hand knotted rug usually has more than 80 knotted in a square inch. So, it is easy to imagine the labour and time consumed in the production of these carpets.

However, it is good to remember that a good quality hand knotted rug is known and measured by its KPSI which is knots per square inch. No doubt, the role of material is also important, but you cannot justify the quality of this kind of rugs without checking its KPSI.


Hand Knotted Rugs Carpets – All About Appearance –

It is a fact that the intricacy and artistry of these rugs is spectacular. These are quite cosy and personal as they are made of fine materials such as Tibetan Wool and silk and created with skilled artisan. The method of hand knotted rugs creation is coming from centuries and it seems, the weavers would take it further quite long. By following the traditional process of hand knotted rugs creation, the highly mesmerising result comes out. Thus the end result comes in the form of appealing and amazingly attractive appearance of rugs.

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As hand knotted rugs and carpets are created by hands with the use of natural fibres, you can see some imperfections in the construction and this imperfection is actually enchanting.

Matter Of Price –

If we compare the cost of hand knotted rugs carpets with its counterpart – hand tufted rugs, they are pricey and expensive. Though the high price of hand knotted rugs is quite justifiable when you look upon the invested labour and time on their creation.

3 Considerable Factors To Buy Great Quality Handmade Rugs!

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Handmade rug manufacturing is different from normal rug making. It is more like an artisan work that is famous for more than three thousand years. Handmade rugs which are better known as oriental rugs are based on manufacturing process that was passed through one generation to another. People love these rugs because they are valuable, durable and amazingly beautiful. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider various factors before buying handmade rugs and carpets for any purpose. To avoid buying a wrong product, you must check weave technique, durability and its quality properly. For that purpose, take help from the information available on below mentioned 3 factors to buy great quality handmade rugs.

In addition to these factors, you have to ensure to buy these rugs from reputed handmade rugs exporter India who has an impressive customer base of satisfied buyers.

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Getting Ready For Handmade Rug Buying –

Ensure The Exact Size – Before you dive into the procedure of shopping for luxurious handmade rugs from reputed handmade rugs exporter India, you should measure out the area that your rug would cover. Usually, the rug measurements should be done from flooring border to rug perimeter.

Modern Or Traditional Design – Once you have rug size ready with you, next considerable aspect is to ensure design of the rugs. In the market, you would be give choices to make in modern and traditional rug designs. Traditional designs often have symbolic associations or curvilinear designs like in any artwork or paintings, whereas the modern designs feature bold and stylish patterns.

Keep A Certain Budget For Rug Shopping Aside – As handmade rugs come in a wide choices, you can find various costs in these rugs. So, a handmade rugs exporter India can offer you rugs in several dollars or even in thousands. Hence, you have to be clear about your budget before shopping for these items.

Choosing A Right Handmade Rugs Exporter India Dealer –

Look For A Reputed Dealer – When you aim to minimise the chances of purchasing wrong or poor quality of rugs, it is necessary to go to a reputed dealer only. So, make sure to visit a handmade rugs exporter India who expertizes in oriental or handmade rug artisan. A good dealer would happily share information like fiber type, quality, content and country of rug origin on your enquiry.

In addition, shop with a dealer who offers a wide variety in handmade rugs and share important aspects of selected rugs with you. In the market, you would definitely meet dealers who boast of a lot about their product, but rather going behind sales pitch, use your insight and knowledge.

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Evaluating The Rug Quality –

At last, you should focus on checking the quality of handmade rugs that you plan to buy from your selected dealer or exporter India. For that purpose, first lie the rug on the floor and then check its shape. If it has an even shape, it is a good rug.

Enquire about the material used to manufacture handmade rugs as most of the great rugs are made of wool and silk. But if it is made of synthetic material, it is not worth buying.

4 Reasons To Buy Area Rugs and Carpets For Your Home!

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Area rugs are one of the most successful rug types that home owners prefer to choose for their home décor. As compared to carpet the entire house, using area rugs for places where they are required is more functional and attractive. In this article, we will share some certain reasons to buy area rugs and carpets for your home. In addition, we would also introduce you with Genie Carpet Manufacturers as it is a renowned area rug manufacturer and exporter from India holding a great reputation in this field. When you buy area rugs from a specialized area rug manufacturer and exporter from India, you automatically get a guarantee for rugs to be durable, functional and the best of all.

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Now, let’s read on 4 reasons to buy area rugs and carpets for every home.

Reason #1 – Better Versatility –

The best quality of area rugs is its versatile nature for which one can place them anywhere in a house. You can put them in front of a sink, at your bed front, under the hallway, in living area, under a dining table or anywhere you think a rug is required. This versatile nature of rugs make them the best option when you are living in a rented property as you can take them to your new home easily during your move. It does not require any kind of labour in placement and is very easy to install. On the contrary, in full home carpet, one has to pay a whopping money to install carpets and it makes one stuck to it for almost the entire life. Therefore, buying area rugs in such situation is the best choice.

Reason # 2 – Easy To Keep Up & Clean –

Another good feature of area rug is its easy cleaning requirement. Yes, with area rugs, you don’t have to spend hours to make them clean and fresh. Moreover, if you want to clean area underneath a rug, you can easily do so by rolling the rugs up and take it away. Just clean the surface and put it again. In addition, cleaning rugs is also a hassle free job with area rugs as you can do it by using any rug cleaner. With a cleaner, there is no requirement to move furniture, but steam cleaning will do the job.

Reason # 3 – Hassle Free Replacement –

For any reason, if carpets and rugs get worn out, you can easily replace them. It is a great quality of area rugs. Just roll them up and say it a fine good bye. Buy any new piece of rug and replace it comfortably.

Reason # 4 – More Economical –

As compared to wall to wall rugs and carpets, area rugs are more economical and very pocket friendly. Though the actual expense would depend on the area of your home as for a big house, you would require several piece of rugs; whereas for a small home, less pieces would do. So, based on your own requirement, you would require to spend money on area rug. But one thing is sure that they are a way affordable than wall to wall carpets.

What To Look For When Shopping From Handmade rugs manufacturer India!

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Buying handmade rugs and carpets for your home may require you to spend hours in shopping as these rugs come in different sizes and shapes to match every home décor rightly. So, buyers need to pay a close attention when buying handmade rugs and carpets for themselves. This article revolves around various considerable things to choose the best rugs when shopping from handmade rugs manufacturer India. Apart from taking various considerable points into your consideration, you should also ensure to go to a reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer who enjoys a great reputation in the Indian rugs and carpet market and loved by buyers for providing the best quality carpets to them.

Now, let’s talk about various things to choose the best handmade rugs for your home.

When you are shopping for handmade rugs for your home, you first need to consider the size and shape of the carpet and rug that you are being offered from a handmade rugs manufacturer India. For this purpose, the best way to visualise your rug placed in a room is to utilise a masking tape for defining the rug area. You can also do it by laying various sheets on the floor. Make sure to note down these measurements rightly before start your carpet and rug shopping.

Handmade rugs manufacturer India 2

Give Attention To Feel of The Rug First –

A quality rug is known by its good feel. So, when you are on your hunt for perfect rug, you must care for the feel of it. Before shopping for these rugs, one must mentally and educationally prepare as handmade rugs are expensive on which you are going to spend hundreds of dollars. So, make sure you have enough knowledge about various things to choose perfect handmade rugs for your home.

To make a right choice in handmade rugs, following a book or magazine is a good idea. Check out these books and take inspirations and knowledge about the features and things that differentiate handmade rugs from normal rugs. When you have knowledge in hand, you minimise the chances to choose wrong pieces of carpets and rugs. This is a great way to avoid chances to being robbed with wrong product that most of the time buyers encounter when buying carpets randomly.

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Tips Related To Choose Perfect Shape of Rugs For Your Home –

  • Runner – This type of rug has rectangular, narrow and long shape and they are usually used in stairways, entrances and hallways.
  • Rectangular – These rugs have rectangular shape, but comes in varied sizes. You can buy these rugs for large size room or small room as well. They are perfect addition for dining areas and living rooms.
  • Oval shape rugs – they are a bit rare rug shape and have no size standard.
  • Round Shape Rugs – They come in equal width and lengths. They are perfect addition for living rooms for coffee tables.

Square shape rugs – Just as round shape, they have equal length and width and are perfect for rooms having square shape.

Learning The Precision & Expensiveness Of Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets!

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Carpet and rugs industry is not new but it dates back to many centuries. People in Middle East Asia, India, US and Europe demonstrate a great love for carpeting as they spend several dollars to have the best quality of carpets and rugs for their homes. If you are also looking for buying one of the best quality of carpets for your home, then think of hand tufted rugs carpets once. There are many great factors about hand tufted rugs and carpets that make them the trendiest and the most appealing carpet type of the time. In addition, for ensuring high quality of carpets, buyers prefer to shop for these expensive items from a reliable hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer.

In this article, we will tell you what you will receive by investing a whopping money on hand tufted rugs carpets from a good seller. Knowing the detailing of hand tufted carpets and rugs, one can make the best selection in these items and give their home décor a quality look. So, let’s check out all about hand tufted rugs and carpets.

Hand Tufted CArpet manufacturers in india-min

Hand Tufted Rugs Carpets – Boast Of Unmatchable Quality and Appearance –

When you visit an experienced hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, you probably find the best quality and the finest designs in these carpets. Though an inexperienced and novice exporter and manufacturer of carpets and rugs would cheat you at this stage by showing of wrong hand tufted rugs and carpets to you. At that stage, you should act carefully and pay attention to small elements of rugs and carpets.

So, while evaluating the best hand tufted rugs and carpets, you should focus on its designs, unique appearance, quality raw material used and softness. As compared to hand knotted rugs and carpets, hand tufted carpets and rugs are better in all terms. The material of these rugs will be of great quality, designs will be intricate, appearance will be catchy and piles would have great softness.

Hand tufted rugs carpet manufacturer in india-min

Hand Tufted Rugs Carpets Made Out Of Sheer Expertise With Great Amount Of Time Consumption –

When it comes to produce a fine hand tufted carpet, it requires a lot of time, labour and hard work from the weaver. So, an expert hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India would present items that would have whopping price tags. At that time, you should not feel cheated at all because these carpets are actually expensive due to the labour and time consumed on its manufacturing process. Therefore, if you already have a short budget, then hand tufted rugs carpets are not good for you to with.

Hand tufted rugs and carpets are decorative as well as functional décor items that feature relaxation, comfort, appeal and many advantages to individuals. Hence, the time one starts looking at these carpets, he must be prepared to pay a good amount on buying them. At Genie Carpet Manufacturer, carpet buyers can find an exclusive range at varied prices in hand tufted rugs and carpets.