Pros & Cons of Different Types of Rugs Available In Market!

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Carpets are not just a piece of floor covering, but a lot more. The benefits and usages of carpets make them a must have item for our home. From adding a classy touch to your home to bringing an extra layer of safety to your family, carpets do it all. Indeed, the functions of carpets are not merely limited to enhance flooring, but to dump noise, make a place more mesmerising, and include comfort to a place.

Though every type of carpet comes up with certain pluses and minutes and in this article, you get to learn about various types of carpets and their ins and outs. Being one of the best handmade rugs manufacturer India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers try their best to educate buyers about carpeting. Following this effort, we introduce a variety of materials used for carpet manufacturing to our customers. Along with material information, we will also make you familiar with which one you should go with and which should not.

In addition, to shop for the most authentic variety in carpets and rugs, go right on our online store at Genie Carpet Manufactures and place your order for handmade carpets now.

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Material variety in rugs & carpets available online –

Wool carpet & rugs – benefits & flaws – The good thing about wool carpet is its being natural material that is the beauty of this material. These carpets are known for resilience and sophistication. Carpets made of wool are purely insulating and have natural springiness in them. Due to these characteristics, they don’t ask for much maintenance to remain fresh and appealing. The texture of wool enables the carpet to recover fast if they get indenting or crushed due to furniture or footsteps. Moreover, they flaunt the quality of stain resistance that means they succeed in remaining attractive for long.

Drawbacks of wool carpet – The most annoying thing of wool carpets is their quite slow colour fading issue when are placed in direct sunlight. In addition, they are very adsorbent and hence are get affected from mildew if kept in a wet or damp space.

Silk carpets & rugs – Benefits – The visual appeal of silk carpets is the best from all types of materials. These carpets are regarded as the best standard of carpets due to their amazing shine as well as lustre. So, people who are looking for luxurious and lavishness in carpets would love buying silk carpets. There is no doubt about their expensiveness because of their premium status, yet buyers of handmade rugs don’t mind paying extra dollars for these classy carpets.

Drawbacks of silk carpets – They are delicate in nature and that is the main drawback of silk carpets. They don’t withstand a highly traffic areas. That means, you have to be very choosy about using silk carpets.

All and all, carpet materials decide the feel, appearance and appeal of handmade carpets and rugs. But, your selection of certain type of carpet would depend on factors like durability, lifespan, maintenance and a lot more. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will be given endless variety at truly reasonable price range to grab on!

Why Nylon Printed Machine Made Rugs Are Ideal Choice For Modern Homes!

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Bored of your existing home décor and want to add up something new to your place but without going out of budget? Start revamping your home décor with shopping for carpets and rugs. Rugs are the best way to bring newness to home décor. Especially in the living room, you can do a fantastic job by putting some trendy nylon printed carpets and rugs.

To buy the high quality and long-lasting nylon printed rugs, you can rely on Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we are a leading machine-made carpet manufacturer in India of the time. And we are being trusted by all veteran carpet buyers from not just India but overseas.

Now if we talk about nylon printed machine made carpets, many buyers find it unrealistic to give preference to machine made rugs over handmade rugs. If you are also one of such buyers, then read on following information covering why nylon printed machine made rugs can be the best choice for your next carpeting solution.


Enhance your room décor without burdening your pocket –

Home décor can be very expensive if you don’t pay attention to aspects like buying inexpensive décor solutions. Therefore, for buyers who are having tight budget for carpet buying, machine made carpets are the best choice. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, buyers are presented with fabulous variety of machine made nylon printed carpets that have contemporary design and authentic feel. So, buy the ones that captivates your eyes and we guarantee for the superior feel and quality of each of our machine made rug.

Manufacturing Process Differs Machine Made Rugs From Handmade Counterparts –

Being one of the most experienced nylon printed carpet manufacturer India, we know every aspect of machine made carpets in detail. So key difference in machine made and handmade rugs lies in their manufacturing process. Machine made rugs are manufactured on power looms which takes very less time to create carpets; however, handmade carpets take weeks and even months for single product creation. Therefore, the time consumption in manufacturing process determines the high or low price of these products.

But, when it comes to variety and choices, machine made rugs would certainly surprise you with unusual designs and materials. At Genie Carpet Manufacturer, online shoppers love to shop for machine made rugs as they find them long-lasting and very attractive for their modern home setting.

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Quick facts about machine made nylon printed carpets –

  • Machine made carpets can be produced within few hours. So, if you go to a custom machine made carpet manufacturer and supplier like Genie Carpet Manufacturer, you can get a unique carpet designed and supplied in very less time.
  • Machine made carpets are less expensive, but speak for long-lasting nature.
  • Machine made carpets come in a variety of materials including synthetic, faux, cotton etc. So, whichever material you like, you can find machine made carpets online from Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

There are so many reasons that support machine-made carpets value for modern buyers and hence, we highly recommend these carpets for budget-oriented buyers coming to our online store.

Buyer’s Guide For Buying The Best Shaggy Carpet & Rugs!

Shaggy Rug

The fast-growing Indian carpet industry has welcomed several budding carpet exporters India in the recent decade. These new carpet exporters in India have introduced buyers with endless choices in rugs and carpets to choose from. However, the availability of several options in carpet sellers and carpet choices have made it complex for buyers to make the right selection for the product as well as a product provider. At this stage, the only way to find quality carpets and rugs is to associate with a reputed carpet exporter in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

One of the most reliable and efficient shaggy carpet manufacturers in India, we commit to enhance consumer experiences by providing endless choices in carpets. Though our online collection comprises of a wide range of rugs and carpets, yet our shaggy carpets are known as the trendiest carpet form for modern home makers. In this article, we’ll tell you what exactly shaggy carpets are and how they are going to make your home look fantastic and comfortable.

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Shaggy Carpets – A trendy carpeting solution of the time –

Shaggy carpets and rugs are known for boasting of uniqueness in terms of designs and feel. They are good to be used in offices, home, cabin, lodge and any place where you look for warmth. They are so quick to add definition in a place with its appearance. The trendy designs, textural patterns of shaggy carpets make them fit for any area in a home.

At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can stun yourself with the extensive range of shaggy carpets online. Our current stock of shaggy carpets include enchanting colours, fabulous patterns, and spectacular sizes and shapes to choose from. So, just browse through our Shaggy Carpet online collection and grab the products that fit your requirements aptly.

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What is Shaggy Carpet & Rug –

As name implies, shaggy carpets and rugs appears quite messy and textural in appearance. They look to be frizzly; however, they feel very exquisite. These rugs are very diverse with uneven piles with bumpy and cluttered look. They are made of various materials and hence, they get that unique look. They have thicker piles and for that, they get uniqueness in their texture. The USP of shaggy rugs is their being excessively satiny and soft.

Though many people believe that shaggy rugs are the modern form of rugs whereas the reality is quite different. These rugs date back to the 60th century as at that time, they were quite a in trend. Introduced by Greece, these rugs paved in almost all the countries of the world and were loved by homemakers and individuals from all industries.

Pluses of Shaggy Rugs –

There are several plus points about shaggy rugs which include –

  • They quickly give a home a textural and trendy feel.
  • They come in an unusual variety, colors, and shapes to fit various requirements of buyers.
  • Due to their design, they give a room look bigger and more elegant.
  • Their cozy feel adds warmth to the flooring.

So, there are remarkable aspects about shaggy rugs that make them a lovable choice for buyers. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can order the best shaggy rugs online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Essential Pointers To Consider When Buying Machine Made Carpets For Your Home!

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Home furnishing is always an exciting thing that we all love to do with care and thoughtfulness. Buying various stuff like home decor, furnishings, furniture etc. and then placing everything in a way that it exhibits your creativity and personality, is truly a job that one does from heart. So, when you decide to bring some appeal in your existing home furnishing, think of buying machine made carpets because they are long lasting, pocket-friendly, and comes in enchanting colours and designs.

What to expect from Machine Made Carpets –

When you buy these carpets from a reputed machine made carpet manufacturer India, you automatically find confidence in your purchase. The machine made carpets from a reliable manufacturer will ensure you with several attractive features which include –

  • Long Lasting Carpets – Carpets are often expensive and are considered to be used for years. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider long lasting nature of carpets that you buy. When you purchase carpets from a well-known machine made carpet manufacturer India, you receive a guarantee with these carpets to be long lasting.

Whether you use machine made carpets roughly in high-traffic areas in your home, or you use mildly, a good quality machine made carpet would not go anywhere at least for a decade. To buy such a long lasting carpets and rugs, you can explore Genie Carpet Manufacturers’ online store and make the best picks for your home.

  • Myriads of Choices – Several choices are certain to be found in machine made carpets. As machine made carpets are the result of revolutionized carpeting industry, it has given manufacturers to try various techniques and methods to introduce endless choices to consumers.

If you see the carpet market from olden time to today, there is a huge change in carpet making techniques and so in the variety. Consequently, when you visit the store of an experienced machine made carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you should get ready to get spellbound because you are going to have myriads of choices in designs, shapes, colours and patterns.

Having such a huge variety present before a buyer means he/she can make the best selection in carpets to match their existing home décor or the new planned décor. Therefore, it is a way to actually enhance your home décor in a spectacular way.

  • Colours That Dazzle Your Space – Colours bring an instant freshness to any place if are chosen wisely. So, when you look for colour appeal in your carpets, machine made carpets have tremendous choice to bring in. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will be surprised on seeing a huge variety in colorful machine made carpets available online.

In contemporary apartment or house, these colorful machine made carpets will perfectly look enchanting.

To order the best machine made carpets online, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a one-stop platform to make shopping easy and reliable. From machine made to handmade, we have everything you need to enhance your flooring in the best way.

Buy Designer Carpets For Bringing Uniqueness In Place!


There are several buyers who crave for unique carpets and for that, they spend hours in the market sorting the best suiting product. In this attempt, most of the buyers struck at designer carpets because they are made on certain requirements and to fit certain décor precisely. Finding any copy of that carpet in the market or any of your known ones will be near to impossible. If you are also a lover of designer carpets, then always go to one of the top carpet company in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

With a huge online marketplace, Genie Carpet Manufacturers give buyers a fantastic variety of carpets that they happily set up to their home or offices. From commercial to domestic settings, everywhere designer carpets bring an exclusiveness that is hard to get from normal carpets. There are tremendous usages and benefits of designer carpets that a top carpet company in India would describe you. But, this article is also the easiest way to learn how designer carpets bring uniqueness to a place.

Let’s check out the advantages of designer carpets in this article –

Designer Carpets Are Designed & Inspired By Top Carpet Designers – It is one of many advantages of using designer carpets that they are different from usual. As every customer of designer carpet comes up with a new idea or concept of carpeting, the designers use their expertise and creativity to bring up a design that appeals their customers. Therefore, every single piece would speak to be meant for you only and that is the reason, top carpet company in India recommend them for premium projects.

Designer Carpets Boast Of Fabulous Patterns & Quality –

As far as quality is concerned, designer carpets from Genie Carpet Manufacturers come with superior quality. From colouring to the selection of fabric, everything is done thoughtfully considering the comfort and desire of the customers in mind. In addition, to create unique designs, the top designers of carpets go deep into the detailing of customers and also check out various resources and thus the end product comes up as the matchless product. For such fantastic advantages, most of the exclusive customers prefer to buy designer carpets for them.

Guarantee For No Copy Available On Earth –

Often time, it is seen that designer carpets attract to people who actually bothers for exclusiveness. The ones who desires for carpets that no other people would have in the world always ready to pay anything for designer carpets. And when you come to a top carpet manufacturer in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, there will be a certainty that your carpet would be unique and no copy of similar carpet would be available anywhere in the world.

So, this is the reason, designer carpets are loved by buyers who care for unique designs and actually hates similar products at their known ones’ places. To find the best quality of designer carpets, always go to a trust-worthy resource.

Great Tips To Find Great Carpets In India!


As the carpet industry in India is jammed with thousands of carpet exporters and manufacturers, it becomes very difficult to choose the right product. In the process of buying carpets, buyers should not merely consider ensuring quality of fabric, but sustainability and other factors also. This article is all about great tips to find great carpets in India and choosing the best carpet exporter in India for the fulfillment of your carpet purchase.

Factors Influencing Carpet Cost, Functionality & Look –

The time one starts looking for carpet in India, he/she comes up in contact with hundreds of carpet exporters and manufacturers. At that time, you own knowledge will make a great difference in your selection of right carpet for you. Primarily, following factors affect the cost, functionality and appearance of the carpets.

  • Fiber – It is the most important element of carpets as the fiber type determines the look, performance and cost of carpets. Usually, fibers are categorized in two types amely chemical fibers like polyester, nylon and olefin and natural fibers like wool. Numerous carpets contain the mixture of fibers and hence, each fiber type has to be measured as per the performance and expectations.

Following mentioned different fibers’ features and their performances –

Nylon –

  • Comes up with rich colours and numerous possibilities of models.
  • Highly durable and wear resistant
  • Perfect for high traffic places
  • Usually preferred for high stain resistance

Polyester –

  • Luxurious and very soft
  • Stain resistant solvable with water
  • Comes in great colour fastness and rich colours

Olefin –

  • Powerful fibers featuring wear resistance quality
  • Great fiber for carpet manufacturing
  • Resistant to fading and mildew
  • Inherent stain resistance
  • Static electricity resistant

Natural Fiber – Wool –

  • Soft feel and fully natural
  • Gives luxurious feel and appearance
  • Very pricey as compared to chemical fibers
  • Very durable, appealing and resilent
  • Fits perfect in areas with low traffic

 Manufacturing process – In carpet manufacturing, mostly 3 factors put a straight impact on its durability. Therefore, the manufacture has to maintain balance in all three factors as by doing so, he can retain the actual look of the carpet. Following mention 3 factors of manufacturing process –

  • Fiber Type – Checking the resilience and strength
  • Twisting of yarn – the volume of hair wound per inch ensures how the carpet would withstand the damage or maintain its shape.
  • Density of hair – The carpet hair count and proximity of tufts ensure carpet density.

Carpet Texture – The carpet texture is the carpet surface. The way carpet is being manufactured, its tufts and twists and hair density would ensure the smoothness or roughness of carpets. The carpet surface greatly influence the overall look and feel of the carpets and hence the best carpet exporters in India ensure to follow all these stages and create brilliant products to make their customers happy.

To buy the best quality of natural or machine made carpets, go to the best carpet manufacturers in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers only.

Discovering Why Carpet Tiles Are Gaining Immense Popularity!


For offices or all kinds of commercial spaces, carpet tiles have emerged as the trendiest carpeting solution. Still, if you are not much aware of carpet tiles, then here we are presenting all about carpet tiles. In addition, to buy the best carpet tiles at reasonable price range, shop from a reliable carpet tiles manufacturers and exporters like Genie Carpet Manufacturer. Before we start describing the facts and details about carpet tiles, let us present a clear idea on what carpet tiles are and how they are becoming so popular nowadays.

Learning Carpet Tiles In Detail –

Carpet tiles are in high trend these days. They are basically small sized carpet swatches of broadloom carpet. They can easily be combined and installed in different ways. One can find creativity in the placement of carpet tiles and hence get a unique and catchy carpet setting at a place. These are better known as carpet squares or modular carpets and comes in various sizes like 50 x 50, 60 x 60, 48 x 48 and also 96 x 96 cms. Moreover, you can get them as planks or long rectangular tile shapes.

The manufactures of carpet tiles offer them in various backing solutions in which hardback backing is quite famous. Besides them, open cell cushion and closed cell cushion backing are also two famous backing of carpet tiles. These tiles are packed with pre-fixed backing that implies of being directly installable on subfloor and easy and fast installation.

Reasons To Buy Carpet Tiles –

 Easily Replaceable – As compared to broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are easily cleanable. In their cleaning, users need to spend less money. In addition, they are good at replacing also. For instance, if any of the tiles got spilled or stained, you don’t have to replace the entire carpet tiles, but remove single stained piece and replace with fresh piece. This way, it is less troublesome to replace and maintain.

  • Easily Installable – In installation of carpet tiles, you need to spend only 20 percent of time that one spends on broadloom carpet installation. As these carpet tiles come in boxes, they are easy to carry at the space of installation. Moreover, for commercial spaces, you can easily move them via elevators. You can easily cut them in various shapes and sizes and hence, needs less effort to install.
  • Greatly Customization – These carpet tiles offer greatly creative flexibility to designers. As these tiles, come in various colours and designs, the interior decorators or designers can play well while installing them in their project.
  • Less Waste – Carpet tiles are environment friendly because the recycled pieces of these tiles can be converted into new products like medical equipment, new carpet and even car parts.
  • Economic – Another great benefit of using carpet tiles on broadloom carpets is their being economical or cost effective. In these carpet tile purchase, buyers may initially find them more expensive than that of broadloom carpets. But, on the long term, they can be used for around 17 years and the life of broadloom carpets is just 10 years maximum. Moreover, in the installation of carpet tiles, you can save your money and also in transportation.

Why Machine Made Nylon Printed Carpets Are Great Choice!


For residential carpeting, around 90 percent buyers prefer machine made and nylon printed carpets in modern houses. This is one of the many reasons, carpet manufacturers India invest a lot of effort to create unique designs and collection of nylon printed carpets and rugs. For traffic areas or crowded settings, these machine made carpets fit in the perfect way for being durable and also static free. These carpets maintain the height of carpet and also perfect resist soiling. So, there are so many causes that encourage buyers to choose machine made and nylon printed carpets and this article is all about these carpets. Read on the complete information right here and consider it while buying carpets for your next project.


Machine Made And Nylon Printed Carpets & Its Characteristics –

In overall carpet buying trend, 65 percent carpets are nylon machine made carpets which include residential and commercial buying. For commercial spaces that bear the high amount of traffic and rigid usage, nylon carpets are regarded as the best choice. They are good at stain resistance as well as mildew resistance. A good carpet manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers adopt the most effective technique which adds more durability and functionality to these machine made carpets. As a good manufacturer uses to dye carpet fibers of nylon post production, they perfectly maintain coloring. So, such carpets sustain their color even in heavy sunlight.


Moreover, being made of continuous spun fibers, they have short fiber length and hence, continuous filaments make them hard to unravel.


Facts Relating Nylon Carpets –

Nylon is a strong and durable fiber that carpet manufacturers use to create attractive and functional machine made carpets. This fiber combines some unusual properties that make them better over other carpet fibers. Nylon fibers create yarn-forming stuff of a long chain with synthetic polyamide of continuous amide collections as an important part of polymer chain. It works as staple for commercial application and sold as solution-dyed fibers. For these features, nylon accounts for more than 60 percent of whole carpet fibers in the industry.


Key Benefits of Machine Made Nylon Carpets –

Machine Made and Nylon Printed Carpets come with remarkable benefits due to their unique properties. Following mentioned key advantages of these fibers that make them the best choice for carpet creation.

  • Ideal for cover as well as bulk carpet creation
  • Long wearing fiber
  • Having great crush resistance power
  • Having amazing luster range
  • Flaunts clear colours
  • Great dye depths range
  • Good at soil resistance
  • Greatly works at low weights
  • Ideally works to cleaning

So, these are few of the many benefits of nylon fibers and considering these advantages, manufacturers and suppliers of carpet and rugs in India find a great trust in them. If you are also interested to buy some unique pieces of machine made nylon carpets, bring your enquiry to Genie Carpet Manufacturers right away. The carpet collection of machine made nylon carpets online would definitely satisfy your carpeting needs at great extent.

Tremendous Advantages To Use Hospitality & Custom Carpets!


Hospitality and custom carpets have several advantages that encourage hoteliers and premium carpet seekers to choose them. But, for the best quality of hospitality and custom carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers is an ideal platform. Whether you love dazzling colours or seek unique carpet shapes and designs, this place has every type of carpets flaunting perfection, class and aesthetic beauty. This article is all about various benefits that buyers or users enjoy by using great hospitality and custom carpets.

Buying Custom Carpets –

When it is a commercial space, one thinks of different aspects to enhance its overall appearance and beauty. For the enhancement of flooring, carpets are regarded as the perfect option. Carpets offer benefits like insulation of heat and sound, great underfoot comfort and very simple to maintain. Though the biggest advantage of buying hospitality custom carpets is its choice to have designed them as per your idea. This way, custom carpets are ideally a flexible flooring enhancement solution that hospitality industry admire.

Custom Hospitality Carpets Creating Desired Effect –

Custom carpets accompany a great amount of visual beauty to hotels due to their large surface space in the room. So, it is one of the reasons to choose a bespoke or custom carpet for a commercial space as it makes easier to make a space according to your taste. Custom carpets blend well with all kinds of hospitality businesses like hotels, offices, restaurant, leisure centre, salon etc. By enabling users to get carpets designed as per a room’s existing décor or paint colour, it fits perfect to a surrounding.

Choice In Fibres –

Custom carpets are not just a fascinating option for various styles and design choices, but a good carpet manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers allows buyers to come up with ideas of fibres in which they look for carpets to be woven. As per the choice of buyers, custom carpets are created in their desired fibres. This way, you cannot just attain the look as you hope for, but also the feel and quality.

Having option in fibre selection for hospitality and custom carpets, restaurant owners can find benefit to getting them woven in fibre that stands well against deep cleaning or stain removal techniques. As restaurant business deals with live customers and eatery, this consideration is essential for hoteliers or restaurant business for carpet maintenance.

Option To Have Countless Combinations –

 The hospitality and custom carpets allows one to have several possibilities in flooring solution. Several diversity means customer have numerous choices to improve existing condition of a hard flooring. For this purpose, custom carpets comes with several combinations of designs, colours and also fibres to be blended and matched to bring up an impact that one looks for. These qualities make custom carpets a dynamic choice for hospitality businesses.

So, to buy high quality bespoke or custom carpets for your hotel, restaurant, or any other hospitality business, consult Genie Carpet Manufacturers which holds a great reputation in Indian Carpet and Rugs industry.

Hospitality Flooring & Its Deep Relation With Hospitality Carpets!


Though hotels have luxury tile flooring, yet the role of carpets and rugs is still as fresh as earlier days. The growing demand of hoteliers to find reputed hospitality carpet manufacturers online shows how deep relation hospitality carpets share with hotel flooring. Being aesthetically attractive and easily cleanable, hospitality carpets are a must have furnishing item in hotels.

As per leading interior design experts, the role of carpets in hospitality sector is rapidly evolving as they are considered to be an integral part of interior. These décor items are a piece of sheer art that reflects the intent and style of the hotel in a unique way. It is not just a commodity, but more of that. The expertise of artisans give carpets uniqueness that every hotelier seeks to bring in his asset.

Moreover, the hospitality carpet manufacturers believe that carpets are a fun solution for hard flooring of hotels as they are palatable that gives floor surface longer life. When a floor is covered with a carpet, it gets less stains and damages because carpets handle them on their own and does not let anything affect the condition of floors. A worn down or damaged carpets can easily be replaced with less fuss and hence, a better way to maintain the beauty of your hotel.

The selection of good hospitality carpets is another challenging task for one because they should not be low quality or any usual carpet. They must carry great colours and made of superior materials as they would reflect the prestige and status of your hotel business. So, let’s check out the leading colours and choices in materials of hospitality carpets.

Choosing Right Hospitality Carpet Material & Colour –

For hotel carpets, you must choose ever-trendy colours that include grays in majority. Carpets in this shade are quite in high volume available in the market. Apart from them, neutral colours also go well with hotel carpets. Carpets with brown tones are in high popularity among hoteliers because these shades are less likely to fade soon and are functional as well.

Talking about designs of carpets for hotels, non-directional shapes relying over heavy texture layers are trendiest. In the background design layers, shades from blue shade family act like the neutral tones and fit perfect to hotel environments. Besides blue shades, colour schemes based on naturally developing earthy materials enjoy the great popularity as they create internally sourced interior of the hotel.

In design choices for hotel carpets, hoteliers prefer art and craft based designs as they relate to the lifestyles. The materials of ideal hotel carpets can be a blend of wool and nylon or nylon fibres because they are strong and wearable.

If you are looking for the best hotel carpets, go to an experienced hospitality carpet exporters India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers as this company holds a rich experience and reputation in the Indian carpet industry. So, whether you need handmade carpets or machine made hotel carpets, always rely on a reputed hospitality carpet exporters.