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How To Choose A Right Oriental Carpet & Rug That Fits Your Need Perfectly!

There are so many online and offline sellers and exporters available for oriental rugs and carpets in India. Still, it is a matter of sheer confusion for new buyers to decide which oriental rug and carpet is the best for their certain needs. Well, it is actually a good question to be considered prior to start your shopping for oriental rugs and carpets for your home. But, before that, it is equally important to place your order to a reputed carpet exporters India as only from there you can find the most attractive and best quality of oriental carpet and rug.

Due to the supreme quality of oriental rugs and carpets, buyers from different countries of the world prefer shopping for carpets and rugs from carpet exporters India. So, we suggest always take your carpet and rug query to an experienced carpet exporters India who would serve you with distinct variety in these items. All the products from these carpet exporters India are known for high quality and exclusiveness. Now, we will guide you how to choose a right oriental carpet and rug for your home.

First Get The Fabric Feel Of Rugs & Carpets –

When you shop for rugs and carpets in India for the first time, then firstly focus on getting its feel. Before finalising carpet purchase, stop for some time and prepare yourself mentally first. For this purpose, our tips are good to go with or you can also take help of carpet related book. Browse through the information and check out the one that you find attractive and worth reading. This tip is functional to those who are not in much hurry. Though for a quick purchase, take idea or make choice from looking at different carpet pictures and paying attention on patterns designed onto them. Keenly observing these patterns will help you finding the difference between varied kinds of carpets and rugs. This way, you can make a distinct choice in oriental rugs and carpets during your purchase.

Buy Rugs After Measuring Up Your Room Space –

The experienced and reputed carpet exporters India provide a huge variety in oriental rugs and carpets. This variety can be seen in rug sizes and shapes as well.  The variety in carpet shapes and sizes allow home makers to add a unique touch in their place. Yet, at the same time, it is important to measure the room size accurately. If you have the accurate measurements of your room size, you can pick the most suitable piece of oriental carpet and rug. This purchase won’t let you disappoint after placing it in the room for which it has been brought.

Just like size, shape of the carpet also matters a lot. However, before choosing a carpet of certain shape, you should consider your room décor and its furniture design. By matching room décor and furniture shape, you can select ideal shape of rugs and carpets for a certain area in your home.

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What To Do To Enhance Life Of Your Expensive Rugs & Carpets!

rugs manufacturers exporters India

Buying rugs and carpets for your home or office premises is a pricey trade that may require you to spend a big portion of your savings. As rugs and carpets are expensive, buyers often desire to use them for many years. No doubt, a good carpet and rug lives for many years, but living as attractive as the new one is a big challenge for many to overcome. Rugs and carpets from reputed rugs manufacturers exporters India flaunt of matchless quality, but when you know the right method to keep them fresh and attractive, you can use them happily for decades.

Being one of the most renowned rugs manufacturers exporters India, we know what it needs to maintain rugs and carpets long lasting and appealing for several years. Therefore, from our experience, we share some secrets to add life in your expensive rugs and carpets that you buy from your hard-earned money from one of us.

Follow Simple Methods To Keep Your Rugs And Carpets Safe & Unaffected For Years – The expensive rugs and carpets are made of premium material like wool. These rugs are highly durable and outperforming as compared to rugs and carpets made of other materials. These rugs clean better, lives longer and are more resilient.

  • Get Professional Rug Cleaning Service – Taking services of professional rug cleaners is a great way to conduct skilled cleaning and maintenance of your rugs and carpets. Such cleaning results in colour richness and wool softness. According to the traffic volume, the professional carpet washing is highly necessary for once in 1 or 3 years of time. Though we never recommend our customers to dry clean the carpets or rugs as the chemicals used in dry cleaning can affect the life of wool or silk used to create them. Just as dry cleaning, steam cleaning is also not recommended for the upkeep of carpets and rugs.
  • Regular Rotation of Rugs & Carpets – For the insuring wear of carpets and rugs, we recommend our customers to rotate them at least once in a year. Based on the traffic volume, the frequency of rotation may vary from 6 months – 2 years. But in all cases, it is good for the betterment of carpets and rugs.

rugs manufacturers exporters India


  • Take Benefit From Vacuuming – For the maintenance of rugs and carpets, vacuuming is the best idea. For better results, we suggest to vacuum carpets on daily basis as it helps removing dirt collected on the surface of carpets and also, restore the fibers’ life. Though we do not recommend to vacuum fringes of the carpets.
  • Padding Is Good – To protect carpets from wear, slippage and dirt, the use of padding can be effective.
  • Restoration – In case, your carpets and rugs get a damage for any reason, you should consult the professional restoration service. The carpet rewove is a great solution of worn carpets.
  • Stain Removing & Blotting – If you find your rugs and carpets have spills, you can dilute them with a lot of water. After that, blot the rugs from spill edge towards its center. Do not rub the section. This way, you can get rid of spill instantly.

Finding Out Various Types Of Rugs & Carpets To Enhance Your Décor!

carpet manufacturers India

The rugs and carpets industry in India is quite big as the history of Indian rugs dates back to centuries and the craze for Indian rugs and carpets is still the same among people. So, if you too love buying rugs and carpets for your home or office décor, then this article is worth your interest as here we list some notable yet attractive kinds of rugs and carpets that you can buy from carpet manufacturers India.

Being a reputed rug and carpet industry, India has hundreds of carpet manufacturers India actively engaged in selling and exporting rugs and carpets. This huge presence of carpet manufactures makes buyers engage in thorough research to locate the best seller from all carpet manufacturers India. To make your carpet buying process easier, we suggest you buy the best rugs and carpets from Genie Carpet Manufacturers in India as it is renowned exporters and manufacturers of all kinds of rugs and carpets. Now, let’s put some light on various types of rugs and carpets available in India to sellers.

carpet manufacturers India

Different Types Of Rugs & Carpets =

Oriental Rugs & Carpets – These rugs and carpets fall in the exquisite category and are the quite popular variety of these products. In Asian countries, they are extensively being used due to the utilization of oriental themes and motifs. These rugs and carpets represent elegance due to its elemental presentation, grounding borders and movements as their design shows the message of liveliness.

Antique Carpets & Rugs – The antique carpets and rugs comprise of traditional and antique designs having regional arrangements and famously attractive motifs. These carpets represent the greatest design of the ancient world as it is based on traditional weaving technique, but still, carry a great potential for décor.

Artistic Folk Carpets & Rugs – These rugs are known for a personal touch because usually they are based on some scenery. In these rugs, you will see striking grounded pictures or appearances because they are designed around neutral tones to bring in captivating elements that catch the attention of viewers.

carpet manufacturers India

Antique Tribal Rugs & Carpets – The rugs and carpets fall in tribal rugs category are basically those made by tribal people. In early times, carpet and rug makers of tribal rugs use to make them in tents and these were limited to them only. But, nowadays, big carpet manufacturers have given a boost to these carpets and sell them to buyers.

Area Rugs – Area rugs and carpets are one of the most famous kinds of carpets available in the Indian carpet industry. Being highly sophisticated and easy to maintain, they fit perfectly into the modern lifestyle and home environment.

Durrie Rugs & Carpets – Durrie is another famous variety of carpets and rugs in India as people from all class love to buy durrie for a varied purpose.

Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets – These carpets are very elegant in design and come in several shades that match the modern home décor perfectly.

What To Look For When Buying Premium Rugs & Carpets!

Buying premium rugs and carpets for your new or old home can be time taking as it is a pricey trade in which people happily spend hundreds of dollars. But, still there is no guarantee that they get the premium quality rugs and carpets as expected. So, what is the solution to deal with such situation? Is there a way out to make a right purchase of high quality premium rugs and carpets that are long lasting, comfortable, attractive and aesthetically and practically perfect?

Well, yes, the solution is definitely available and here we are talking about some essential factors to remember when buying high quality rugs and carpets. Along with all the aspects that we are going to discuss, it is equally important to buy these items from a reputed and renowned rugs and carpets exporters in India.

Being a big carpet market, India accommodates numerous rugs and carpets exporters including experienced and newbies. But, for the sake of high quality products, you have to look for the experienced and skilled rugs and carpets exporters in India who fulfil his commitments with excellence and skills. Now, let’s talk about various aspects that help buyers to decide which carpets and rugs are the best buy and which are not.

Evaluate The Carpet Quality With Its Knot Count –

When premium quality carpet or rug is decided on the basis its fibre and the way they are woven. So, to determine the quality of a selected carpet, just turn over it. If it is made by machine, the knots will be uniform. Usually, the knot counts are taken as the main determinant of carpet quality, yet many contemporary carpets and rugs do not follow this determinant. Traditionally, an ideal carpet must have more than 120 knots per square inch. So, checking the knot count,  you may get an idea about the quality of the carpets.

Fibre – Another Determinant To Choose Quality Carpet & Rug –

Most of the guidebooks to help buyers ensuring high quality carpets suggest a burn test on the fibre. It is a proven and excellent way to check excellence of fibre used to manufacture carpets. So, if you are shopping from a physical store for carpets and rugs, you should not mind conducting this check. But, as most of the modern buyers prefer online shopping, this test is not possible to be conducted during the purchase. However, once the product gets delivered to your doorstep, you can test it by burning a little fibre from the carpet and ensure the quality.

Finding What The Best Carpet Material Is To Recognise Best Carpets & Rugs!

Carpet and rug buying can be difficult in the beginning for many if one does not make a thorough research of these products. As most of the carpets and rugs are expensive, buying low quality carpets and rugs may prove a loss of hundreds of dollars for you. Therefore, to avoid this kind of loss on your carpet shopping, we have brought this article to your consideration. In this article, carpet and rug buyers can find information related to carpet material by which they are made of. Knowing the right material of carpets, a buyer can better evaluate the equality and expected performance of selected products. Therefore, our guide can be an ultimate shopping partner for you to help you avoid buying wrong products.

Before we start presenting this guide, we would like to tell you to buy carpets from a reputed carpet manufacturer India who has a good track record of supplying premium quality carpets and rugs to buyers. Finding a skilled carpet manufacturer India is a way to gain confidence in selecting the best quality rugs that would certainly feature great design, amazing colours and superior craftsmanship. Along with all other important elements, a good quality carpet and rug is evaluated on the basis of its material used to create them.

Now, we will put some light on various carpet materials used to create or manufacture the range of carpets and rugs available in the market.

Finding The Right Material For Best Carpets & Rugs –

It is a fact that buying rugs and carpets from an experienced carpet manufacturer India will ease up your purchase; however, the knowledge of materials used to create carpets can enhance the process. With this knowledge, you can differentiate between various types of carpet fabrics and choose the best as per your needs.

Carpet Material – Jute –

For manufacturing carpets, jute is one of the most famous natural material. The rugs and carpets made of jute are highly warm and very soothing in appearance. The soft texture of these rugs adds a luxurious feel to them and also, make them perfect for living areas, bedrooms and even children rooms.

Carpets Made Of Sisal –

Just like jute, sisal is another famous natural carpet material that most of the carpet manufacture India uses for creating high quality products. The weaves of sisal are known for being highly durable; hence, are perfect for areas like hallways and stairs. They are perfect for adding warmth in living areas in a home.

Coir Material –

The carpets made of coir feature a great warmth due to their golden hues which are quite comforting. For being hardwearing, these carpets and rugs perform amazing when they are used in hallways. From a good carpet manufacturer India, you can see exclusive variety in coir carpets and rugs.

Seagrass carpets & Rugs –

Being the roughest carpet material, the rugs and carpets made of seagrass look amazing when they are used in busy areas like hallways etc. Though due to rough touch, they are not that good to be used in bedrooms or living areas.

Carpets & Rugs Made Of Wool –

Wool is one of the most captivating material to create carpets and rugs. The carpets made of wool are known for longevity, comfort and warmth.

Buyers’ Handy Guide To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs That Last Long!

Are you planning to give your existing home décor a new makeover? If yes, then hand tufted rugs would certainly be in your latest shopping list as these days, almost every modern home maker love to use hand tufted rugs for their excellence and sophistication that it brings to a place where they are placed. Before we make you familiar with our handy guide to buy hand tufted rugs that actually last very long, we would like to introduce you with the best place to order for these products and that is; hand tufted rugs manufacturer india / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india.

Being one of the most trusted platform for all kinds of rugs and carpets, hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india comes as the top when it comes to find the best quality products. In addition, India has marked its excellence in creating and offering the best quality hand tufted rugs, hence, when you buy these carpets from India, the quality guarantee comes naturally with them.

How To Buy Hand Tufted Rugs For Great Use –

When it comes to buy hand tufted rugs, Indian carpet and rugs market comes on the top among buyers as it is a famous marketplace for these products. Though being a big marketplace, you may encounter with a hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india whose products are not as good as they are labelled. To avoid indulging in a wrong purchase of rugs, it is good to gain some useful knowledge about hand tufted rugs and then, go out to shop for them. So, to start with, just learn what hand tufted rugs are exactly:

Knowing Hand Tufted Rugs In A Right Way –

To manufacture hand tufted rugs, the hand tufted rugs manufacturer India / hand tufted carpet manufacturer india uses a fabric that is being stretched over a frame. To pass across horizontally, the manufacturer uses a tufting gun with which they shoot yarn through its fabric. This process leaves a loop of a yarn at the front and the back of each shot. With the completion of this process, the back loops get fixed in their place via latex; whereas the front loops remain opened, hence creating a pile. The finishing method is quite same as that of hand-knotted rugs and carpets. Though it is worth noting that completing the hand tufted carpet or rugs may needs less than ¼ time for a carpet having same size with hand knotted rugs. Hence, they are more economical and better than hand knotted ones.

Process of Making Hand Tufted Rugs –

Talking about the process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs, they are hand-made items traditionally and are being taken as garments. In these rugs, the woollen side remains inside; however, the weft and warp base remains the outside. It is quite common manufacturing with mittens. The process of manufacturing hand tufted rugs and carpets involves moving the thread in the on-going long loop. It is the easiest form of carpet and rugs weaving. Once the weaving is done, the tufted loops gets clipped that leads to a beautiful balanced finish.

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Effective Maintenance Tips For Better Usage Of Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets!

hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

Carpets and rugs are the most popular items in home décor that people love to use in their home. No doubt, they look amazing and enhance the luxurious impact in a place, yet to have an impactful appearance of your carpets, you should give them regular maintenance. As carpets and rugs come in varied types, one should give maintenance to each carpet type distinctively. In this article, we will tell you how to effective maintain hand tufted rugs and carpets for the long use. In addition, to ensure the high quality hand rugs and carpets, always choose a reliable and reputed hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

As India has a big rugs and carpets market, buyers may encounter numerous hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India during their search for quality carpets. But, after reviewing the online feedback and customer satisfaction reviews on various online platform, you may easily differentiate between good and bad hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India. Now, we will talk about some effective maintenance tips for better usage of hand tufted rugs and carpets.


Tips To Maintain Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets –

The first and important tip for quality carpets is to buy these products from a renowned and trust worthy hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India. Buying these items from such a reliable exporter from India will guarantee for high quality carpets that are sure to be durability, long lasting and great. But, the appealing look of hand tufted rugs and carpets depend on how you clean and maintain them. Our tips will contribute to keep your carpets cleaner and look impressive for years.


hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.



Maintenance Tips To Protect Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets From Sunlight –

When you are concerned for the maintenance of your hand tufted rugs and carpets, you must keep it safe from sunlight. So, avoiding sunlight is your first step to give quality maintenance to carpets and rugs for the long use. Though we do not mean to keep it completely away from the reach of sunlight as it is not practical. In case, you are going out somewhere for few days, make sure to use curtains to cover. This tip will not let your carpets get colourless or faded. To avoid the footsteps effect to ruin the beauty of your carpets, keep them turning around time to time.

Maintenance From Infestation Issues –

Just as other carpets and rugs, the growth of infestation is a common issue in hand tufted rugs which is caused by several things. For this purpose, you should keep aerate in short intervals. If you cannot aerate them, you should use some products which are easily available in the market to avoid infestation to affect carpets and rugs.

Regular Maintenance Is Must To Sustain Hand Tufted Carpet Quality –

Hand tufted carpets and rugs should be cleaned in a regular period. For this purpose, vacuuming is a great thing. Though while vacuuming, you should ensure that it should not be over-vacuumed.

Practical Guide To Consider For Perfect Wall To Wall Carpeting!

wall to wall carpet manufacturer India

Are you interested to buy wall to wall carpets for your office or home? Do you feel wall to wall carpeting is a good and impressive element in home décor? Do you feel fascinated with the effects of the wall to wall carpeting? If the answer of all these questions is affirmative, then this article is worth your interest. The information contained here will reveal how to do wall-to-wall carpeting in a perfect manner for your home. Before we present our proven tips related to the wall to wall carpeting, we would like to inform you that always buy rugs and carpets from a reputed wall to wall carpet manufacturer India who has a good record of creating and offering quality wall to wall carpets to customers.

wall to wall carpet manufacturer India

Buying rugs and carpets from a reliable and reputed wall to wall carpet manufacturer India is also a way to eliminate the chances of buying a wrong product. Moreover, a good wall to wall carpet manufacturer makes sure that the customers are supplied with the products as they expect for. Now, we will present some practical tips for the perfect wall to wall carpeting.


Tips For Adequate Wall To Wall Carpeting –

To gain the maximum advantages and for the best usage of the wall to wall carpets, it is vital to do carpeting in the right manner. Many people who fail to do the proper carpeting in their place end up with the carpet quality and performance issues at last. Therefore, to enjoy carpeting benefit for a long time, homeowners must consider our practical tips and do wall to wall carpeting accordingly.

  • When you go to a wall to wall carpet manufacturer India for buying this kind of carpets, you will be presented with numerous choice in the wall to wall carpets. At that time, you should check carpets with the density of threads as it ensures the durability of the product. For good wear, the tufts should be closer. For this purpose, conduct grin test that can be done by bending the carpet corner over one of your fingers and then, check how much backing you can see. The good carpet features minimally visible backing.
  • If your motive to use the wall to wall carpets is to reduce sound and conserve energy, then make sure to buy carpets that have a deep pile, thick padding, and high density. This kind of carpet brings many air pockets.
  • If you are buying wall to wall carpets for a poor condition floor, first mask the unevenness of floor with padding and then, place wall to wall carpet.
  • For convenient cleaning and easy turning for wear distribution, it is advised to buy carpets that have exact dimensions as your room and bound to edges. This kind of carpet will make it easy and cheap to clean them. For sustainability, keep padding under them and anchor corners using carpet tape.

So, these are some effective wall to wall carpeting tips that you must follow while using them at your place.


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Discover The Aesthetic Touch & Elegance Of Indian Carpets & Rugs!

In the rugs and carpet industry, Indian rugs market is very famous and well-recognized on the global level. This market is an immensely established segment in which more than 2 million weavers are employed. So, when it comes to quality rugs and carpets, most of the buyers start looking for the good rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India. There are so many reasons that make Indian carpets and rugs favorite for homemakers, offices, and commercial segments. This article is focused around the aesthetic features and qualities of Indian carpets and rugs that everyone must be aware of.

rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India2

Rugs Carpet Manufacturers Exporter In India Serve Carpeting Needs For Centuries –

Due to the seamless quality and matchless designs of Indian carpets and rugs, the reputed rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India enjoy the trust of buyers from all corners of the world for centuries. The handmade rugs and carpets offered by rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India fit the expectations and needs of buyers who care for quality over quantity. Buying a good Indian carpet means having a product with great design, fabulous quality, and appealing color combinations. For such exclusive features, these carpets are demanded by the international buyers and homemakers.

Rugs Carpets In India & Its History –

Talking about the history and origin of rugs and carpets manufactured in India, it dates back to the time of Mughals. It is heard that the most appealing and splendid rugs and carpets had been woven in the Mughal period. The main patrons of these items were wealthy, nobility and royalty. After some time, these carpets became a home décor item of ordinary homes as ordinary and business people also started using and buying them. With years of experience and consistent practice to weave handmade rugs, India weavers converted into unique artists; hence, the rugs created by them are known for the best quality and outstanding looks.

Rising Demand of Rugs And Carpets From India In Present Time –

Now talking about the rugs and carpets from Indian manufacturers and exporters, these products are in trend these days. There are some famous carpet making centers in north India and rugs made by these weavers flaunt for exclusive craftsmanship and matchless design and color combination. Agra, Srinagar, Bhadohi, Danapur, and Jaipur are some famous carpet manufacturing markets in India. Apart from these centers, the network of carpet manufactures in India is spread all across the nation.

Most Famous Rugs & Carpet Types From India –

When it comes to the famous Indian carpets and rugs, there are some prevalent options falls in handmade rugs and carpet types. The most captivating carpet types include hand tufted woolen carpets, pure silk carpets, chain stitch carpets, gabbe woolen carpets, Durrie carpets and many more. Buying these carpets for your home will definitely bring a magical effect in your place and will enhance the aesthetic beauty of it.

So, choose a good rugs carpet manufacturers exporter in India and get your demand for quality carpets to fulfill with quality guarantee.

Things You Should Never Miss To Buy The Best Handmade Rugs!

handmade rugs exporters India

Buying quality handmade rugs can be tricky if it is your first purchase. Most of the buyers who are interested to buy handmade rugs rely on reliable handmade rugs exporter India as they commit to offer the best rugs quality like no one can offer. So, the journey to buy right handmade rugs starts from location a good handmade rugs exporter India. In addition, there are many other important things that have to be taken into account to choose the most captivating and quality handmade rugs and this article contains information related to those things.

An overview for Handmade Rugs –

Rugs creation is an artistic trade which is famous for thousands of years. Oriental and Persian rugs come under handmade rugs which usually pass through one generation to another for being valuable, beautiful aesthetically and durable. Although, handmade rugs flaunt these qualities, yet there are certain evaluation measures that should keep in mind to ensure an adequate purchase of these items from handmade rugs exporters India.

handmade rugs exporters India.

Let’s talk about some handy tips to help you choose quality handmade rugs that would stay in your home for years and would always get you appreciation from all.

  1. What To Do To Prepare For Handmade Rug Buying –

Buying rugs is not like buying any crockery or any home appliance. It is all about determining quality and choosing accurate product that fits perfectly to your place. So, there are certain things that should be done before stepping out in the market to find a good handmade rugs exporters India.

Firstly determine the right rug size –

Rugs can be purchased in multiple sizes. And when you think of purchasing handmade rugs, firstly measure the area of a room where you plan to put a rug in. Your rug size will be shorter from the area of your room. At this stage, you should measure sizes of dining room, entryways, hallways, living room, and also bedrooms. The furniture arrangements should also be taken into account while measuring room sizes.

handmade rugs exporters India.

Make a choice in modern & traditional handmade rug designs –

Handmade rugs come in different designs like traditional and modern. So, it is a good idea to make your mind for the design type before starting the shopping.

Be clear with your rugs budget –

Handmade rugs often come with a hefty price-tag. So, whatsoever is your budget is; just be clear with that as handmade rugs exporters India will definitely help you by serving right product at right budget.

  1. Selecting Best Handmade Rugs Exporters India –

To buy matchless quality of handmade rugs, it is essential to shop from good handmade rugs exporters India because they can only educate you for the actual craftsmanship of their products. They would never mind to provide you information related to country of origin, fibre content used in rugs and overall quality. They would also present you some comparisons between various types of handmade rugs and help you choose the best items as per your expectations and desire.

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