Best Ways To Rightly Store Your Handmade Rugs & Carpets!

When we talk about making a home look beautiful, the most effortless idea seems to carpeting or the usage of rugs in various rooms of the house. Mainly designed to enhance flooring of a place, carpets and rugs are one of the must have items for a contemporary or traditional home setting. In the market, machine made and handmade rugs and carpets are ruling from which handmade rugs are gaining more love and popularity for many reasons. They are custom-made, exclusive, and expensive and made of skilled artisan with fully natural materials; whereas the machine made counterparts are made by machines and feature less artisan skill and less labour. Those who understand the value of handmade rugs often try to discover various ideas to make them long lasting with perfect maintenance and storage solutions.

Handmade rugs are expensive and you probably would like to use them for years. For this purpose, it is imperative to give them care and adequate upkeep. This article is all about who to store your handmade rugs and carpets rightly to use them for decades. In addition, when you buy these items from a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India, you are provided with various helpful instructions about its maintenance and storage. A good handmade rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers makes it assured that customers can make the best and longest possible use of these expensive carpets in their home or commercial settings.

Best ideas to effectively store your precious and expensive handmade rugs and carpets –

  1. If your handmade rugs that you have bought from a reliable handmade rugs exporter India, are made of wool fibre, you need to clean them professionally every time you suppose to store them. The reason for the same is because; moths are usually attracted to dirt and dust and when you store a dirty handmade rug, it becomes more prone to get damaged due to the attack of moths.
  2. For enhancing the life of your handmade rugs and carpets, you must wrap them in a clean cotton sheet while storing it. The cotton allows the rugs to have sufficient breathe and sustain its feel for a long time. On the contrary, the rugs covered in a plastic or any other sealing sheet often gets damaged due to humidity.
  3. Always keep the handmade rugs in a ventilated area and those who think closets are the best place to store them are actually on mistake. Such areas provide stagnant environment to rugs and such environments are actually moth friendly.
  4. Don’t keep your handmade rugs that are made of natural fibres with any other wool item when you are storing them.
  5. The biggest advice here is that; avoid storing your handmade rug in a moth infested area.

Apart from these storing tips, you must keep your handmade rugs out once your place is ready to live in as long storage is not a good thing for these carpets and rugs.