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Whether it is a home or office, carpets are luxurious and a significant investment for every space. From a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for the living room or hotel room, it can be a beautiful addition that can be last-longer for years and easily grab the attention of everyone. Did you know that India is a global player in the carpet industry that is responsible for around 40 per cent of worldwide export of handmade carpets and export of all kinds of handmade rugs were recorded all-time high in the recent years? The carpet export promotion Council (CEPC) is a regulatory body of carpet exporters in India.

India has taken a vital space among the global buyers where patrons can find the rich heritage of hand-looms and handicrafts and many more artistic products. These are the perfect instance of creativity and precious art of traditional artisans and weavers. The carpet industry is achieving new success heights year by year that has been attracting many local and foreign buyers. Apart from the impeccable designs and craftsmanship, carpet manufacturers in India are involved in a lot of creativity with a rich heritage and culture. Due to delicate styling, elaborative designs, vibrant shades, and fine craftsmanship, they feel the pride to represent India worldwide.

Although the first Indian handmade carpets were introduced by the Mughal emperor’s reign in India, thus, one can easily find premium-quality Mughal prints and designs in the classic Persian style. With fine knotting and Indo-Persian influence clearly seen on Impeccable and incredible Indian designs, it can be a wow factor for your home decoration. Handmade carpets have a huge demand worldwide and Genie Carpet Manufacturers, the largest manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets in India, creates a versatile range of patterns, designs and styles exclusively by hand in order to manufacture luxury rugs or carpets that enhance the appearance of your space.

The unique art of weaving carpets by experienced and creative minds delivers unparalleled quality that is a sheer piece of art for international buyers. Carpet exporters in India allow the buyers a premium range of vibrant carpets that are made from durable quality silk and wool to guarantee highly durable, elegant, warm and add rich textures to your space. We, the best Carpet exporters in India, always pay a lot of attention to details and designs to deliver high-end quality to end-users.

However, the Indian carpet industry plays a vital role in the Indian economy and exports. In recent years, the carpet manufacturers in India have broken many records in the world export market with stunning handmade carpets and rugs. Whether it comes to decorate your home, these spectacular designs and a perfect combination of fine craftsmanship and artwork make Indian carpets look very premium, royal, and sustainable.

Overall, the Indian carpet industry has become a hub for the local and global buyers that give a sense. Having these beautiful additions to the home can help you prevent potential accidents and give extra comfort and grip to your feet while walking in and around the home. Whenever you need to shop online for carpets and rugs in bulk, we carpet exporters in India can cater to your requirement beyond expectations.