How to make perfect Area Rug Choice with Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Area rug manufacturers and exporter india

The market is flooded with various home decor items, but opting for the right one is a significant decision. Either adds area rugs or hardwood floors; it can be a perfect way to give warmth and brightness to your home space. Area rugs are considered floor’s versions of smaller, portable, and easy to roll up and store away. Individuals invest in area rugs for various reasons, such as durable, functional, and stylish additions to the home. These are available in different materials, sizes, and patterns. You can rely on area rug manufacturers and exporters in India to help you opt for the best rug for your living space.

How can you make a convenient choice?

Preventing allergies and other respiratory concerns, it becomes crucial to opt for the suitable material. Being a customer, you should emphasize safe, durability and style. Pile and weave are the two vital elements when accessing a rug’s functionality and safety, especially if you are installed in a high traffic area. You may also purchase a rug mat or gripper pads along with area rugs to prevent slipping and tripping.

What do you mean by pile and weave?

Pile is considered a density of rug fibres, and a thick, dense pile can add comfort and padding underfoot. You can go with thinner piles that are perfect under furniture and high-traffic areas. These are available in three basic categories: low, medium, and high. Cut pile is widely used in area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. No doubt, a looped pile is easier to clean than a cut pile, but area rug manufacturers and exporters in India recommend a cut pile if you have pets.

Natural vs. Synthetic fibres; which one is better

Natural fibre-made rugs like Wool, Silk, Cotton, Sisal or Jute are better for the environment than synthetic fibres; primarily manufactured using certified organic sustainable and fair trade methods. The cost of natural fibre rugs may be expensive when you compare them with synthetic rugs of the same size and style.

However, area rug manufacturers and exporters in India craft synthetic fibre rugs using nylon,  polyester, or polypropylene. One good news for the buyers is that some synthetic rugs are made of recycled plastics and other artificial materials known for their eco-friendliness attributes. Those individuals who have a limited budget can go with synthetic fibre rugs that are durable, long-lasting, affordable, and easy to clean. The expert suggested that before buying any rug to assess any health risks. Whether natural or synthetic fibre, you can opt for the right one based on your personal needs and awareness of more sustainable options.


These are available in the following sizes and can be chosen from 3 x5, 4×6, 5×8, 8×10, 9×12 feet generally considered industry-standard sizes. You can use a good thumb rule to opt for the correct size area rug for your room is to subtract two fees on each side. We at Genie Carpet Manufacturers can fully customise area rugs and customers have the freedom to choose from the different material types, colours, patterns, designs, packaging etc.

Foot Traffic

These are perfectly fitted for heavy traffic areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, entryways, and hallways from low to medium pile rugs. One of the main advantages of installing area rugs is that you can save your hardwood floors from damage and use them to cushion your feet and keep you warm in winter.

Colour and Pattern Choosing a rug is one of the fun aspects and make sure it works very well with your colour scheme and decor. Area rug manufacturers and exporters in India offer highly patterned rugs such as traditional Persian, Oriental,  Afghan, Modern and Contemporary designs, Custom designs in hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand woven weave type that easily add warmth and character to a room. If you have decided to go with the boldly coloured rug, make sure it matches your paint and upholstery.