Pros & Cons of Different Types of Rugs Available In Market!

Carpets are not just a piece of floor covering, but a lot more. The benefits and usages of carpets make them a must have item for our home. From adding a classy touch to your home to bringing an extra layer of safety to your family, carpets do it all. Indeed, the functions of carpets are not merely limited to enhance flooring, but to dump noise, make a place more mesmerising, and include comfort to a place.

Though every type of carpet comes up with certain pluses and minutes and in this article, you get to learn about various types of carpets and their ins and outs. Being one of the best handmade rugs manufacturer India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers try their best to educate buyers about carpeting. Following this effort, we introduce a variety of materials used for carpet manufacturing to our customers. Along with material information, we will also make you familiar with which one you should go with and which should not.

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Material variety in rugs & carpets available online –

Wool carpet & rugs – benefits & flaws – The good thing about wool carpet is its being natural material that is the beauty of this material. These carpets are known for resilience and sophistication. Carpets made of wool are purely insulating and have natural springiness in them. Due to these characteristics, they don’t ask for much maintenance to remain fresh and appealing. The texture of wool enables the carpet to recover fast if they get indenting or crushed due to furniture or footsteps. Moreover, they flaunt the quality of stain resistance that means they succeed in remaining attractive for long.

Drawbacks of wool carpet – The most annoying thing of wool carpets is their quite slow colour fading issue when are placed in direct sunlight. In addition, they are very adsorbent and hence are get affected from mildew if kept in a wet or damp space.

Silk carpets & rugs – Benefits – The visual appeal of silk carpets is the best from all types of materials. These carpets are regarded as the best standard of carpets due to their amazing shine as well as lustre. So, people who are looking for luxurious and lavishness in carpets would love buying silk carpets. There is no doubt about their expensiveness because of their premium status, yet buyers of handmade rugs don’t mind paying extra dollars for these classy carpets.

Drawbacks of silk carpets – They are delicate in nature and that is the main drawback of silk carpets. They don’t withstand a highly traffic areas. That means, you have to be very choosy about using silk carpets.

All and all, carpet materials decide the feel, appearance and appeal of handmade carpets and rugs. But, your selection of certain type of carpet would depend on factors like durability, lifespan, maintenance and a lot more. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will be given endless variety at truly reasonable price range to grab on!