Great Tips To Maintain Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets!

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Hand tufted rugs and carpets are quite famous among masses due to many reasons. The popularity and growing demand of these rugs encourage buyers to search for good and reputed hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India online and offline. By reaching to a good platform, buyers find the best quality of hand tufted rugs and carpets. Once you have bought the choicest rugs and carpets for your home or office, next concern comes in the mind is how to maintain them to use for years.

A reliable hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India will definitely serve the best product to meet your expectations, but the best outcome and use of these products depend on the way they are being maintained. So, this article will put some light on various proven tips to maintain hand tufted rugs and carpets and make them durable and long lasting.

Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets Maintenance From Sunlight –

When you think of ideas to maintain your rugs and carpets, you should first think of the aspects that affect their quality. In these aspects, sunlight is one of the most influential aspects that puts a negative impact on the quality of rugs. The direct sunlight can damage the carpets if they are not taken care of for a long time. Though we are not asking you to keep your rugs totally away from sunlight because it is not practical thing. We just mean to not to keep them in direct sunlight for longer time or at a time when sunlight is too strong.

Here, a good tip you can follow to keep rotating rugs time and again as it will help the colours and shades of the rugs to stay for long time. Generally, the strong sunlight exposure ruins the design and colour of the carpets and rugs. Moreover, this idea is good to keep rugs unaffected from getting spots of footsteps.

Tips For The Issues Related To Infestation –

Just as any other carpet or rugs, hand tufted rugs and carpets can also be affected by the growing infestation due to many reasons. So, it is highly recommended to aerate them constantly. In case, you find this idea does not work, you should go with other available market products to get rid of infestation issues from the infested areas in your home.

Regular Care Of Hand Tufted Rugs Is Essential –

We always emphasise on the fact to give regular care to your rugs and carpets in your home on daily basis to keep them maintained, neat and clean for many years. With hand tufted rugs and carpets, we again ask you to follow this advice if you do not want to get them affected from quality issues. In home care, you should not forget to vacuum the rugs as it is one of the most convenient and simplest things that one should do to maintain them. At this point, you should remember to never over-vacuum your rugs as it can affect quality negatively as well.

Many Reasons To Buy Rugs & Carpets For Your Home!


After deciding to invest money in a house, most of the people start thinking of its décor. At that time, many home décor items appear on the shopping list. Rugs and carpets are one of the most stylish and sophisticated décor items that are extensively used in modern as well as traditional houses. From living room to bedroom, there are varied kinds of rugs and carpets available to choose from.

As rugs and carpets feature great usages and amazing décor in a place, the demand for these items is rapidly increasing and here, you will get to know various reasons to buy rugs and carpets for your home. To buy the best quality of rugs, look for a reliable rugs manufacturer India.

Rugs & Carpets Brings A New Feel To A Home Without Renovation –

Usually, after some time living in a place, people start feeling bored from the home décor and feel the need to get their home renovated. Though renovation can cost many dollars which can sometimes empty your pocket. So, what is the solution to eradicate a boring feel from your home? The answer is rugs and carpets. It is a remarkable way to give your home a stylish and new look  and that too without losing your budget. It is often included to modern styling materials for flooring as well as wall décor.

Using Rugs & Carpets To Enhance Your Home Décor –

The traditional use of rugs and carpets is to cover a room flooring. It gives benefits like style and convenience both. Though, at present modern people have found rugs and carpets to be more than just a style item or floor covering. There are so many reasons that have made people think this way about these decorative items.

Let’s Discuss Other Great Reasons To Buy Rugs & Carpets India –

When you visit a reputed carpet manufacturer India, he will present you several types of these items to match your expectations. Just as there is huge variety of carpets available, they have great usages also. Few of them are listed as below:

  • If you love to play music at home and have no facility to go to a music studio, then rugs can be a great item to invest in. With their ability to soak up noise or sound, they make a perfect ambience for music lovers. These days, a number of music freaks use rugs for acoustic treatment to their music room. So, for music lovers, rugs are highly affordable solution to get a studio like feel at home without losing your pocket.
  • Rugs are great to add protection to children at home. Especially for homes with small or toddlers, these items act like a safety shield to help them avoiding to get hurt by falling on the floor.
  • After using rugs for years, you can even sell them on a good price because they do not get depreciated with time like other appliances used in a home.

Finding Out Difference Between Area Rugs & Carpets!


The use of rugs and carpets in home and commercial places is coming for centuries. People do not need to learn the reasons to buy rugs and carpets as these products are quite prevalent among modern as well as traditional people. Though very few of them know that area rugs are different from the carpets. If you do not know what makes area rugs different from carpets, then this article is worth your interest. In addition, when you plan to buy the best area rugs or carpets for any purpose, buy them from a reputed rugs manufacturers India only.

The rugs and carpets manufactured in India are known for being highly durable and of superior quality. There are so many carpet manufacturers available in India, but to buy exclusive area rugs and carpets, one should buy them from one of the renowned rugs manufacturers India.

Now, let us read on various elements from which area rugs differ from carpets.

What Is The Difference Between Area Rugs & Carpets –

These rugs can be small or large decorative pieces of materials that do not get fastened to a room floor; however carpets get fastened to room floor as they have carpet nails. In addition, carpets often cover the whole floor of the room. Wholly, there is a huge difference between area rugs and carpets and to find a perfect option, one must be aware of various pros or cons of each of them. So, let’s give you an insight of all ins and outs of area rugs and carpets. Knowing them, you can wisely choose the best product from reliable carpet manufacturers in your area.

Exploring Various Aspects of Area Rugs –

Whether it is area rugs or carpets, both are used for floor covering. Though buyers who seek a lot of variety in floor covering should go with area rugs as they can be bought in numerous sizes, colours, designs, patterns and textures etc. One can easily transport area rugs from one place to another and it will quickly change the ambience of a room. Area rugs are very easy to maintain and clean.

They have more decorative qualities and are made of special materials. Due to these aspects, area rugs come with an expensive price tag.

A Quick Glimpse on Learning Carpets Precisely –

If you decide to buy carpets from one of the trust worthy rugs manufacturers India, then make sure you know what you are going to buy. After learning area rugs, now it is time to know what are carpets exactly. So, basically, they are tougher substitute to the area rugs. They are stronger, more stain resistant and durable than that of area rugs. They are designed in a way to get fastened to a room flooring. They can easily be cleaned and are sold in numerous patterns, colours and designs. From the reputed carpet manufacturers, you can buy them in varied material thickness. When you seek a lavish look in your flooring cover, you should go with thicker carpets only.

Buy Online Affordable Price Rugs From Genie Carpet Manufacturers !!


Do you propose to give your office, café or domestic a new and trendy appearance? If sure, then strive out a completely unique range of attractive carpets and rugs to be had with rugs exporters India. There are many carpet manufacturers actively offering excessive satisfactory rugs online in addition to offline. But, when you assume the quality designs of rugs which might be durable and function the high-quality nice, you need to keep from most effective and reliable carpet manufacturer. This article will tell you how making an investment in rugs can provide your property décor venture a positive flip through including a chic feel and class in the complete surrounding.

Area Rugs Add Uniqueness to A Place –

The growth of precise and inspirational region rugs has completely modified the way current offices and homes get embellished. Today, you can without difficulty find some of manufacturers who make carpets and rugs and supply to customers. The presence of numerous producers provides customers a massive desire in excellent rugs fabrications and designs to offer a personalised and inventive statement as in line with your choice and lifestyle.

Though some area rugs present an artistic composition along with exclusive combination of oriental feel with ethnic taste, some of them feature a contemporary design with aesthetic feel. The key difference in both types of area rugs lies between the colour choice, patterns, themes and customization idea.

There are such a lot of thoughts that inspire the producers to design rugs. Similarly, there are numerous issues and inspirations on which the rugs designs are based upon. Beginning with aesthetic rugs which are made for kids, appealing colourful designs are often recommended for them. Such rug designs consist of designs having greens and fruits printed on them, funny rug designs, bold sorts of rugs and inventive rugs. It additionally consists of personal subject matters having something that a toddler prefers.

The tufted pics of those place rugs are in all likelihood to set a positive widespread for the durability. The cartoons or funny prints in rugs for children are examples of this kind of widespread. The color or sunglasses utilized in these rugs are very children’ pleasant. Going below the computerised process, tufting brings sustainability of rugs hues and prevents the destruction of yarn in a shorter length.

At present, humans have a craze to shop for area rugs as they locate them quite gratifying in phrases of indoors ornament of their domestic. The contemporary appearance of these rugs perfectly suits the contemporary fashion and atmosphere of contemporary life-style. These rugs function specific designs that suit perfectly the décor of a modern room in a house and workplace.

Going to dependable carpet manufacturers, you may get top notch range in place rugs and carpets. Choose one of the most reliable rugs exporters India to make a worth buy in specific place carpets and rugs that last for many years and suit your expectations. Be it your home décor or office décor, current region rugs will simply meet what you expect.

4 Practical Tips To Choose Best Carpet Exporters India!

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Finding a good carpet exporter can be difficult for you if you do not know considerable measures to look for. Being a big and famous carpet and rugs market in India, there are numerous carpet exporters in India actively supplying a variety of carpets on different orders. These exporters export their carpets to different nations in the world. But, when it comes to the best quality of carpets, it is imperative for a buyer to go to one of the best carpet exporters India.

The journey of finding the most reliable carpet exporters in India will be challenging for those who do not have practical buyers’ tips as mentioned in this article. By considering the information available here, you can reach out the best carpet exporters India and would get the most appealing and superior carpets at very reasonable price quote.

Discussing Buyers’ Tips To Buy Quality Carpets Of Their Interest –

Tip # 1 – Considering The Most Influential Factor That Is Colour Scheme Of Your House –

While buying carpets, it is mandatory to consider the colour scheme of your own home. Those who fail in doing so often end up buying unmatchable carpets that look odd in the overall home décor. So, never forget to consider the colour and patterns that your home walls have and then, buy the one which suits it the most.

Tip # 2 – Your Budget Is A Big Deciding Factor –

How much are you willing to spend on buying the best carpets for you home? Well, this clarity is a must factor to decide the spendable budget on buying carpets. Once you have this factor clear, you can shop around the best piece of carpets according to that budget. Moreover, the budget also helps the exporter or seller to present you the most relevant options and thus, you can shop without wasting much time of yours and the sellers.

Tip # 3 – Considering Purpose To Use Carpet –

There are different purposes to use carpet and depending on the purpose you have in mind, you should start shopping for carpets. Now, if you are new to buying carpets, then you would be interested to know what those purposes are as usually it is used to be placed on the ground. So, FYI the carpets are more than just a mat now because people use them as a décor item. It is much more functional than that many think. It also has religious usage. So, depending on your purpose, you can select an appropriate piece for you.

Tip # 4 – Carpet Quality Matters –

Yes, quality comes at first while choosing the best carpet for any purpose. As carpets come with a hefty price tag, it is mandatory you check out all the quality measures before choosing one. In quality measuring, the most important points that should be considered are –

  • Pile length
  • Materials & Dye
  • Hand-tufted, Handmade or Manmade
  • Knot counts or Knots per sq inch

So, these are 4 important tips that encourage buyers to choose Genie Carpet Manufacturers as the best carpet manufacturers in India to buy high quality carpets.

Buy Best Handmade Rugs & Give Your Home A Warmer Feel!


For those who are not familiar with the warmth and comforting factor of rugs, these are just a piece of woven clothing that is used as mat in homes or offices. But, those who have used rugs for years understand its value and appeal in a place. So, if you want to buy some attractive yet unique rugs to complement your décor, then choose a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India. By reaching to a good handmade rugs exporter India, you get a guarantee of having the best rugs or carpets as per your expectations.

Before you start your purchase for the most amazing handmade rugs, read on this valuable information about handmade rugs manufacturer India and how these handmade rugs can enhance the décor of your home.

A brief introduction of rugs & Carpets –

Basic use of rugs is to cover the furniture or floors, but some people use it for many other purposes too. These purposes include to wrap the heavy merchandise, to hang them as display and also for many others. Famous for many decades, the entire rugs and carpets market has revolutionised and now, we can see a whole new style of hooking rugs. These days, rugs manufacturing is not merely depended on hands but there are many kinds of machinery to make classy rugs. But, when it comes to unique and distinguished rug quality, handmade rugs top the list.

Although, it is very much clear that handmade rugs have a true potential to give your home a different and unique décor that no other kind of rug can give. But, now you need to learn how to buy the best handmade rugs to avoid a wrong purchase. Well, here we have listed some proven methods to help you buy the best rugs to match your décor.

Notable Things To Buy Handmade Rugs –

Before you dive into the important pointers to buy rugs, make sure to select a reliable and well-known Genie Carpet Manufacturers , the one who has a good reputation in rugs and carpet market as a trust worthy handmade rugs manufacturer India & handmade rugs exporter India can only justify with your expectations. Now, let’s move to other important points to consider before buying handmade rugs.

  • Right Materials – Rug materials are usually categorised in two types – Synthetic and Natural. In synthetic materials, polypropylene, nylon, olefin and rayon are used. However, in natural, silk, jute, cotton and wool are used.
  • Right Size – Rugs are sold in different sizes and shapes. So, depending on the size of your living or any other room where you want to place it, you should be an appropriate rug.
  • Considering Budget – Handmade rugs can be expensive sometimes. Hence, you should have a clear budget in hand before you step out from your home to buy them. If you have a tight budget, then handmade rugs will be difficult for you to buy.
  • Patterns – Rugs and carpets patterns are also categorised in two types which include traditional and modern. The modern patterns go perfect with contemporary home décor, furniture and also lifestyle of modern people. However, traditional ones comprises of bolder and symbolic designs.

Amazing Benefits Of Using Shaggy Carpet From India!


The trend of shaggy carpets is not new but it is a comeback trend of 70s. At that time, these carpets could be found in every next day in UK and the US. As the carpet industry keeps on revolutionizing, some trends fade away and some trends kept on its existence. A trend of shaggy rug is budding once again as more and more people have started looking for them online as well as offline.

In the market, you can find several sellers or manufacturers who claim to be the best for dealing in rugs and carpets, but when you look for quality, look no further but Genie Carpet Manufacturers is the most trust worthy designer rugs carpets manufacturer Exporter India which creates the best Shaggy rugs in the market.

Just as other kind of rugs, Shaggy carpet manufacturer India enjoys the top position in the global carpet industry for exporting and creating the superior quality of all kinds of rugs and carpets. Once you reach out at the best Shaggy carpet manufacturer India, next thing you should learn is the benefits of these carpets. In this article, we describe several features and benefits that you find exclusively in Shaggy rugs.

What are shaggy Rugs –

They are made of deep and long pile having shaggy but thick appearance. These carpets are ideal for several purposes like bedrooms, kids’ rooms and lounge. For having such appearance, they are long lasting and can handle rough usage as well.

Discussing Benefits of Shaggy Carpets –

Comfort comes within shaggy carpets –

Those who look for buying shaggy carpets must have learnt the comfort factor comes automatically with it. Walking over these carpets give a great feeling to people. So, if you bring it to your home, it would imply as you bring comfort for your family members with its fibres, softness and fibres.

Warmth of the carpets –

In the winter season, these carpets act as the saviours because they give warmth to the feet. By covering tiles and boards of the floor with shaggy carpets, you can add warm texture to your feet in your home. So, if you want to make your home warmer, bring shaggy carpets to your place.

Reducing Noise –

You must be surprised to know but it is true as shaggy carpets can reduce the noise at a great extent. It does not stomp sounds, but it diminish it completely because the feet of people get sunk into carpets. It acts like insulation and makes the home calmer, quieter and highly comfy to live in. So, if your home consists of several members, this kind of carpet is a perfect addition to your place.

The Pleasure of Wool Comes With Shaggy Carpet –

Wool is the most famous and attractive material used to make shaggy carpet and hence, when you buy one made of this material, you get pleasure of wool automatically. In the winter season, wool acts a great role in comforting people. Apart from keeping your home warm, it keeps allergies away and adds good health to family.

Add Your Personal Taste To Home Décor With Designer Rugs Exporter India!


Gone are those days when people had a common notion about rugs and carpets and traditional carpets had been only design option with home makers. Nowadays, people have different expectations from rugs designs and patterns. Depending on their personal taste, they want to buy rugs that speak for their lifestyle and taste. Therefore, designer rugs have come up as a new style wave among modern demographic.

Whether you live in India or abroad, you can now find a remarkable choice in contemporary designer rugs by choosing a renowned designer rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Once you reach one of the most trusted carpet exporters in India, you will be served with an astonishing variety in designer rugs and carpets which add a fresh and unique ambience to a surrounding.

Here we are going to list some certain features of designer rugs for which home makers are loving them in modern time.

Why buy Designer Rugs –

  • Designer rugs come in numerous designs and all these designs are perfectly able to get blended in modern interiors of home or offices. Using designer rugs, you can make your small apartment look bigger and spacious. In addition, if you use them in warm places, it will add such ambience that it starts looking cool. On the contrary, traditional rugs feature such designs that go well with only traditional homes or rooms because of their classic design. It is a reason we suggest designer rugs to people who live in modern homes.
  • Designer rugs are designed in dazzling colours; hence, you get an outstanding colour choice in these rugs as compared to traditional rugs. Generally in traditional rugs, colour choice is very limited. This limited choice makes it difficult to get rugs that match a modern home décor or colours of the walls of modern rooms. This way, ones does not succeed in adding an ideal aura in a place. But with designer rugs, you would not feel restricted to some certain colours and patterns.
  • Using unique design ideas and trends, carpet or rug designers create fabulous rug types that are inspired from different objects like nature, animal, modern lifestyle, etc. With these rugs, you would not feel limited as in traditional rugs that usually have some common design like floral designs.
  • With designer rugs, homeowners get a power to give their place a touch of their creativity. There are rug designers to whom one can discuss the design of rugs and after learning your choice, the designer can design a rug that will be uniquely designed for you. This type of rug is called exclusive rug that shows a love for uniqueness and your personal taste as well.

Apart from designs, designer rugs exporter India offers the complete package of quality product that fulfil the high aspirations of home makers in a positive manner. For having an idea of designer rugs or any other kind of carpets, browse and select rugs of choice.

Important Facts About Genie Carpet Manufacturers as Oriental Rugs Exporters India!


If you have already decided to buy oriental rugs from one of the most trust worthy rugs exporters India, then this information will contribute in increasing your knowledge about these rugs and will help you having the right selection. So, basically, an oriental rug is recognised by its style and design. By seeing design from Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can easily find out the country to which it belongs to. Usually, many buyers believe that these oriental rugs have a defining style; however, the reality is, there are several types of designs and styles come in these rugs. A majority of oriental rugs feature traditional patterns along with materials which are easily available to its country of origin.

When you visit our specialised store of rugs which is one of the leading carpet exporters India, you will encounter with an extensive variety in oriental rugs and here we are going to talk about few highly acclaimed ones in the market.

Persian Oriental Rugs –

Persian rugs are very common among buyers who love oriental rugs. Usually, when it comes to oriental rugs, most of the people perceive these rug designs in their mind. These rugs can simply reckoned by its style. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is the remarkable recognition in the manufacturing of high quality and attractive Persian rugs from the ancient time. In the traditional rug design, you will see tribal regions’ names as these are places where these rugs used to manufactured in ancient times. Mostly, Sarouk, Tabriz, Kerman etc. are rugs derived from the name of the places earlier used to be made. The most common designs of these rugs are geometric and intricate floral.

Oriental Rugs from India –

India is also very famous in rugs and carpet manufacturing. Genie Carpet Manufacturers , holding a great expertise in Oriental rug designs, it exports Indian rugs to US and other European markets as there is a huge demand of Indian rugs. This industry mainly related to the rural employees of this country. Therefore, we as rugs exporters India contribute to the entire carpet and rug industry. Thus, in Indian rugs, you can find distinct variety and remarkable designs and styles.

Another reason of immense popularity of Indian rugs is the low cost. Yes, it is true that Indian rugs are known for being inexpensive as compared to its counterparts. Traditionally, the Indian oriental rugs include Durrie rugs which are rugs made of cotton and are flat-weave. They can also be made of natural fibers and wool. Using these materials, the manufacturer creates the durrie rug in several contemporary as well as traditional patterns.

Turkish Design Oriental Rugs  –

When it comes to the rugs that feature the best of its beauty, then Turkish design rugs  from us come at the top. Turkish design rugs are dated back to several decades and at present, they are taken as a piece of lavishness and exclusiveness. They are not much expensive and present a great comfort. In these rugs, you will find amazing colour combination and fabulous patterns.

Similarly, Tibetan design rugs have their own place in the Oriental rugs industry. These rugs are made with an intense hard-work and a quality time is spent to create them. So, whichever type of Oriental rug you want, Genie Carpet Manufacturers as carpet exporters India or rugs exporters India can provide you the best item with quality assurance.

Multiple Usages Of Handmade Rugs That You Must Know!


Handmade rugs are regarded as one of the most precious and expensive home décor items that people use from ancient period. Though very few people know the right way of using them. Once you learn various usages of these expensive rugs, you can do a justice with these items by making it more useful and functional. In this article, we will tell you how to use handmade rugs in different ways and will tell you that they are not just meant to cover the floor of your drawing room or bedroom.

With extensive experience of manufacturing these rugs Genie Carpet manufacturers as a recognised handmade rugs manufacturer and exporter India has become a number one choice when it comes to find a reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India. Moreover, the demand of these rugs comes from different countries of the world and this is a reason, there are so many queries about a renowned handmade rugs exporter India. Now, let’s read on various usages of handmade rugs.

  • Handmade rugs enhance the flooring by making it more comfortable and cosy. With a rug, you can add more cleanliness in your home.
  • Handmade rugs are not only used for flooring, but also on walls. These rugs are called wall rugs. The rugs used on wall are meant to act as a decorative item that gives a feel of a painting.
  • In game room or music room, these handmade rugs are being hanged on wall because they are good at absorbing sound in a place.
  • Depending on the design of the handmade rugs, they can also be used as the centrepiece adding some charm of a living room.
  • To make a room look different from other, the use of handmade rugs can prove to be a wonderful choice.
  • Some people use rugs as the focal point at staircase of their home as it looks very classy in that part. To get an appealing feel in this area, we advise to use dark coloured rugs for light coloured staircase as it looks really noticeable in such shade.
  • If you have a hallway in your house, you can use handmade rugs in that area. Especially, this the hallway looks quite blank, adding rugs will bring a lively feel to the place.
  • The handmade rugs enhance the overall ambience of the reception with its classy design and elegance.

So, these are some amazing usages of handmade rugs that you can also enjoy by choosing a good handmade rugs exporter India. Although, these rugs feature great usages, yet it is mandatory to pick perfect design as per the expected usage. For example, when your motive is to enhance the appeal in a place, it is mandatory to buy rugs that has vibrant colours and some certain pattern that goes well with your existing home décor.

To find such a perfect handmade rugs, you should reach out to a renowned handmade rugs manufacturer India who has a good name in the industry in crafting the best rugs with a trusted customer base.