Add Your Personal Taste To Home Décor With Designer Rugs Exporter India!

Gone are those days when people had a common notion about rugs and carpets and traditional carpets had been only design option with home makers. Nowadays, people have different expectations from rugs designs and patterns. Depending on their personal taste, they want to buy rugs that speak for their lifestyle and taste. Therefore, designer rugs have come up as a new style wave among modern demographic.

Whether you live in India or abroad, you can now find a remarkable choice in contemporary designer rugs by choosing a renowned designer rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Once you reach one of the most trusted carpet exporters in India, you will be served with an astonishing variety in designer rugs and carpets which add a fresh and unique ambience to a surrounding.

Here we are going to list some certain features of designer rugs for which home makers are loving them in modern time.

Why buy Designer Rugs –

  • Designer rugs come in numerous designs and all these designs are perfectly able to get blended in modern interiors of home or offices. Using designer rugs, you can make your small apartment look bigger and spacious. In addition, if you use them in warm places, it will add such ambience that it starts looking cool. On the contrary, traditional rugs feature such designs that go well with only traditional homes or rooms because of their classic design. It is a reason we suggest designer rugs to people who live in modern homes.
  • Designer rugs are designed in dazzling colours; hence, you get an outstanding colour choice in these rugs as compared to traditional rugs. Generally in traditional rugs, colour choice is very limited. This limited choice makes it difficult to get rugs that match a modern home décor or colours of the walls of modern rooms. This way, ones does not succeed in adding an ideal aura in a place. But with designer rugs, you would not feel restricted to some certain colours and patterns.
  • Using unique design ideas and trends, carpet or rug designers create fabulous rug types that are inspired from different objects like nature, animal, modern lifestyle, etc. With these rugs, you would not feel limited as in traditional rugs that usually have some common design like floral designs.
  • With designer rugs, homeowners get a power to give their place a touch of their creativity. There are rug designers to whom one can discuss the design of rugs and after learning your choice, the designer can design a rug that will be uniquely designed for you. This type of rug is called exclusive rug that shows a love for uniqueness and your personal taste as well.

Apart from designs, designer rugs exporter India offers the complete package of quality product that fulfil the high aspirations of home makers in a positive manner. For having an idea of designer rugs or any other kind of carpets, browse and select rugs of choice.