Important Facts About Genie Carpet Manufacturers as Oriental Rugs Exporters India!

If you have already decided to buy oriental rugs from one of the most trust worthy rugs exporters India, then this information will contribute in increasing your knowledge about these rugs and will help you having the right selection. So, basically, an oriental rug is recognised by its style and design. By seeing design from Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can easily find out the country to which it belongs to. Usually, many buyers believe that these oriental rugs have a defining style; however, the reality is, there are several types of designs and styles come in these rugs. A majority of oriental rugs feature traditional patterns along with materials which are easily available to its country of origin.

When you visit our specialised store of rugs which is one of the leading carpet exporters India, you will encounter with an extensive variety in oriental rugs and here we are going to talk about few highly acclaimed ones in the market.

Persian Oriental Rugs –

Persian rugs are very common among buyers who love oriental rugs. Usually, when it comes to oriental rugs, most of the people perceive these rug designs in their mind. These rugs can simply reckoned by its style. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is the remarkable recognition in the manufacturing of high quality and attractive Persian rugs from the ancient time. In the traditional rug design, you will see tribal regions’ names as these are places where these rugs used to manufactured in ancient times. Mostly, Sarouk, Tabriz, Kerman etc. are rugs derived from the name of the places earlier used to be made. The most common designs of these rugs are geometric and intricate floral.

Oriental Rugs from India –

India is also very famous in rugs and carpet manufacturing. Genie Carpet Manufacturers , holding a great expertise in Oriental rug designs, it exports Indian rugs to US and other European markets as there is a huge demand of Indian rugs. This industry mainly related to the rural employees of this country. Therefore, we as rugs exporters India contribute to the entire carpet and rug industry. Thus, in Indian rugs, you can find distinct variety and remarkable designs and styles.

Another reason of immense popularity of Indian rugs is the low cost. Yes, it is true that Indian rugs are known for being inexpensive as compared to its counterparts. Traditionally, the Indian oriental rugs include Durrie rugs which are rugs made of cotton and are flat-weave. They can also be made of natural fibers and wool. Using these materials, the manufacturer creates the durrie rug in several contemporary as well as traditional patterns.

Turkish Design Oriental Rugs  –

When it comes to the rugs that feature the best of its beauty, then Turkish design rugs  from us come at the top. Turkish design rugs are dated back to several decades and at present, they are taken as a piece of lavishness and exclusiveness. They are not much expensive and present a great comfort. In these rugs, you will find amazing colour combination and fabulous patterns.

Similarly, Tibetan design rugs have their own place in the Oriental rugs industry. These rugs are made with an intense hard-work and a quality time is spent to create them. So, whichever type of Oriental rug you want, Genie Carpet Manufacturers as carpet exporters India or rugs exporters India can provide you the best item with quality assurance.