Easy Ways To Find Great Hand Knotted Carpet That Last Very Long!

Handmade rugs and carpets have many forms and varieties and hand knotted carpets and rugs are one of the most famous and trendiest types of these carpets. There are so many people across the globe who love the craftsmanship, feel, designs and appearance of hand knotted carpets and rugs. Though when you seek exclusive designs and variety in them, look for a reputed hand knotted carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer. Being a renowned and expert hand knotted rugs manufacturer India, this company owns the potential to satisfy all types of carpeting needs of customers. So, let’s check out how to spot the best and seamless hand knotted rugs and carpets for your home.

An Overview To Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets –

Hand woven rugs on handlooms are called hand knotted rugs and they are one of the handmade rug types. Hand knotted rugs and carpets can be used for decades if you succeed in choosing a quality product from your hand knotted carpet manufacturer India. To make you understand the way to choose a right hand knotted carpet, we are here with this article. So, let’s read on what to see to determine the hand knotted carpet quality.

Material – Hand knotted rugs and carpets comes in different materials and most of them are made of natural materials such as silk, jute, wool or cotton. Using these materials, the weavers manufacture them in traditional as well as modern designs and wool is referred to as the best material to make great design in hand knotted carpets. Usually, the traditional designs of hand knotted carpets are made of silk material and to ensure the purity of silk, you should pull out a thread from the carpet and then burn it. If you find its smell as burnt hair, it will be the pure silk.

Weaving Style of Hand Knotted Carpets – In Hand knotted carpet manufacturing, the weavers product the base of silk or cotton material as per the demand of a consumer and then creates the carpet design using wool or silk material and this design is the top part of the rug. This part is called weft of carpet. This procedure is called inter-weaving due to its piles and knots used.

Knots & Pile of Hand Knotted Carpets –

Hand knotted carpets are best evaluated with their knot counts. The carpets having low piles but high knots are often come with hefty price tag. So, when you expect the best hand knotted carpets and rugs, make sure to check KPI that is knots per inch and the pile length of rugs. Usually, the silk hand knotted rugs have high knots due to their thin threads. On average, a silk over cotton hand knotted carpet is made of approximately 324 KPI and silk over silk carpet have around 576 KPI. So, after determining the manufacturing procedure of carpets, you can easily find out the invested time to manufacture that piece with KPI.