Understanding The Aspects That Make Handmade Rugs So Valuable!

Handmade rugs are in quite a high demand these days as we can see a certain growth in demand of reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India who can fulfil the quality rugs requirement of buyers. If you are among such buyers who crave for handmade rugs, then this is the right place to learn various aspects that make handmade rugs so valuable in the market. In addition, a good handmade rugs exporter India would love to share necessary information about handmade rugs to you when you visit them for shopping. So, let’s check out important aspects of handmade rugs and carpets.

Learning Aspects of Quality Handmade Rugs From India –

Enchanting Colours – Handmade rugs are loved for contemporary settings as they boast of enchanting colours which work perfectly with modern settings.

Material Quality of Handmade Rugs – A majority of handmade rugs are made of natural materials like silk, cotton or wool. So, when you buy handmade rugs from any handmade rugs manufacturer India, you should pay attention to materials used in their creation or manufacturing. Also check if the wool or silk is spun using hands or by machine. It is because the wool spun by a machine is usually inexpensive  as compared to hand spun one. Moreover, there are so many types of wool available that handmade rugs exporter India use to create attractive rugs and carpets for their customers. The quality of wool determines the value and price of handmade rugs. That means, the finer wool is used, the costlier rug would be.

Some handmade exporters India use cotton in the base of rugs and carpets for wefts and warps. So, if you find handmade carpets made of cotton, it is also one of the types of handmade rugs.

Dyes Quality & Skill or Artisan Utilised To Manufacture Rugs Matter Greatly – In Handmade rugs manufacturing, the use of dyes is quite natural and required. So, there are mainly two types of dyes used in rugs and carpet manufacturing which include natural dyes and artificial dyes. Natural dyes are referred as vegetable dyes which are more expensive to create and requires much expertise to apply. Since ages, the skilled dyers had been the most respected artists in the weavers’ community. So, it is quite natural that the handmade rugs made of natural dyes would be more expensive and speak of better quality.  It is all because of these dyes the handmade rugs make the world crazy for their colours and feel.

Weaving Skill – When you start browsing the collection of handmade rugs and carpets from any handmade rugs exporters India, you get to notice weaving style and efficiency in carpets. So, try to notice if the weaving is even or accurate? Generally, the machine made rugs are evenly woven, but handmade rugs are not. But, a skilled hand of an expert weaver would bring much accuracy and cleanliness in weaving. For this purpose, you should flip one corner of the carpet and check its back. You will find knots or lines even or zig zag every way.