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Tips To Choose A High Quality Hand Knotted Carpet For Your Home!

Are you interested to buy a high quality hand knotted carpet for your home? If yes, then go to a reliable hand knotted carpet manufacturer India who has an impressive record of several satisfied clients. By choosing a reliable hand knotted carpet manufacturer exporter India, you avoid the chances to being trapped in false commitments and would receive the best quality rugs and carpets for your home. These carpets will last long and will be the right value for money.

This article will tell you what actually means when evaluating a high quality hand knotted carpet and rug and how a specialised hand knotted rugs manufacturer India can justify with your expectations. Let’s check out the qualities that hand knotted rugs and carpet possess.

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A Brief Overview of Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets –

They are woven by hand on handlooms and are one of the three main types of handmade rugs and carpets. These are highly famous among buyers due to their usability and great look. Checking out the market of rugs and carpets will help you see a remarkable variety in hand knotted carpets and rugs that you can choose to give your home décor a fresh and appealing look. In addition, a good hand knotted carpet manufacturer India would help you to find these carpets by matching your existing décor and get the most out of them.

Although, a reputed hand knotted rugs manufacturer India would always recommend a high quality product, yet your own knowledge of differentiating between poor quality and good quality carpets can do a magic in this purchase. So, following mentioned some aspects that you need to consider to pick the best hand knotted carpet for your home.

Evaluate Carpet Material –

When you are shopping for hand knotted carpets and rugs from a good hand knotted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India, the variety will definitely surprise you. Now, comes the question on which is the best material for these carpets. Here, your knowledge of hand knotted carpet materials will be helpful.

So, basically, these carpets are made of natural materials such as silk, jute, wool, viscose etc. They can be found in modern or traditional styles. If you are being shown some silk carpets, it would have traditional style onto it. To check the purity of silk for these carpets, you should conduct a burn test. A pure silk smells like a burnt hair when put on fire. If it does not have this kind of smells, it won’t be real silk material.

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Check Carpet Quality By Its Weaving Technique –

Hand knotted rugs and carpets are woven by hand particularly. In this technique, the weaver develops a base of silk or cotton material and then use same material to create top edge or designs of the carpet. This process is referred as weft or interweaving process as it is based on piles and knots.

Considering these tips, you can get a step further to find the best quality hand knotted carpets from a good hand knotted carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.