Knowing Hand Tufted Rugs Carpets Manufacturing Process & Advantages!

Carpets and rugs are an integral part of home décor as it gives a sense of style, appeal and comfort to a setting. As every individual has different tastes and expectations, the veteran handmade rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India introduce a variety of carpets in which hand tufted rugs and carpets are gaining immense popularity among modern home makers. So, if you are looking for matchless designs and flawless quality of hand tufted carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers has the real power to match your expectations on high quality standards. Before you stop by any hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India for buying these carpeting solutions, you must learn the exact manufacturing process and how they benefit in a home or commercial settings.

So, let’s check out various things about hand tufted carpets in this article and make a firm decision to choose them for your home flooring needs.

Manufacturing Process of Hand Tufted Carpets –

Hand tufted carpet manufacturing process is known as the most rapid manufacturing process in handmade carpet creation. In this manufacturing process, the hand tufted carpet manufacturer India produces different styles of these carpets which include contemporary, traditional and modern hand tufted carpet designs.

In hand tufted carpets, you will find wool material used in high volume because it is regarded as the best material for handmade carpets and for this particular technique. In addition to wool, the manufacturers also use viscose, jute, polyester and acrylic.

To create these carpets, the weavers uses a yarn based loop that is being pulled out from the backside of the rug and here, they avoid making knots. For tufting, the weavers use a certain tufting gun as the instrument that comes at a very cheap price. This handmade carpet manufacturing process is not that labour intensive as other handmade carpets.

In addition, the hand tufted rugs manufacturing involves the use of canvas for its backing that makes designing easier for weavers during the process. The canvas puts the design on the rug’s backing and thus guides the weaver. In carpet manufacturing, this canvas is named as cartoon and is quite helpful for weavers to imprint patterns and designs of carpets.

After completing the looping creation, the weavers shift their focus on its backing and adds safety layers onto them. It prevents the piles from being depart from rugs. This way, the foundation of carpets is being done. Here, first layer is made of rubber or plastic and that acts as the grid of carpets. On this grid, the latex glue is being applied that keeps the backing and piles stick together. At last, another protection layer is being included that is meant to add gripping to the carpets.

Benefits of Hand Tufted Carpets –

  • Innumerable shapes, sizes and designs come in Hand Tufted Carpets and Rugs.
  • Great colour choices to match every home décor in a perfect way
  • Countless design options come in hand tufted carpets
  • Mind-blowing intricacy can be seen in hand tufted carpets
  • These carpets are free from seams.