What Reasons Encourage Hoteliers To Choose Wall To Wall Carpets!


To enhance the flooring and overall ambiance of a corporate space, a majority of people prefer wall to wall carpets. As these carpets look premium and highly graceful, the hoteliers give them more value than others. If you too look for high quality wall to wall carpets and rugs, check out Genie Carpet Manufacturers as they specialise in wall to wall carpets for hotels, villas and offices.

Choose Quality wall to wall carpets for hotels, villas and offices and enjoy remarkable advantages:

The biggest benefit of using or installing wall to wall hotel carpets is that; it delivers a great amount of comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal. Having a well-designed interior in your corporate space would give employees positivity and enhance their mood while working there. So, you can expect better productivity from your employees. In addition, hotel business depends on customers and bears the maximum walk in. Having wall to wall carpets in hotels adds more grace and makes the environment visitor friendly in many ways. So, there are so many advantages that hoteliers enjoy by having wall to wall carpets in place. Following mentioned few certain reasons to buy wall to wall carpets for your new or existing hotels.

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Environmental noise reduction – It is one of the many reasons to buy wall to wall carpets for office, villas or hotels as it reduces environmental noise at a great extent. Hotel or office environment requires to be less noisy as it reflects the professionalism and sophistication of the workers there. Though due to consistent walk-ins or visitors, it becomes a bit difficult to maintain silence in the environment. By having wall to wall carpets in your hotel or office, you can definitely manage noise at some extent.

Ergonomic Advantages – These carpets offer greater amount of ergonomic comfort to hotel staff or office workers. By having wall to wall carpets in your corporate space, you can add more convenience to workspace of your staff and thus make them more prepared for their office work and routine. As workers spend a majority of their time in office, it is employers’ duty to provide them a good workspace. Wall to wall carpets enhance joint and foot comfort and hence lessens the fatigue relating muscles while standing.

Wall to wall carpets can be customised to match corporate image –

Wall to wall carpets are not just covering of floors, but serve many other purposes. Today, a majority of interior designers use them to enhance the interior of hotels or any corporate project. By customising your carpets, you can add a reflection of your brand image in your place. By choosing a proficient carpet manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can find numerous choices in colours, textures, patterns etc. and get carpets designed with phenomenal customization. In addition, the quality wall to wall carpets come with a guarantee of being durable and that means, you can use them for years without any damage.

So, considering these advantages, hoteliers love installing wall to wall carpets in their villas, resorts, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of offices.

Top Reasons To Buy Wall To Wall Carpets For Hospitality Industry!

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For many years, carpets have been the most preferred flooring solution for hospitality segment. In hotels, café, restaurants, guesthouses and executive offices, you can easily see the presence of carpets at different areas. There are certain reasons that facilitate people to buy them for their offices and hotels and this article is all about top reasons why businesses in hospitality industry should invest in wall to wall carpets. So, let’s check out these reasons right below:

Aesthetic Beauty –

Wall to wall carpets add a great amount of aesthetic beauty to hotels as it complement the interior and contemporary furnishings in the best way. By adding a feel of elegance, wall to wall carpets make a surrounding appealing to guests.

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 Amazing Styles To Get Availed –

To match varied needs and expectations of hoteliers, the manufacturers of wall to wall carpets introduce and invent myriads of designs and styles of carpets to buyers. This is the reason, you can find wall to wall carpets in countless textures, colours and styles to match your décor of the hotel and bring in an exclusive touch to your interior.

Sound Insulation Benefit –

Just notice when you walk on the tiled floor or hardwood floor. It will create a noise of your walking; specifically when you are in heels. For some hotel visitors, such noises are irritating and can cause them feel annoyed. However, when your hotel has wall to wall carpets affixed all across, it will benefit you with sound insulation properties. By dumping the sound of heels and walking, it makes a place calmer and free of noise.

Avoid Acoustic Issues –

Usually, people spend most of the time of a day in the lounge or living room and due to that, sound insulation is a need of such rooms. If you don’t have sound insulation feature in these rooms, it creates a hollow sound when you play any entertainment system. So, it does not feel good when you are running a business of hotels. To dampen acoustic issues, installing wall to wall carpets is an accurate solution.

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Optimise Room Temperature –

In countries with extreme weathers, hoteliers must install wall to wall carpets as it helps optimising room temperatures and make the environment guest-friendly. When your hotel gives comfort and care to guests, it develops loyalty and positivity to them and contributes to repeated customers. The use of wall to wall carpets stabilizes the temperature and does not let a room gets extreme hot or cold even though weather conditions are rigid.

Smoothness Underfoot –

When your hotel has wall to wall carpeting all around, it makes people moving onto them feel comfortable and happy due to soft surfaces and warm ambiance. Playing, sitting or simple walking on such surfaces enhance the mood and overall feeling of guests and present a great experience to them.

Besides these reasons, safety is another big aspect to choose wall to wall carpets for hospitality industry and hence, every hotelier must consider having them in hotel, restaurant and executive offices.

Wall to Wall Or Area Rugs – Finding The Best!

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Wall to wall carpets and area rugs are two the most popular carpeting solutions famous among home makers and professionals. No doubt, they two have some distinctive qualities that encourage buyers to grab them for their flooring enhancement needs. This article will help you decide which one is a right flooring solution for you from wall to wall and area rugs. Before that, let we introduce you with one of the best wall to wall carpet / rugs manufacturer in India called Genie Carpet Manufacturers. To find the exclusive selection of wall to wall carpets, they are the ultimate platform with endless choices available. Now, let’s check out what makes wall to wall carpets different and distinctive than the area rugs.

Wall to Wall Vs Area Rugs –

There is no denial that area rugs and wall to wall rugs both are famous and good for a home setting. But, both of them have certain goods and bads and this article will bring forwards all these things to you. When we talk about domestic settings of Western countries, most of the home makers go for wall to wall carpets. However, some people find them expensive and hence out of budget flooring solution. But, when we look at the long term usability of carpets, wall to wall carpets are truly matchless. In terms of maintenance, area rugs and carpets are definitely better, but you cannot find the best functionality in them. So, if you care for quality and functionality over other aspects of carpeting, we give wall to wall carpets a plus point over area rugs.

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Wall To Wall Carpets Have Better Insulation Power –

As compared to area rugs, wall to wall carpets have a better insulation power. They are good at holding warmth in a room and also insulates well against heat and intense cold. So, at colder places, people must choose wall to wall carpets over area rugs. The good insulation quality of these carpets helps reducing gas and energy expenses for home makers and thus affect the budget in a positive way. Considering this reason, buyers must look for the best wall to wall carpet / rugs manufacturer in India.

Speaks For Luxury –

People who belong to high class and prefer luxury items at their home love to buy wall to wall carpets and rugs. They are good at bringing a luxurious feel to a home setting. Just as a hotel, you can feature a lavish ambiance at your home just by installing wall to wall carpets and rugs. From a good manufacturer of carpets, you can get these kinds of carpets in varied appealing colours and styles.

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Adds Better Safety At Home –

Our home has to be the safest place for our family members. If you also think this way and want to add safety factor to your home, then buy wall to wall carpets and get them installed. They are perfect solution for cushioning our feet. This way, they easily reduce falls and slips and avoid injuries. If you have small kids at home, the idea of installing wall to wall carpets will be great as it won’t let them injured by falling on the floor.

Helpful Tips To Install Wall To Wall Carpets At Your Place!

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The look and appeal of wall to wall carpets attract a number of home owners to choose them for their various house settings. In the market, there are endless choices in wall to wall carpets to choose attractive and colourful pieces at different price range. But, when there is an intense search for high quality and long lasting wall to wall carpets, you must choose a specialised manufacturer and seller who has a great reputation as wall to wall carpet manufacturer from India.

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In India, the carpet market is quite impressive as there are many cities where carpets are known for their best quality. The carpets being manufactured in Agra, Jaipur, Kashmir, Bhadohi etc. are known for amazing attributes. Just as several Indian cities, there are few great exporters and manufacturers out there who enjoy a great reputation in this field and Genie Carpet Manufacturer is one of the best ones.

From a good wall to wall carpet manufacturer from India, you will find the premium quality carpets, but after that, comes the time of installation. A proper carpet installation decides long life of these products. As carpets are expensive trade, you cannot afford a short life of your wall to wall carpets just because of poor installation of it. So, let’s find out some great tips to install wall to wall carpets in the right way at your place.

Tips On Installing Wall To Wall Carpets –

  • Properly Prepare The Surface of the floor – The installation of wall to wall carpets first requires the right measurements of your room width and length. So, after taking measurements precisely, you should prepare all tools and equipment ready that would be used for installation of carpets. These equipment include knee kicker, double sided tape and tackles strips. In addition, the dryness, firmness, smoothness and cleanliness of the floor should be also checked. At times, you find availability of protruding nail or loose board, secure that immediately with hammer. Also remove any carpet that is placed there as it is mandatory for the smoothness and evenness of its base. Properly clean the carpet surface and make it free from dust.

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  • Padding – Once the process of ensuring the clean and smooth surface is done, next step comes for placing the padding. For this step, you should first lay wall to wall carpet randomly in any position. Let the half part of your carpet ley behind whereas the rest of second half lay one at a time. Give it security using girders and tackles strips. This strip has to be ¼ inch from wall. Nail the strip with hammer to floor. Besides, double sided tape is also a good option to use. After that, secure the floor fading with rustproof staples.
  • Carpet Laying – This is the last step of wall to wall carpet installation. For this purpose, first position the carpet around ½ inch up against walls and hook it up with tackles strips from a side. Lengthen carpet all over the room with knee kicker and hook it to one corner with tackles strips.

How Wall to Wall Carpets & Customised Carpets / Rugs in India created – A Seamless Guide to Buyers!

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Are you willing to shop for wall to wall Carpets and Customized carpets / Rugs when being galvanized by their grace and sweetness within the modern setup? Does one have plans to shop for wall to wall Carpets and Customized carpets / Rugs to feature in your existing home décor? If your answer is affirmative, then this guide is kind of useful to you because it is all around wall to wall Carpets and Customised carpets / Rugs producing technique. Knowing the precise approach of constructing wall to wall Carpets and Customised Carpets  Rugs , patrons will simply differentiate between a poor quality and top quality carpet item offered from putative wall to wall Carpet makers India.

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Introducing however Wall to Wall Carpets and Customized Carpets / Rugs square measure created In India And different Leading Markets –

Wall to wall square measure one in every of the trendiest kinds of floor cover that the majority of the fashionable home manufacturers like to usher in their home. These carpets are not any completely different than hand-woven carpets. But, their construction technique are a few things that produces them completely different. Rather being started with the warp and making thread with horizontal loom, they start with base artifact. The bottom artifact is nothing completely different from a pre-woven artefact or material that has tiny squares.

After that, the carpet base is being decorated then stretched robust and this manner, the planning or pattern is being created through the tufting gun. This gun is employed to shot yarns from the inspiration back to its front. Then, the yarn gets clean-shaven or cut and ultimately, the piles get appeared. To feature strength to the tufts’ hold of the carpets, the latex coating is being applied over its back. This coating gets another material layer over it which is commonly a canvas material.

When we mention the utilization of the bottom artefact, it’s not meant to be adhered to a normal carpet producing style or structure of line by line. However, the pattern or style is achieved at unsure intervals or often. This technique permits the carpet weaver to make a lot of enticing and precise patterns. Instead of creating the mosaic from bottom up, one will create completely different items one by one.


How to choose the most effective Wall to Wall Hotel / Hospitality Carpets –

The first step to shop for the most effective wall to wall hotel /  hospitality carpets is to settle on Associate in Nursing skilled building carpet manufacturer India WHO includes a proved record of providing quality merchandise within the market. When finding one, next focus ought to air the practicality of the carpets. So, whereas shopping for carpets for your building, raise following inquiries to yourself:

  • Where can you utilize the carpets?
  • the quantity of traffic to that carpets are exposed to
  • Is the place obtaining daylight in high amount?
  • Will they be used next to your outside areas or indoor spaces?
  • What are the improvement routine of those hotel / hospitality carpets?

Having answers of these queries in hands could be a great way to settle on the most effective carpets factory-made within the best fibbers, texture, colour and construction.

A Seamless Guide To Buy Wall To Wall Carpets For Hotels!

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Buying the perfect hotel carpets for your hotel involves something more than just looking for a carpet style that has a shade of your choice. As you are buying carpets for your hotel, you cannot go and select any wall to wall carpet as it is a matter of your hotel prestige. A good carpeting in hotel offers visitors or guests a warm feeling when they first arrive there. Therefore, buying hotel carpets requires hotel managers to pay attention to some important factors that help in choosing the best wall to wall carpet for creation the best environment.

Check out the complete guide to buy wall to wall carpets from a reputed hotel carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers who have created an affirmative image among Indian as well as foreign buyers by offering them the best quality handmade and machine made rugs and carpets.

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How To Select The Best Wall To Wall Hotel Carpets –

The first step to buy the best wall to wall hotel carpets is to choose an expert hotel carpet manufacturer India who has a proven record of offering quality products in the market. After finding one, next focus should be on the functionality of the carpets. So, while buying carpets for your hotel, ask following questions to yourself:

  • Where will you use the carpets
  • The amount of traffic to which carpets will be exposed to
  • Is the place getting sunlight in high amount?
  • Will they be used next to your outdoor spaces or indoor spaces?
  • What will be the cleaning routine of these hotel carpets?

Having answers of all these questions in hands is a good way to choose the best carpets manufactured in the best fiber, texture, colour and construction.

Considering Fiber Factors To Choose Best Hotel Carpets –

The quality of carpets depend on the quality of fiber used to create them. Therefore, your next consideration should be to ensure fiber quality and select the one having quality fiber. The reason to consider fiber factors is because it helps determine the appearance and performance of the hotel carpets.

At present, most of the people give fiber softness to the utmost value while choosing and determine a right carpet. So, you can also check softness of the fiber because hotel carpets made of soft fiber serve comfort to guests and that means, an enhanced customer experience of your guests.

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In the most popular fibers used for manufacturing carpets, wool which mainly comes in form of Indian Wool , Blended Wool , New Zealand Wool , Semi worsted Wool , Other fibres includes viscose , Bamboo Silk and Banana Silk are the main ones. Once you choose a right fibre, next you can go for design and patterns that you find suitable for your existing hotel décor.

Considering these few factors during your shopping for hotel carpets from a reliable hotel carpet manufacturer India will ensure you to find the best items that you use for years. For more ideas on buying hotel quality carpets or any kind of carpeting solution, browse https://www.geniecarpetmanufacturers.in/ collection right away.


Top 4 Advantages Of Buying Wall To Wall Rugs & Carpets!

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When you think of bringing an instant change in your home décor, go for wall to wall rugs and carpets in your home. There are so many plus points that make wall to wall carpets the best products of all time. In the market, you will certainly get to see so many options for home décor that may seem fascinating to you. But, when you imagine to have more from your investment, then wall to wall carpeting has no match around. In this article, we will tell you why you should buy wall to wall carpets from one of the most experienced and reliable wall to wall rugs carpets manufacturer exporters India / wall to wall carpet manufacturer india what benefits you should expect from these carpeting items.

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Due to tremendous advantages of wall to wall carpeting, they are being loved by millions of modern home makers. They are the best choice to bring warmth to a place. If still not sure whether you should buy wall to wall carpets and rugs, then read on following mentioned top 4 advantages of these products.

User Satisfaction Is Assured –

When you use wall to wall rugs and carpets of high quality, you will feel the real satisfaction that comes by walking on the plush and soft carpets. Wall to wall carpets are a way to add warmth and cosiness to a place whether one walks around in slippers, bare feet or even in socks. They are good at noise cancellation as they easily dampen the level of noise made by children, pets, spouses or even any general noise of any instrument. Though apart from satisfaction associated with walking on comfortable carpets, another satisfaction of these carpets is their correct installation.

Wall to wall are easy to be installed at any place and also very easy to be replaced or torn out. Buying good quality wall to wall carpets from one of the reliable wall to wall rugs carpets manufacturer exporters India / wall to wall carpet manufacturer india ensures home makers to find the best installation satisfaction and all carpets boast of high quality and premium material.

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Huge Variety In Wall To Wall Rugs Carpets –

Wall to wall carpets can be found in myriads of choice if you shop from a good wall to wall rugs carpets manufacture exporters India. In carpet choice, they are categorised in fibre, colour, pattern etc. This choice allows home makers to buy rugs and carpets according to their existing home décor or wall colours. This is a great way to bring a matching look of your walls and flooring. In addition, the extensive choice in wall to wall carpet fabric allows you to select ones according to your budget and expected results. The most common fabrics used to create rugs and carpets are nylon, polyester, polypropylene and wool. For places where you find a lot of cold, you can use woollen carpets as they are quite cosy and warm. Though for crowded areas like drawing room, dining room or kitchen, the carpets made of nylon or polyester are good to go.

For bathroom or places where water presents, you can use carpets made of polypropylene. This way, the selection of right carpet at right place will make them long lasting and help you have the most from them

Great Guide On Wall to Wall Carpet India That You Must Learn!

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Are you interested in wall to wall carpeting for your home or office? If yes, then firstly learn some practical tips to choose the best wall to wall carpet manufacturer India. In India, you can easily discover numerous carpet and rug manufacturers who would serve you with unseen variety of carpets to decorate your home or offices. Some of these carpets come with a hefty price tag that makes them quite expensive for many buyers. So, if you have already planned to spend this much money on buying quality carpets in India, then our tips can guide you to trade the best product from the most capable wall to wall carpet manufacturer India who would definitely meet your expectations with quality carpets and rugs for your home.

Practice Guide To Choose Wall To Wall Carpets From India –

The decision of choosing wall to wall carpet manufacturer India to buy rugs or carpets for your home is always admiring. But, to make your choice unbeatable, it is vital to select these carpets very precisely. For this purpose, we present some proven tips to guide you towards the most suitable wall to wall carpets for your need. Here we go with our tips for the best buy:

  • Check carpet density – When you start choosing carpets for your home, make sure to pay attention to the density of the offered product. The carpet density helps ensuring the strength and durability of it. The carpets that have closer tufts always prove better to wear. For this purpose, we suggest you to conduct grin test as it helps determining density. Here is the way to conduct grin test – Firstly, bend the carpet corner on your finger and then, check how back appears from it. If you find minimal grin or backing in the carpet, you discover the best product.
  • High carpet density ensures energy conservation and sound elimination – You may have heard about the benefits of carpeting as it can reduce the sound and also save energy in a place. So, if you seek this benefit from your wall to wall carpeting, it is mandatory to choose highly dense carpets that should have thick padding and deep pile that carries several air pockets.
  • If you are buying carpets to hide the poor condition of your floors, then it is essential to first cover the unevenness of floor with padding. Many people go with carpeting to enhance the condition of their floor as it is much affordable and better idea to refurbish a floor.
  • For convenient turning for better cleaning and usage, buy carpets as per the exact dimensions of your room. Though it will not be a core wall to wall carpeting, yet it will offer easy cleaning and inexpensive.
  • While choosing carpets, remember to pay attention to the colour or shade of the carpets as they can bring a certain impact on a place. For example, having a dark shaded carpet at place will make dirt or dust more visible to all, whereas the medium shaded carpet will appear better longer and the light coloured carpets would sooner start looking dirty.

Visit Get More Info : https://www.geniecarpetmanufacturers.in/

What Is The best Way To Choose Wall To Wall Carpets!


Do you feel your home décor needs some change in terms of carpeting? If yes, then the next question would surely be which carpet will be the best for your home. In this article, we will tell you some interesting aspects about wall to wall carpets and some important measures to choose the best wall to wall carpet manufacturer India.

Our guide does not only give information on how to choose a reliable wall to wall carpet manufacturer India, but also on types of carpet fibers, weight of pile and style because all these elements contribute to decide the price of these carpets. Being familiar with this information, you can make a proud choice in this type of carpets and give your home décor a WOW feel in a natural way.

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Choosing Wall To Wall Carpet Manufacturer India –

When you hunt for the best carpets, your first step would be to choose a reliable, experienced, and reputed wall to wall carpet manufacturer India. Though there are many other carpet manufactures from other countries also available, but a good carpet manufacturer India would deliver you the best quality product at competitive price range. Once you get contact of a good wall to wall manufacturer India, you should move to next step that is to determine the product quality.

Following mentioned some important elements that have to be considered to determine the best quality of wall to wall carpets for your home.

Decide On The Basis Of Fiber Types –

When it comes to choose the best carpet of this type, start evaluating a product quality by the fiber used to manufacturer it. Usually, wall to wall carpets are made of two types of fibers that include natural fiber and synthetic fiber. All natural fiber based carpets are made of fibers which are produced from natural resources. Wool and sisal or coir are two main types of natural fibers. However, synthetic fibers are man-made fibers. Olefin, polyester and nylon are three highly famous fibers used as synthetic fibers. As compared to natural fibers based carpets, synthetic fibers’ carpets are cheaper. So, if you have a price issue, go with synthetic one and if not, then natural fiber based carpets are the best choice.

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Weight & Style of Pile –

The weight of pile implies for the yarn ounces used against each square yard. The carpets with heavy weight of pile are regarded as better quality product and comes with a hefty price tag. In addition, the long height of pile represents luxurious or expensiveness of the product in terms of appearance and texture both. The carpets having height variations have another advantage as they present a textured appearance with less footprints. On the other hand, more tuft-density of carpets are high crush resistant and wear better.

In addition, pile style share a great role in deciding the quality of wall to wall carpets. When you visit a good wall to wall carpet manufacturer India, you get a huge variety like level loop, berber, Saxony, plush, cut & loop, and frieze.