A Seamless Guide To Buy Wall To Wall Carpets For Hotels!

Buying the perfect hotel carpets for your hotel involves something more than just looking for a carpet style that has a shade of your choice. As you are buying carpets for your hotel, you cannot go and select any wall to wall carpet as it is a matter of your hotel prestige. A good carpeting in hotel offers visitors or guests a warm feeling when they first arrive there. Therefore, buying hotel carpets requires hotel managers to pay attention to some important factors that help in choosing the best wall to wall carpet for creation the best environment.

Check out the complete guide to buy wall to wall carpets from a reputed hotel carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers who have created an affirmative image among Indian as well as foreign buyers by offering them the best quality handmade and machine made rugs and carpets.

How To Select The Best Wall To Wall Hotel Carpets –

The first step to buy the best wall to wall hotel carpets is to choose an expert hotel carpet manufacturer India who has a proven record of offering quality products in the market. After finding one, next focus should be on the functionality of the carpets. So, while buying carpets for your hotel, ask following questions to yourself:

  • Where will you use the carpets
  • The amount of traffic to which carpets will be exposed to
  • Is the place getting sunlight in high amount?
  • Will they be used next to your outdoor spaces or indoor spaces?
  • What will be the cleaning routine of these hotel carpets?

Having answers of all these questions in hands is a good way to choose the best carpets manufactured in the best fiber, texture, colour and construction.

Considering Fiber Factors To Choose Best Hotel Carpets –

The quality of carpets depend on the quality of fiber used to create them. Therefore, your next consideration should be to ensure fiber quality and select the one having quality fiber. The reason to consider fiber factors is because it helps determine the appearance and performance of the hotel carpets.

At present, most of the people give fiber softness to the utmost value while choosing and determine a right carpet. So, you can also check softness of the fiber because hotel carpets made of soft fiber serve comfort to guests and that means, an enhanced customer experience of your guests.

In the most popular fibers used for manufacturing carpets, wool which mainly comes in form of Indian Wool , Blended Wool , New Zealand Wool , Semi worsted Wool , Other fibres includes viscose , Bamboo Silk and Banana Silk are the main ones. Once you choose a right fibre, next you can go for design and patterns that you find suitable for your existing hotel décor.

Considering these few factors during your shopping for hotel carpets from a reliable hotel carpet manufacturer India will ensure you to find the best items that you use for years. For more ideas on buying hotel quality carpets or any kind of carpeting solution, browse https://www.geniecarpetmanufacturers.in/ collection right away.