Helpful Tips To Install Wall To Wall Carpets At Your Place!

The look and appeal of wall to wall carpets attract a number of home owners to choose them for their various house settings. In the market, there are endless choices in wall to wall carpets to choose attractive and colourful pieces at different price range. But, when there is an intense search for high quality and long lasting wall to wall carpets, you must choose a specialised manufacturer and seller who has a great reputation as wall to wall carpet manufacturer from India.

In India, the carpet market is quite impressive as there are many cities where carpets are known for their best quality. The carpets being manufactured in Agra, Jaipur, Kashmir, Bhadohi etc. are known for amazing attributes. Just as several Indian cities, there are few great exporters and manufacturers out there who enjoy a great reputation in this field and Genie Carpet Manufacturer is one of the best ones.

From a good wall to wall carpet manufacturer from India, you will find the premium quality carpets, but after that, comes the time of installation. A proper carpet installation decides long life of these products. As carpets are expensive trade, you cannot afford a short life of your wall to wall carpets just because of poor installation of it. So, let’s find out some great tips to install wall to wall carpets in the right way at your place.

Tips On Installing Wall To Wall Carpets –

  • Properly Prepare The Surface of the floor – The installation of wall to wall carpets first requires the right measurements of your room width and length. So, after taking measurements precisely, you should prepare all tools and equipment ready that would be used for installation of carpets. These equipment include knee kicker, double sided tape and tackles strips. In addition, the dryness, firmness, smoothness and cleanliness of the floor should be also checked. At times, you find availability of protruding nail or loose board, secure that immediately with hammer. Also remove any carpet that is placed there as it is mandatory for the smoothness and evenness of its base. Properly clean the carpet surface and make it free from dust.
  • Padding – Once the process of ensuring the clean and smooth surface is done, next step comes for placing the padding. For this step, you should first lay wall to wall carpet randomly in any position. Let the half part of your carpet ley behind whereas the rest of second half lay one at a time. Give it security using girders and tackles strips. This strip has to be ¼ inch from wall. Nail the strip with hammer to floor. Besides, double sided tape is also a good option to use. After that, secure the floor fading with rustproof staples.
  • Carpet Laying – This is the last step of wall to wall carpet installation. For this purpose, first position the carpet around ½ inch up against walls and hook it up with tackles strips from a side. Lengthen carpet all over the room with knee kicker and hook it to one corner with tackles strips.