A Smart Buyers Guide To Choose Right Rugs & Carpets India!

In recent time, the rugs and carpet industry has greatly evolved as more and more buyers are connecting online to good rugs exporters to buy quality rugs for varied reasons. Though buying a right type of rug or carpet is not a cup of tea for every buyer. There are certain things that everyone needs to take care of while buying the best carpet or rug from reliable rugs exporters in India.

In this country, you can find numerous rugs & carpets exporters in India who claim to be the best manufacturer and exporters in the market. Yet, the right rugs exporters India is known from the quality of his or her product, not merely from the words. So, this is the right place to learn all aspects that one should consider before choosing the right rugs or carpets from reliable carpet exporter India.

Considerable Factors to Buy Quality Rugs & Carpets from India –

Rug Size – In this aspect, you should measure up the area you want to cover with the rug. For this purpose, firstly size up your room and then, an area that needs to be covered with it. The common rug area sizes 4/6 and 6/9 feet as it is a standard area size of rugs. Especially, when you need to put a rug under your coffee table, this size will be perfect. To cover the whole area of the room, you should go with an 8/10 feet size area rug. If you need larger, then it is also available from the carpet exporters India. For all the small spaces like bedside, kitchen area etc., you should choose to scatter rugs having vibrant colors with warmth.

Choosing Area Rugs for Your Home –

In a home, rugs or carpets can be used in many areas or rooms like living room, dining room, stairs etc. But, the selection of rugs for each room or area would ideally be varied that has to be done cautiously. In the living area, the carpets are often placed under a coffee table or in front of a sofa. For this purpose, we suggest choosing a rug that exposes around 8 inches of floor around the perimeter of the rug. So, it is good to measure up all open space around the sofa as well as chairs to ensure that people seated would have feet on the rug. Here, you can use more than 1 rug too.

For the dining room, choose a rug that gives some space to pull chairs from the table and also the back chair legs should not be on the rug. So, measure up space accordingly before ordering the rug for this room.

Now, rugs for entrances, hallways & stairs, that all are crowded places in a home. Hence, they should be in dark, dense and busy patterns. But, when you choose a rug for your bedroom, it has to be in the light and soothing colors and patterns.

So, these are few amazingly successful buyers’ tips to buy the best rugs for your home.