Tips To Conduct Proper Quality Check Before Buying Handmade Rugs!

Do you want to spend some money shopping for some alluring pieces of handmade rugs? Do you think the machine made non woven rugs are not satisfying you as they look quite ordinary and hence, you move to handmade rugs? Well, regardless of any reason, buying handmade rugs is truly an awesome decision, but choosing one that satisfy you with its quality is only possible if you succeed in finding the best handmade rugs exporter India or handmade rugs manufacturer India.

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Now, discussing those handy tips by which you can ensure the best quality in the handmade rugs you choose:

  • Ask the seller about the nation of origin for the rugs – Handmade rugs are traditionally made in India along with some other countries like Tibet, Iran etc .Rugs originated from any of these countries speak for excellence and superior quality because the expertise goes by one generation to another. So, the workers or creators of handmade rugs know the basic to advanced knowledge about them and create the best rugs to meet the expectation level of buyers. This way, knowing the nation of origin for these rugs is a good parameter to find quality handmade rugs.
  • Check rugs from their fringe – In a rug, fringe is an important part and a close checking of it would tell you if it is handmade or machine made. The fringe is added during the creation of handmade rug, not after manufacturing. On the contrary, in machine made rugs, fringes can be added even after manufacturing them.
  • Closely Check Side Edges Of Rugs – A real handmade rug would generally has edges made by hand. These edges are usually cast over, whereas in machine made rugs, you would find quite tight stitches which are only possible by machine. This way, the difference can easily be seen in machine made and handmade rugs by checking their side edges.
  • Back patterns Will also indicate – While checking the front as well as back patterns of handmade rugs, you would find it designed thoughtfully having clear solid definitions. So, these patterns are an obvious factor to ensure the authenticity of the handmade rugs.

So, these are some helpful tips that can ease your journey to find the best handmade rugs from a reliable handmade rugs manufacturer India.