Extensive Choice In Hotel Carpets & Rugs To Meet Every Purpose!

When it comes to the interior decoration, carpets and rugs have a distinct place as they instantly bring appeal and lavishness to a place where they are used. This is a reason, people do not mind spending a lot of money buying great rugs and carpets for their home and offices. As far as the places where these carpets and rugs are extensively used are concerned, hotels share a great part in using them.

Being in the highest exposure of visitors and customers, hotels have to look appealing and well-decorated. It is a reason; hoteliers look at various factors while buying the best hotel carpet/rugs for their hotels. As there is a growing demand for these rugs, hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India introduces an extensive range of these rugs to fulfill the demand and expectations of the buyers. In this article, we will give you a brief introduction of various types of hotel carpet and rugs that are easily available from renowned carpet distributors India. Choosing a well-known hotel carpet/rugs manufacturer exporter India, you would not just find the best rugs but also a guarantee for the best quality. Such rugs and carpets last for many years.

Now, it is the time to give you a quick view on the extensive choice that you can find in hotel carpets and rugs-

  • Frieze – an immensely famous hotel carpet and rug type – If you look for a rug for a crowded or a place with the high amount of traffic which is quite resistant to spills, vacuum marks or stains, then choose frieze carpet type. These carpets are ideal to hide all such filthy things appearing of the surface of the carpet. These carpets have curly and short fibers that give frieze a tightly twisted look.
  • Shag – Shag is another famous and highly appealing carpet type that people love for many reasons. In the 60s, Shag was quite famous and again its trend is widespread among people who love the retro look. Shag rugs have casual settings and are usually small sized. They are also made of soft and long yarn.
  • Saxony Carpets – In the carpet and rug choices, Saxony carpets are a very popular choice. These carpets feel so soft and usually used for formal or semi-formal occasions. To recognize Saxony carpets, you need to check its design which often features twisted pile with headset straight.
  • Textured carpets – if you look for something common type of carpet for your place, then firstly you will be shown off textured carpets. For high traffic or crowded areas like reception, these are highly recommended. These carpets easily hide traffic marks and all kinds of strains. Hence, for hotels, these carpets are a definitely ideal choice.
  • Berber Rugs – Berber rugs are made of synthetic as well as natural fabrics. These carpets are highly long-lasting and resistant. The natural variant of these carpets is often made of wool. Therefore, it is recommended to buyers if they buy Berber rugs made of natural material, make sure to ask for washing or cleaning precautions. By following cleaning precautions, they can use these carpets for many years.