Wall-to-wall Carpet Manufacturer

Wall-to-wall Carpet Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia- Capture attention at first Glance

Wall-to-wall carpets are often called broadloom or fitted carpets. These carpets are installed to cover an entire room floor and require minimal maintenance since they are made from the cut pile and loop pile materials. Wall-to-wall carpeting is available in various styles, from contemporary to traditional patterns. They can also be dyed in virtually any color requested by a customer, allowing personalization opportunities. Carpets that are beautiful and practical, wall-to-wall carpeting is a great choice for almost any room. With many different styles available and a range of colors to match your decor, wall-to-wall carpet can cover your floors and add beauty to your home. Genie Carpet Manufacturers do not need any introduction. That is an eminent wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Saudi Arabia that designs and manufactures carpets and luxury and customised rugs, perfect for transforming your floors into your favorite room in the house. From traditional designs to bold contemporary styles, we have a wide variety of carpets to suit any style, personality, and budget.

The wall-to-wall carpet manufacturing process

Wall-to-wall carpets can be made by either tufting or loop pile construction methods. Tufted wall-to-walls are the most common, where the face fibers of the carpet are tufted to loops of yarn called backings, which are then attached to a synthetic backing of polyester or nylon. A similar process is used for pile carpets in which the pile yarns are attached directly to a textile backing. Loop pile carpets are constructed as modules made from strips of monofilament wool , nylon that have been bonded together, with yarns from left to right being laid down and interlocked on top of each other. Each row is repeated until it achieves the desired height (typically taking anywhere between 1 inch and 12 inches). These loop pile modules can be sewn together as they come off the loom onto huge ironing boards to make one continuous strip woven into a continuous loop carpet.

Genie flooring's wall-to-wall carpets are designed with advanced weaving and colorfast technology that promises customizability and longevity in color and texture. As a renowned wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Qatar, we ensure it is just the right thing for your living room, dining hall, home theatre, and other spaces.

Wall-to-wall Carpet Manufacturer
wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer

In addition, our wall-to-wall carpets offer many differently vibrant solid colors and classy prints to help you convert your residential or commercial building into a welcoming space. Genie Carpet Manufacturers understand that the right carpet can add warmth and comfort to a room, so choosing the right carpet is important. Let our product experts guide you through the process and ensure you get the perfect flooring for your needs!

Why should you invest in Wall-to-wall carpets?

Wall-to-wall carpets are intended for use in high traffic areas and offer many advantages to consumers. The most important of these is the ability of wall-to-wall carpets to withstand heavy traffic, which is especially important in busy areas such as lobbies, hallways, and waiting rooms. Wall-to-wall carpets are made with denser materials than standard carpets, making them better over time. Genie Carpet Manufacturers has years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of wall-to-wall carpets.

As a popular wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Kuwait, we understand the requirements and tastes of each consumer and deliver carpets that complement these needs. These carpets are best suited for areas that may be subject to heavy foot traffic, or high levels of wear and tear as they do not require a pad underneath, which reduces the chances of damage occurring. The patrons have a great opportunity to opt for these Wall-to-wall carpets in various styles and colors, including designs featuring patterns, textures and different motifs .

Wall-to-wall carpets are the classic choice to add warmth, comfort, and style to any home. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, they can be used to define spaces while adding that extra layer of luxury. Whether you're looking for a classic weave or something with far more texture and character, you'll find your ideal flooring in our extensive range. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a leading Wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in the UK & will deliver a high-quality carpet to your doorstep within a short period. Our immense experience in this industry enables us to produce carpets with high durability and long-lasting quality that suits the needs of our clients. Our expertise ensures the use of fibers such as wool , silk , Polypropylene , acrylic , nylon and advanced technology to add strength and resilience to the carpets we manufacture.

wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer
wall to wall carpet

Salient features of Wall-to-wall Carpets

As a prominent wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in the USA, we are committed to providing the most economical and versatile floor coverings available in the carpet industry, whether you need for residential or commercial projects. They provide comfort underfoot, a soft landing for furniture, shelter from noise and soil, insulation from cold floors and heat loss/gain, and a layer of color and pattern on your walls. Wall-to-wall carpet also helps reduce noise levels by up to 65% and is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms. Along with all these benefits, you can get wall-to-wall carpeting in almost any pattern or color. Genie Carpet Manufacturers offers a wide range of modern and elegant patterns, including geometric and traditional designs, including designer rugs with unique abstract patterns and textures

As a trusted wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Bahrain, Genie Carpet manufacturers produce both machine-made and hand knotted , hand-tufted carpets designed to meet customers' needs. The carpets are of excellent quality and come in various colors and designs to match your home decor. Our design team has painstakingly designed each carpet to be durable and beautiful, ensuring that the colors do not fade away even after prolonged use. We are equipped with highly-talented artisans who understand the latest trend and can cater to achieve your floor covering requirement beyond the expectations when it comes to the best wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Kuwait. Our floor coverings add height and elegance to your interiors, provide insulation and soundproofing, prevent dust from floating around the house, and give an appealing look to your place. Our wall-to-wall carpeting is a practical alternative to hardwood floors if you have kids and pets running around the house because it allows less maintenance. It is an excellent investment for many years of durability and style; it provides long-lasting beauty with low upkeep costs.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is made from natural fibers like wool , silk as well as synthetic fibers woven into a dense, continuous surface. It is available in rolls that the homeowner can install. When installed correctly, wall-to-wall carpet helps provide a soft feeling underfoot. Its durable construction makes it a good choice for moderate to heavy foot traffic and wear and tear areas. Wall-to-wall carpets are often used in homes with pets or young children because the fibers resist stains better than other carpeting types. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is an eminent wall-to-wall carpet manufacturer in Dubai that brings the latest trend in the market, whether Wall-to-Wall carpets or rugs. Our reliable delivery network enables us to source excellent quality products at reasonable prices to be yours with ease. As your trusted wall-to-wall manufacturer in Oman , we are known for their exquisite designs, high installation standards, and on-time delivery. Genie Carpet manufacturers have successfully brought out the best carpets that meet all the requirements of modern-day customers.