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Rugs & Carpet Exporters in India

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, carpets are the first thing that can beautify any space effortlessly and efficiently. Renowned interior designers always use these mesmerizing floor coverings for their decorative work that transforms any ordinary residential premises into luxuriant villas or bungalows. If you seek prominent rug exporters in India for a bulk order, look no further than Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Top-notch Carpet Exporters in India 

At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, we feel proud to be a one-stop shop for exquisite rugs and carpets, an unmatched combination of artistry and modern designs. Our floor covering is well-crafted, a perfect instance of creativity, and holds the story of our weavers and artisans. We offer these rugs and carpets in various sizes, colors, designs, and shades specially designed to uplift your interiors and make sense in the modern interior era.

Trustworthy Carpet Exporters in India for Custom Commercial Projects

Carpets and rugs are massively in demand in the hospitality industry, where the guests' first impression matters to hoteliers and club owners. When the guests find everything well-organized and perfect, they may have a chance to visit these facilities. One of the best carpet exporters in India, we understand one size does not fit all requirements. Our skilled Genie artisans can handle any size of project with expertise and strive to meet the client's expectations.


Our professionals at Genie work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and recommend the most suitable carpets and rugs for their custom projects. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is known for its traditional to modern technique featured floor coverings that showcase the rich culture of India's tradition and culture and perfectly reflect your hospitality business identity. From broadloom carpets to area rugs, patterned carpets, sisal, custom carpets, and rugs, Genie has covered you in all aspects.


Rugs Exporters in India for Residential Projects


Well-furnished residential spaces with beautiful colored walls can quickly grab visitors' attention. But, any home is uncompleted without carpet coverings that are ornaments to give a visual appearance. At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, we are a notable name in the carpeting industry that upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship and ensures that our every piece of decor is a testament to our dedication to quality.


From wool to synthetic rugs, natural fiber carpets, shaggy, hand-tufted, antique, and custom rugs, our range of floor coverings can cater to your unique requirements beyond expectations. Our professional carpet experts can help you choose these beautiful floor coverings based on various aspects, including foot traffic in the area, desired style, maintenance requirements, and budget.

Why should you choose Genie Rugs Exporters in India?


Genie Carpet Manufacturers has a prestigious image in the carpeting industry and exports its beautiful floor coverings in India and beyond. We equally focus on every client and endeavor to fulfill their unique project needs.


• Before commencing any big custom project, our professionals can provide you with samples to experience a higher level of creativity in various designs.


• As one of the professional carpet exporters in India, we strictly follow the quality standards in the carpeting industry.


• Our competitive prices ensure our clients get a fair deal on every purchase, and we do not believe in imposing hidden charges.


• Our professionals use sustainable and ethical practices to create and design these masterpieces of floor coverings.


• We emphasize strengthening the relationship with our customers by providing quality rugs and carpets without burning holes in their pockets.

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