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Handmade Rugs Manufacturer & Exporter In India

Finding luxurious handmade rugs that stand against every condition without getting affected could be a challenge if you have no idea where to get the right carpeting solutions. Although there are several handmade rug manufacturers in India available they would present you with a variety of rugs and carpets to fulfill your need. But, are they all worth their price? What if you end up buying poor-quality rugs at the price of a premium one?


To avoid such incidents to take place, always connect with Genie Carpet Manufacturers as we don’t just brag about our products but our customers flaunt what they buy from us. Being a reputed handmade rug manufacturer in India, our collection is known to be aesthetically unique, designer, and luxurious.

Our endless variety and superior quality of handmade rugs have encouraged buyers to order from us, and due to the best quality, we’ve succeeded in retaining and satisfying all our buyers. There is absolutely no denying that our customers are repetitive buyers of our handmade rugs range because the quality and designs that we deliver are simply hard to find in any other place.


By exporting handmade rugs to various countries in the world, today Genie Carpet Manufacturers has become a notable handmade rugs exporter in India. If you are also in search of the best handmade rug variety, then browse through our collection right from here, and make your home and office carpeting more luxurious and stylish than before.

What Makes Genie Carpet Manufacturers - Best Handmade Rugs Manufacturer India

Quality standards that we at Genie Carpet Manufacturers maintain in handmade rugs is something that you won’t see in any other handmade rugs manufacturer in India. We care for each of our customers and their preferences when it comes to carpeting and rugs. As handmade rugs come with hefty price tags, no one would appreciate a compromised quality. But filtering out the best rugs from all available options is not a simple task but it often lands the buyers on the wrong purchase.


With us at Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you and all our customers are free from such worry as all our rugs are quality-checked thoroughly and come with a warranty and quality guarantee. That’s the reason Genie Carpet Manufacturers has reached this position of becoming the top handmade rugs exporter in India at present.


To closely review the quality of our rugs and carpets, visit us in person or check out our online collection at Genie Carpet Manufacturers now, and give your home a makeover that everyone else would feel envious of.

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