Important Parameters To Choose High Quality Area Rug For Your Home!

Area rugs and carpets are regarded as the great carpeting choice for home as well commercial places. Though there are different kinds of debate on area rugs and wall to wall carpets and rugs that influence the buyers to choose them for their home or commercial spaces. But, personally speaking, area rugs and wall to wall rugs or every kind of rug and carpet has some certain specialities that make them unique and better over others.

But, when your search is for the most attractive pieces of area rugs, you must not listen to anyone, except a reputed area rug manufacturer and exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Holding years of experience of manufacturing and exporter throughout nation and many other countries, these carpeting solution providers from India have made a reputed place of themselves in the market today. So, there are less chances of being cheated when looking for highly attractive and functional area rugs for your home.

The functionality is one of the most considerable aspects of a good area rug and here, we will address some pointers that help buyers choose the best area rugs from leading area rug manufacturer and exporter India.

Look For Stain Resistant Area Rugs –

Whether you have pets in your home or have some small kids, the problems of stains on carpets is common in all conditions. You cannot keep your carpets completely unaffected from stains when you have kids, pet or frequent visits to your place. In that condition, you must not neglect the stain resistance feature in the carpets or area rugs you suppose to buy.

It is not a difficult job to spot stain resistant area rugs as Indian carpeting market allows buyers to pick area rugs with desired qualities. So, when you start purchasing for these rugs, make sure to ask for stain resistant area rugs from the seller.

If you scare of being compromised over colours and styles when limiting yourself with only stain resistant options, then don’t worry, there would be enticing choices for you.

The most of the stain resistant area rugs are made of polyester, nylon, wool or olefin. In addition, these manufacturers use a certain stain protection post production treatments that enhance its power to resist stain.

Ensuring Right Carpet Textures –

When determining the right texture of your area rugs and carpets, you must check carpet fibre and backing of rugs. These textures are further divided into three parts namely cut pile, loop and cut loop. The cut pile rug comprises of yarns cut at edges. The softness of these carpets make them the best for home seeking comfort and ease.

After that, consider loop rugs that have yarns uncut and looped at the surface. The height of pile can be varied depending and these loops have qualities to hide soil and stains.

At last, you have cut loop option that has lower loops and high cut tufts in varied patterns. These rugs feature a great functionality and usability.