Spotting Some Important Characteristics of Quality Handmade Durries!

For home décor, at first thing we start thinking from is the way to enhance the flooring and for that, durries and carpets are the most functional and great solutions. In India and many other parts of the world, people love to use durries in their home for the enhancement of flooring. In winters, these durries help keeping feet warm and in summers, are good to sit or do anything on floor. To buy high quality durrie carpets, buyers rely on reputed durrie exporters India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Though buying quality durries is not that easy without knowledge and this article presents information on how to spot the best handmade durrie by evaluating notable characteristics of it.

Different Categories of Rugs & Durries Across The Globe –

Durries are categorized in different kinds and most of them are categorized on the basis of its region they originated from. So, from reputed durrie exporters India, you will be given choices as Indian durries, Persian durries, modern durries and American durries. Talking about Indian durries, the trend of using them as a piece of home décor would have started from the time of Muslim reign in the country, yet today, the market has turned into a giant hub of carpeting. Similarly, American durries are known to be fantastic home decor  items and the designs of them mostly feature eagles and dragons.

Persian rugs and durries are made of wool or cotton and are fully natural and handmade items. In the whole carpet and rug industry, Persia or Iran finds the top place. Besides, traditional and handmade natural durries, there are several durrie exporters India who deal in inexpensive machine made items with modern durrie options. These durries come in a huge variety to meet needs of modern people.

Handmade Durries & Its Types –

Durries are exported and manufactured in different types based on its weaving style, material used and designed patterns. In woven durries, you will see looms that feature different patterns and colours. The technique of using looms is one of the oldest ones in durrie or rug creation. These handloom items are more sustainable and inexpensive.

There are some durries featuring cotton flat weaving technique. These durries are the best quality items with fully fast color shades. To give fast colors to durries, a wet dyeing method is used and these durries are reversible to be used by both sides.

In addition, the reputed Durrie exporters India would also display cotton zari handmade durries which are a kind of flat weave durrie type but having cotton with zari. Wool jute handmade durries are also very popular type of durries that are covered in wool, but weft has jute. In this type of durrie, jute is used 70%; whereas wool 30% in proportion. These durries are made on looms but based on flat woven technique that gives it fast colours and great quality.

Based on this information, you can spot the best durries for your home and give your home a comfortable and captivating look.