Pro Tips To Buy Rugs Online!

Rugs bring an instant warmth to a place. As the online rug manufacturer and sellers present myriads of choices in rugs and carpets, buyers have wider choices to pick the best pieces as per their certain needs. From a good online rug manufacturers like Genie Carpet Manufactures, one can definitely purchase the superior quality of rugs at reasonable market price. But, to determine a seamless purchase of rugs online, consider our pro tips to buy rugs.

Why buy Rugs –

Reasons are innumerable to buy rugs, but the best one is; they are an investment purchase with clear tactile and visual. The experience of buy rugs online would definitely be overwhelming, but can be balanced if you have knowledge what to look for in quality rugs. A high quality rug lasts for decades and hence, they are long term investment that will put a positive influence to your home and style. So, let’s check out what to look for while buying high quality online rugs.

Measuring The Size of Rug –

From online rug manufacturers, buyers find a huge variety in sizes, shapes etc. So, it is always good to first measure the area of your room prior to visit an online rug store. Having accurate room size measurements will help you preventing to purchase a wrong size rug. For this purpose, you should determine rug size by the shape of the room and also placement of furniture there. For figuring out the best shape and size of required rug, you can lay out blanket or newspaper on floor and after discovering the desired fit, go for measuring it out. By doing so, you will gain confidence in your rug purchase.

Checking Weight of the Rug –

To buy a long lasting rug, it is requisite to choose rugs with high weight. A heavy rug is always made of high thickness and with more materials. The qualities of heavy rugs are:

Heavy rugs sit efficiently on floor that means less slippery on tiled or timber floors. These rugs are long lasting due to thicker surface which makes it perfect for place with heavy traffic. For those who look for cozy underfoot feel, must go for rugs with excessive pile. Such rugs are good at insulation and also brings visual appeal to a surrounding. An ideal heavy rug must weigh around 20 kg.

Though a high quality heavy rug comes with an expensive price-tag, yet the usage and benefits it serves remain for years. Buying a high quality rug should always be considered as a long term investment that will benefit you for not less than a decade. If you are after a beautiful, functional and impactful rug for your new or old home, choose a reputed rug manufacturer like Genie Carpet Manufacturers in India as it has a good track record of supplying remarkable products at competitive market price. Here, you will have great choices in rugs, carpets, durries and all types of carpeting products.