How To Buy The Best Durrie From Durrie Manufacturers India!

Looking for attractive designs of Durrie for your home? If yes, then check out these items from some reputed Durrie manufacturers India who holds years of experience in manufacturing these products. Durrie is one of the most popular and functional carpeting solutions that people in India and many other countries prefer to use. These are durable, easy to maintain, comfortable and great in many ways. Though it is never easy to buy the best durrie if you are buying them for the first time.

Our article is a helping hand for first time buyers of Durrie as the information contained here would guide you how to buy the best durrie from the experienced Durrie Manufacturers India. Let’s talk about what to consider when buying durrie for your home.

Considerable Elements To Look For When buying Durrie –

When you do not want to get indulged in buying poor quality durrie for your home, you must act wisely by taking inspiration from different kinds of reading as well as consultation. A number of new buyers often feel disappointed at the end of their purchase as they don’t have a quality knowledge of buying rugs that fit their purpose. So, if you don’t want to be among such individuals, make sure to buy durrie after considering various factors. Following are three essential factors that you must pay attention to before buying durrie or rug for your home.

Knot Count –

The quality of durrie or rugs can be best measured by checking through the knot counts. So, when evaluating knot counts, you should check durrie from underneath. Just turn durrie over and check out at its reverse. The knots for a durrie made by machine would definitely be uniform. So, you must remember that knot counts of a durrie are the best determinant of its quality. And always follow a thumb rule of measuring durrie or rug quality that it must has upwards of more than hundred knots in an inch.

Fibre –

Fibre check is another great way to buy the best durrie for your home. Generally, the amateur buyers get fascinated by the wrong claims of sellers and then, leads to sheer disappointment after discovering wrong fibre in form of quality fibre. Therefore, it is the best idea to conduct the burn experiment right at the shop of seller when buying durrie from him. This test would not just show you the fibre quality, but also make the seller think that you are an expert in carpeting. The fibres of wool and silk would smoulder; however, its substitute products would catch alight.

Colour Test –

A good quality of durrie is always made of natural dyes. Hence, it is mandatory to conduct the colour test when buying a quality durrie for your home. There is no comparison between natural dyes with synthetic ones. The idea to discover natural colours is the presence of balanced colours in the carpet where no colour fights for get attention. So, if the seller is presenting a durrie with hot colours and claims that it is made of natural colour, then you are about to be deceived.