Finding Out What Makes Axminster Carpets Better & Appealing To Buyers!

The world of carpets never fails to amuse home makers with its endless forms to give flooring a better look and feel. In the extensive choices of carpets, Axminster carpets have emerged as a trendy choice for buyers. Axminster carpets and rugs have got their name from a certain hand-weave carpeting style which started in the latter years of 18th century in Axminster town of England.

The arrival of several other carpet types had somehow dumped the trend of these carpets, yet these days, again they have revived and become the most preferred carpets of the time. If you are interested in exploring the designs and styles in Axminster carpets, then Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a place where you will be satisfied with the unusual choices of carpets. Being one of the most trusted Axminster carpet manufacturer India, we deliver the most authentic carpets to buyers.

Why rely our Axminster Carpets –

In the attempt of satisfying our customers with the best carpeting solutions, we make sure to present only authentic axminster carpets which boast of the age-old tradition and weaving craftsmanship through its flexible and versatile Axminster offerings. Choosing our woven axminster rugs and carpets will give you distinct benefits as compared to any other existing carpeting solution of the market. The aesthetics, value and performance of our Axminster carpets make it the best carpeting solution of today.

The Axminster carpets listed on our online store flaunt for its variety of designs and colours. Every single yarn pile is woven individually, and thus features intricate and complex designs with sheer precision as well as high-definition.

How Axminster Carpets are different from others –

In Axminster carpets, you will see different tuft construction for its weaving; whereas, all other carpets and rugs have a backing and pile material. In Axminster, the backing and pile are weaved by looms in single weaving operation. This way, it eliminates the issue of delamination and also brings ripples, bubbles etc.

As backing and pile, both are interwoven in Axminster, every single face yarn gets locked at the place creating a woven pattern all along the carpet. It is truly a unique process of carpet manufacturing and that is the key feature of Axminster carpets. Due to this amazing construction, these carpets have better durability and effective aesthetic retention, mainly constructed to survive in the high-traffic rooms in the house.

Axminster carpets are not just known for better design and construction, but also bring a luxurious feel and elegance through its woven broadloom over the flooring. They are good for large commercial premises to small apartments as they have the potential to turn a creative concept in a real beautiful flooring.

The Axminster carpets are sure to bring a newness to any new or old flooring. And to have them at your home, consult Genie Carpet Manufacturers now and let your home dazzle with our stunning range of Axminster rugs & Carpets now.